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Thread: 7/18 BB 15 LIVE Show Recap: Sometimes A Spoonful of Sugar is Just…That

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    7/18 BB 15 LIVE Show Recap: Sometimes A Spoonful of Sugar is Just…That

    The week in review:
    • With Nick evicted, the Moving Company imploded.
    • Helen wins HOH.
    • Helen nominates Kaitlin and Aaryn for eviction.
    • In a Have Not competition, Amanda, McCrae, Judd and Jessie lose and are Have Nots for the week.
    • Elissa named MVP.
    • Elissa nominates Spencer against the strong wishes of Amanda and McCrae who want her to nominate Howard.
    • Kaitlin wins POV and steps down; Helen nominates Jeremy as a back door as he did not get to compete.

    Mary Poppins paid a visit this week to the two naughty children being scolded for their bad behavior by the others in their household. A spoonful of sugar did take them from nasty to nice, but, unfortunately, did not change their character.

    Jeremy thinks that if he wants to stay in the game, he is going to have to show people his softer side. He starts out by putting on Gina Marie’s baby costume from the previous week’s POV competition. He travels around the house trying to make people laugh and make them happy. Unfortunately, while they laughed, it didn’t win him any votes.

    Amanda: When Jeremy approaches McCrae and I dressed as a baby I didn’t know if he wanted to breast feed or campaign.

    Jeremy begins the start of his kindness mantra by promising Helen the moon and saying how he has grown more in three weeks in the house than in the three years prior. He carries that line to the end of his game and into his interviews.

    Aaryn campaigns by sucking up as best she can, and she may have swayed a few people…those who don’t raise their eyebrows. She later tells Judd that she isn’t being acknowledged for being nice and she should be.

    Gina Marie continues her heavy mourning with Nick leaving and Aaryn, Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Judd decide to hide the Nick items she has stacked on her dresser as a memorial. When Gina Marie discovers the items missing, she flies into total melt down. While Aaryn wants to continue the “joke” Amanda and the others don’t like seeing Gins Marie in pain and return the items. Aaryn’s true colors dissolved that spoonful of sugar and she’s back to her mean self.

    Couch Talk is all about the showmances, which leads into a filler piece where McCrae’s and Amanda’s parents are interviewed. Neither set is all that happy.

    The Arguments

    Jeremy: Well guys, there is no mystery or shock about what’s about to happen. I was told not to come in hot, but I’m a champion and not about to lose. I hope we all can be friends after this and I love you all.

    Aaryn: First I want to thank everyone involved in making my dream of being here a reality and my family for giving me the love and support. This has been a roller coaster ride, but I will be so thank full if you keep me here and I will accept whatever.

    Spencer: I want to thank my family and my beautiful girlfriend, Marilyn, I love you. (He says more, but I can’t make out his mumbles.)

    The Vote

    Candice votes to evict Jeremy
    Andy votes to evict Jeremy
    Howard votes to evict Jeremy
    Elissa votes to evict my dude, Jeremy
    Kaitlin votes to evict Spencer
    Gina Marie votes to evict Jeremy
    Amanda votes to evict “Jermy” (He has ringworm)
    McCrae votes to evict Jeremy (for eating the last pizza in the house)
    Jessie votes to evict Jeremy (her fellow Texan)
    Judd votes to evict my dude, Jeremy

    Note: My dude – is a phrase Jeremy used all the time, now it has been used against him.

    Jeremy leaves on a 9-1 vote.

    When he sits with Julie, he repeats his “nice” mantra. I wonder how long that will stick.

    America is next week’s MVP. We will decide who sits in the third chair for elimination. The votes will be ranked so that if our #1 or #2 is nominated by the new HOH, the #3 will sit. If the #3 is taken from the block through the POV, then the #4 will take that person’s place.

    America is also a player in the HOH competition as questions were posed online at the cbs/Big Brother website about who would best fulfill the royal titles in the game called Big Brother Royalty.

    The eligible players are in booths with an A/B spinner in front of them. As Julie calls out a statement where one of two names was highest vote getter from the public, the players must choose whether it is name A or name B.

    Judd, Kaitlin, Howard, McCrae and Spencer are the final five. “Who does America feel should be crowned the Sultan of Sexy because they are more likely to be featured on the cover of Hot Highnesses Weekly: A – Elissa or B-Howard? Howard and Spencer guess B – Howard, and are out of the competition.

    There is a tiebreaker number question for Judd, Kaitlin and McCrae. Judd guesses closer than the other two.

    JUDD is the new HOH!

    Helen happily throws the key around his neck and the King’s crown on his head.

    Evil Julie drops a hint regarding MVP status this week and leaves them all scratching their heads and stumbling into conspiracy theories. For those without Live Feeds, I’ll only tell you that the house has been crazy with EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED.
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