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Thread: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Monday, August 5 - Day 46

    • At the POV Ceremony, Jessie took herself down and GinaMarie put up Spencer as the replacement
    • Jessie continues to try to work on Judd to evict Amanda, complete with cuddling and kissing
    • Judd knows Jessie is trying to use him, and claims to others that he will just "use her back"
    • Helen is firmly off the "evict Amanda" plan, and tells Elissa, who is disappointed. Elissa points out that Candice isn't coming after them, and that every eviction so far has not really helped her game. Helen reminds Elissa that Candice tried to flip the house on them last week to save Howard
    • Jessie and Amanda have a long talk, assuring each other (falsely) that they are not coming after each other
    • Aaryn joins in and it gets a little snippy. Jessie doesn't understand why SHE was the one nominated, and why she is taking all the blame for the evict Amanda stuff.
    • Aaryn complains how GinaMarie was against her when she was nominated against Kaitlin, and then was all over her when she won HOH.
    • Aaryn tells Amanda she had a long talk with Judd, and trusts him more than ever. Amanda agrees. They also agree they want Jessie out next.
    • Aaryn talks to GinaMarie about how she's not sure she can trust Amanda. She thinks Amanda wants to use her to get people out.*
    • GinaMarie gets out of her cone of shame, and Elissa helps her dye her hair
    • Amanda and McCrae discuss the possibility of a double eviction Thursday. Amanda says she'd put up Jessie and Spencer, and if one comes off, replace with Judd
    • Jessie makes another plea to Helen about getting Amanda out. Helen tells her they just don't have the votes.
    • Aaryn complains some more about GinaMarie - first to Amanda and McCrae and then to Judd
    • Jessie tells Candice that she's been fighting for her, but it doesn't seem to be working and it's putting her own game at risk. Candice says she thinks there's a final 4 deal with Amanda, McCrae, Helen, and Elissa
    • Elissa joins them, and they try to come up with a way to keep Candice. Candice thinks she can try to make a deal with Judd. Candice is frustrated because she's being voted out for personal reasons, not game reasons. She believes that Andy is in the middle, and Jessie says that's why she wonders if Helen should rely on him so much
    • Aaryn asks Judd if he thinks Amanda has their backs, because she's getting nervous and thinks Helen and Elissa are aligned closely with Amanda
    • Elissa and Helen talk about Jessie and how she just makes stuff up. Elissa tells Helen she overheard Andy and Judd in the storage room, and Andy said he only trusted Judd, McCrae, and Amanda
    • Amanda gets paranoid about Judd again, and tells Andy she's convinced he's MVP, and that he wants to get rid of Helen and Elissa. Also that he's working with Spencer. She goes on to say she can't trust Aaryn anymore. They discuss the possibility of backdooring Judd in a double eviction. They decide if this week is a double eviction and they win HOH, they will put up Spencer and Jessie and backdoor Judd.

    the listing of alliances at this point (not including any "pairs," and also keeping in mind that most of them don't trust each other so these aren't the most solid of alliances).*
    • "The Knockouts:" McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Andy, Helen, Elissa (Elissa seems to be the only one in this group that still wants to work with Judd)
    • "The Goof Troop:" McCrae, Amanda, Judd, Andy (although Amanda and Andy say they'd backdoor Judd in a double eviction, Andy and McCrae have had conversations about how they do trust Judd again)
    • "The Goof Troop v2.0:" McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Aaryn
    • "The Goof Troop v3.0:" McCrae, Amanda, Andy, Aaryn, Judd

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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Tuesday, August 6 - Day 47

