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Thread: AI6: Interview with Brandon Rogers: The First Victim of Sanjaya

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    Brandon sounds like a very sweet, humble guy. He has a great voice, nice personality, and is a cutie-pie to boot! I wish him a lot of luck in the future.

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    It's late, and I'm too tired to read the rest of this interview but I got through half of it. What I read, I liked. He seems like such a smart, level-headed kid. Plus, I do believe we never got to see the best of Brandon. He picked songs for reasons that weren't strategic, and for that, he is out. I still think he has a marvelous, soulful voice.

    I am glad he didn't make it into the top 10. That sugary old Idol tour would weigh him down for life. I hope he makes his own way and is hugely successful.

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    I wish Brandon all the luck in pursuing some new career opportunities like acting. I really never thought of his experience as a backup singer as a negative. His experience and age should have worked to his advantage. I was always disappointed when I saw him perform. I did miss his performance at the beginning of the show this week, but I thought what was shown at the end was a very weak performance even without seeing the lapse in memory. Once I saw that replay, I knew he was toast.

    Brandon was much prettier on the eyes than Melinda, I hoped he could hold it together and last longer.

    Well, my only American Idol favorite has been Jennifer Hudson. She said that she visited the set to let the performers this season know that you don't have to win American Idol to be successful. Simon really loved to rail on her with some harsh criticism and she was never a top favorite of the majority voting public.

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    Brandon does sound like a nice guy, doesnt he?!! I hope he finds future success in the industry.
    "Pluck not the wayside flower..." William Allingham

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    This has to be my favorite interview from any Idol contestant. Thanks for bringing it to us, YG. I always love to see you get your questions in.

    Brandon sounds so grounded and such a positive outlook on life. I loved these comments from him:

    No. I didn’t lose to anybody; I just got the least amount of votes.

    Hopefully, my slow but sure takeover of the world. <---

    Everybody has their opinions and everything, but I really feel like, given the opportunity to not even tell anyone that I was a background singer, I wouldn’t have gotten half the comments that I got.

    By whatever means people decide to vote, whether it’s on your voice, your looks, or whether they like you as a person, it has no bearing on the validity of the winner. It is what it is. We all knew this going into it.

    What I learned the most is that no matter what people say in the press, or the judges, or whatever, I can take it, and I’m good enough to be out there.

    Clothes and sometimes body type and body appearance, things that cannot be easily changed on a person should not be commented upon.

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    Im gonna miss that big beautiful smile of his. He seems like a really intelligent down to earth guy. Out of all the male contestants, he seemed the most dateable overall.

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