Phew! What a great season of Big Brother! Just when you thought this season was in the toilet after the departures of BB Greats Janelle and Boogie and Ashley, Dan makes things a little more interesting. You have to admit, even if you aren't a Dan Fan, he pulled an amazing turn around this past week. Props to you, Dan the Man. Britney left for the Jury House to visit her buddy Ashley. I bet those two brains will make for some fascinating intellectual conversation!

When Thursday's show ended, we were left wondering who will win the HoH and who that person will nominate. My money is on Jenn or Joe.... ZING!

Here is your short-but-sweet recap!

*After 2 minutes, Joe falls. Shocking. Wait, did you hear me? AFTER 2 MINTUES, JOE FALLS!!

*Joe gets 24 hours of hula hoop boot camp (America voted punishment). Every time he hears the music, he has to hula hoop until it stops.

*After 5 minutes, Jenn falls. Joe and Jenn were the first 2 out? Wow. I bet you are surprised too!

*Ian and Dan want the Quack Pack to stick together. At least Dan pretends he does.

*After 34 minutes, Danielle falls off, followed by Dan at 42 minutes.

*Ian and Shane make a deal after an hour and 56 minutes. Ian guarantees safety for Shane and Danielle.

*Danielle whines that Shane hasn't kissed her since the Pirate Ship competition. Jenn tells Danielle that Shane called her his girlfriend. Uh, on what planet? Shane appears to be completely repulsed by Danielle mostly.

*Ian gets a bunch of nerdy stuff in his HoH basket and is super geeked about it. Shane grunts.

*Frank is allowed to peel off his carrot costume.

*Ian gets a Pandora's Box. He chooses to open it. He walks into a room full of Christmas gifts. The house gets..... JESSIE!! Yes folks. Mr. Pectacular himself. He's baaaaaaaaaaaaack. He is dressed as an elf wearing speedos. Wow, my eyes can never unsee this.

*Jessie takes all of the junk food out of the house and allows the house to only eat healthy foods. Meanwhile, Ian gets Legos, a telescope, pool toys, and $1000.

*Ian nominates Frank and Jenn.

Jessie Claus brought a package for all to enjoy. He also brought gifts. Zing!

Tune in this week to find out who wins the veto and if it is used. Of course, if you are scared Jessie might pop up on your screen again, you can always just stick with the wonderful recaps here on the FoRT!