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Thread: 9/1-9/2 Live Feed Recap: Peewee Gets A Playhouse

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    9/1-9/2 Live Feed Recap: Peewee Gets A Playhouse

    *This is a recap of events from noon Saturday to noon Monday, house time*


    My shift begins with Frank suggesting to Dan that he (Frank) throw the POV to Dan so Dan can use it on either Frank or Jenn, forcing Ian to put up Joe. Frank is always one step behind everyone else, especially Dan. Try to keep up…son. Pretty much, there is no titillating conversation going on and no antics so there isn’t much to report. Just idle chitchat about maple syrup in Canada, and yes, Danielle’s been there, too. Shortly after 1:00, we get fishies for the POV comp and they return around 4:40. The comp was OTEV. Dan is wearing the POV necklace. He tells us that this is the ticket to finally ousting Frank from the game. He then tells Ian not to tell anyone about their F2 deal. Ever. Ian and Dan run through the pro’s and con’s of using the POV to remove Jenn. Dan wants to use it because Jenn saved his bacon last week and Dan would like to return the favor. Joe would go up in her place and Frank would go out the door. Ian would prefer that Dan didn’t use it. They decide that if Dan uses it, Ian has to act pissed off at Dan for messing with his nominations.

    It's good to be King

    Meanwhile, Danielle is telling Jenn that Dan is in the HOH, trying to convince Ian it’s a good idea to use the veto on her. Jenn expresses her worry to Frank. Frank thinks the best thing would for Dan to use it on Jenn, Ian to put up Joe and then Joe leaves.

    Dan talks to Jenn, feeling her out on her vote if Joe were to replace her. She’d vote out Joe. If Danielle replaced her? She’d vote out Frank. Later, Danielle asks Jenn if Dan were to use the veto on her, would she trust him. Jenn confirms that she would, absolutely. Take a deep breath girl…you smell that? It’s the scent of mist in the evening air. Aahhhh. Ian rambles on and on and on about Pokemon cards. Honestly Dan, I love you, but I could take a bat to your kneecaps for bringing the subject up. After several failed attempts to derail Ian from this topic, the conversation finally moves on…to cereal. Riveting. Oh look! It’s back to Pokemon! And off. And back on! And finally it’s over. As the mother of three boys who are all past the Pokemon stage, I weep with relief. I was having flashbacks of little boys sobbing in the checkout lines because I said “no”. I…can’t..I…just….can’t.

    Oh goody...now it’s time for sexy times talk. Shane lasted 47 days in the house, fyi. Joe denies doing it. Ian wants to. This is more than I never needed to know. They tease Danielle about making a move on Shane and she claims he is too scared. Ian claims he’s clearly a homosexual.

    Is a caption really necessary?

    Talk moves on to Janelle discussing Frank’s infatuation with her. Frank denies it, they razz him about it, he claims to be heated that she said that, but the Cheshire grin on his face says otherwise. Then on to Ian being a creeper in the bathroom while the girls shower. He claims he was just kicking it on the couch and then he busts out with “WHO THE F**K PUTS A COUCH IN THE BATHROOM??? A F*****G COUCH! IN THE BATHROOM”!!!!!! WHO DOES THAT???? Then we’re off and running with everyone trying to get Shane and Danielle to share a bed tonight. Then it’s Dance Party USA. Joe booty pops (badly) and the boys hula hoop, but nobody can hoola a hoop quite like Ian. When that winds down, Ian pops a squat on his hammock while Shane and Dani chase each other around the yard and do gymnastics. Ian chastises them, saying someone is going to get hurt. And I can’t believe this is what I get on my shift. Last week was so amazing and this week, I’m listening to masturbation conversations. Kill me now.

    Ian finally gets time alone in his playhouse with his snake. Not sure if he's doing it right...

    [B]*Frank tells Dan that he (Frank) is more like Dan than Dan realizes. Yeah, I don’t think so.

    *Shane keeps volunteering to go up as a pawn. I’m going to assume BB didn’t give him season 8 to watch and if they did, he didn’t actually watch it. Or he thought he was watching an episode of Jerry Springer.

    *Joe admits to Ian that he’s playing for second place. Where the hell do they find these people?

    *Ian is allergic to bee stings.

    *Ian got a monkey in PB and Danielle claims it creeps her out. She’s sleeping in the AR when Ian sneaks in and lays the monkey beside her. When she wakes up and sees it, she takes it out and puts it on the grill. Wish I knew why, but with this girl…who the hell knows?

    Hey Joe...look at my ass! Does it look fat? Is it hot? Do you wanna teach it "how to Dougie"


    Frank does his morning speech to the feeders and then Jenn joins him. Just chitchat about trusting Dan. Hashed and rehashed. Frank joins Dan in the bathroom and tells him to use the veto on Jenn. He’s hoping Danielle goes up in her place. He’s so out of tune with the house, it would be sad if it weren’t so damn funny. The whole day consists of mundane conversations, laundry being done, and talk about who trusts who, who Dan is is veto on (if at all), and who they all want to target next. It’s pretty much the same conversations they’ve been having so I’ll spare you.

    *Frank has a marketing degree.

    *Danielle really hates that sock monkey. If/when she ever has a baby, I’m sending her one

    *If Joe wins HOH, he’ll put up Dan and Jenn. If Jenn gets it, she will put up Shane and either Joe or Ian. Or so they claim.

    *Ian comes up with Operation “Floaters Grab A Life Vest”…pitting the floaters against each other. And Rachel’s ego just inflated a tiny bit more.

    *Ian tells Dan he wants F3 to be himself, Dan and Shane. He doesn’t want to go against Danielle in an endurance comp.

    *Joe and Dan disagree on black olives and how they got to be black. Dan says they are ‘ripe’ and Joe says they are ‘bruised’.

    *Jenn informs Dan that if he chooses to use the veto on her, if she wins HOH, he doesn’t have a care in the world.

    *Dan gets ready to go to bed while Joe is already all tucked in. He starts talking to Dan like he’s Shane. Dan quickly informs him he’s Dan. Joe laughs it off. Silly Dan, I would have played it off just to see what he had to say.


    Idle chitchat in the morning then at 10:50, we have fishies for the veto meeting. We come back around 11:30 to find that Dan used the veto on Jenn and Joe is now on the block with Frank. Joe scurried around for a bit trying to secure votes and that was pretty much it. Not a very exciting weekend, especially compared to last. Although watching Joe it his all when Danielle tries to teach him how to dance is great entertainment!

    Somebody get these people a flashlight...because they're in the dark!
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    Great recap! I always love the caps and captions.
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    Re: 9/1-9/2 Live Feed Recap: Peewee Gets A Playhouse

    Great work, without a lot to work with. Thanks for putting up with all this for us.
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    Re: 9/1-9/2 Live Feed Recap: Peewee Gets A Playhouse

    Your first and last captions say it all. Great recap, Java!
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    Re: 9/1-9/2 Live Feed Recap: Peewee Gets A Playhouse

    Love the bullet list of random facts and happenings.

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