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Thread: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

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    8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    My shift begins with the lovely blue trivia screen. What could it be, what could it be.... luxury comp? Pandora's Box? What's in store for our houseguests today???

    I don't have to wait long to find out, and when we return we learn that it was Pandora's Box. And... wait for it... the return of Jessie! (Yay?) When Ian went into his room, the screen showed him a Christmas Tree with piles of gifts, and his card said, if you open it, you'll have the best Christmas ever! He got a lot of toys, and unleashed Jessie, dressed as Santa Claus, into the house, who commenced to gathering up all their food, throwing it out, and replacing it with healthy, natural, organic stuff. Our houseguests are not impressed with their new food selections, to say the least. I snicker a little bit that Jessie even threw away the beer that they'd been stockpiling. Although really, it's the viewers who will suffer as a result of lost alcohol. *sigh* The backyard opens shortly and we see Ian's best gift of all! A brand new hammock! It's fancy and best of all, it doesn't creak! Everyone encourages Ian to take it for a test drive. He barely gets in 10 rocks before Danielle pipes in with her whiny voice that she wants to try it. STFU, Danielle, let the kid enjoy his toy.

    The best Christmas present ever!

    Anyway, back to Jessie... it seems he was acting all nervous around Dan. Dan said it was like having an out-of-body experience being in the house with Jessie again. It's clear that Dan is not a fan of Jessie, just from his tone, but he does acknowledge that Jessie does a good job playing the role that Big Brother has cast him in. Jessie also took a few jabs at the other houseguests, so there's not a lot of love for Mr. Pectacular going through the house right now. Which is as it should be.

    Ian gets his hammock back, and Jenn quickly seizes the opportunity to plead her case before the upcoming nominations. She once again defends her use of the POV on Dan, saying that she felt she needed to leave a bigger target in the game. Hey Jenn, guess what, EVERYBODY is a bigger target than you. Whatevs.

    Ian rocks out his new hammock. Everyone plays with the new floaties in the pool. Jenn and Frank feel pretty sure they are going to be the nominees, and plot ways for them both to survive the week. As nomination time draws near, Danielle retreats to the bathroom lair to begin the intensive process of applying her face. Once again I'm blown away by how much darker her foundation is than her skin tone.

    See that line along her jawbone? Yeah, you're not supposed to see a line there. If you're gonna do that, at least wear a turtleneck.

    Anyway, Ian is called to the Diary Room at 5 pm and nominations are underway.

    When we return, everyone is gathered in the kitchen tasting the organic food that Jessie left behind. They are not impressed. Jenn sits somberly at the table eating her slop, while Frank is upbeat with the others. As it turns out, our nominees are, indeed, Frank and Jenn. If they put me in Pandora's Box, I'd sweep through the house getting rid of all crunchy foods.

    Hey yíall, how do I look sprawled all spread-eagle on this alligator? Does my butt look big while itís hanging out of my bikini or does it look good? Is Shane watching me? How about Frank? Iím the only girl left that likes boys, I bet theyíre all checking me out, donít you think? Itís hard for me to do my face poses in the mirror while Iím humping this alligator here in the pool, though.

    The mood for the hour or so following nominations is pretty light. Danielle heads into the kicks room to pose a bit for the camera, and then do what I guess is her version of "talking to the live feeders." Nutshell version? She thinks she's golden if they can get Frank out this week. Back in the kitchen, everyone gathers around the table playing with the toys Ian acquired in Pandora's Box. I feel like I've stumbled into some sort of alternate universe. Ian is happy as a little clam with his building blocks. This stuff will be enough to entertain the houseguests for the next 3 weeks!

    We have a short burst of trivia... and.... veto players have been selected! When we return, Ian is upstairs with Danielle, where he says the most important thing is for Joe not to win, because if the veto is used, Dan would then have to be the replacement nominee. Danielle struts around the house and I realize that in addition to her foundation being 5 shades too dark, her jeans are 2 sizes to small. Zoinks. Due to the Friday night picking of the players, our houseguests are convinced this means a night POV comp, and they believe it will be OTEV. Furthermore, they think it could be an indication that it's a fast forward week, and someone will be evicted on Sunday. In anticipation of a late night competition, some head off for naps, and some decide to burn some nervous energy playing with the toys.

    Dear Lord, please make it stop

    Fast forward a couple of hours, and Danielle comes out of the Diary Room and informs everyone that the competition will not be tonight after all. Boooo. More boos from the houseguest as the storage is restocked, but to their dismay, it's only the natural foods that have been approved by "Jessie Claus." Danielle, not surprisingly, is the most vocal with her displeasure. Everyone slowly rolls out of bed under instructions from Big Brother - it's Showtime, after all! Get up and entertain the viewers! There's a conversation about boob size with Danielle, Frank, and Joe, but I'll save you the trauma of having to read about that. You're welcome. They all find their way back to the dining room table and more playing with blocks. Ian confirms that all the toys are his to keep, and they discuss the possibilities of selling some on ebay, and donating some. This is riveting stuff, folks. I mean, imagine how much more dull it would be if we had lost Dan and didn't have him destroying the block creations with all the gusto of a 7 year old.

    Heehee. I love this guy!

    Dan and Danielle meet up in the boom boom room to discuss their final 3 plan. Ideally they'd make it there with Jenn or Joe. Danielle counts her jury votes before they hatch. Dan reiterates that if it does come down to the 2 of them in the finals, he would not say anything bad about her in his final speech. He'd merely talk about what he did in the game, and how he came in wanting to coach someone to the Final 2, and that's what he did. When Danielle walks out, he gives us a wink into the camera. Oh, Dan.