    • Helen confronts Andy - says someone close to her overheard Andy telling Judd in the storage room that the only people he trusts are Judd, Amanda and McCrae (this is true - see yesterday's bulletcaps). Andy plays it off that if he said that, it was just to cover how close he is with Helen.*
    • GinaMarie writes her HOH blog, and comes out in tears about how she can't spell anything and people will make fun of her
    • Aaryn's distrust of Amanda grows. She tells GinaMarie that she's getting tired of Amanda and she thinks she's acting shady. Also that Helen came to her about possibly flipping the house to evict Amanda. They decide to wait until Wednesday night to see how things go and then figure out what to do from there.
    • Jessie, Candice, and Helen talk about how dangerous Amanda is. Helen says they just don't have the votes. Jessie says they can get Judd.
    • Helen lectures Candice about how it hurt her feelings that Candice went behind her back to try to save Howard. Helen says if they can get Andy's and Judd's votes that she'll vote out Amanda. Jessie tells Helen that Helen won't do anything unless the whole house agrees on it.
    • Jessie tells Candice that if she wins HOH, she'll put up Amanda and McCrae
    • Helen makes her reports around the house that Jessie and Candice are plotting against Amanda
    • Helen tells Judd that Jessie is using them to try to get Amanda out
    • They get alcohol, and it's time for the bachelorette party. Candice does not go.
    • Elissa talks to Candice for a little while, about how Candice has had to deal with so many hurtful and derogatory comments
    • Jessie tells Candice that she's about to cut Judd loose because he's getting too close with Aaryn
    • GinaMarie says she's going to marry Nick
    • Aaryn tells Amanda and McCrae that she doesn't trust Judd - she thinks he's probably playing her and Jessie
    • Aaryn tells Andy that she's questioning Judd as well as Amanda and McCrae, but asks Andy not to tell them. They agree they want to keep Helen. Aaryn tells Andy that Amanda and McCrae are saying Helen needs to go. Andy assures Aaryn that she can trust Amanda and McCrae. He says he goes back and forth on Judd - he trusts him more, but he doesn't like that Judd wants Helen out.
    • GinaMarie has a fit because Helen and Elissa are sleeping in the bed she shared with Nick
    • Judd and Spencer are the last ones outside. They talk about how they just want to work on their social game tomorrow.

    Abandoning the alliance list again for the time being because there isn't much real trust between any of them

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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Saturday, August 10 - Day 51
    • McCrae and Andy discuss when McCrae should approach Helen to make the fake F3 deal (Andy, McCrae, Helen). Reason he will give Helen is that he doesn't think he can beat Amanda in the final 3, but that the three of them are pretty equal
    • Andy reiterates to Jessie that he does not want her gone this week (not true)j. Tells her just to trust him, that he has a master plan for the week.
    • Veto players are picked, and in addition to Andy, Jessie, and Spencer, the additional players are Helen, Elissa, and Amanda.
    • Amanda immediately starts figuring out ways they can strategize for the various types of competitions to make sure that Jessie doesn't win. They feel confident it will a a "hold 'em / fold 'em" type, or a time counting one (whoever drops closest to X amount of time wins)
    • Helen tells Andy they should take Elissa to the final 3 with them because they can beat her
    • Aaryn tells Helen that Amanda warned her that Helen doesn't really have her (Aaryn's) back. Helen assures Aaryn that she would have her vote in the end, and gushes on and on about how much Aaryn has changed and how wonderful she is.
    • Andy tells Aaryn she is his closest ally.
    • Elissa tells Helen to be careful with Andy, because she thinks he tells Amanda and McCrae everything. Helen disagrees.
    • Helen and GinaMarie talk about GM's eating disorder. GM says that production is making her talk to a psychiatrist.
    • Andy wins veto
    • Aaryn tells Jessie she thinks she can get enough votes to save her and evict Spencer. She says that Elissa hates Spencer and will be easy to convince, and she thinks they could get Helen and GinaMarie.
    • Aaryn tells Andy that Jessie told her last night that she'd put up Amanda and McCrae. So Aaryn tells Andy she's fine with either one going.
    • Andy tells Aaryn he's not convinced which one should go. On the one hand, Jessie wants to make a big move, and make it against their allies. But on the other hand, they can probably get Jessie on their side just by including her. Andy is concerned that Spencer is such a good liar and manipulator. Aaryn says she thinks that Spencer is wanting to go against Helen and Elissa, whereas Jessie will go after Amanda and McCrae. Andy says they have 4 days to think about it, and they need to figure out which will be more beneficial for himself and Aaryn.
    • McCrae and Amanda have yet another spat. McCrae tells her she needs to be careful what she says around people, her inappropriate jokes are insensitive. She made a fat joke around GinaMarie, and they all know that GinaMarie has had problems with eating disorders.
    • Amanda complains to Elissa about McCrae's comments. Says other people's problems are not her problems.
    • McCrae tells Amanda that they should get Elissa out soon. He thinks that 1 of the first 4 jury members will be coming back, and that way, if America votes, Elissa would come back over Judd. Amanda thinks Judd would work with them if he comes back, but McCrae thinks Jessie will tell him everything in the jury house.
    • Amanda said if she wins, she'd put up Spencer and GinaMarie, and then backdoor Helen. McCrae said he'd put up Spencer and GM and backdoor Elissa. McCrae says he thought Judd said to go after Helen and Elissa as he was leaving. Amanda said no, he said get Jessie out. Amanda fears that Andy is leaning towards evicting Spencer this week.
    • Andy comes in, and Amanda pushes for getting Jessie out. Andy says he's leaning towards Jessie but wants to keep the options open. Andy's fear is that Spencer would nominate him along with Helen. Amanda points out that Helen is not in their final 4, but Andy says he doesn't want her going yet. Amanda's fear is that Jessie and Aaryn will get too close if Jessie stays. She thinks Jessie would put her and McCrae up together.
    • GinaMarie talks about Nick, and tells a story about when he cried to her once. Spencer informs her that Nick told him he faked that for sympathy.

