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Thread: AI6: Interview with Rudy Cardenas: Stealing the Heart of Some…Err At Least One

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    Thanks for the great interview, YG. I'm with all of you that would have liked to see him go farther into the competition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A11Y7;2257252;
    I think he started off an answer with "You know what?" at least three times.
    Eh, I probably would have ended every single question with 'But Whatever,' or 'But, Whatev.' I think that it's definitely very interesting that he seemd almost like he didn't want to think at all about a question that I (think) asked him...I hope he's not going to be thinking really hard about it now! I'd feel so bad!
    ...And the strange boy continued to weave in and out of her life, leaving her with a sense of wonder and amazment, but also, a feeling of loss, knowing that life might never be the same again.

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    In my own little world where all things are Idol......
    There was always something about Rudy that I really loved and it made me sad to see him go.....I wish him well and hope that something good comes out of his appearance on AI!
    Reality is the beginning...not the end....Wallace Stevens

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    I am really disappointed that Rudy was eliminated. He was such an
    entertainer. Check out his groups website. They are awesome and
    he never had a chance to show off his great vocal range. He was robbed
    and Jared should have been the one to go last week.

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