Hi there, Hamster Watchers, it’s time for our quick recap of Sunday’s episode. I’m particularly unmotivated to recap this episode for two reasons:

1. almost half of the episode was a recap of last Thursday’s “week in a day” live double eviction episode and the arguments that ensued after it, and
2. although not part of the show, it is being widely reported that people are making real life threats to Shelly’s family and at her job, and that’s just not cool.

This is a tv show. The people are contestants in a game and trying to win prize money $500,000 and some other assorted prizes, as well as some fleeting fame. No-one deserves death threats for appearing on a game show. Anyone watching this show from the comfort of their couch who feels the need to hurt a contestant and threaten her eight year old daughter (who has already been deprived of her mother’s company for the whole summer) needs to turn off the tv and go for a walk and get some perspective. This whole situation is making me despise this show, and I’ve loved this show since it premiered in 2000 when my daughter was a newborn. Today my daughter started middle school. So yes, I’m protective of Shelly as a mom even though I haven’t particularly liked most of her game play this year.

Ok, back to the show. Dani and Jeff got evicted. Shelly and Jordan had a big fight. In my humble opinion, Shelly was completely justified in changing alliances to better her own chances. Even if Shelly had made it to final three with Jeff and Jordan, the couple would have picked each other if either had won the final HOH contest. That is a given. Even if she won the final HOH contest, she’d likely lose to either of them as her only choices for who to be against in the finals are two popular people with many friends on the jury.

I think Shelly should not have aligned herself with them in the first place (and have been down on Shelly about it since the very first eviction of Keith when she sided with the Careers instead of the Newbies). So I haven’t been a Shelly fan, but it is certainly within her role as a player to switch alliances. However, she was insensitive to Jordan by not giving her more space to react to Jeff’s sudden departure.

Jordan didn’t help matters by making it very personal. I know she feels it was a betrayal, and that she had been supportive of Shelly in giving her the phone call from home. I know that people love Jordan and she seems to be a very sweet person. But I don’t feel that she is a great player. She doesn’t often win challenges except when Jeff and others toss them for her benefit. She is getting paid to be on this season. I know that Jordan’s insults to Shelly must have been pretty intense when Rachel is pulling Jordan away from the fight. Dang girl.

I think the reason that I’ve been against the Careers all season is their sense of entitlement. Everyone else should just get out of the way and let them win. Jeff really lost favor in my eyes when he went after Kalia for daring to nominate him (even as a pawn to play in the veto) when she was really aiming for Rachel. He kept that rage against Kalia and entitlement cooking right up to his eviction. Kalia really disappointed me that she got her loyal partner Lawon kicked out rather than Rachel. There is really no-one that I want to win this season.

Speaking of people who are really too dumb to deserve to win, let’s get back to the recap. The HOH contest is held. Players need to balance a ball along a serpentine path, getting more points the closer they get to the snake eye. Porsche wins. Kalia and Shelly rejoice. Adam wanders over and congratulates her. Is he still there? Seriously, this cast is just chock full of duds.

Jordan and Rachel run off to cry and feel sorry for themselves. Poor them, they’ve both spent a week or two apart from their significant others this summer. Unlike the rest of the cast, who’ve had no contact with their families since they entered the house, just like almost everyone who plays this game. Doesn’t everyone realize they are just supposed to let the Careers win already? So mean.

I don’t think they even showed Porsche’s HOH room to the houseguests. We’ve spent so much time watching the crying. People with actual problems in their lives want to send them a banner plane telling them to build a bridge and get over it.

Back to dumb people who make dumb choices, Porsche enters her HOH room and finds Pandora’s box. Porsche is perfectly poised to nominate Rachel and Jordan to guarantee one of them will leave this week. Why not mix it up a bit. She open the box. There is $10,000. Half of it is for Porsche, and half for her partner. Yes, the partners concept from the first 5 weeks is back.

Porsche and her partner (she picks Kalia) are safe. She needs to nominate one of the other sets of partners, and if they win Power of Veto, the other set of partners are stuck on the block, with one being evicted. You’ve just screwed your whole alliance, Porsche.

Jordan and Rachel are partners and presumably will be nominated. That leaves Adam and Shelly as partners. Their odds of winning veto to keep themselves off the block are not great. I hope the $5,000 was worth it Porsche, as you’ve just keep hope alive for Jordan and Rachel, who were just about ready to exit stage left.

And here I was hoping that Pandora’s Box would bring Jessie in a gorilla suit back into the house. Jessie the meat head had the strategy skills of my old pug, but he makes this group of houseguests seem like a Mensa member playing Stratego with kindergartners.

My only hope is Kalia, who occasionally shows some understanding of the game, but not really the endurance or skills to get it done. Unless Adam rises to the challenge of being the Last Man Standing and finally makes a move after a long summer hibernation of hiding under the couch.

Tune in Wednesday to see which pair will end up on the block, who wins veto, and which pair will need to lobby against each other to stay in the house. Maybe we’ll get some drama shots of Brendon welcoming Dani and then Jeff into the Jury House. That actually sounds more interesting than what is happening in the house these days.