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Thread: American Idol 6 2/20 Recap: A Night You Will Want to Forget

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    Great recap, YG!
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    Much, much better than the show. Great recap Yardgnome.

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    Yardgnome, I have to stop reading your recaps at work! Laughing out loud is not good in an office full of people Great Job!

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    Yardgnome...I am so impressed that you googled teletubbies. While I knew who they are, I didn't know they were part of Simon's genre. Now, whenever I see Simon I'll wonder if he's a green, blue, red or yellow tubbie. Thanks so much for placing that image in my head.

    Wonderful read and spot on.
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    i've always thought that Simon is a purple tubby....you know that one with an inverted triangle on its head and carries a purse.

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    Paula repeats exactly what Randy says with a few more slurs and hiccups.

    The judges apparently liked him a lot during the auditions but they could be lying for all I know. Brandon comes out singing very slow and breaks the first rule of Idol, slow song equals standing at the mic.

    We are finally just moving right along and next up is Nick Pedro. You may recognize him from such shows as AI5.
    Hilarious. Loved all the subtitles!
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