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Thread: AI6: Interview with Stephanie Edwards: The One Who Blended In

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    Thanks for transcribing, YG!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Thanks for the interview......

    Stephanie to me was one of the more elegant looking persons they have ever had on the show. To think she is only 19 is amazing. I enjoyed hearing her sing.

    To compare her to others, such as Melinda and Lakisha, may not be fair but afterall it is a competition. You must compare one person with another even though it may be like comparing apples to ranges.

    In the end, your own tastes will cloud your perception at times. If I like someone who can belt it out, I mean lean more favorably towards those people (as long a they sing the song well of course) as compared to someone else who doesnt belt it out.

    Not everyone can belt out a song. That is why the guys have so much trouble at times. None of them have that really powerful voice.

    Stephanie has a very good voice and it was a joy to listen to her.

    I wish her well.......

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    Thanks for the intricate transcribing. I really liked Stephanie-maybe because she wasn't the most mature.

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    i was making the point that she is plain. and not marketable

    she has a regular plain jane name... her name is not fantasia or sundance head.

    she has a good voice, but non distinct. like a million other "good singers"

    as a guy who loves women, if i seen her on the street i wouldn't do a double take. she is pretty as most women are but i don't see anything sexy about her. i already complemented her on her awesome skin.

    she doesn't have none of the things needed to be marketed as a "pop star" and sell records

    obviously someone with less vocal talent and talent in general can be marketed. they can make more $$$ off of Sanjaya than her because they have an angle.

    the way the game is... the best singers according to you experts(Lakisha/Melinda). i'm willing to bet that neither will win because of how this game is played. If i had to put money on it i would say that the Gina glockston gal would win. I find her marketable and she is kinda sexy in a dark dirty grimey way.

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