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Thread: American Idol 3/1 Recap: Four Minutes of Results and Fifty-Six Minutes of Filler

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    very entertaining recap, SEM!
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    Isn't the DVR fast-forward function delightful? I used mine as well and in the same places. Wonderful recap SueEllen!
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    Sigh. I thought I was done with her.
    Dang, it’s Kellie Pickler time. Apparently she’s just released some sort of album, and has aged about 20 years since her last Idol appearance. Actually, that’s not fair. Her new haircut is cute, and her dress really emphasizes her… assets. So mush so that after she makes some stupid Kellie Pickler remarks, Ryan asks her if she’s spent money on anything lately while looking pointedly at her chest. She answers that she’s bought lots of shoes, but I don’t think that’s what Ryan was talking about.

    The two chat a little longer and we learn Kellie will be touring with Brad Paisley and finally tried sushi, and with that info, we’re pretty much caught up. Kellie sings, and I fast forward, and then it’s time to say goodbye to a couple more people.
    Why couldn't I think of forwarding too? I still remember Pickler's performance and I really, really, really wish I didn't.

    Great recap!
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    [QUOTE=SueEllenMishke;2263505;]Welcome to the second American Idol 6 Semi-Finals Results show! Whew- that is a mouthful, and traditionally not a very interesting show, so thanks for tuning in.

    I actually watched another show and tuned in at the commerical breaks without missing a thing.
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