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Thread: AI6 3/8 Recap: The Dirty Dozen

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    Great recap MsFroggy! Had me rolling on the floor! Good job.

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    Google is our friend. Very funny recap!
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    Quote Originally Posted by MsFroggy;2273389;
    Tonight's the night, everything is gonna to be all right. Or not.

    The montage finally ends with Ryan telling us that the guys had a tough night – no kidding – and a snippet of Chris Sligh singing “I Just Want To Be Loved”. I can relate to that and apparently so can Ryan because we're again shown the awesome man-hug the two shared on Tuesday night. Aww, how cute!

    Will Chris live to hug Ryan again and is Sanjaya ready for prime time?

    Now this is more like it. We're shown a nice segment of Wednesday's show and Ryan tells us that some, like Jordin and Gina, rocked it, while others went for the R&B vibe. Translation: a couple of them left the farm without authorization but we managed to keep most of them safely contained.

    ...we need action before we fall asleep and miss out on the big announcement. You didn't forget about the big announcement, did you? Don't worry, it's coming up in 3 hours or so.

    Next. This whole thing reminds me of leading lambs to slaughter. But not yet.

    After a lavish montage about Carrie Underwood that shows her cavorting with cows and celebrities, ...

    Idolus Americanicus CC

    Guests will include: Borat, Gwen Stefani, Pink, Josh Groban, Michael Buble, Annie Lennox and Bono. Quincy Jones will pen a special song for the night. In Ryan's words it will be “a night to remember”. Er, Borat?
    WOW! Ms Froggy! I am thrilled to read and delight in your first recap. But, darn, now you've got me thinking of AI in terms of a barnyard and slaughter house complete with an undertaker. Borat - doesn't the tall dude who plays Borat have a name - I'm not googling, which I guess the AI writers didn't either...uh, is this actor dude going to sing? Terrific recap of a three-drink show!

    ETA: YAY! My 1,000th post was a response to a Ms Froggy recap (her first).
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    I can't believe Sundance lost I was so disappointed.

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    MsFroggy, thanks for the awesome recap! You will make us a lot of fun readings ahead!

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    Amazing debut! You may join Shazzer, Snowflake Girl, and a few select others in my own personal recapper Hall of Fame.
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    I know I'm being repetitious, but, oh, what the hell, I have no shame either - this has to be the line of the year:

    Jesus take the wheel, I'm wasted!
    Excellent debut, Ms Froggy!
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