    the listing of alliances at this point
    • 3AM: Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn
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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Sunday's bulletcaps will be delayed - they were written up on a different computer and I forgot to transfer the files. Sorry about that! They'll be up later today.
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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Sunday, August 11 - Day 52
    • Game talk for the day starts with Helen telling Andy she thinks they should wait another week on Amanda, and just go ahead and get Jessie out this week (everyone join in... "this is not the week..."). Helen worries because Jessie would rather take out McCrae over Amanda. (Helen and Andy have discussed taking McCrae with them to the final 3). Helen then mentions that having McCrae in the final 3 scares her because he could win the 1st endurance part of the final HOH, whereas Elissa would be easier to beat in the end.
    • Helen and Andy do some Judd-bashing with Jessie, in the event that he comes back into the game. They tell her that Judd was constantly throwing her under the bus. Helen is convinced that Judd was doing so much lying and manipulating with so much intricacy that they won't even be able to show it all on the TV show. Andy says he thinks Judd may have also been lying about his personal life. Helen says if Judd comes back, it will be worse than Jeremy.
    • Andy makes a deal with GinaMarie - he won't use the veto and put her up this week, if she won't put him up next week if she wins HOH
    • Jessie tells Andy that she's convinced Amanda, McCrae, Helen, and Elissa have a final 4 deal. She says the timing is perfect now and he should work with Jessie, Spencer, and Aaryn.
    • Andy tells McCrae that Jessie wants to backdoor Amanda this week, which solidified to him that Jessie needs to go. McCrae tells Andy that he's worried Amanda is ready to get rid of him (McCrae), partially because she's wanting to have their BB wedding this week
    • Amanda tells Aaryn that if GinaMarie wins HOH next week, they will need to make a final 3 deal with her
    • Elissa tells Helen that Amanda told her Jessie talked to Aaryn and GinaMarie about going after Amanda. Elissa tells Helen she would like to keep Jessie, but she's too unpredictable
    • McCrae tell Andy he can't completely trust Amanda
    • Andy tells Helen that he's decided Jessie has to go since she wanted him to backdoor Amanda
    • Helen tells Andy that if it's her, Andy, and McCrae in the final 3, she'll take him to the end. Andy says he'll do the same. Helen says she decided she wants McCrae in their final 3 instead of Elissa
    • Andy tells Elissa that Jessie wants to get out Amanda and then flip the house on Elissa, Helen, and McCrae
    • McCrae tells Amanda that Helen does not want her in the final 4 with her, McCrae, and Andy, that she wants Amanda out at final 5 or 6. Amanda says if she wins HOH next week she will put up GM and Spencer, then backdoor Helen
    • Spencer tells Andy that the time is coming when they are going to have to choose between Amanda and McCrae. They think that getting McCrae out would be the better move, although Spencer says it would be bad if Amanda aligned with Helen and Elissa
    • Spencer asks Andy who he thinks should go if he wins HOH next week. Andy says he doesn't want Helen to go, but would understand if Spencer needed to get her out. Spencer thinks if Helen left, that everyone would go after Elissa, and then Aaryn/GM would try to get rid of Amanda or McCrae
    • Aaryn, Andy, Amanda and McCrae meet in HOH and say Jessie has to go this week, and then Helen next week.
    • GinaMarie bashes her ex-boyfriend. Says he's 30 years old, still lives with his parents, and has no job. (let's refresh our memories that GM is 33, lives with her mom, and has no job)
    • Helen continues to bash Judd to Jessie. Says that she doesn't blame him for lying, but that he needs to take a good look at himself after the show. Then she switches and starts talking about how much she misses Judd.

