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Thread: 7/13 Live Feed Recap: Welcome back, my friends! Oh, and you too, Boogie.

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    7/13 Live Feed Recap: Welcome back, my friends! Oh, and you too, Boogie.

    *This is a recap of events from noon Friday to noon Saturday, house time*

    We're baaaaaaaack! And I couldn't be happier! Time to shake the rust off and get back into recap mode.

    It's always such a jolt to the system when the feeds begin and the game talking is already intense. Like, we're just starting, what's up? I don't know about the rest of you but I have a hard time getting used to the fact that for our beloved hamsters, the game's been going on for a week already.

    So as my shift gets started, the hamsters are waiting for the POV competition to get started. Britney and Willie are strategerizing (yes, thatís what I said) upstairs. Willie insists that they need to keep Frank.

    At 12:10 BBT, we get the fishies so it must mean POV comp time has finally arrived!

    ..... or not! Feeds come back 20 minutes later and everyone is still just hanging out. General chit-chat in the living room with Kara, Danielle, Dan, Shane, Joe, and Ian. (these houseguests already seem to be spending more time chilling in the living room than years past). Britney and Willie are still upstairs in the HOH room. Britney is planning her outfit and after consulting Willie for his opinion, realizes how ridiculous that is and heads out to the chess area to ask Janelle what she thinks. Serious business, this outfit planning, you know. Frank and Janelle are immersed in a game of chess. Ohhh, the excitement that surrounds the time leading up to a competition.

    Zoinks! Wil expresses his astonishment over the ice coming out of the dispenser

    12:40 BBT and it's trivia. A NEW trivia screen with a blue background! Yay for something new and different!

    Two hours later, the feeds return and we learn that Shane has won the Power of Veto! So Britney's team holds all the power this week. Everyone seems to be gathered together in their groups rehashing the competition. Team Britney says they will keep the nominations the same for sure, and they think Kara needs to go. Britney says that if they get rid of Kara, it'll destroy Dan, and he'll basically be out of the game.

    In another newsflash - Boogie has put a few pieces of a puzzle together and has figured out that Danielle must work in the medical field because of her knowledge about nutrition. When are people going to learn that lying about your profession is not the best plan.

    Kara and Shane touch base... Shane tells Kara he doesn't know what he's going to do. He's just going to wait a few days and see what happens. (This is the plan that Team Brit came up with - just chill for a few days before they start making it look like Kara is leaving).

    Game talk settles down and we have random chit chat around the common areas for a while, interspersed with a little paranoia. Currently, Kara's paranoia is that people on Brit's team seem to be curious about how well she did in the competition. She's afraid that if they think she performed fairly well, it'll be a good reason to get rid of her.

    Frank and JoJo come to the brilliant realization that they don't need the coaches, but the coaches need them. Indeed, it'll be interesting to see if and when these newbies realize they really don't have to listen to their mentors.

    See? It is possible to fill lonely in a house full of people and a teddy bear

    Boogie and Dan find themselves alone in the living room and bond a little over all kinds of topics, from what they did with their BB winnings, to their thoughts on Ian (they both like him and think he'll be liked by the fans but probably won't last long in the game), to their teams. Both think they are not in a good position, and both are surprised by Willie's demeanor to this point. They thought he would be a lot more brash (translation, Russell v2.0). They both think they should have picked him, in retrospect.

    Dan resumes his position from 4 years ago. Is this really a screencap from BB10? You make the call

    Upstairs at the chess board, Wil and Joe are hangin. Wil chokes on a piece of food from his veggie tray, and says "it just went down the wrong pipe." (I can almost hear Ragan saying "that's what she said.")

    Shane, Kara, and Dan convene in the Have Not room for some strategy. Shane insists he wants to get Frank out. None of them trust Boogie. (None of us should be surprised by this). Meanwhile, Boogie is giving Ian some coaching in the lounge. Ian doesn't like this "Dr Terry" name he's been given. Boogie assures him it's a good thing - he is "marketing" Ian as a non-physical threat. He continues by telling Ian he has to step up his social game. Back in the Have Not room, Shane says he thinks that somewhere down the line, the coaches will be able to somehow trade players. Therefore, it's in their best interest to establish relationships with everyone. They continue to have a chuckle in anticipation of what kind of outlandish deal Boogie is going to come at Shane with.

    My hair is so prettyyyyyyy. I'm so preeeeeetttttyyyyyy

    And now it's time for family dinner. Pot roast, potatoes, and salad, courtesy of Joe. And for the Have Nots, apple strudel slop. Or something like that. Dan puts on a clinic at dinner on how to play a good social game, as he subtly displays his knowledge about everyone's backgrounds. Everyone's at the dinner table except Janelle, who is napping in the HOH room.

    At long last, the lockdown is over and everyone floods the backyard. There's bonding and friendship and stories all around. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. Cause it won't.

