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Thread: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

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    7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    *This is a recap of events from 10 pm Thursday to noon Friday, house time*

    Welcome back, FORTers! It must be summer, the feeds have begun. Got your late-night drinks and snacks all stocked up? Good. Go heavy on the caffeine, it helps. By now you know that we have twelve new hamsters - well, eleven...poor Jodi didn’t even make it to the start of the feeds - and we have four retreads, three of which I’m actually glad to see back. Boogie? Well, that’s another matter. I'll never be a member of the Boogie Fan Club. Neither is Janelle, who calls him the Douchelord. My new favorite insult!

    The feeds go live about 10 pm, hamster time. In no time we find out that Frank and Kara have been nominated by new HoH Willie (really, he doesn’t look like a Willie), while Ashley and Danielle are the first Have-Nots. Already, it seems that Janelle and Britney have teamed up against the guys. I figured that Janelle would never trust Boogie again after All-Stars, but I don’t know what Dan’s thinking, dealing with the troll. That, and his horrid team picks. What are you doing, Dan? Maybe he’s got a plan. Let’s hope. Boogie is already busy trying to turn everyone against each other.

    Someone remind me why I agreed to do this?

    And Willie is fooling nobody with his “Who is this Russell Hantz?” shtick. If you’ve watched more than ten minutes of tv in the past few years, you’ve probably been deluged with some form of Hantz. Everybody knows, Willie. Give it up.

    Then Britney walks in on Boogie and Willie in the HoH room, talking game. Remember that Willie is on Britney’s team, not Boogie’s. She asks if she’s interrupting, and Boogie says “Well, kind of...” Brit just runs to use the bathroom real quick and leaves them alone. Boogie is pushing for his boy Frank to stay in the house, of course, and wants Kara gone. Willie seems to fall for Boogie's manipulations hook, line and sinker.

    In the Zebra room, Janelle, Kara, Ashley, Wil and JoJo are talking wine and cookies. Wil has to explain to the others what carob is, and JoJo exclaims that you can lose tons of weight by eating nothing but gummi bears. And be plenty malnourished. Poor Ashley is having back spasms and is on medication. Temporarily laid up in the HoH bed (she’s a have not and gets one of those lovely hard-ass beds), she can barely move.

    Meanwhile, in the storage room, Boogie is pumping Frank up. Frank admits that Shane approached him about working together, and maybe taking Frank off the block if Shane wins POV. Because Shane thinks that he’d be the next target if Frank gets gone. This excites the troll Boogie, and he tells Frank to play along. Boogie then complains about Joe and how he woke Boogie up last night to whine about his key being last in the box. “All those chefs are temperamental,” huffs Boogie. “That’s why I didn’t pick him.”

    I'm going to squash Boogie's little head like the zit that it is...

    Booze arrives, and somehow the girls talk the guys into giving them their drinks tonight in exchange for the girls’ alcohol tomorrow - they'll take turns every night. Wil gets a little pouty over a beer that JoJo took from him earlier, so we'll see how long this alternating nights thing lasts a few weeks in. All the ladies except for Danielle head up to the HoH for a girl’s night out party. For whatever reason, Danielle seems to be the outcast. She hangs out with the guys downstairs, who talk beer and dare each other to run naked upstairs. Ian (fully clothed) decides to join the girls for a few, in the middle of a game of Never Have I Ever. Janie says she has never had sex on a first date. Ian shares that he’s a virgin and Jenn tells all that she’s a lesbian. They all drink a toast to her and Ian wonders if he should really be up there. “You walked in on ladies’ night!” says Jenn.

    He leaves. Quickly. And unfortunately, Ian is another one who seems to be irritating the whole house. Comments have been made that he changed his whole demeanor once the feeds went live. Sigh. So much for my pre-show faves.

    Willie walks in to the HoH next and gets a rousing cheer, then JoJo says that she thinks Willie is the only one there that could handle her. A showmance in the making? Gawd, let’s hope not.

    So cute and so weird.

    Britney later talks to Willie about his conversation with Boogie, telling him that Boogie is dangerous and is stirring the house up. And that he has Frank doing his dirty work for him, so Frank isn’t to be trusted either. Willie balks at all this, but Brit keeps on. Janelle joins in the Boot Frank effort, as do Joe and Wil. Still, Willie resists. He claims that he can read people and can trust Frank. Kara? Doesn’t trust her one bit.

    Oh, and masterchef Joe? Apparently isn’t all that good of a cook. Brit and Willie laugh over his dinner of spaghetti with a side of frying pan macaroni. Carb overload, anyone? If he keeps cooking like that the hamsters will all look like walruses sunning themselves by summer's end.

    Elsewhere, Danielle and Dan talk Catholicism and exorcisms. She claims that her dad was possessed, would get drunk and abusive and force her to drink when she was just four. Eight years later, he instantly changed into a church-goer, but still has anger issues today. Now we know why Danielle won’t be joining any drinking games...

    Not many people are buying Frank’s claim that he’s unemployed. Joe throws the BS flag first, listing why he thinks so: he has designer clothes, expensive sunglasses, soft, manicured hands that don’t jive with the manual labor he says he’s done, and he owns some rental house in Florida. He must be some CEO, they think. Nah, just a rich daddy.

    If I have to look at it, you do too.

    Morning arrives, and Ashley is still in the HoH bed. She rubs some medicine on her butt while Willie massages her. Guess you’re out of luck, Ian. Downstairs, JoJo is painting her nails and chomping Frosted Flakes. They’re on indoor lockdown, and everyone’s nervousing about the upcoming POV comp. Shane hobbles out, griping that he feels like he’s fifty years old. Will his aching back hurt him in the POV comp? Will Britney get through to Willie? Will I ever not want to retch at the sight of Boogie?

    Check out TheIrishEyes' recap to find out what happens next....

    *Thanks to Mari79 and Irish for taking the great screencaps!
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    Re: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    great job starting off the season, Way!
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    Re: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    Fabulous first recap of the season!!
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    Re: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    I knew you'd have a great caption for that Janelle screencap! Too funny!
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    Re: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    Awesome Re-Cap!! The great laugh is how I know summer's begun!
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    Re: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    Thanks Way for starting off the season for us! Looking forward to many more re-caps to come!
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    Re: 7/12 Live Feed Recap: Somebody That I Used To Know

    Awesome job! So glad it's that time of year again!

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