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Thread: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

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    8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    This recap follows the events in the Big Brother house from noon Saturday to noon Sunday

    Arielflies here subbing for TheIrishEyes. When I open the feeds, I see that the hamsters are all resting or sleeping; gathering and conserving energy for the big POV competition this afternoon.

    Dani, Kalia and Porsche, otherwise known to some as the three witches, yawn and dance in the HOH, dreaming dreams that their toil will bubble up trouble. The main focus for a full hour, though, is the spaceship room where Adam holds court, first with a chatty Rachel and then with a questioning Brendon.

    Adam Holding Court

    Brenchel is thinking about famewhoring out to another reality show, Survivor, and Adam is the go to guy for information as neither Brendon nor Rachel has ever watched a full episode. First Adam teases Rachel about getting bugs in her hair, which though she was freaking over one entangled a couple of nights ago, she swears she could handle that. Brendon is most impressed with the competitions…well, yes, but I hope Adam filling in the blanks beyond the competitions got through Brendon’s thick fame seeking head. ARGH! it makes me want to you know… when I have to listen to them talk as though they only want to go on this legendary show because it is there, and they talked to Russell at the Reality Fair last spring. Anyway, late in the first hour they move on to diets and Adam has a great piece of advice for anyone giving it a go; “Don’t eat until you’re full; stop when you’re still hungry.”

    The feeds shift every once in a while to someone moving about. Brendon and Jeff both were in the kitchen cooking lunch for themselves; while Shelly, still in the dumps, asked Adam in the purple room if Jordan and Jeff were lying to them. Adam was rather non-committal, but after he left, Shelly sighed, picked at her nails and called herself all kinds of a fool. She had just returned from a DR session and you have to wonder what was said.

    Trivia at 1:48 PM BBtime. Now we wait to see whether Dani, Kalia, Jeff, Jordan, Adam or Shelly comes back in with the POV medal around their neck. Oh, you read correctly, competition freaks, Brendon and Rachel were not chosen to compete or host as that honor goes to Porsche.

    Power of Veto or a Prize, You Choose

    Three hours later the feeds return. The competition is long over so we need to have patience to find out how the comp broke down.

    It turns out it was a prize swapping competition with a barnyard setting. The women were dressed in daisy duke costumes and the competitors had to toss bean bags to win points.

    Adam kept the Veto after Jeff opted for money.

    Jeff kept $5,000.00 bringing his winnings in the game to $15,000.00.

    Dani won a Veto Ticket which insures she plays in the next Veto competition.

    Kalia took a Caribbean vacation, which she later wonders if she can cash in.

    Jordan took a Unitard, which must be worn for seven days (named the HUMILITARD because, along with a pink net layered tutu, the green body shaper has the words “I’m with Stupid” and an arrow pointing up on the front and “Kick Me” on the back. Included in the outfit are fluffy pink flip flops for her feet and a beanie cap with a propeller that whirls when she walks.) In a compassionate gesture, she gave the phone call prize to Shelly in exchange.

    Shelly swapped the Unitard for solitary confinement which will last 24 hours (closed in the padded room with everything of a personal nature cleared out. She has the floor beds, blankets, etc. along with a loaf and half of French bread, a jug of water, slop and a chemical toilet with a curtain that can be closed for privacy.) The punishment turns into reward when she talks to family by phone sometime after her confinement ends.

    Dani: Everything turned out kind of perfect for everyone.

    At The Door

    A Cute Pixie talks to the Inmate

    Shelly wakes after a nap on the hard foam mattress and stares at the padded walls of her cell until a pink and green pixie calls to her from the other side of the closed, not locked, door. After greetings, Jordan describes the outfit to Shelly and gets her laughing. She lies down on the floor and Shelly does the same so she can peek at some of the details through a slice of opening between door and floor. After talk about the competition, Shelly says she is grateful to Jordan for what she did in the swap and promises to never, ever question anything about her and Jeff again.

    Dani arrives carrying her dinner plate and eats her dinner while she chats with Shelly. The main reason for her 45 minute cordial visit is to Ninja whisper that Shelly is safe and Brendon is going up and out. Oh, and please don’t tell anyone. Please don’t tell anyone also includes information that Rachel thinks she is going up and is already campaigning. During her time sitting on the floor with Shelly, both Kalia and Porsche drop by to say, “Hi.” This causes Jordan, who sees them, to question Shelly’s loyalty. Toward the end of the visit, Dani brings some Advil in a plastic bag and slides it under the door to help with Shelly’s aches. She says she would slide some peanut butter in if it was allowed.

    Shelly Has a Lot of Time on Her Hands

    Jordan and Jeff pay a very late night visit to Shelly to check up on her. She tells them that when she has to leave the room for a DR session, she isn’t allowed to interact with anyone. They joke about her tossing a beanbag over the barn wall during the competition.

    Poison, Poison

    Poison doesn’t come only in pills, liquid or at the end of darts; it also comes with words and Rachel is a master at dripping bits, then sealing her victims’ ears with wax.

    Once the backyard is opened for the hamsters’ pleasure, we discover that while Jordan soaks her feet in the hot tub, Rachel pours poison in her ear, mainly about Shelly. Jordan tries to explain why she called the meeting the other day saying Shelly is upset with Rachel and she couldn’t find the truth. Rachel gives her Rachel’s truth, which includes revving up the Monster Tractor and leaving wide tire marks on Shelly’s backside.

    Rachel: Kalia and Porsche said that it was Shelly saying everything.

    Brendon (an interested bystander): She made a three person deal with you and a three person deal with us.

