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Thread: American Idol Recap 03/27/07 – Hollaback Idol

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    Fabulous recap AJane! A girl can definitely dream.

    To make things even scarier, Stefani remarks that her own personal idols are noted more for their character and style, rather than their voice – and the camera zooms in for a close-up of Sanjaya. And you thought your expectations of the season couldn’t drop any lower.

    Every little note he sang was tragic

    Chris Sligh is a funny guy. Kind of like a less nerdy, chubbier Napoleon Dynamite. He doesn’t dance nearly as well, though.

    play bongos in his boxer shorts – an image that I’ll spend the rest of the evening trying to scrub from my mind.

    This, apparently, is a good thing – either it’s some odd British saying, or it’s another new entry in the AI dictionary.

    Throw this baby out with the bathwater

    We may have had a little more respect for the kid if he’d shaved his hair into a real Mohawk.

    Heaven knows – leggings are always a mistake

    Simon’s fashion sense is so on tonight, I’m thinking he might be replacing Cojo on the red carpet one of these days.

    The Catholic-schoolgirl-turned-streetwalker getup does her no favors

    Don’t sing – because it hurts

    Stefani will rescue the Idol stage and perform live – hey, she’s just a girl, but she’s hella good, isn’t she?

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Even being a Chris fan I found this funny
    Every little note he sang was tragic
    Thanks for the recap AJane
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    AJane, You are the best at recap! It's a shame you can't make the screen sing, and then we wouldn't have to watch the show! You caught most of my feelings and made them more fun. Thanks!!

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