    Frank and Willie meet in the hammock and reaffirm their commitment to each other. Britney and Janelle have quite the interesting chat in the HOH room. They're looking ahead to when they are going to come into the game, and they want Dan gone before then because they don't want to compete against him. There's talk of keyslots and things not adding up. Hmmmm.

    You canít see me! I match the wall!

    Alcohol arrives in time for After Dark, and tonight, it's the boys' turn to partake. Discussions commence about what the going rate should be for the extra unopened beers. Boogie offers Dan $35 for his. Dan immediately counters and says that anyone who would pay $35 for a beer would probably pay $85. It escalates as Dan says he will be attending a convention in Vegas in January, and knows that Boogie has accomodations there he can offer. It's pretty entertaining stuff. Boogie says he'll cover all of Dan's needs for the entire weekend.

    Out at the hot tub, Jenn, JoJo, and Danielle are hosting a sort of talk show. For the purposes of this show, Danielle is being called "Lollipop" and they are all portraying characters that are exaggerations of themselves. We learn that Danielle has had a tendency to date douchebags, and she's never been in a relationship she hasn't been cheated on. Aww. Between her relationships and her father, this girl might have more issues than National Geographic.

    Inside the game room, Kara is talking votes with Wil and Joe. They're encouraging her to keep fighting, but Kara gets frustrated and leaves, saying she's over the conversation. When she leaves, Wil and Joe are stunned that she's not even trying at this point. Joe thinks it's a good reason to keep her in the game - that she's not a player if all this is stressing her out so much. Kara heads outside for Willie, and insists that Frank has told her every night that he's planning to come after Willie. Willie pushes for details on this, but it's hard to know what he's really thinking. I have to figure there's no way a Hantz is gonna believe a "dumb cute girl" over his boy Frank. Ya know? That's how they roll, those Hantzes. Talk turns to the coaches, it's obvious that Willie doesn't think much of this twist, that they're pushing the newbies to try to make bigger moves than they should at this point. He asks Kara if Dan and Boogie are working together, and Kara says no way, they want Boogie out, nobody trusts him. Kara turns it around on Willie and asks if Janelle and Britney are working together. Willie says not that he knows of.

    Upstairs in HOH, we finally learn the rationale behind Dan's picks. He's trying to set up a deal for his team to work with Britney's team. He tells Willie and Britney that he picked Danielle and Kara because he thought they would work well together and he wanted a solid team to work with. He thinks they're trustworthy, and would work well with Team Brit. Dan assures them that he is not working with Boogie and would have no problems going after Boogie's players next week. All agree, once again, that Boogie is not to be trusted. Dan uses his season as an example of how being loyal is a key to winning the game, and this is what he's instilling in his players. Talk reverts back to the "draft" and we learn that Dan didn't pick Willie because he wouldn't look at him. Apparently Dan asked production if he could ask a question during the draft, and they said no. He had the impression that Willie was going to be brash and cocky, but now he sees that he's not. It's a really good discussion and it seems to be honest. As they wrap it up, Willie says he's just not sure if he can trust Dan because Dan and his team are in a bad spot right now. Dan says he understands, that he's only known him a week, but he can look to his season to know what kind of player he is. When he leaves, Britney tells Willie she feels like she just got brainwashed. Willie agrees that Dan is good - he's always telling people to be careful around Dan, not to trust him, then he ends up believing everything Dan says to him. Janelle joins them and they all have a laugh about how good Dan is at this stuff. Britney says she feels like she wants to join his team now. Janelle insists that Dan must go.

    So at this point it's not looking good for Kara, and Danielle is soon to follow. Britney and Janelle know that even though Boogie is not to be trusted, and they don't like him, Dan is by far a better player and should the coaches have the ability to enter the game at some point (which they believe they will), they cannot play against Dan. They want to put Danielle up against Ian next week.

    Hey. Youíre pretty

    Not much more game talk the rest of the evening, and everyone seems to have settled into bed.

    Boogie is the first up the next morning, super early, puttering around the house doing chores. Shane and Ashley are next out in the yard, and compare notes on the pain in their backs. Shane is looking rough. Well, I mean, as rough as someone so hot could possibly look. I mean, he looks hot. But you can tell he feels awful. Got it?

    Ashley, Frank, Shane, and Joe have a chat about the coaches outside. They discuss how they think there's going to be some kind of trade, or the coaches will get to vote, or something like that. They all realize that they don't need their coaches, although their coaches need them. Frank points out that he's trying to separate himself from Boogie, and that the danger if Kara stays and wins HOH is that she will do everything that Dan tells her, whereas he (Frank) is his own person/player.

    Boogie comes back outside to join them, and Joe attempts to clear the air by asking Boogie why he's floated Joe's name as a replacement nominee. Boogie immediately puts on his politician hat and claims his motivation is to get Frank taken off the block. He launches into a speech about how it's important to keep targets in the game (the target being Frank).