    Jordan begins her stress out for the day telling Rachel that they will be losing an ally this week and she doesn’t know about Adam’s vote because he got so much flak for keeping Rachel. Rachel says she is warning her about Shelly because this all went down when Rachel thought she was going home last week.

    Her work done there, Rachel absconds to the hammock with Brendon where they plot. After whispering in his ear that Shelly needs to go, she also says that they need to convince Dani to put up Jeff because he is so greedy.

    Let’s see Rachel…you only came back to this show to get money for your wedding. So, far you haven’t had a chance to win any of the cash prizes, so I guess that makes Jeff greedy because he did have chances and took them. I didn’t listen to all this drivel, but I did check back in now and then to see if they were still in human form and not turned into salamanders by the three witches.

    Other Happenings

    Dani: It is going to be Hell on Earth on Monday.

    The elliptical is broken and the girls hope it is replaced with a treadmill.

    The washing machine stinks according to Porsche and she ran a load of bleach through a sanitizing cycle.

    Porsche reports to the HOH that Jordan was talking about Dani coming after her and that she was blaming Rachel for Shelly, which is kind of good to Porsche’s line of thought.

    Porsche slipped something from the kitchen counter (I didn’t catch what) in a plastic bag and hid it. Privately Kalia worries about Porsche’s kleptomania symptoms, or pranks as she calls them.

    Dani and Kalia run What If scenarios, but agree that to keep it going, Kalia must win HOH this coming week.

    Kalia: Adam is going to be the swing vote many times this season.

    Jeff tells Jordan that he hopes he made the right choice by taking the money and not the Veto.

    Jordan hopes this decision doesn’t come back to bite him. Jeff tells her, “If I’m getting back doored, I’m not leaving without prizes.”

    Alcohol arrives in the form of six beers for the three guys and a bottle of wine for the girls.

    Dinner, including barbequed corn on the cob from the farm comp set up is served around 10:30PM.

    Kalia, who earlier told Dani she was going to be nice to Rachel as a part of their strategy, plays hair stylist to Rachel’s split ends. She cleans them up but doesn’t cut off any length because she doesn’t want Rachel to hate it and in turn hate her.

    Adam teaches, or rather demonstrates, Jedi memory training for possible comps to Jordan.

    Adam figures out that Brenchel is only there to win money for their wedding. He thinks it is disgusting that they are so greedy and references a Crate and Barrel ultimate wedding contest they entered and lost.

    Wee Hours of the Morning Summary

    With Brendon present, Jeff and Jordan decide that Adam is the key vote and Shelly is expendable.

    Without Brendon present, Jeff and Jordan decide that Adam is the key vote and Shelly is expendable. It makes more sense to them to keep Brendon’s large targeted back in the house, even if he does come as a package deal with Rachel.

    Jeff and Jordan are the last to seek sleep and all the hamsters are in dreamland by 3:30 AM BBtime.

    Wake Up Call

    Without Shelly roaming around in the early morning hours, as of 10:20 AM BBtime, all feeds are focused on sleeping hamsters in twilight rooms. Finally we get some life in the form of FOTH music and wavy palm trees. It’s almost time for the morning reveal. Hang in there. Oh my, a brief glance of a depressed Rachel (ready to start her new cycle) with Brendon in reassuring mode; then trees and now we’re back watching them kiss and whisper over the stove. Jeff and Jordan still sleep – as well they should after their very late stressful night.

    Brenchel joins a smoking Adam on the patio couches and, after we hear them compare bedtimes, Skippy decides to go back to the glorious sun shining through palm trees. Maybe he is trying to rouse everyone else out of the sack; didn’t work. Oh, Adam had another of his weird dreams.

    Shelly is awake and lying on the floor pad in her jail cell staring at the walls. The wake-up song was by Johnny Cash, who Rachel says is one of Shelly’s favorite singers. If so, looks like a production shout out to Shelly in her isolation.

    While listening to Brenchel prattle on about their personal and game lives to Adam, I watch Shelly pace the perimeter of her cell.

    Brendon wades through small talk until 11:35 AM when he talks strongly to Adam about voting for him to stay. He likes Shelly, but…Adam is a guy and Dani is gunning for the guys.

    Brendon: You’re not our target at all…

    Adam: Not yet.

    Brendon: If I stay here, I’m going for Daniele.

    Adam: I don’t want to get to ahead of myself, but who is the bigger threat to me?

    Brendon puts on the hard sell, but will it work with Adam?

    What I’m taking away from the last 24 hours is that each of the vets, except Dani, of course, thinks they will be the replacement nominee. Adam is the swing vote and must be wooed, and no one trusts Shelly; though Dani will try to bring her to the dark side – witness Dani’s prolonged visit at the door last night letting Jordan see her there.

    What will change in the next 24 hours?
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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?


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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    We've graduated from Brenchel driving a bus to a tractor...what's next? A steam roller? Great recap! THANKS!
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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    great job Ariel - thanks for filling in!
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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    I read this and was cracking up! So much happened in one 24 hour time frame! Incredible! Really funny and well written Arielflies!
    Thanks for filling in so we can keep up!

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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    I don't see Brenchel lasting 40 days on Survivor. Rachel would piss everyone off with a quickness!

    Great job, Ariel!
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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    Nice job Ariel, thanks for keeping me updated and entertained over my lunch hour
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    Re: 8/13 BB13 Live Feed Recap: YEEHAW! How Much For That Tractor with the Big Tires?

    Brenchel is thinking about famewhoring out to another reality show, Survivor, and Adam is the go to guy for information as neither Brendon nor Rachel has ever watched a full episode.
    Oh, no. Please, please no. They've already ruined two seasons of my favorite show, no need to hit up another one.

    Very funny recap, Ariel, thanks!
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