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Thread: 8/24 Live Feed Recap: Rasputin's Dream

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    8/24 Live Feed Recap: Rasputin's Dream

    This recap covers events from noon Friday to noon Saturday, Big Brother time

    Ever hear the story of Rasputin? He was a Russian healer/prophet in the early 1900's, and an advisor to the ruling Romanov family. Oh, yeah, and he wouldn't die. The dude survived numerous assassination attempts. It was crazy, right? People kept trying to kill him, but he just kept coming back.

    Sound familiar? You get where I'm going with this? Yeah, I thought you would. You're a smart group of people. And Rasputin also had this dream. Like, his whole life, all he ever wanted was to go on a US reality show called Big Brother. He was the only person in the whole wide world that had this dream, and because of this, he felt it was his birthright to win the game. Nobody else could possibly want it more than him, nobody else could deserve it more.

    But I digress. The task at hand is for me to update you on what's going on this weekend in the Big Brother house, summer of 2012. So let's take a peek through the mirrors and see what we see.

    Checking in Friday afternoon, the house is still reeling from the events of the night before. To refresh your memory, during the double eviction episode, Boogie was sent packing. Ian won HOH and nominated Frank and Ashley. Frank won POV, Joe was the replacement nominee, and a bewildered Ashley soon found herself sitting next to Julie Chen. Later that night, everybody's favorite target, Frank, won HOH. (he couldn't be killed... he couldn't be killed... he couldn't be killed...)

    OMG. OMG. Do y’all think there will be pictures of this on the internet? Did I look really bad? I forgot there were cameras. I usually look prettier than this. But I bet Janelle is still jealous of me. Don’t you think she’s jealous? Hmm, maybe I should keep my hair like this cause it covers those big zits on my forehead!

    My shift gets underway at noon on Friday. Apologies in advance for this brief recap, but my job got in the way of Big Brother this weekend. Pffft. When I check in on the houseguests, they're in a Friday afternoon funk. Dan is feeling the heat as Frank's #1 target, and is debating spilling the beans to Frank about Ian's role in the Quack Pack. On top of the usual nomination paranoia running through the house, there's lots of speculation about Pandora's Box. Seems Frank has been locked out of his HOH room for no known reason. Frank rotates through everyone for the requisite pre-nomination pleas. The theme is pretty consistent - Dan has to go. The Quack Packers nod and agree with most of what Frank says, leaving us to wonder, for the time being, if they are abandoning the Quack Pack or masterfully performing a snow job on Frank. (Yo, Shane, I said SNOW, not... oh, nevermind).

    Shortly thereafter, the trivia invades our screens to signify that Pandora is on her way! After a lot of confusion, we learn that Frank got to choose some envelopes or something with dollar amounts, totaling a little over $3,000, and Ian won a special golden ball with the word "VETO" printed on it. Seems that they got to run around the house and yard searching for quarters to plunk into a version of the arcade ball game, in order to pull the golden veto ball out. It's not entirely clear what Ian's power is, but the basic gist is that it's an extra veto that can be used in Monday's POV ceremony, in addition to the veto won through the upcoming POV competition. Thoughts and concerns flood the house on how this may affect the nominations.


    Britney is incensed that Dan was trying so hard to win. (what?!?!) She complains that he had way more quarters than everyone else and didn't share. He should have given some to Danielle. (mmmkay). Also, he elbowed her in the face! (I wonder if he stole her dollie too?)

    The other key point to note is that while the Pandora's Box was going on, Dan threatened Ian that he'd "rat him out."

    Dan's wheels are churning, and he realizes there might still be hope for the Quack Pack to remain intact this week, even if two of them (not including Ian) are nominated. If Ian uses his special veto, and a QP member not on the block wins the competition veto, then both nominees can be removed. The remaining Quack Packer will go up on the block vs Joe or Jenn, and the QP will then have enough votes to keep each other safe. Dan is relieved that he has continued to keep Ian's secret, and also apologetic for his behavior during the competition.

    Britney and Shane both spend the afternoon working their way in closer with Frank. Frank puts his "it's my dream to be here" into lather, rinse, and repeat with everyone. Dan heads up for his HOH chat, and makes it clear that the game's a game and there's no hard feelings either way. He lets Frank know that he's open to anything if he ends up staying in the game.

