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Thread: 7/3 BB 15 LIVE Show Recap: Red, Red Whine

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    7/3 BB 15 LIVE Show Recap: Red, Red Whine

    The week in review:
    • McCrae wins HOH
    • Jeremy, Nick, Howard, Spencer and McCrae form a super alliance – The Moving Company
    • McCrae nominates Candice and Jessie
    • Elissa named MVP
    • Elissa tells McCrae and he urges her to nominate a Moving Co. target
    • She nominates David per McCrae’s suggestion
    • McCrae reluctantly wins Power of Veto, takes down Candice and nominates Elissa to appease the house.

    Julie: Last week we promised you the biggest Big Brother in the history of the game and we’re well on our way: alliances, showmances and three nominees on the chopping block. Safe to say, it’s been a busy seven days.

    Nick: McCrae, what are you doing? David is clearly our target. Now I’m making it my personal mission to send surfer boy home.

    Elissa, feeling betrayed by McCrae, figures that the way to stay in the house is to be a little more open with some of the house guests by telling them she is, in fact, Rachel’s sister. Andy appreciates her honesty and no longer thinks she is shady.

    Amanda: Elissa coming out to Andy shows that she is trustworthy and she is human and maybe we (McCrae, Amanda and Andy) can work with her. Maybe.

    Jeremy pops his buttons (literally) for Kaitlin and their showmance heats up and up and up. (Visuals not included in this recap.)


    Elissa, Helen, Judd and Andy have been have-nots for more than a week now and it is getting to them.

    Judd: Being a Have-Not sucks, but, just a few more hours of this and we’re getting the party started at midnight.

    Jeremy tells the snacking kitchen crew that they should save a bottle of red wine for Judd, that they are waiting for midnight to drink it. At 10:58 P.M., Aaryn gets bored and likes Jeremy’s suggestion that they get the red wine, bring it into the bedroom and drink it right away.

    Aaryn: I know we’re supposed to wait until midnight to have a drink with the have-nots, but, at this point, I just wanted to have a drink; didn’t care.

    At 11:19 PM, Jeremy brings the chilled bottle of red wine into the bedroom and pours a huge glass for Aaryn while David smiles vacuously at her.

    “It’s Twelve!” The Have-Nots standing in the kitchen cheer while others clap. The missing wine is noticed almost immediately as Jeremy strides through the kitchen whistling.

    Helen: We’ve been Have-Nots for a week and it’s time to eat and drink and celebrate and we find out we’ve got one bottle of red wine in the house and it’s gone.

    Aaryn: I’m walking around the kitchen and I’m noticing these deaf(?) players whispering under their breath and I’m getting sick of how two-faced they are.

    Helen: Who in this house could stoop so low and be so selfish and drink that wine for themselves and take it away from the Have-Nots and the rest of the house?


    At the hot tub Aaryn continues her “why are they looking at me” until Jeremy tells her it was all him and he’ll go ‘fess up to it. She tells him that she was called out by Amanda for drinking the wine, then smirks.

    Aaryn: They really need a smack down and I’m sick of them.

    She follows Jeremy into the kitchen and stands behind him when he chides them for being rude to “everyone” code for Aaryn and tells them he took the wine and if they have a problem they should come to him cause none of these other people besides him drank that. His audience looks rather stunned, as in…what just happened? He finishes his stooopid tirade by challenging them to put him up. Aaryn follows him out the door to the back yard.

    Helen, “I’m really confused.” Elissa, “Did you notice who was standing right with him?”

    Andy: Aaryn is, without a doubt the head of the snake, and Jeremy is the hulking ridiculously large body of the snake.

    Aaryn: (smiling in her DR session) Jeremy finally went off on the people who have been saying things behind our backs for the past week and I’m loving every minute of it. I will not stop until all of these jerks are out of this house.

    The fallout continues when Jeremy’s main squeeze, Kaitlin, confronts him and others at the hot tub, and he tells her to shut up and once again claims he was the only one to drink the wine.

