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Thread: AI6: Interview with Nicole Tranquillo: Paula Abdul Part Deux

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    AI6: Interview with Nicole Tranquillo: Paula Abdul Part Deux

    Here are the transcripts from the media conference call I participated in with Nicole Tranquillo. She seems like a very nice girl and will hopefully have a great future ahead of her.

    Now that youíve had a chance to reflect, do you think that song choice had anything to play with it, or would you sing the same song again if you had the chance to do it all over?

    N. Tranquillo: Iím not sure. I definitely have no regrets about what I sang. I thought that the song I sang was definitely me and my style. It definitely did fit my voice, I thought. Then again, it would have been nice to maybe sing a different song and see how maybe it would have turned out.

    Also, do you think that Ė you didnít necessarily get a lot of play, the same way that the other contestants did. Do you think that had an effect?

    N. Tranquillo: Itís hard to say. I mean, it could have, but itís so hard to say. I mean if I were to sit here and think about it, I think Iíd just go crazy. So itís really hard to say. It could be that, it could be a number of things. I do see your point, and I mean sure, people were shown more than others. It could have had an effect, but I mean maybe just people didnít dig my song as much as the other ones.

    So I was wondering: it seemed like this season a lot of the girls had the similar look or a similar style. Do you think that for you that made it particularly hard to stand out, or what do you think you or the other girls could do?

    N. Tranquillo: I donít think itís hard for anybody to stand out. I mean I personally think that we all have actually really different styles. I think thatís what makes this season so much fun to watch, is because there are a lot of girls that like to sing Ambient Soul. Itís just kind of like we all sing it in our different way. Some have more of like an old soul, and some are more kind of like a new soul. So I think that weíre all different. I think that it can be really easy actually to stand out from other people, as long as youíre true to yourself and you do your own thing.

    Pick your song Ė and with that, so you enjoyed your song, but was there another one that you thought perhaps would have been better, like a backup choice in hindsight?

    N. Tranquillo: I donít know. I mean I did really love singing my song. I thought it was a lot of fun to sing. I had a blast up there on stage singing it. I would have loved to have sung Barracuda. That was going to be my second song that I was going to sing. I was really excited about that one. So yes, I mean maybe I should have done that one first, but I had fun singing Stay, and no one really ever sings that song.

    I was just wondering who of the guest mentors would you have liked to work with the most out of J.Lo, Gwen Stefani, or Bon Jovi?

    N. Tranquillo: Oh J.Lo, absolutely, Jennifer Lopez all the way. When I saw her face up there on the screen, I was like, ďOh my God, please let me be here when she is here.Ē Unfortunately that didnít happen. She is someone that I admire so much, because Iím a dancer as well. Sheís like a triple-threat. She can do it all. I really strive to have a career like sheís had.

    Iím just wondering how difficult it will be to go back to the University of New York, and if this changes your mind about anything that youíll be doing in school.

    N. Tranquillo: Oh no, not at all. Iím actually looking forward to going back to school. I canít wait. I miss Philly, and I miss my school. Weíll see what happens. I mean hopefully Iíll make some really great contacts and get some really great opportunities from this. I think it can only go up from here. So itís definitely going to be very easy to go back to school I think. It will be a lot of fun.

    How about the taste of fame that you had, did it change the way you view things outside of school letís say? You got close. I mean you got so much closer than so many other people, and Iím just wondering how that affected you.

    N. Tranquillo: Oh, God, no. Iím still me. Iím still Nicole Tranquillo who grew up in ... and moved to Philly. Iím still a Philly girl, small town girl, you know what I mean? Iím an everyday person, just like everybody else. So I think that the fame isnít why I do this. Thatís not what Iím in it for. Iím not in it for the fame and fortune. Iím in it because this is what I love to do, and thatís just something that comes with the job I guess.

    Are you planning on heading back to college right away?

    N. Tranquillo: Well, weíll see what happens. Itís hard to exactly plan it. I guess Iíll just play it by ear. Obviously I had to take a leave of absence this semester. So I wonít be able to go back this semester obviously. If nothing comes up really quickly in the future, in the near future, then Iíll probably take a class over the summer, a little burlesque class, and then go back in the fall.

    What are you going to do with your semester off?

    N. Tranquillo: You know what? Iím just going to work hard at my music and get something together, whatever I can get my hands into. I love to busy, so whatever projects I can get my hands on. So start working on a demo or start collaborating with other artists, getting Ė or especially getting my Hip-Hop/R&B group back on track. We were on hiatus for a little bit, our group, Soul School. So Iím just really excited to dive back into music and get started working.

    Iím pretty good, thanks. Could you just reflect a little bit for me on the whole experience, the high points, the low points? What are you taking out of this experience that you know youíll use later on in your life?