    Nominations get underway, and we return to learn that Dan and Danielle have been nominated. No surprise there. With the introduction of the Pandora Veto, the Quack Pack still believes they have a chance to survive the week. However, all of them except Dan are indicating to Frank that they are resigned to the fact of Dan leaving, and will be willing to work with Frank moving forward. Because they all know that it's Frank's dream to be here and none of them deserve it. Duh.

    I thought nominees were supposed to cuss and yell and stomp around and threaten people???

    Speculation turns to what the POV competition will be. Most of them think it will be the "how bad do you want it" and they start planning how they can throw it. For their plan to work, Dan and Danielle CANNOT win POV. Either Shane or Britney will have to. Ian says that should this "perfect scenario" come into play, he will go against Frank and use his veto. But if Dan or Danielle win POV and take themselves off, Ian will not use his veto on the other one. Frank has threatened that if he does, he will put Britney up as a replacement, and this is not something Ian is willing to risk.

    And now, take a deep breath and put on your tinfoil hats, cause here comes the Diary Room. It appears they have indicated displeasure at the thought of Ian using his newly found special power, and they are strongly encouraging him to team up with Frank for the remainder of the game. Well golly, color me surprised at this one.

    Danielle and Shane touch base before bedtime, and regardless of what Shane's been telling Frank all afternoon, it seems he's still on board with the plan to try to keep the Quack Pack alive. Shane and Danielle reaffirm their Final 2 deal. (Danielle! It's Final 2 for this game, not for your life!! Remember that!)

    When Britney and Danielle meet, Britney shares her concern that Dan will be selfish and try to win the POV instead of throwing it. Danielle assures Britney that she believes Dan will throw the competition.

    Meanwhile, Shane and Ian whisper in the kicks room. Ian seems to think that his score with Dan is even, and he's annoyed that Dan seems to think Ian owes him. This confuses me in a big way seeing as how Dan has taken all the blame for the evictions of Boogie and Ashley, not to mention being personally responsible for world hunger and the economy crisis.

    As the night ends, all members of the Quack Pack seem to be on board with the "throw the POV to Shane or Britney" plan.

    Frank and Jenn are the first ones up Saturday morning. Frank chats with the live feeders, telling us yet again that it's his dream to be here, and that he can't believe the nerve of Dan, taking advantage of poor helpless Ian. Blah blah blah. Same spiel, different setting.

    As the others rise for the day, they continue to debate what they think the competition will be. The most common theories are the how bad do you want it, spelling, or who can "drop" closest to an hour. Frank and Joe head upstairs, where Joe tells Frank about Dan's threat to rat Ian out. They're not sure what it means. Frank throws out the "wild idea" that Ian was a double agent last week. Heh. Sucker!

    Ian's the next for a private chat, and Frank asks him directly about the rat comment. Ian feigns ignorance, and assures Frank that if Dan remains on the block, he will vote him out. Furthermore, he lets Frank know that the Diary Room has given their indication that he should not use his Pandora Veto.

    A little later in the morning, we have the selection of POV players. Everyone will be playing except Joe and Ian (who cannot play as a result of winning the Pandora Veto). The Quack Pack is pretty pumped about their luck with the draw. But although everyone seemed to be on board with the plan to throw to Shane or Brit, Dan is having second thoughts. He's uneasy about trusting Ian. Brit assures him that Ian is with them, and she goes to tell Ian that he needs to give his assurance to Dan that he will use it in that "perfect scenario" of Brit or Shane winning the POV.

    And with that, my shift comes to an end. Now, we sit back and wait to see what happens with the veto comp! JavaJo will be here to fill us in on how it all shakes out!

    Oh, and by the way, Rasputin? Yeah, they finally killed him off in the end.

    Thanks to Mari79 and JustJuls for the screencaps!
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    Re: 8/24 Live Feed Recap: Rasputin's Dream

    Thanks for the great recap Irish! I've been so spotty keeping up with the feeds this season (son just went off to college ) and I couldn't figure out what the "perfect plan" was. Well, it's too late now, but at least I know what it should have been Oh hey! Did Rasputin eventually die a slow and miserable death? Please...
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    Re: 8/24 Live Feed Recap: Rasputin's Dream

    Great recap!!!! Thanks!

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    Re: 8/24 Live Feed Recap: Rasputin's Dream

    Great Recap. Its always great to refresh our memories on how things went down. It all happened so fast, it is kind of like a blur.

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    Re: 8/24 Live Feed Recap: Rasputin's Dream

    I like going back and reading what happened right before Big Events in the house. Another excellent recap, Irish!
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