    [I]the listing of alliances at this point
    • 3AM: Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn

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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Monday, August 12 - Day 53

    This night is worth a watch on flashback!!!

    • Surprise! Andy does NOT use the veto.
    • Helen tells Andy she was nervous about what Andy was going to do with the veto because Jessie had been acting happy and confident
    • Helen tells Andy she thinks Amanda is thinking ahead to who she can get to take out McCrae for her
    • Andy tells Helen he'd rather have a final 3 with her and Elissa than with Amanda and McCrae. Helen thinks it's crucial they have Elissa in the final 4 with them and McCrae, because Elissa would take out McCrae
    • Aaryn and McCrae talk about how Helen is always in attack mode, trying to make a big move
    • Helen tells Andy that GinaMarie's comment to Candice about her mother not wanting her is the worst comment she's ever heard in her life
    • Helen tells Andy that McCrae wants to take Aaryn out because that move will help him with the jury
    • Amanda and McCrae discuss that they need to make people think they are not playing together, so that nobody nominates them together. They decide they need to make Helen think that McCrae would vote Amanda out.
    • Amanda tells Aaryn, McCrae, and Andy that she thinks it's a toss-up between Helen and Spencer as next week's targets. McCrae says he kind of wants Helen to get HOH
    • Amanda thinks they need to take Elissa with them to the final 5 because she can't win any comps.
    • McCrae says if he had won HOH during the double eviction he wouldn't have been able to make that move against Judd. Andy and Amanda say they would have been mad.
    • The 3AM alliance discusses how if GM wins HOH next week they'll have to get her to put up Helen
    • Aaryn tells GinaMarie that the others want to keep Spencer next week, which does not make them happy. Aaryn says if she wins next week she'll probably target Elissa.
    • Amanda tells McCrae she doesn't want Aaryn in the final 3 because she's good in comps. McCrae says he doesn't think he wants her in the final 4.
    • Andy tells Amanda and McCrae that when they get to the final 4, he probably will want one of them to go because they would take each other to final 2. He says he will not choose who he would take to the final 2 until that situation arises.
    • In the HOH room, Amanda, McCrae, and Andy can hear people behind the walls in the room where Pandora's Box usually happens
    • GinaMarie says she and Nick are practically engaged because they already know so much about each other
    • Helen and Elissa discuss GinaMarie's comments. Elissa again brings up GM telling Candice that her mother didn't want her. Elissa just can't get over that. Says it was so amazing for Candice to share that story with them, and for GM to use it as a dig was just horrible. Elissa says it broke her heart. Helen says that she "loves Candice to death" but that she lost some respect for her during that argument.
    • Elissa tells Helen that Aaryn has made awful comments about people, including Helen. Helen doesn't believe her.
    • Jessie and Aaryn talk. Aaryn tells Jessie that if Jessie goes home, then that means Aaryn is out of the loop and probably the next to go. Jessie says she feels confident and if she leaves on Thursday it will be a complete blindside. And if she learns that any of these people were lying to her, and they make it to the final 2, she will not vote for them.
    • Jessie complains to Aaryn that Helen and Elissa are treating her like c*** and she hates them, and that she would rather work with Amanda and McCrae. Aaryn tells Jessie to make sure that Amanda and McCrae know she wants to target Helen and Elissa, and then Aaryn runs to tell Andy, and says maybe they should keep Jessie. Andy says Spencer would rather work with Amanda and McCrae as well. He says they still have plenty of time to think about it though.
    • Jessie tells Andy how she thinks Helen and Elissa are acting weird around her all of a sudden. And that Helen is hanging out with Spencer a lot. Andy says he told Helen to hang out with Spencer to make him feel like he's safe.
    • Andy tells Amanda and McCrae what Jessie said about wanting to work with him. He says that is just another example of how easily she flips, and she needs to go. Furthermore, he wants the vote to be a 6-0 blindside
    • Andy tells Helen and Elissa that now Jessie wants to flip on them, after wanting them flip on Amanda the day before. Tells them to get better poker faces because Jessie suspects they may want her out
    • Helen again tells Jessie what a liar Judd is and that he will probably deny everything when she sees him. Aaryn tells them that the Grasshopper thing was actually partially true. Helen lays the groundwork for just in case Judd comes back into the game, by saying how if someone comes back, they have to be evicted right away because it's not fair.
    • While this chat is going on, the others are bashing on Candice again.
    • Jessie confronts Helen saying she threw her under the bus to Aaryn about the whole flipping thing. Helen blames it on Judd, saying he was the one that told everyone Jessie was trying to get Amanda out. Jessie said she knows that Helen isn't really looking out for her, and Helen responds that Jessie tried to flip the house on her and Elissa as well. Jessie says she's been nothing but loyal to Helen, Helen says that's a lie and stomps off.
    • Helen runs to Andy, Amanda, and McCrae to fill them in
    • Jessie tells McCrae that Helen has been acting funny around her for the past 2 days. She goes on to tell McCrae everything about how Helen and Elissa were trying to get Amanda out last week, including Elissa telling her to make out with Judd to try to get him on board with the plan. Amanda comes to join them, and Jessie fills Amanda in on everything. Amanda asks Jessie about saying Amanda wanted to backdoor Helen, and Jessie says she never said that. She tells Amanda that Helen and Elissa wanted to backdoor her (Amanda) last week but Judd and Andy shot her down.
