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Thread: 7/11 BB15 LIVE Show Recap: Moving On

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    7/11 BB15 LIVE Show Recap: Moving On

    The week in review:
    • Nick, Howard, Spencer, Jeremy and McCrae form a super alliance called The Moving Company.
    • Aaryn/Jeremy win HOH (Aaryn gets the key)
    • Aaryn names Have Nots for the week: Elissa, Helen, Andy and Candice
    • Aaryn nominates Helen and Elissa against the wishes of the Moving Company to put up Amanda.
    • Elissa named MVP
    • Elissa nominates Jeremy
    • Jeremy wins Power of Veto, steps down and Elissa nominates Nick per Candice campaign

    Julie introduces the three on the block: Elissa, the sister of a Big Brother legend; Nick, the architect of a powerful secret alliance; Helen, a self-proclaimed superfan. “Why are they all on the chopping block? Because this season, no one is safe. Welcome to Big Brother!”

    Jeremy: Now I’m off the block, Nick’s on the block, but it doesn’t matter because Elissa’s going home.

    Elissa: Hopefully people will recognize that Nick is a huge thread, and it will take the target off of me.

    Nick: I feel very good with the Moving Company behind me. This is a good spot to be in.

    Helen: Aaryn told me I’m the pawn. It is my mission to make sure Nick walks out the door and Elissa stays for another week.

    Candice: Right now we’re moving in the right direction. If we get Nick out, then two boys down.

    Candice counts votes with Elissa – “me, McCrae, Amanda, Judd. I can work with Howie.” When Helen comes in, they continue the count to keep Elissa…Jessie just wants to be with the popular and they’re not sure about Spencer.

    Helen: I’m really suspicious about Spencer, because this vote will show which side of the house Spencer lies on.

    Helen works on one of her closest allies, Andy, trying to make him realize that if they don’t take out Nick this week, they may never get the opportunity again. Andy is concerned if they don’t take out Elissa, they will strike and come after them. Helen assures him that if Elissa stays, they won’t come after him, they will still come after Elissa. Andy, while not afraid to make a big move, reminds Helen that Gina Marie, Jeremy and Kaitlin will be in a rage.

    Elissa talks to Jessie trying to bring her into the vote out Nick camp by reminding her that he is a fierce competitor and they may never get another chance.

    Jessie: Up until this point I have been 100 % dead set on voting Elissa out. But, when I look at the big picture, it really is a toss-up for me.

    As Jessie rubs her eyes, Elissa tells her that she needs her to be rock solid on her vote.

    Jessie, “I don’t know.”

    The next morning Helen takes over in trying to reel in Jessie reminding her that on the “other” side she is low man on the totem pole. She names on the people on her side telling her she will never go up, that they will all go to jury. Helen tells her they would protect her, but Jessie is wavering until Helen offers her a royal flush rather than two pairs. (huh?) Then they high five and Jessie is a vote to keep Elissa.

    Helen: With Jessie on our side, we have a great chance of keep Elissa in the house. That is six votes and that is all we need. If Nick is NOT evicted, that means there are a lot of people in this house telling lies and they will be exposed.

    Howard: As far as The Moving Company goes, one hiccup is McCrae and Amanda’s relationship.

    Howard and Nick get together to discuss this and agree that Amanda is the strongest girl and they need to get her out. They don’t trust McCrae to vote with the MC while she is still in the house. Nick is also concerned that the girls get together, figure out there is a guy alliance and vote him out because of that.

    Spencer: We don’t know if we can trust McCrae, and we know that we can’t trust Amanda. The MC has to talk to him again about Amanda.

    Spencer and Howard confront McCrae. He tells them they have to trust him, he needs for them to trust him.

    McCrae: These guys are hammering me with questions about Amanda and she’s my closest ally in the house and I’m just trying to deflect, keep them okay and keep them calm.

    He tells them that if he thinks there is anything going on with Amanda, he will stab her in the back.

    Amanda asks McCrae what he is thinking and he says what is best for them. Amanda doesn’t trust Nick and wants him out. McCrae tells her he is worried and she wonders what he is not telling her.

    McCrae: My head is in a vise right now. On the one hand, Amanda wants me to get out Nick. On the other, the Moving Company wants me to get out Elissa. I don’t know what to do.

    Amanda presents a new argument, “As long as we have Elissa, we control the third vote.” (She means the MVP nomination assuming Elissa is named MVP every week.)

