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Thread: Big Brother 7/15/12 Show Recap: Ian, The Creepy Enginerd

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    Big Brother 7/15/12 Show Recap: Ian, The Creepy Enginerd

    Hello Big Brother fans! It's our first nomination episode of the season and I'm sure excited! Who will Willie nominate? Will Ian continue to wear his ridiculous glasses? Will the sight of Janelle make me clap and giggle like a child again? (...not that it did on Thursday or anything...*cough*...)

    This is your short and sweet recap of Sunday's episode in case you missed it!

    *Boogie asks Dan if he wants to “Will it up” with him (AKA go to the end Chilltown style). Dan just kind of shrugs and drinks his water.

    *Janelle and Britney decide to work together. Together, they might have 1 full brain! Don't throw tomatoes, you know I love Janie!

    *Willie gets his HoH room. The coach of the HoH also gets his/her own room beside the HoH room.

    *Ian is definitely a strange one. He is wandering around the house alone and smacking his own butt with his key. He then decides to streak through the house. Engineer or Enginerd?

    *Willie admits to his team and Britney's team he is Russell Hantz's (Survivor) brother.

    *Frank thinks he is good to go with Willie because they had a discussion and Frank promised to keep Willie safe. Boogie is a proud dirty old man coach.

    *There is a new challenge this season called the “Coach's Competition”. The four coaches will compete against each other. The winner gets to choose one person from their team to have immunity from nomination for the week. This week, the teams will have to pick one person from their team be the “Have Nots” and get put on slop, have cold showers, and sleep in the craptastic Have Not room.

    *The coaches have to pretend they are horses and chase each other around a track. After several rounds, the coach who remains uncaught will win. Boogie and Britney race first and Boogie wins. Dan and Janelle race next (Dan claims he needs to throw it) and Janelle wins. Boogie and Janelle race in the finals and Boogie is the winner. He chooses Ian to have immunity. That's actually a smart move. Ian is a creeper and would be an easy target. Boogie and Ian are good together. Birds of a feather...

    I always knew Boogie was a horse's ass

    *Have Nots: Shane (Wait... he's on this show? He didn't speak at all this episode), Danielle, Ashley, Ian

    *Why does Joe SCREAM in the Diary Room? We know you're crazy, you don't have to shout it.

    *The Have Not room is full of black and white swirls. I think I'd rather look at Boogie than look at that room. The beds are hard and curved with little bumps on them.

    *Willie goes back on his deal with Frank and nominates Frank and Kara.

    Color me shocked folks, because I didn't see the Frank nomination coming. Expect the unexpected! Can't stand to watch Ian creep around and be weird? Come on back as cantstopwatchin will have all the details of Wednesday's episode!
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