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Thread: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

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    8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Friday to noon Saturday, Big Brother time

    When we last left our houseguests, and Waywyrd's wonderful recap, Frank and Boogie had just decided that it was too early to turn on Dan and the Silent Six, and Ashley had just received another cortisone shot for her pain.

    Wil bounces into the HOH room full of his usual sunshine and roses. *not really* He takes a somewhat different approach than most houseguests who are trying to save their rear ends would. After Boogie prattles on for a while, Wil goes short and sassy style. "Well, it's good to be in the know," he says, radiating attitude, "No hard feelings." Boogie, a little stunned, says "that's it?" Wil informs Boogie and Frank that he is certainly not going to make any promises for the next week, and we'll see how POV goes, and then talk. And with that, he gives Frank a hand slap, blows a kiss to Boogie, and exits stage right.

    Boogie turns to Frank, dumbfounded.
    Frank: "He's gonna come after us hardcore if we put him up, that's obvious"
    Boogie: "Why don't we just take him out? I don't like that attitude at all. He's in that position, and he's acting Big Willy Style?"

    could this be the “kiss of death” that seals Wil’s fate?

    And with that, Wil might have sealed his fate for the week. They think they can handle being around Joe for another week in order to make Wil the #1 target. When Dan joins them, they fill him in, saying Wil would have been better off not coming to talk to them at all. As Britney comes in, Boogie informs her that Wil was all attitude. Britney is surprised, says when she saw him come downstairs he was full of attitude, but she figured they had just worked him over good. All seem to think at this point that a Joe/Wil nomination is best all around.

    Next on the Big Brother agenda is the first Have / Have Not competition. I do a happy dance when the feeds come back and I learn that Danielle is a Have Not! Yesssss! Joining her are Britney, Shane, and Joe. Their food choices? Cod and Candy Canes (I do another happy dance because Danielle no likey to eat the fishy). Danielle is prancing around in her atrocious yellow lycra suit from the competition, checking herself out in the mirror. Let me save you some time and effort, honey. It does NOT look good on you and yes, your butt looks big. I'm a bit confused about what exactly the competition entailed. They were in two teams and it involved squeezing liquid into jugs with each houseguest's name on them, going up a ramp, being in the pool, and who knows what else. There was also strategy involved where certain players on a team could be targeted. We keep hearing how everyone was trying to make sure Ashley was spared. The most interesting tidbit is that Britney and Danielle are absolutely irate over Joe's behavior. Seems he was doing a bit of yelling at them to do better. Britney is astounded that Joe could not realize that the things she was carrying were half her body weight amount, and she was doing the best she could. Good job, Joe. Way to enlarge that target, buddy. (Flashback to 3:27 pm, Cam 1, for Britney's reenactment of the competition )

    ”Yeah, Joe. Life’s hard in your lemon costume!”

    Side note - I'm angry America voted in the candy canes. The incessant slurping and sucking on these things is going to be unbearable, particularly from Britney and Danielle who already aren't exactly the most discreet and well-mannered eaters. Ugh.

    Next thing you know, Sassy Wil is back up in the HOH room, this time alone with Frank. He tells Frank that his earlier attitude was aimed at Boogie, because he didn't like the way Boogie was talking to him as if it was his HOH and not Frank's. Ummmm. Wil calls Frank out a little bit, saying he should speak up more and not let Boogie control things. Ummmm. Frank does speak up, setting Wil straight on the deal. He and Boogie are a team and work well together, playing off each other's strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, Boogie worked hard to keep Frank safe last week. Wil scoffs at this and claims Frank was never the target. He knows this because Danielle told him at the very beginning of the week. Right, Wil, you big overinflated douchebag. You're saying Danielle told you she was planning to put Janelle up before Danielle even knew? STFU, dude. Go pick your hair. They go round and round a bit more but none of it matters because the bottom line is that Frank doesn't believe anything Wil says. As well he shouldn't.