    Frank is the next to talk to Dan, discussing their chances of both surviving the week. Frank is concerned that Dan would be the replacement nominee since his key was the last to come out during the nomination ceremony. (of course, based on what Ian has said, Joe would be the more likely replacement at this point).

    A little later, Dan moseys up to the HOH room to join Ian. Dan's mist starts slowly, but steadily builds, as Dan mentions how dangerous Danielle might be in the game, how he doesn't know if anyone could beat her in the end. Ian disagrees, based on Britney's opinion. Moving forward in the game, Ian dismisses the idea that it's a fast forward week. For one thing, he thinks he would have been told something. For another, it was an endurance HOH, which means that footage will also have to be included in Sunday's show. Dan's next mission is to dig up information about what Ian really got out of Pandora's Box. Ian confesses that he did get a card for $1000, but was afraid to tell anyone about it. Dan asks if Ian still has the card, but Ian says Big Brother took it. Hmmm.

    The conversation then turns to Ian's characteristics. Apparently Dan's brother-in-law is very similar to Ian. Dan asks if Ian has been diagnosed with OCD, and Ian says more like ADHD, how he always has to be moving. He has trouble focusing, but his mind just stores everything. Their conversation continues for an hour or so, and eventually works its way back to game. They talk about their concern that Joe will end up pulling a win out of nowhere. Ian is disgusted with the warning he got from Big Brother about discussing his nominations. Ian informs Dan of just how much Joe hates him after "the funeral." Ian goes on to spell out for Dan all of the instructions Britney left him with - to get rid of Frank, Jenn, Joe, then Dan, and to get to the end with Shane. Ian goes on to say that he thought Porsche played a great game last year and should have won over Rachel. You just lost me, Ian. Porsche? Really? Dan is as astounded as I am. No wonder Ian liked Ashley. We finally reach the key point in the conversation when Dan straight up asks Ian if Joe wins the veto and uses it to save Frank, and Dan goes up as the replacement nominee, would Ian break a tie in Dan's favor? Ian emphatically says he's sending either Frank or Jenn home this week, period, end of sentence. (Because it's what Britney told him to do).

    And that's pretty much the only conversation of any significance from the evening.

    I canít believe he didnít make it onto the Bachelor

    Morning dawns, but no sign of an early POV competition. The only other reason I can think of for drawing the names on Friday if they aren't playing a night comp is that they needed to have lots of time to plan according to which houseguests were playing. Either some sort of custom costumes, or a kind of competition apparatus that requires knowing measurements or weights of the participants.

    Frank and Jenn meet up at the dining room table. Frank tells Jenn that Dan spent a lot of time with Ian last night, as per their plan, to help ensure Dan is not a replacement if the veto is used, so they can keep their newfound group of 4 alive. On the flip side, they won't be disappointed if circumstances lead to Dan's eviction this week either. They agree that Shane needs to go soon, to further weaken Danielle.

    Danielle comes out of the Diary Room and heads once again into her bathroom lair for make-up and mirror posing. This routine of hers is quite amusing to watch. Apparently when she went in DR earlier, she asked BB to give her time to apply her face. Now she's ready to go, which she tells BB, then sits and waits (and fumes) as BB calls the other houseguests ahead of her. Heh.

    Give it up, girl

    Oh, whatís that? Those images went by too quickly? You want to see them individually? Okay, since you askedÖ.

    Frank gets up and joins Danielle in the bathroom, where they talk about... what else... the POV comp and what it might be. Frank thinks OTEV. Danielle thinks spelling. Of course she does. That's what she thinks it is every week. I almost wish it was, just so she'd lose and we'd no longer have to listen to her talk about how good she'd be at that competition.

    It's still pretty slow as my shift winds down. With every name that's called to the Diary Room, Danielle gets more and more whiny, which is actually pretty amusing. Shane joins Danielle and Frank in the bathroom, while Jenn sits alone, deep in thought, in the boom boom room. Oops! Just when I think nothing's going to happen, Frank and Dan have a quick chat in the storage room. Frank mentions the idea of throwing the competition to Dan, if he's in a position to do so. Then Dan could use the veto on Jenn, using the excuse that he owes her one, Joe would go up, and their votes would be enough to keep Frank.

    And with THAT, I'm out!

    Thanks to JustJuls for the screencaps!
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    OMG....the pics of Dani are hilarious!!!!

    Good job, Irish!
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    Holy COW Irish! I am so sorry that you had to endure that. On the other hand I appreciate it so much that you did it. As a non live feeder, I knew Danielle looked in the mirror and posed A LOT, but I had no idea it was that bad!!!

    You are amazing!
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    Hilarious! Always appreciate the work done by the people on these boards. Very much appreciated.
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    The montage of Danielle and the make-up is hysterical! Thanks for the great recap.
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    I lol'd at "intensive process of applying her face".

    She actually doesn't look too bad in a few of those caps. But then you see the other ones and that feeling quickly goes away.

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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    LOL!! Great Recap!! I can't believe all of her poses. This girl is going to be depressed once she gets out of the house if she looks on line. That is,if she will after Janelle and Jojo get done with her.

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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    Still giggling at your Danielle pics and captions...

    And Jessie has to be the worst Christmas present ever.
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    Amazing. I'm so tired of looking at those faces but somehow you made it funny

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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town

    Fabulous, Funny and Fantastic recap! Thanks Irish
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