    Somehow this leads into Boogie talking about the restaurants he has open all around the country and the world, which takes a frightening turn into Boogie giving them all a lesson on Middle Eastern culture. Yikes. My ears freeze up momentarily, and when the fog clears, now he's talking about how the busboys they hire for his LA restaurants are all Mexicans, and they work really hard so they can send all their money back home to Mexico. Wow. Just... wow.... but then again, it IS Boogie so it's not like this is unexpected. The next topic on the table is how lazy the girls of the house are. JoJo is apparently the only one that's done dishes. Boogie says Danielle is the laziest one of all and talks about how all she does is mope around. Throughout the conversation, Boogie keeps steering it back to talking bad about Danielle. Poor Dan, all 3 of the other coaches are so focused on getting him and his players out.

    Frank and Boogie find themselves alone outside. Frank tells Boogie that Janelle keeps harping on Boogie's reputation. Frank says he told Janelle it would be fun to work with her to turn the tables on Boogie, and that her face just absolutely lit up when he said that. He also tells Boogie about his strategy of telling people he's trying to separate himself from Boogie. Hmmm, Frank just might be a player! They both realize that Britney and Janelle want Dan gone. Joe comes out with his breakfast so the coaching ends.

    I switch over into the bathroom where Ashley and Shane are chilling. Just general chit chat here, nothing exciting.

    Injured Reserve

    Back outside, Joe, Frank, and Boogie are talking about how hard Dan's working to keep Kara. Joe mentions how she was a Playmate of the Year, which stuns Frank and Boogie who had no idea. Boogie starts putting some pieces together and thinks that she still lives in the Playboy Mansion based on some comments she made about where she lives and who she lives with.

    We get our wakeup call around 10 am and the others begin to stir. Willie, JoJo, and Joe sit outside while the others eat breakfast inside. Joe fills the other two in on his convo with Frank, Shane, and Boogie earlier, and they discuss their Team Britney/Team Janelle alliance and how it's great that nobody knows what they're up to.

    Breakfast conversation is about their time at the "knitting convention" (this year's code for the pre-game sequester) and when they arrived. Seems Danielle arrived at the convention several days earlier than anyone else.

    Willie plans to shave a mohawk into his head today. Boogie said he's never had a mohawk, but he has had cornrows, and it felt like he was walking around with a migraine 24/7. Yeah, well, that's how we feel about you being back on our screens again.

    Poor Ian's latest socially awkward misstep has been hanging out in the bathroom too much while the girls are showering. Boogie pulls him aside to let him know that he should apologize to the girls one by one today. Ian is shocked and says he had no idea he was doing that. Shortly afterwards he walks into the bathroom where JoJo is changing into her bikini. He apologizes and she shrugs it off, says if people have a problem with privacy they shouldn't be playing this game.

    Out come JoJo and Danielle to the pool, and we have our first official Bikini Time of the BB14 feeds.

    Ian finds a friend

    It's Pow Wow time upstairs with Willie, Britney, Janelle, Wil, and Shane. They reinforce their "team" status. They want to get everyone in their team together and discuss the vote for this week, and come to a collective decision. They agree that they like Kara and Frank, and are disappointed that Ian was saved by Boogie because he's the one they wanted out. Janelle goes out and rounds up the rest of their team members. They decide to quickly say what they think, but then take some time before making a final decision. Thereís a whole of everyone talking at the same time so itís hard to follow. Britney and Janelle keep saying how Dan has magical powers of persuasion and must go. Joe says he thinks that Boogie and Frank have the plan for Frank to say heís trying to distance himself from Boogie. The consensus seems to be that they think they have a better chance of working with Frank than Kara. Joe keeps insisting that they canít trust Frank, and heís a really good liar. Really the only decision that comes out of this meeting is that for the next meeting, they need to take turns holding a decorative apple and the only person that can talk is the one holding the apple. Um yeah, we'll see how that goes.

    And with that, everyone heads outside and my shift comes to an end!
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    Re: 7/13 Live Feed Recap: Welcome back, my friends! Oh, and you too, Boogie.

    Thanks Irish for catching me up. Haven't had time to read thru the forum to have a clue what has been happening. You filled in all the gaps for me!

    I will be glad when this "Love Fest" comes to an end with all the hamsters.
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    Re: 7/13 Live Feed Recap: Welcome back, my friends! Oh, and you too, Boogie.

    There's bonding and friendship and stories all around. Enjoy it while it lasts, folks. Cause it won't.
    You are so right. Excellent recap, Irish - here we go!

    And that last cap of Ian reminds me of the movie Ted.
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    Re: 7/13 Live Feed Recap: Welcome back, my friends! Oh, and you too, Boogie.

    All these references to "Ted". Now, I have to go off and google.

    Jam packed and very well done, Irish...way to go!
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