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Thread: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

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    7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Friday to noon Saturday, Big Brother time

    As my shift gets underway, the house is waiting in anticipation of the coaches competition. In the HOH room, Shane lets Frank know that Joe has been throwing his name under the bus, and that Wil is his #1 target for the week. He goes on to say that people have been telling him to nominate Frank, but they don't know about our deal and I want to stay true to that. Britney comes in and joins the chat, telling Frank that "they" appreciate how honest he was with them last week, and that they will be straight up with him the same way, and not blindside him. After Frank leaves, Britney immediately launches into lecture mode about giving too much information. "You don't want to say one more word than you need to!" Umm, I'll pause for a minute and let the irony of that statement coming from Britney sink in. Britney outlines the plan for Shane, that "they" need to plan to nominate Frank and Wil, and if Boogie wins the coaches competition and saves Frank, that they nominate Wil and Ian, and Wil has to go.

    Someone get this guy a Kleenex so he can wipe the snot off his chin. Oh, wait…

    Frank heads downstairs to convene with Boogie, where he relates his conversation with Shane. They both realize that Danielle will be the swing vote this week and that they need to get Dan locked in, and they also discuss their hatred of Joe. Boogie says he's the biggest suck-up he's ever seen in this game. Although "suck up" wasn't the term he used. Heh. Lots of hypotheticals being tossed around both upstairs and down, but none of it really matters until the coaches competition is completed and the consequences are known.

    Dan and Danielle meet up with Britney and Shane in HOH. Dan apparently has word from the DR that the stakes for the coaches comp will be the same as last week - save or trade. Britney whines a little that there's no incentive for her to win, other than to prevent Janelle or Boogie from winning. Britney hopes that there's another option - that she would get to straight up take a player from another team. This leads them into circular talk about different trade scenarios. Again, none of it matters until it happens. But they're still concerned about Janelle making a trade so Dan heads down to work some of his mystical powers on the blond bombshell. While they talk about trade possibilities, Dan craftily points out that a trade wouldn't help her, because if you save a player, there are only 2 of yours that are vulnerable. But if you make a trade, then all 3 of your players are eligible to be nominated. Mission complete so he moves onto Boogie. Boogie assures him that he doesn't think anybody is going to want to make a trade. Dan quickly realizes he's made a mistake, he tells Danielle, in letting everyone see how nervous he is about the competition and possibly losing her in a trade. He assures her that was his one and only freakout for the game.

    Around 2:00 we go to trivia land and the competition is underway!

    Production leak during the competition

    When we return, we learn that Janelle has won, and Wil is safe. Of course. Even the best laid plans, and all that... Brit got to pick the have-nots, and she chose Joe and Ian, who volunteered with visions of BB fame in his head. America selected cereal and salmon for the have-nots-but-not-really-cause-they-get-salmon-and-cereal-I-mean-come-on. It sounds like the coaches each got to choose a locker with a prize inside. Janelle got to keep a player safe, Dan had the option to trade (he declined), Boogie won some cash prizes (he kept $6000 for himself, picked Ian to win $3000, and $1000 for Jenn), and Brit got to choose the have-nots. It also seems the house won a sushi party.

    There's lots of huddling up, and lots of turbo-stealth-whispering, as everyone tries to save themselves before the impending nominations. Team Janelle and Team Boogie, both of which were coming after Shane last week, are now vying for his affections. Dan and Danielle hang in the balance with what could end up being the swing vote.

    Olivia Newton-John called…. Oh nevermind, you get it

    I've come to the realization that Fridays are pretty much a wash in the BB house. There's a whole lotta talkin, a whole lotta strategerizing, but none of it really matters until after nominations. It's pretty obvious to everyone in the house at this point that the nominees will be Frank and Joe. The only difference is that each side feels confident they will win POV and be able to send someone from the other side home.

    Dan and Danielle take their turn in the HOH room, so that they can solidify their "alliance" with Britney and Shane. Britney's concern is that if the nominees are Frank and Joe, that Ashley could win POV, save Joe, and then Janelle's entire team will be safe. The alternative, Britney says, is to put up Joe and Ashley. Dan says that's a tough sell, because then Team Janelle will be after them 100%. By splitting the nominees between the two teams, it gives the appearance of neutrality and leaves the road open to work with either team in the future.

    So all seems set, right?

    Ummm, guess again!

    Cause when the feeds return, Shane has nominated Joe and..... Ashley! Hear that? The sound of shots being fired across the bow squarely at Team Janelle. Of course, I'm struggling a bit to follow it all because one eye is stuck to my TV and the opening ceremonies. Seems BB decided to return just as the Olympic flame was being lit, and, whoa, wait a minute..... the camera is zooming in on some of my girls from the Carolina field hockey team who are on Team USA. Awesome! But, I digress.

    Things are crazy all 'round the house. Nobody understands the nominations. Danielle vents to Dan about how mad she is at Shane. Janelle tells Britney that it's so important to get rid of Frank because she thinks they're coming in the game, then she heads downstairs to tell Joe he must improve his social game. Skippy is all over the place, and so are the houseguests. Shane wonders why Danielle seemed so upset, Britney thinks it's because she's not in the swing vote position anymore and can't use it to make deals. Britney thinks Janelle is up to some major mind games since she's playing nice now. Dan and Danielle make their way up to HOH to get an explanation. Shane says bottom line, he had to do what he thought was best for his game, and he feels like he and Danielle are safe for at least 2 weeks now due to these nominations. The first chance she gets to corner Shane alone, Janelle spins the tale of how untrustworthy Boogie is and how he screwed her over during all-stars. She points out how it would still be a great opportunity to get Frank out this week and that her team can work with Shane for a long time.

