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Thread: AI6 3/7 Recap: The ‘Yo’ Factor

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotherSister;2272068;
    Speaking of that awesome lady, she’s closing our show tonight so this ought to be good. Her fun thing to know is that she’s sort of OCD, or what she calls “equal opportunity,” in that she likes to keep things balanced, like stepping on a pebble with both feet. I totally used to do the same thing, until this one time I got my hand slammed in a car door and decided being balanced wasn’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

    I could quote many, many other parts, but this just cracked me up... great recap!

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    Loved Loved Loved the recap MotherSister except for this one part:

    It must be, because even after all the criticism she’s taken for being to corny and pageanty, and lame, Haley’s song tonight is screaming “Miss Teen Alabama,” with plodding synth drumming and “inspiration cymbals” capping every measure, and lyrics like I sail through the heavens / with stars in my eyes / if my heart had wings / I would fly to you.
    Why you wanna slam Alabama??? C'mon now...... I'll let it go this time.....
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    Another fantabulous recap, MotherSister! These are always so entertaining to read. It's a big yo².

    Ryan’s sporting a kicky turtleneck under his familiar blazer as he opens the show tonight, looking much like a college professor. All he needs are the leather elbow patches. And a pipe, and a smug sense of self-satisf … well, a pipe and the patches anyway.

    I’m not so sure he wants to go there with the personal attacks, what with the freaking Teletubbies in his own private history.

    Randy says Idol is a different show when the girls are on. Yes, it’s a good show when the girls are on.

    (oh, hey! Their names rhyme … they should start a band).

    Sabrina is still laboring under the idea of her having a big voice, which is just not true. She sounds great when she’s not cracking on the power notes.

    Randy’s not too thrilled with Sabrina’s performance, even though he’s the lying liar who told her the lie about her having a big voice in the first place.

    Her “guess what about me” thing is short, probably because everyone already knows more about her than we can stand.

    Dare I hope that scales are falling off of eyes and people are seeing that Antonella is in fact a terrible performer? Yes, I do dare!

    He also says Antonella has “taken a lot of stick in the media” (yeah, yeah, she’s taken a lot of stick elsewhere too, *ba dump tss*, moving on) and complimenting her on handling herself well.

    It’s one thing to sing something completely lame and inane and have fun with it, it’s another thing altogether to think that crap’s really inspiring and cutting-edge.

    I think I’ve found a new phrase. There was no ‘yo’ there. Or even better, There was no ‘yo,’ yo. Or! Best of all, Randy you’re an idiot. Oh, yeah; I think that’s the one I’m going with.

    Ryan continues his attempts at flirting with girls and jumps at the chance. Cute.

    We come back to a pillow fight between Ryan and the girls, but just before things get too slumber party-ish and the nieces at home start having uncomfortable questions, Ryan breaks it up

    She shares with us her lucky troll and pickle, and a pillow with her young niece and nephews emblazoned on. Aww. How weird.

    And Gina does kinda rock too, in that American Idol, I’m on TV, so throw up the horns way.

    I totally used to do the same thing, until this one time I got my hand slammed in a car door and decided being balanced wasn’t that important in the grand scheme of things.

    In the playback reel to show the numbers, the editors make good and sure to show Antonella sucking harder than anyone has a right to, and Haley looking a great big corny mess.

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