    Boogie practices for his upcoming role in Grumpy Old Men, The Next Generation

    Since Wil just hammered another nail into his own coffin, Frank heads down to seek out Joe. Without directly naming his nominees, Frank insinuates that Joe will go up, since it's the easy choice, but that Wil could very well be the one going home. He warns Joe to keep his cool this week, not stir the pot, and act like he's worried.

    The rest of the afternoon passes with a lot of napping, a lot of random chatting, and a little random game talk. Variations of the Silent Six hang upstairs throwing around possibilities. Shane, the rock with lips, once again volunteers to be a pawn. #dumbrock. Ian gets clued in that Wil is the newest target, over Joe. Frank fills his crew in on the latest chat with Wil. Frank is really chapped that Wil claims he was only voting with the house the week Frank was up against Joe. That's a load of bull to Frank, since he knew he had 2 votes, and there were only 5 total that week. "whichever way he voted was going to be the majority."

    Yes, Danielle. You do look fat in that

    Downstairs, Wil pulls Britney into the Have Not room for a chat. He's feeling the heat, and complains to Britney about the way his talk with Frank went. Boo Hoo. Wil fishes for information from Brit, but she doesn't give much up, and I can't tell if Wil believes her. Wil asks for information about who all is working together. It's hard to follow the conversation because the fish keep swimming through. Wil doesn't understand why anyone would waste an HOH on Joe. They discuss how close Dan and Danielle are. Wil looks forward to "one of us" winning HOH next week (right!) and getting out 1 of Frank, Dan, or Boogie. Key point being ya gotta win something, Sunshine!

    Shortly after this chat breaks up, Britney meets up with Daniele and gives the bottom line - Wil is not to be trusted. The problem though, according to Britney, is that they need someone around who can get rid of Frank and Boogie. Danielle says that Dan will, and swears Britney to secrecy. (zoinks!)

    This one’s name is Jenn

    Everyone seems to have settled in for nap time, but that's when Big Brother decides it's time for the nomination ceremony!

    When the feeds return, a poker game is getting underway up in the HOH with Boogie, Frank, Ian, Dan, Shane, and ..... Danielle. Yuck. What could be a lot of fun is ... not gonna be. Downstairs at the kitchen counter, Britney sits with Wil, who's picking his extensions. Poker is followed up by family dinner, then outside for pool, cornhole, and workouts. *yawn*

    Around midnight, Boogie and Frank convene in the arcade room. They still agree that Wil has to go. Joe showed his loyal side by sticking with Janelle, but all they've seen from Wil is lie after lie. Frank is called to the DR, and finally gets to remove his spiritard (blocked from us, of course).

    Maybe if I make funny faces, people will think I have a personality

    Shane and Britney discuss Boogie and Frank - Britney thinks they have to turn on them next week. Shane is hesitant because Frank stayed true this week. They agree they must go, even if they have to throw HOH to someone else to do it for them. If Shane wins HOH, he wants to get a floater out. Shane tells Britney that Danielle gets jealous, Britney says she tried to help steer her away from him, Shane says thanks. hahahaha. Think that'll make the CBS show?

    Overall, it seems to be late night storytime in the house as people break up into different groupings. Wil shares that he was on American Idol, Boogie shares some skanky sex stories and talks about different reality constestants he's hooked up with. News alert - Danielle has gray hairs and has Jenn help her pluck them. Danielle and Wil discuss edits on the show, Danielle is, of course, worried about what America thinks of her. Hee hee HEE. Boogie had an adventure where he paid for sex, and in the midst of it, he's checking out his form in the mirror, and realizes there's a room full of guys behind the mirror watching him. Awesome. Danielle tells Wil about her Harley Davidson calendar and other modeling and pageant gigs she's had. Shane, Boogie and Dan quiz Ian all about his life at school, the classes he takes, etc. Back outside, Danielle is telling Wil about how she can't stand people that are mean, and how she doesn't go around running her mouth. Say WHAT? STFU, Danielle. Oh and also, in case you didn't know, she's not judgmental. At all. Finally, these two lovely creatures shift into game talk. Wil is definitely concerned about the vote if nominations stay the same. Wil says if Ashley's still not feeling well and he gets HG choice, he'll pick Danielle.