    Helen: (in tears) I would never, ever raise boys that acted so poorly to other people. The way I feel tonight is not something that I would ever wish on my worst enemy.

    Jeremy to a distressed Kaitlin, “This house is about the drama so if you think it is bad now, wait a few weeks.

    With Julie’s solemn face welcoming us back LIVE, it is time to move on…thank you.


    Julie: With a huge target on Elissa’s back, David and Jessie feel safe. But, in the Big Brother House, anything can happen.

    Another showmance is revealed when Amanda and McCrae snuggle in the HOH bed after the lights go out. She is rather matter of fact about it, but he can’t believe his good luck.

    Aaryn: I know that David is safe, and that Elissa is going home, so all is good in the world of Aaryn and David. (Another showmance, by the way.)

    However, Judd is asking Amanda and Spencer about the bigger threat. Spencer thinks they can use Elissa’s outside popularity as a weapon, so falling in with Nick’s desire, the target shifts to David.

    Amanda: Elissa may not be the sharpest Botox needle on the tray, but she is related to one, Rachel Reilly, so she can win MVP every single week and we basically can control that vote.

    The Moving Company decides to split up the votes…keeping Elissa safe and voting out David. The one they designate to vote out Elissa is Jeremy, the others will vote out David. Then they will try to split the votes Candice and Helen carry – Candice to vote for Elissa and Helen for David’s ouster. If it works, the outcome would be 7-5 and David would be gone.

    LIVE from the COUCHES

    Andy asked to respond to the mood of the house…says it’s kind of weird.

    Helen asked how the three nominee twist has affected the game…says it has completely changed the game because you have no control as HOH as to what is going to happen.

    Judd asked to describe how bad is the Have-Not room…says he doesn’t like airports and that is a pretty shady airport. He doesn’t think anyone wants to be in that room this year.

    Candice asked to describe the experience of being on the block and coming down from the block…says it felt like a roller coaster.


    The pleas – Jessie wishes her Dad a Happy Birthday; Elissa pulls out a Rachel line, “No one comes between me and my Big Brother game, not even you, McCrae (who put her up and lost her trust) David claims to be a stand-up guy with a good heart.

    Amanda votes to evict David (cheers)

    (During the votes before Spencer’s, the audience can be heard either loudly cheering or loudly booing. At Spencer’s vote and thereafter, they were muffled.)

    Aaryn votes to evict Elissa (boos)
    Nick votes to evict David (cheers)
    Candice votes to evict Elissa (boos)
    Spencer votes to evict David
    Kaitlin votes to evict Elissa
    Helen votes to evict David
    Howard votes to evict David
    Gina Marie votes to evict Elissa
    Judd votes to evict David
    Jeremy votes to evict Elissa
    Andy votes to evict David

    With a vote of 7-5, David is evicted.

    Crickets follow the announcement and his progress to the door. He is welcomed with cheers and shows his surfer dude attitude in his chat with Julie.


    In honor of July 4th, the slip and slide is back early this season. The object is to fill a large jar to the top with barbeque sauce until a floating ping pong ball can be fished out of the small hole in the top of jar’s lid.

    Because there are so many players, they play in two person teams with the teams drawn randomly by the hamsters from a bowl. Also, because there are so many players, each of the seven lanes has been split in half by a hedge fence. One member of a team dips a small metal measuring cup into a barrel of sauce, slides down the hill to the hedge and pours the contents into an equal sized cup held by their partner. That team member then slides the remaining way down the slick slip and slide plastic to the jar and dumps in the contents of the cup.

    If they work as a team, while one is sliding down to the jar, the other is trudging or running back up to the barrel for another cup full of sauce.

    The show ends before the contest does, so we will have to wait until Sunday to find out which team won the challenge.

    P.S. Because two people will be the winner, they will decide between themselves who will be the HOH.

    Until next THURSDAY and the LIVE show, remember that the cause of much misery is red, red, whine.
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