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Thread: 8/4-8/5 Live Feed Recap: Dingle Berry Plotter and The Chamber Of Secrets

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    8/4-8/5 Live Feed Recap: Dingle Berry Plotter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    *This is a recap of events from noon Saturday to noon Monday, house time*


    When my shift begins, Frank is trying to convince Janelle to work with him, and Danielle says that if someone comes off the block, sheís putting Boogie up. Funny how quickly things change in the Big Brother compound. Seriously, this season has my head spinning like no other. If I canít keep up with all of it while watching it all go down, I canít imagine how dazed and confused the hamsters feel. Maybe thatís why Ashley always looks and sounds like stoner. ďDaveís not here, manĒ.

    Time for POV and the players are Danielle, Frank, Wil, Ian, Jenn, and Shane. Danielle wins, which sends her on an even bigger power trip. God help us all. Frank has to wear a purple spirit-tard, Jenn gets a free trip to Hawaii, courtesy of Ian, Shane won a VETO ticket, Wil got $5,000, and Ian, who gave up the Hawaii trip gets to wear a doggie costume, sleep in a dog house, eat from dog dishes and can only leave his ďyardĒ if someone is holding his leash, for 24 hours. Boogie makes fun of him for taking that prize instead of keeping the vacation, but Ian seems really stoked to have this experience in the BB house. Boogie was also really mean to Ian during the comp. It garners him quite a bit of attention from the other HGís, so the joke is on Boogie. Ian looks adorable in the dog suit and heís happy with the set-up because the doggie bed is much better than the have-not bed. Personally, I think this is the cutest ďpunishmentĒ ever. Sure beats chum baths and solitary confinement. And Ian is such a good sport.


    The novelty of a new pet wears off, as it tends to do, and the wheeling/dealing begins. Boogie and Frank (the dingleberry alliance, to me) plotting and pitching to Danielle the alliance of 6, Shane, Britney Dan, Danielle, Boogie and Frank. Sheís down with that, she sends Dan up to the chamber of secrets so Boogie can pitch his oily sales. Once everyone has heard the proposal they seem to be on board. Only Dan is on the fence, so he pulls Ian into the mix. Ian likes Frank but not so much Boogie and Janie. He says he is tired of their comments. Meanwhile, FrankníBooger is hashing over when they should turn on their new alliance. Le*sigh. With Dan on the fence, itís up to Danielle the Great to convince him that evicting Janie is the way to go. He tries to tell her that Janelle is not a threat to her, but she isnít having it. Dan eventually comes around. Or does he? Dundundun.

    Jenn's laughing because she knows it's going to be really hard for Frank to hide his skid marks in that get up

    *More Janie bashing from Brit and Danielle, the Tweedle Twins.

    *Frank is the first male to wear the unitard, and itís not very flattering to his..ahem...man bits. Itís a spirit-tard complete with purple pom-poms

    *When Ian needs to leave his yard, heís supposed to wave at the camera and Skippy will sound a barking alarm to alert the HGís that their puppy needs to potty.

    *Dan got on Danielleís case several times for playing personal. She denies it, but he calls her out.

    *Danielle is a powerhouse player. If you donít believe me, just ask HER.


    More chatter today about the merits of keeping Janelle or Boogie in their alliance. These people are crazy. Iím sure if you told them repeatedly that the sky was green, theyíd believe you, even while looking right at it. Boogie is kind of pissy when Dan tells him heís 50/50. Britney tells Dan that she believes Janelle will keep them safe for at least a couple of weeks. Then she speaks to Danielle and tells her that if Janelle wins HOH next week, she sees her putting up Shane and Ian. Iím beginning to think that Britney should have to introduce herself when she walks into the room so you know which personality you are dealing with at the moment. Sybil? Is that you?

    Later, there is a coaches meeting in the HOH. They hash out all the rumors about who is going after who and whatnot. Apparently Janie didnít give satisfying answers. She wasnít on board with keeping Boogieís former team strong while evicting one of her own players. Canít say I blame her, but she wasnít giving in and so the Silent Six was born. The intention is to pull Wil from the block and put Janie up in his place.

    Monday morning, Wil is in the HOH with Danielle, Queen of Denial, and she spills the plan to pull him and put up Janie. Heís down with it. A bit later, we get trivia and my shift ends shortly after feeds return. Wil is off, Janie is up. Janie wastes no time heading to HOH where Danielle is apologetic and says she feels bad. Janie told her she made a mistake and has been lied to because she was never coming after Danielle. Danielle is a mess. I canít tell if she actually feels bad or it itís because Janie could totally kick her ass. Iím going with the latter, simply because Iíd love to see that. Bad-ass Barbie could easily smush Miss LoonyTunes. Thatís one fight Iíd pay to see.

    Ian didn't realize he was playing the part of Toto in the warped version of Wizard Of Oz

    *Ian says he had a good nights sleep in the deluxe dog house.

    *Boogie says he canít bring himself to lead a human being around on a leash, even in fun. Which is surprising because he seems to have no problem walking his own troll ass around and scaring small children.

    *Danielle compares herself and Shane to Brenchel. As if one Brenchel wasnít bad enough.

    *Dan and Jenn have a heart to heart chat. Iíve figured out why we donít see her on the feeds much...sheís too level headed and mature...and those are wonderful qualities, but they arenít entertaining.

    *Newsflash: Frank smells. Really bad.

    *Joe claims credit for creating ďI Canít Believe Itís Not ButterĒ.

    *They just realize that Joe doesnít wash his hands after using the bathroom. I guess theyíve missed him licking his fingers while heís cooking, too. Have fun with the Ecoli.

    *Frank wants to go to another prom. WTF?

    *Janie and Ian believe in UFOís and aliens. They should...they are living in a house full of them.

    Bitches be hatin'
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    Re: 8/4-8/5 Live Feed Recap: Dingle Berry Plotter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    Danielle is a powerhouse player. If you don’t believe me, just ask HER.
    You are so right. Loved the recap, JJ!
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    Re: 8/4-8/5 Live Feed Recap: Dingle Berry Plotter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    Great recap Javajo. I love the pic of Ian behind the fence. He really is a great sport about everything.

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    Re: 8/4-8/5 Live Feed Recap: Dingle Berry Plotter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    great job... especially the last caption
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    Re: 8/4-8/5 Live Feed Recap: Dingle Berry Plotter and The Chamber Of Secrets

    Great recap -- loved the new nicknames for Dr. Evil and his Minion. Frank'nBooger, indeed!

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