    • Amanda wants to call a house meeting, McCrae says bad idea. He says if he leaves the house and finds out Judd was not MVP he's going to be pissed.
    • Amanda tells Elissa, Helen and Aaryn what Jessie said about Elissa and Helen trying to flip the house, and how they got her to flirt with Judd to sway him. She tells them to come outside and confront Jessie about it.
    • And we have another house meeting/fight! Helen and Elissa deny they every wanted to get Amanda out. Helen tells Jessie it's not even worth fighting with her because she's going home on Thursday
    • Elissa tells Jessie that she was never trying to get Amanda out, she just wanted Candice to stay. Amanda tells Jessie that she's not stupid and knows there is some truth to Helen and Elissa wanting her gone.
    • After the fight, McCrae tells Andy that he learned Judd was not lying when he said Helen and Elissa were using Jessie to get close to him. Amanda comes in and McCrae tells her that Judd was 100% right about it.
    • Aaryn and Helen join them in the HOH room. Helen continues to lie to cover up her involvement/orchestration of the "flip on Amanda" plan last week
    • Helen and Elissa discuss how crazy Jessie is. Helen doesn't understand what Jessie meant about kissing Judd for strategy. Elissa says she told Jessie to do it, but mainly because she thought Aaryn was flirting with Judd
    • Helen goes back to the HOH room and tells them the "kissing strategy" wasn't about getting Amanda out, it was about Aaryn trying to get close to Judd
    • Elissa and Jessie talk. Elissa asks Jessie why she got dragged into it. Jessie calls Elissa out for saying Jessie must be on medication because she's acting crazy. Jessie tells Elissa she doesn't even want to talk to her after that, and she should know know many people talk about how crazy Elissa is. Elissa asks who, and Jessie says she's not telling Elissa anything after Elissa insulted her in front of millions of viewers
    • Amanda gets mad at McCrae because earlier he was in the cockpit room with Jessie with the door closed. McCrae said he was trying to get information from her but she doesn't seem to understand. McCrae says he thinks Elissa has been MVP and set Judd up.
    • Helen apologizes to Jessie and tells her how much she loves her. Jessie said she's worried she's getting evicted now and Helen assures her she'll still be safe. Jessie continues to call out Helen about trying to get Amanda out, which Helen continues to deny, so they end up fighting again
    • Jessie tells Aaryn that now she's seen that Andy's loyalty lies with Helen and Elissa, and that she never should have trusted him.
    • Aaryn goes to join Helen, Amanda, McCrae, and Elissa in the bedroom, while Jessie listens outside the door. Aaryn tells them Jessie now knows they've all been lying to her about keeping her.
    • Jessie runs upstairs to ask Andy if he told Helen and Elissa that she was flipping. He denies it. She goes back downstairs and starts hiding people's things.
    • Amanda and McCrae talk about they know there is some truth to what Jessie has said. Amanda says it doesn't change anything, but McCrae says it means now they have to attack Helen/Elissa before Helen/Elissa attack them. Andy comes in and tells them that Jessie was listening in on that entire conversation in the bedroom, and knows they're voting her out. They talk about how Elissa keeps saying Jessie must be on medication - Andy says he heard Elissa say it, and it was insensitive. Andy tells them that Jessie was right about Helen wanting to get Amanda out. Amanda wants to know if Elissa was on board.
    • Jessie tells Spencer and GinaMarie that if one of them makes it to the end, they have her vote. She tells them how Andy lied right to her face, and warns them to be careful with him. She says she knows now that she's leaving on Thursday. She says the others are so tight and have rats all over the house.
    • Jessie tells GinaMarie all the bad things Aaryn has said about her (GM). She also tells Spencer that people talk bad about him. She says she knows everyone has been lying, even "sweet little mommy Helen," and that her plan this week before she leaves is to call out all the lies and try to make everyone hate each other
    • Spencer goes to Andy in the HOH room and tells him that Jessie heard everyone talking about how she's going home, and that she's going to try to make everyone miserable before she leaves.
    • Spencer and Andy discuss Judd - Spencer says Judd was not on board to get Amanda out, but they (Amanda & crew) think he was MVP. Andy says it was either Elissa the whole time, or America. Spencer says Judd got framed for it. Andy says that Helen made him mad tonight, and Spencer says well we know Jessie wasn't lying.
    • Aaryn and GinaMarie join Andy and Spencer in HOH. Aaryn and GinaMarie get snippy with each other - Aaryn leaves and GM follows her out onto the HOH balcony where they get into a fight. Aaryn retreats back into the HOH room, where Andy cautions her about fighting with GM. GM hollers out to wake everyone up and come to a "house meeting" in the HOH room where GinaMarie and Aaryn continue to fight. Jessie leaves, and Amanda says they are doing exactly what Jessie wants.
    • Everyone else leaves but Aaryn, Spencer, and Andy. Aaryn says that GinaMarie legitimately scared her, the way she got right up in her face like that.
    • Aaryn tells Jessie that she was trying to help her, Jessie says she doesn't believe that and doesn't trust Aaryn anymore. Aaryn walks off and Jessie says to herself that Aaryn is a f****** c***
    • In the Have Not room, Aaryn and GinaMarie talk it out, and Helen gives them a pep talk. Helen and Elissa say they are worried about their safety with Jessie. Then Helen says she's worried that Judd will come to Chicago and try to shoot her after the show

