Hey everyone! Still watching Big Brother? Yeah, sadly I am too. Personally, I think the coaches twist SUCKS... but CBS doesn't care about my little ol' opinion. When Thursday's show ended, the houseguests (coaches included) were hanging onto a pirate ship for dear life. Will one of the coaches win? Will Jenn continue to be the invisible houseguest? Will Danielle's voice finally cause me to mute the TV and put on my closed captioning? Let's find out!

*Janelle and Britney both lie and claim they didn't hit the button for the coaches to come back in.

*Boogie falls off the pirate ship first after 1 hour and 10 minutes. Jenn, Joe, Ashley, Dan, Frank, Shane, Wil (Danielle promised to keep Wil safe if she wins), Janelle, Ian (is promised safety), Britney (is promised safety) fall off in that order. Danielle wins. She is then attacked by Dan and Shane. Shane kisses her. Let the fake shomancing begin!

*Boogie and Frank are figuring out that Frank was really the target to go home. They aren't real happy. Someone buy these two a clue. They find out that Danielle and Wil were really planning to vote out Frank.

*Shane is nice to look at, but that boy is definitely all brawn and no brains. I can hear birds chirping when I look at him.

*Danielle never told her parents she was going to be on Big Brother because she didn't want them to nag her. Hmm... nagging. She never does that.

*Ian tries to flirt with Ashley in the backyard, but Shane is out there without a shirt on so Ashley is a bit distracted. I hear ya, girlfriend. Put Ian's personality with Shane's body, and you have a pretty good hybrid.

*Danielle wants to put up Frank and Boogie, but Dan says she needs to break her deal with Wil and put up Frank and Wil. She is worried that Boogie could win veto and take Frank off, but Dan says that won't happen. Hellooooooooo, he isn't your coach anymore!!

*Danielle has nominated Frank and Wil for eviction. Wil is pretty ticked that Danielle went back on her word. Boogie is insulted that he wasn't nominated. There is another player in the BB house, and it's Boogie's EGO!

That sums it up folks. Honestly, I wish we saw more of the interaction between Ashley and Ian because I really like those two. I'm going to leave you with my favorite quote from this episode. It comes from none other than Booger:

“Fifteen minutes ago I'm sitting with three players in the game and I'm on cruise control to $100,000. Next thing you know I'm hanging on for dear life having seagulls defecate on me on the side of a pirate ship. I'm not a happy camper right now.”