    McCrae: My vote this week comes down to picking a side. Either I lose the Moving Company or I lose Amanda. I’m caught in the middle and it’s killing me.

    Before the commercial break, Julie sets up a scene where some of her housemates tell Aaryn she is racist.

    But, first, the COUCH INTERVIEWS.

    Jeremy asked why he wasn’t worried about being nominated. He deflects that he was exited to compete (in the POV) because he came here to play, not sit around and watch.

    Jessie asked why love is running so rampant in the Big Brother house. She replies that she thinks in the environment it is just nice to have a companion to pass the hours with.

    While the camera shifts to Aaryn, Julie asks Amanda at what point do you forget the cameras and microphones are recording you and broadcasting live to the internet? She replies that you are in a place for so long and with the same people so it kind of gets like they are like family. She says she forgets all the time that there are cameras.

    Aaryn, how about you? Aaryn replies that she doesn’t forget but she is a very open person so everyone here knows a lot about her and so does America now.

    Julie, “Yes, we all do.”

    Julie turns off the living room camera and transitions to the controversy that is making waves outside the house. “While these people have no idea how they are affecting people outside the house, here is how they are affecting people inside the house.”

    While Julie mentions “people” the emphasis is on Aaryn.

    After Candice and Howard recount racially charged remarks said by Aaryn, Howard tells us: It’s all around us. It never feels good. He is worried that it might be game play to get them out of the house.

    Amanda doesn’t think it is meant to be mean, but it is uneducated and goes to the HOH to let Aaryn know the consensus of the house since being accused of being a racist is a huge, huge deal.

    Amanda tells Aaryn that she gets that Aaryn is joking whenever a racial thing comes out of her mouth, but people who are of a different race are taking it offensively; Candice, Howard and Helen. "I would say from now on, be mindful."

    Aaryn shakes her head disdainfully, “That is the most obnoxious, annoying thing I’ve ever hear. I’m not even going to acknowledge it, because it is the biggest joke.”

    Amanda, “Just be more mindful; especially since it is not being interpreted as a joke.”

    Aaryn blows a raspberry. She doesn’t see the difference between what she says and being called Barbie and blonde.

    Aaryn, “I wish that I cared more about this, but I don’t.”

    Amanda: She’s not remorseful. She didn’t want to apologize and that just kind of shows her character.

    The Arguments

    Elissa: I came into Big Brother hoping to have an equal opportunity to play the game and not be judged from my history with Big Brother. Luckily America has the discernment and is amazing and thank you. Sometimes it’s not fun in the BB House. I’m a target but do you want to win Big Brother or do you want Rachel’s sister out of the house?

    Nick: I knew when I MOVED into this house that I was in great COMPANY.

    Helen: I am a huge Big Brother fan and am blessed to be in this house with all of you…even you, Jeremy.


    Jeremy – votes to evict Elissa
    Kaitlin – votes to evict Elissa
    Andy – votes to evict Nick
    Gina Marie – votes to evict Elissa
    Judd – votes to evict Nick
    Spencer – votes to evict Nick (he was pulled out of the MC after many arm twists during the week along with an agreement with Howard that they would split their vote.)
    Jessie – votes to evict Nick
    Howard – votes to evict Elissa
    McCrae – votes to evict Nick
    Amanda – votes to evict Nick
    Candice – votes to evict Nick

    Nick is evicted on a 7-4 vote.

    Silence broken by Gina Marie’s sobs follows Nick out the door.

    Nick is not surprised that Spencer broke the back of the Moving Company because he might have seen he would do better without them.

    HOH COMPETITON: Overnight Delivery

    Oh, that annoying truck horn and back up beep that plays all night long, waking the hamsters out of their slumber and making them run to the backyard. Once there they confront a conveyor belt loaded with boxes and other items and try to memorize them as they slide past. This happens, not once, but numerous times during the night with different items rolling by on the belt.


    Julie asks questions based on what they were jarred into viewing during the night time hours. Everyone, except Aaryn, the current HOH, stands in cubicles with a true or false spinner in front of them.

    The last five to answer true/false correctly (Helen, Kaitlin, Howard, Jessie and McCrae) pull out their chalkboards for a tie breaker. McCrae falters at the first tie breaker and a second is set up. Helen is the closest to the number without going over.

    HELEN is the new HOH.

    See you next Thursday for the next elimination and HOH.
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