    the listing of alliances at this point
    • 3AM: Amanda, McCrae, Andy, Aaryn
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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Tuesday, August 13 - Day 54

    • The day starts a bit awkwardly in the kitchen, and Jessie cooks up some bacon in front of Helen and Elissa (have-nots). She comments about how delicious it smells, and she also dumps out Aaryn's cup of chocolate milk.
    • Aaryn tells GinaMarie they can get back at Jessie by being happy and having fun
    • Jessie continues her rampage around the house for most of the day
    • Spencer and Andy agree that when the time comes, they should keep Amanda over McCrae because he's the bigger threat
    • Jessie asks Andy why he told Helen and Elissa she was thinking of flipping. He says he was trying to help. Jessie says she will not be okay with Helen and Elissa unless they come clean about their involvement in the plan last week to get Amanda out
    • Helen and GinaMarie discuss the stereotypes that each houseguest was cast to fill. Helen says Judd was "the sinister one"
    • Amanda decides she wants to have their wedding tonight, so preparations begin. McCrae says to Andy and Spencer that he doesn't want to do it
    • McCrae, Andy, and Spencer trash Elissa. How she's been worthless in the game. McCrae can't wait until a time when he knows he's safe and he can just go off on her
    • Jessie and Aaryn apologize to each other, then Jessie goes on to apologize to Helen and Elissa
    • They hold the wedding and reception. Andy catches the garter belt and Elissa catches the bouquet
    • Jessie says she feels better that her "alter ego has left the building." Says the way she was acting has not been the real her. She tries to campaign to McCrae and Amanda. Amanda tells her to talk to the others to try to round up votes
    • GinaMarie tells Andy and Spencer that she's going to marry Nick within the year and have a baby within 2 years
    • Amanda tells McCrae she'd rather take Elissa to the final 4 over Aaryn because Elissa can't win anything. McCrae doesn't like that idea. McCrae says he thinks Amanda would take Elissa to the final 2 over him. Amanda tells McCrae she can see it in his face that he wouldn't take her (Amanda) to the final 2.