    Let’s hear your captions for this one in the comments

    Joe corners Danielle while she's talking with Ashley to ask if she would use the POV on either of them if she were to win it. She says she'd consider it, then they discuss how getting Frank out should be a priority. Wil pouts that he refuses to be fake and act all sunshine and roses around Shane, but Janelle cautions him to smooth the edges a little bit or he's toast. Wil is also over Britney and her fakeness. "She's the little b**** in high school that talks bad about everybody and then is nice to their face." Janelle says Frank makes her want to vomit with his dirty frizzy hair. Meow. These people are bringing me down with all their piss and vinegar, so I check in with Dan and Danielle. Unfortunately, I can't translate their turbo whispering.

    Shane and Danielle get back to their awkward flirty ways, and Shane tells her that Frank wants to make a final 4 deal with the two of them and someone else. Danielle tells Dan about this, and Boogie and Frank confirm it later. Dan plays along, but a little later upstairs, he tells Shane and Britney he doubts that Frank would cut Jenn and Ian in favor of Danielle.

    The late night hours pass rather quietly. Janelle does some Jedi training with Joe and Ashley to prepare them for the POV competition. There's some trouble in CBS's fictitious Ashley-Ian paradise - Ashley asked Ian who she should pick to play in the competition should she draw houseguest's choice, and Ian said Frank. Ian advises her not to pick him, because he's not strong and probably wouldn't win. What?!?! Ashley no likey this answer. Janelle continues her tirade against Frank. Now she's uncomfortable with his casual flirting and joking with her - she thinks he's taken it too far since she's married and it's disprespectful. Oh, come on Janie. Joe laments that they should have voted Frank out week 1, which draws a big fat "I told you so" from Janelle.

    Speaking of trouble in fictitious paradise, upstairs in the HOH room Danielle snuggles up to Shane in her clingy, slightly desperate way. If Shane gets houseguest's choice, he plans to pick her to play, and if not, he'll let her host. Danielle keeps flirting, Shane keeps talking game. Danielle: "I just want to be me and you for 20 minutes and not talk game." Oy. This poor girl. That awful pink dress on the live show even looked better on her than this desperation. When Shane is called to DR, we get some BB comedy gold from Britney and she "counsels" Danielle on how to behave with a boy in the BB house. I find myself wishing that Britney and Wil were not at all involved in the game, but just dropped into the house in order to make us laugh. Both of them are so much better when they're not in game mode.

    Whyyyyyyy meeeeeeeeeee

    Morning comes quickly in BB land, as the DR starts sessions around 7:30 am. It's Wil's birthday and Dan greets him with a hearty "Happy Birthday Wil, one third of your life is now over." It takes a couple of hours for everyone to gradually join the land of the living, but once they do, the pre-POV game talk routine gets underway.

    Around 10 am we get trivia, and we come back to learn that Wil, Frank, and Danielle are the additional POV players. More scurrying around as everyone prepares. Spirits for Team Janelle seem pretty high. They're feeling confident in their ability to win and get Frank put up as a replacement nominee. Ashley can't wait to tell Shane how upset Frank was last week when Shane won the POV and saved himself. Oh, and PS - everyone thinks Danielle is on their side.

    The big story brewing right now seems to revolve around Ashley. All the stuff people have been saying behind her back is finally starting to come to light. Frank told Ashley that her "alliance" called her a floater and said she'd be first out when they got to the 6. Joe told Ashley that Frank called her a floater. Back and forth, back and forth. Boogie is ticked off about a lie Janelle told up in HOH last night. She told Shane that Boogie was jealous of Shane, thinking he would be America's Favorite. Depending on the outcome of the POV, Frank is ready to call out Joe in front of the house for all his double talking. Pleeeease, Frank, win POV!!

    Dan and Boogie chat, again, about what might be coming up for them in the game. Will they bring someone back or will the coaches enter the game? Dan's latest theory is that the coaches will have a choice if they want to enter the game or remain as coaches. Boogie spends some time trashing Janelle to Dan. They've also come up with a term to use when discussing if the coaches come into the game, they call it "exit strategy."

    As my shift comes to an end, Danielle has planted herself in the HOH bed with Shane. She inches progressively closer until her head rests completely on his chest, while he lies there stiff as a board.

    A cringeworthy moment if I ever saw one

    Alrighty folks, that's it for me! A slightly calmer shift than the one I had last week, and now we just have to wait and see what happens with the veto competition.
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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    Bahaha. The title. Brilliant.

    That last cap really is awkwardness personified.

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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    Fantastic recap. Cracked me up, i especially snorted at the snot on Joe's chin comment

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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    Great recap Irish. The surprises have been amazing so far this year.

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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    Great recap Irish!

    As for the caption:

    "Yes Wil, this is an intervention. We love you, but we need to let you know how your addiction to playing with your hair extensions affects the people who care about you!"
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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    Good one!

    Excellent recap, Irish. Poor, poor Danielle.
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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    Great Recap...I can't think of a caption...but I like the picture because he is hiding that growth on his chin.
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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    If Joe holds that pose long enough will it turn into a butterfly?

    Awesome awesome recap -- Thanks!!!!
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    Re: 7/27 Live Feed Recap: "Desperation Looks Good on You" Said No One Ever

    JOE: "I will rip this thing off with my bare hands if you just let me stay in the game another week."

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