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Thread: American Idol 01 24 Recap: I Love New Yor’

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    As the person who recapped Ian's SYTYCD appearance, I feel your pain. Thank you for powering through the horror that he is, and writing such an excellent recap.
    "I miss Darva Conger." - Phonegrrrl

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    The only reason I watch the show is to see all of the fools that think that they can sing and the get up in front of the judges and do horrible.

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    It looks to me like they're wannabe actors, or just your garden-variety fame whores, who know they can't sing. They know that if they're average-bad, they'll never make it past the gatekeepers, but if they exhibit new levels of sucktitude, they'll get airtime and a chance of being the new William Hung.
    "There's no crying in baseball!"
    -- Tom Hanks, A League of Their Own

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