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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Wednesday, August 14 - Day 55
    • Elissa and Helen discuss McCrae and Amanda. Elissa says if she wins HOH she's putting them both up. Helen thinks it might be better to backdoor one of them to help preserve the peace during the week. Helen thinks that Amanda needs to go before McCrae. Helen says she thinks Aaryn trusts her more than she trusts Amanda.
    • Jessie makes an offer to several people that if they keep her, she will throw HOH and volunteer to be nominated next week. Aaryn suggests to Jessie that she offers to let people control her nominations if she stays and wins HOH Aaryn tells Amanda about the offer, but Amanda says there is no way that they're keeping Jessie
    • Jessie makes her pitch to Elissa. Elissa says she's only one vote
    • Andy and Aaryn again confirm their final 2 deal. Aaryn says she'd rather keep him over McCrae/Amanda. Andy tells Aaryn she is his secret weapon
    • McCrae and Amanda have a strategy session. McCrae says they need to nominate Elissa and Helen initially next week. Amanda tells McCrae to make a fake final 3 deal with Andy and Spencer in order to keep Spencer close
    • Elissa and Amanda think it would be dangerous to have Aaryn in the final 2. Elissa thinks she would have a lot of jury votes
    • Jessie campaigns to Helen. Helen says she will go with the house
    • Elissa has the same chat with McCrae about how dangerous Aaryn is. McCrae says she needs to go soon, in a backdoor
    • GinaMarie tells Spencer about the deal Jessie is offering to everyone (that she'll throw HOH and volunteer to be nominated). GM tells Spencer she is keeping him
    • Aaryn continues to call Jessie out for her flip flopping, and says she cannot trust her in the game
    • Amanda, McCrae, and Andy say the plan is to tell Elissa they plan to backdoor Aaryn, that way if Elissa wins veto, she'll use it, and then they can get Helen up as the replacement and backdoor her
    • Amanda tells Jessie that a couple weeks ago she thought Jessie was in a great position. But she had bad timing with her moves. Jessie says her biggest mistake was going with Helen and Elissa instead of Amanda
    • Helen, McCrae, and Andy (fake final 3) talk. Helen tells them how she thinks Aaryn is trusting her more. Helen tells McCrae she'll throw the HOH to him.
    • Amanda tells Elissa she trusts her more than Helen, and that she wants to take her to final 3, and maybe even final 2 because everyone likes McCrae and he'd be hard to beat
    • Helen tells McCrae she's wondering if this final 3 with her and Andy is a setup to see if she wants to get Amanda out. McCrae denies it. Helen says Amanda is paranoid, and keeps asking Elissa if she and Helen were the ones trying to get her out last week. Helen is nervous about how much Amanda is talking to Jessie today. Helen tells McCrae that Elissa could win in the final 2 because she has no blood on her hands