    Danielle heads inside and meets with Dan to fill him in. Danielle says Wil is terrified of Dan, but she thinks Wil is giving up. Dan points out that it might be good to keep Wil since he's a target and if he goes, the next target will be Dan/Danielle. Danielle also tells Dan that Shane is starting to get on her nerves. Rrrriiiight. More game talk with stealth whispering that's hard to follow, but it seems like Dan thinks they can maybe keep Wil around to help them (nonononononono). Danielle asks Dan if he thinks Dani Donato will like her since she backdoored Janelle. I mean, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried, folks. Dan and Danielle finally head to bed around 4 am.

    ”I wonder if America likes me. Do you think America likes me? I’m probably just getting a bad edit. I hope #trey is watching. #trey, do you love me? I love you. Don’t worry when you see me humping Shane. You’re the one I really love. I wonder if Dani Donato will like me…

    Boogie and Ashley are up early on Saturday morning. Ashley is stretched out on the living room sofa, still in pain. Boogie comes outside to chat with us. He's still irate with Wil, and contemplates making a side alliance with Joe. He speculates about why they're not on lockdown - could it be a nighttime POV?

    Boogie heads back to bed, Ashley gets in the shower, Wil eats cereal or something, Danielle layers on her pricey MAC foundation that's clearly the wrong shade for her, Frank putters around... it's a slow morning in the house and I'm thankful. Less time I have to pay attention to these losers.

    Throughout the morning, the houseguests start stirring one by one. Ashley greets each of them as they come into the bathroom. Britney and Jenn start doing their makeup, using some of the Mary Kay products that Janelle left behind, and giving shout outs for her Mary Kay website.

    Now we know why Danielle wears 6 layers of MAC foundation

    We have our first venture into game talk around 11:30. Frank fills Boogie in on his solo convo with Wil last night, when Wil said Janelle was the target from the beginning. They aren't sure if Wil is telling the truth. I'm sure Boogie hopes not because he wants to be able to take all the credit for getting Janelle up and out.

    Danielle spends quite a while napping in the bed with Wil. I guess the Have-Not rule no longer applies to her.

    POV players are picked, and in addition to Frank, Joe, and Wil we have Boogie, Ashley, and Jenn, plus Shane who won the Veto ticket in last week's competition.

    And with that, my shift comes to an end! Stay tuned for JavaJo to guide us through the rest of the weekend! And thanks to Mari79 and JustJuls for the screencaps!
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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    Great recap Irish!

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    Yes, yes & YES!!! That was an awesome read. All I can say is 'get-outta-my-head'. You captured the day so brillantly.

    I can't believe how much the screen cap of Boogie looks like Darth Vader's boss in Return of The Jedi (the emperor?) You can see the evil!
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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    Boogie practices for his upcoming role in Grumpy Old Men, The Next Generation

    Love this! lol great recap!

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    Super Re-cap Irish!!! I so admire your ability to make such a boring group of hamsters entertaining.
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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    Bravo Irish! You made what could have been boring interesting! I can't bring myself to watch the feed right now (wasting my money!) I love the recaps!

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    Perfect as always, Irish - loved your captions!
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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    An excellent detailed breakdown of events. Thanks Irish. I love reading these quite a few days later to remind ourselves why certain people are getting under our skin. LOL

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    So funny, Irish -- especially the screen caps! Not sure which I liked better: "Grumpy Old men, the Next Generation" or the one where Danielle is giving the airspace above her bed the crazy-eye and pondering if she is liked
    "First Amanda came for the Moving Company, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't part of the Moving Company. Then Amanda came for the blacks, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't black. Then Amanda came for Judd, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't Judd. Then Amanda came for me, and there was no one left to speak for me."

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: The Kiss of Death

    I missed reading this one...love it. That yellow thing was not attractive on Danielle...my favorite was Danielle contemplating the most important things in her life

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