    N. Tranquillo: This is experience truthfully has been just a blessing to me. Itís just been a roller coaster, and itís been a blast. I had so much fun. To me this whole opportunity has just been a big old job interview. Itís tested me and itís pushed me and it made me work hard. I feel like Iíve gained a lot more confidence. Iím a lot smarter about things. Iím also walking away with great friends, 23 new friends I never had before. Itís just wonderful. Itís just been the best experience you could have asked for.

    How much would you love to see Simon get up there and sing in front of everyone?

    N. Tranquillo: Oh, God, that would be so much fun. Yes, then we could turn the tables. Yes, that would make a very interesting episode I think. I think that would be a lot of fun. If one night they had like the contestants be the judges, and the judges be the contestants. That would make a great show.

    Okay, and where do you see yourself in five years?

    N. Tranquillo: I see myself recording albums, touring, making just a lot of music, and having a lot of fun in the meantime. God, I mean maybe, hopefully maybe graduated from college by then Ė I mean obviously. Weíll see. I mean, of course Iíd love to have a family some day, but thatís not in the near future.

    Can you tell me a little bit about what was Ė were you surprised that you were voted off so soon? Also, do you think, not coming from a larger metropolitan area, do you think that might have affected your voting?

    N. Tranquillo: Itís hard to say. No, I definitely donít think, because of the area that Iím from, I definitely think that has nothing to do with the voting. Iím so lucky to be where I am from. I thank the community so much for all their love and support. It means so much to me. Iíve just had a blast and of course youíre a little shocked when you hear a name being called. I definitely wish that I could have gone a lot farther, but I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I believe that there are some things Ė I feel like this is just the beginning for me. I feel like things are going to be really great.

    Are your parents still out there, and are you going to be doing anything with your parents while youíre out there yet to...?

    N. Tranquillo: My parents are not out here right now actually. They had to fly back home. So my aunt and my cousins are here. So they came to the result show Thursday night, and they were in the Ė so hopefully I get to hang out with them Ė Iím sorry.

    They were the couple that they showed at the end of Ė werenít your parents? When you were singing those, that was...?

    N. Tranquillo: When I was singing, yes, those were my parents, yes.

    Is there anything you think you would do differently? Iím not talking about song choice. But if you wanted to do this again and you look back on the experience, is there anything that you would change?

    N. Tranquillo: I donít think so. I think you should live with no regrets, and I think Ė I always say everything happens for a reason. I think everything happened the way it did. Thereís no way Iíd go back and change things, because then the future would be different. So no, I live with no regrets.

    Are you able to watch the program now without any sense of regret?

    N. Tranquillo: Oh absolutely. I think that everyone deserves to be here. Everyone is absolutely talented. I think this is just the beginning for all of us. So I had a blast and made a lot of great friends and a lot of great contacts.

    What was the feeling like in the room when Simon and Ryan had that exchange the other night? It seemed pretty heated on TV. Was it really icy in there?

    N. Tranquillo: No, itís not Ė you know what I think it is. I think they are just kind of like teasing each other. I was thinking itís quite comical. I think that they kind of have that like brotherly like teasing going on. Like Simon is the older brother and Ryan is the little young one and they just have that sibling rivalry. I think itís really funny.

    So itís not that bad, always good.

    N. Tranquillo: No.

    I had a question about you and your connection to Paula. You seem to share a connection there with Paula. She seemed to be a big champion of yours. How did that come about?

    N. Tranquillo: I guess I donít know. I feel as if like Iíve always had this connection with her. I really channel that to like the dancerís spirit because Iím a dancer. I think we both kind of have that dancerís spirit going. I mean sheís Ė you know when I was a little girl, she is the reason why my love of dance and music came about. I donít know. I guess sheís just a very sweet, genuine, wonderful person, and sheís just beautiful in the inside and out. I guess maybe she just saw me in her. Iím not sure, but I am so blessed and so lucky that she has been so supportive of me.

    The judges are always talking about song choices, youíre obviously aware, but it sometimes seems that if somebody tries a little different song, theyíre not too in love with it. But if they try something straight down the middle, theyíll say, ďYou should do something different.Ē Does it ever get confusing as to what theyíre looking for?

    N. Tranquillo: No, I think the best thing for anybody is to just sing what you feel the most comfortable with, and sing what you feel your voice will shine through and what you think your style is. The song I had picked was what I thought I sounded good at and was my style for sure. I think yes, I mean of course you have to be conscious of your song choice obviously. Theyíre always telling us that. But at the same time you need to be true to yourself, because if you get up on that stage and you sing something youíre not comfortable with, itís going to show through.

    Thank you to FOX for allowing us to participate in this call.

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    She was one of my favourites. I wish her all the best for the future
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    I like "Paula Abdul Part Deux."
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    Thanks for the interview, YG. I enjoyed Nicole's performance - at least she did a song that hasn't been done to death - and I wish her luck with her career.

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    You're getting interviewed out, YG. Thanks for yet another one. She took a chance with an obscure song, but she sounds as though she has no regrets.

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    Thanks for the interview Yardgnome!

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