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Thread: 8/18 Live Feed Recap : And Monkeys Might Fly Out Of My Butt

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    8/18 Live Feed Recap : And Monkeys Might Fly Out Of My Butt

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB time.

    ENDURANCE! ENDURANCE! ENDURANCE! Yep, the houseguests and the feeders called it the moment the house went on a long lockdown. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this endurance competition either. Come on, Mike O and crew…quit recycling competitions! Surely you can put your heads together and come up with something new. That’s why you’re making the big bucks, right? Houseguests can already pretty much figure out if the competition will be physical or not. A couple more seasons and they’ll have it nailed right down to the name of the game. Okay, off my soap box and moving on…this endurance competition favored those with cardio strength, a little coordination, and a little luck. For a while, it seemed like anybody’s game but Jeff eventually pulled away from the pack. Porsche was close but it was Jeff’s HOH to win. And just like that…the power has shifted in the BB house!

    After the competition, houseguests hit the showers and complain about how exhausted and wiped out they are. Daniele’s crew is stealth whispering with Shelly about how much they hate Rachel. Shelly tells them that she is going to convince Jeff this week to get rid of Rachel. We’ll see how that works for her. Dani thinks that Porsche and Kalia will be nominated with with herself going in the backdoor. Kalia, however, has faith in Shelly’s plan to get Jeff to backdoor Rachel instead. Yep, and monkeys might fly out of my butt. Meanwhile Rachel is looking all over for her stuffed dog that Shelly has taken hostage. When no one else is around, Adam later tells Shelly to put the dog back but the mature Shelly from her moral high ground answers, “No, why should I?”

    When Big Jeff gets his HoH room, there are smiles all around. He gets letters from his niece and his brother, Corn Nuts, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, hot sauce, a cheese platter, unsweetened iced tea(Sorry, Big Jeff…we can never drink together. Mine has to be sweetened), a Jumbo Chapstick, a college hat, a Chicago t-shirt, a gray HOH robe, black slippers, and rosary beads that Jeff got at the Vatican. Jordan heads down to the kitchen for cereal and Shelly follows, taking the opportunity to get a couple of jabs in at Rachel. Jordan doesn’t comment. When they head back up to HoH, Rachel is there with Jeff. Shelly tells her they need to get things straight and Rachel needs to quit talking behind her back to people. Rachel is surprisingly calm and they agree to a clean slate. Shelly says she just doesn’t like it when she hears that everything they discuss are getting back to other people. Um…hypocritical much? So they talk it out, Rachel keeps her cool, and Shelly shakes her hand before leaving. Jeff and Jordan commend Rachel for not completely going off all Rachel-style. Then they finally get down to the business of nominations. They settle on Daniele and Kalia for the best choices and Rachel promises she’ll do her best to fight for POV. She apologizes for all of her past drama and swears their alliance is solid.

    • Jeff didn’t like Shelly’s speech on the live show. Jeff and Jordan are hip to her CYA strategy in the house and realize she’s making deals with everyone.
    • Adam’s nipples were bleeding after the HoH competition so her wore some of Porsche’s heart shaped pasties. Why she thought it necessary to bring these into the house…who knows? Dani drew smiley faces on the hearts with nail polish.
    • Adam, Shelly, Dani, Kalia, and Porsche do some drooling talking about Kaysar. Now there’s a vet I could have watched again. Brenchel who?
    • Saturday is Dani’s birthday and she’s hoping for a Mexican-themed party.

    Adam pays Jeff and Jordan a late night visit. He pushes for a Daniele/Kalia nomination so that one of them can’t win POV and both of them end up being safe. Jeff never reveals his intentions, only asks what Adam would do. Adam continues to stress the importance of putting both Dani and Kalia up together. He also points out that Porsche has come close to winning a couple of times and calls Kalia’s HoH win luck. Jeff asks if he could convince Porsche not to use the Veto in the event that she plays and wins. Adam doubts it. He wants to know who Jeff would put up as a replacement if two of them are up and the third one wins Veto, taking one off(Dani, Kalia, Porsche). Jeff says it doesn’t matter to him. He’ll go with the nominee who causes the least tension. Jeff shares his concern with Adam that Shelly and Rachel could flip the vote and vote out one another just for spite. Adam doesn’t want to stay up there too long so he takes off.

    Jeff runs into Shelly in the kitchen and she tries to bash Rachel a bit in her attempt to turn Jeff against her. She says that she can’t hang with the others because they keep pushing her to talk to Jeff and get him to nominate Rachel. Ha! Jeff says to tell them that he has a mind of his own and can’t be persuaded. Back in his HoH room with Jordan, Jeff starts spinning nomination scenarios. He’s leaning towards NOT nominating Dani now, but Porsche and Kalia. His logic is that Dani’s going to play in the POV no matter what with her Veto ticket. This way Dani won’t be playing as hard to win, Jeff reasons. Um…yep, and monkeys might fly out of my butt again. He says that if Dani does win she won’t be mad at him since he didn’t nominate her and she would leave nominations the same. If anyone else wins the Veto and Porsche or Kalia come off the block, Dani goes up and right out of the house. Jordan thinks that Dani will suspect she’s being backdoored but they’ll promise her they’re going after floaters. They’re going to tell her that in good faith they won’t put her on the block if she doesn’t win Veto and use it on Kalia. Again…the monkeys and my butt thing here. Really, they have to realize that Daniele isn’t trustworthy in this situation here. For veterans, all of these guys have made some pretty questionable decisions.

    Adam wakes up in a good mood. Must be the smiley pasties on his nipples. He puts on Jordan’s tutu and does a dance with Dani providing background music to wake up the girls in the ROYGBIV room. It’s a very cute flashback for Adam fans. Or Dani fans. Or fans of big hairy tutu wearing dudes. See cam 4 at 9:38am. They go on an outside lockdown at about 10:30 house time and return to find out that America has chosen hard boiled eggs and jalapenos as the Have Not foods for the week. BUT…there will not be a competition. As HoH, Jeff will have to choose three people to be Have Nots for the week. He asks for volunteers but of course, there are none. So no surprise…he chooses Dani, Kalia, and Porsche. Dani will have to be a Have Not on her birthday and how Kalia will go a week without stuffing her face every waking moment baffles me, but it is what it is.

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    Re: 8/18 Live Feed Recap : And Monkeys Might Fly Out Of My Butt

    great job lil!
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    Re: 8/18 Live Feed Recap : And Monkeys Might Fly Out Of My Butt

    I can barely look at that last picture. YUCKO! Good job LIL!
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    Re: 8/18 Live Feed Recap : And Monkeys Might Fly Out Of My Butt

    Sorry, Big Jeff…we can never drink together. Mine has to be sweetened
    He's definitely not from the South!

    Finally get to catch up on my recap reading - great job, lil!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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