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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Friday, August 16 - Day 57
    • Uneventful morning calls to the DR after wake-up. Amanda and Aaryn had a chat where Amanda kept pressing her point that Helen had to go this week. She also coached Aaryn on giving her nomination speech, including voice lessons!
    • Around Noon, Elissa has a talk with Aaryn in the HoH while Amanda is showering in the HoH bathroom. She apologizes for being so upset the previous night, saying that she wasn't upset at Aaryn or GM, but just really missing her family (she's missing her stepson's first day of school). She said she wants to be in the house -- last night she was repeating her wish to leave the game. Aaryn said GM was mostly angry about the fact that El didn't want to sit next to her during the live show. El says it wasn't aimed at GM, she was avoiding people in general to avoid conflict.
    • Aaryn tells Elissa she's working on backdooring Spencer (a lie, so Elissa won't tattle to Helen that she's the real target). She may need to put El up, but she assures her she's not going anywhere.
    • Helen and Andy come up to the HoH for idle chat. Aaryn leaves, and they talk about her HoH plans. Helen is glad El apologized to Aaryn, but she wants an apology from her too. They talk about the chances of Elissa DORing from the jury house (another threat of hers). Amanda think it will happen, which she thinks would be great as America would get to cast Elissa's vote. Amanda tells Helen flat out that Aaryn will probably put her and Elissa up, since Helen could win POV and save Elissa. She repeats Aaryn's claim that Spencer is the backdoor target.
    • Aaryn returns, and Andy makes a joke about the jury members being in sqeuester in case one of them gets to come back. Aaryn jokingly orders him to leave the HoH. Little do they know he's 100% right.
    • Helen has her own time with Aaryn, and Aaryn continues to reassure her that Spencer is the target, even if Elissa wins POV. During the talk, Helen slyly drops Amanda, McCrae and Andy's names while talking about who has never been on the block, as well as how jury votes might go in F2.
    • Feeds go to fish for most of the afternoon during the Have Not comp. When feeds return, the HGs are covered in paint. Elissa, Helen, GM and Amanda are Have Nots, and America voted to give them Head Cheese and Habaneros as a bonus. Amanda is not happy.
    • Aaryn spends a lot of time talking to herself, rehearsing and editing her nomination speech. She might tell Helen & Elissa that she considers them a power duo, and that she's in a power duo woo (with GM) and that they might be going up if the roles were switched. She shares it with Andy, who says it's good that McManda don't consider him & Aaryn a power duo (does anyone?), after which they both agree that they could get each other to the end.
    • Skippy zooms in on one of Aaryn's HoH snacks -- a box of Cheese-it Zingz! Possible foreshadowing of Zingbot entering the BB house soon?
    • Feeds go to trivia, and when they return Helen and Elissa are on the block. Helen doesn't take it well. Andy feigns ingnorance to Helen, who fills him in on the plan to supposedly backdoor Spencer. (ha!) Amanda plans to take advantage of this and drive a wedge between Helen and Elissa, so she can control Elissa more next week. (Amanda is all about controlling people) Aaryn and GM engage is some Elissa-bashing up in the HoH.
    • Lots of talk in various circles about which comp the POV will be, and how far people would go to win if it means punishments.
    • Elissa tells Amanda again how she might DOR if she goes to jury.
    • Helen & Elissa bemoan being HNs again, but decide it was a good move to help Andy from making people angry at him. Talk turns to getting rid of Judd and Jessie, with Helen defending both moves. Elissa is unsure, but she's unsure of most people in the house other than Helen and Andy. Helen says, "Fake it till you make it. It's a game."
    • Random chat during the night about places to travel, food, sex and celebrities. Spencer says Genghis Khan is his hero -- he managed to unite all of China, and got to sleep with soooo many women. Apparently 1/3 of all Chinese are descended from him. (Yes there are also some more bad racial jokes and comments, not that they think they're bad)
    • Of course there is also lots of talk about the DR and production, which causes lots of fish as a result. Andy complains about not being called to the DR much lately. (He's one of the few who doesn't need to use it as a drug dispensary...) He gets called to the DR around 1AM.
    • Spencer is saving milk jug caps in order to make a checkers set -- apparently GM prefers checkers to chess. Meanwhile in the HoH, GM and Aaryn are watching the spyscreen and GM is still cursing Spencer out, still mad that he voted to evict Nick. GM imagines what her tough-talking POV speech will be if she wins.
    • Helen & Elissa turn in around 1AM. Aaryn, McC, Amanda, GM and Spencer engage in more off-color humor and random hatred of evicted HGs that will no doubt leave the internet outraged. Also more fish-producing production talk.
    • At 3AM, Andy annouces that it's 3AM and he's going to bed. Those in the know appreciate the inside joke.
    • McCrae wants to convince Elissa to DOR this week.
    • Andy is worried he'll get picked for POV in a HG Choice by Helen or Elissa. He doesn't want to play this week, and may throw it if he has to.
    • More speculation about what the POV comp will be, and what punishments people would take, Also more trash-talk about evicted HGs, until people finally start heading for bed around 4AM.
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    Re: BB15 Live Feed Bulletcaps - All You Need To Know

    Sunday, August 18 - Day 59

    Sorry, no time for bulletcaps, but the main "event" of the night was that for a few hours, after talking with Helen, Aaryn was leaning towards backdooring Amanda this week. Then Amanda came in and smoothed everything over.

    But.... seeds of doubt are there. Aaryn is resenting the fact that she is doing all of Amanda's dirty work since Amanda hasn't won anything herself.

    Also of significance - Aaryn told Helen that Andy is the rat and she cannot trust him. This has shocked Helen, but she does believe it now. She went on to tell Elissa that she can't trust Andy.
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