Hi there, Hamster Watchers. Welcome back to the Wednesday episode, were we viewers are treated to our fill of veto competitions and veiled threats. Nominees Jeff and Rachel are both mad at HOH Kalia for daring to win HOH when theyíve labeled her a floater.

Rachel seems to think that winning challenges should entitle her to prize and has no social game. She seems to forget that Evil Dr. Will never won a competition the entire second season, yet he won the $500,000. It isnít that he couldnít win a competition, especially the quiz ones. It was that he didnít want to. It was that he didnít want to be in the HOH position of having to nominate people. Rachel fails to see that her sore loser (and frankly, sore winner) behavior makes everyone despise her.

Rachel mopes around the house, sniping at Danielle and being coddled by Shelly and Jordan about the extreme hardships in her life. People in the viewing audience who have actual problems in their lives silently vomit.

The only really interesting thing that happens this episode is that Adam shaves off his beard. He is hardly even recognizable anymore. Lawon proclaims his to be ďhansomfiedĒ after ridding himself of that woman-repellant beard. Lawon is getting more airtime than usual this episode.

Time for the Veto Competition Ė Sisphusí 300.

The participants in the Veto Competition are HOH Kalia, Nominees Jeff and Rachel, and other players Adam (Kaliaís pick), Shelly (Jeffís pick), and Jordan (Rachelís choice, as she got to select her own, but realized she has no allies in the house). Porsche is selected to host, which causes Dani to pout. Shelly questions why Jeff and Jordan didnít celebrate picking her for the competition. She tells them they have no reason to question her loyalty, but they think she wasnít trying her hardest in the Have or Have Not challenge. If Shelly doesnít see this as proof positive that Jeff and Jordan are planning to kick her to the curb the minute they donít need her vote, sheís obviously got obstructed view from too much kissing upwards.

The competition involves rolling a ball up one side of a hill, running over to catch it rolling down the other side, and then going back the other way. They need to cross the peak 300 consecutive times, and if the ball drops, they need to start over. Rachel tries going too fast and drops her ball repeatedly. Shelly and Kalia both give up and stand around being lumps. Kalia decides to openly cheer for Jeff, which both confuses and annoys everyone. Someone should tell them that no cheerleaders are required (a lesson that Rachel could also use). Adam is doing surprisingly well and has a slight lead over Jeff, who is going slow and steady to try to avoid having to restart. Jordan, as usual, is a non-factor in the challenge.

Adam and Jeff are both at 293 rolls with only 7 to go when Jeff ties with Adam. Oh Adam, you came so close to actually winning a challenge, but alas, Jeff picks up his pace and wins the Veto. He celebrates, but not in an insane Rachel type of way that makes everyone hate his guts. Jeff doesnít make himself super-likable about winning, though, because he and Jordan go to the HOH room to taunt her about Jeff winning the Veto. As if oblivious to the fact that Kalia actually has the ability to nominate Jordan to replace Jeff on the block, they proceed to trash talk about how wonderful they are. Inexplicably, Kalia commences a campaign to suck up to them and promises not to nominate Jordan. I want to smack my head in dismay. What is wrong with these people?

Kalia ignores Daniís pleas to keep the pressure on Rachel and tries to find someone else to nominate that would for some reason make Jeff, Jordan and even Rachel happy. She goes on the impossible journey of finding someone that Rachel thinks she could beat in the vote. The only way that would happen if she nominates one of her allies and they lose their ability to vote. That wouldnít happen, would it? Kalia would be that dense, would she?

Lawon must be bored out of his mind. He offers to go on the block and even risk eviction just to spice up his summer. He claims he isnít afraid to be evicted, thinking he might get to come back into the house with super powers. He is just plain out of his mind. I think he may be looking for an escape.

Kalia is drinking too much Jeff and Jordan Kool-Aid if she thinks that Jeff, Jordan, and Rachel are going to be allies with her after this week. Her desire to be ďpopularĒ with the cool kids is really impairing her judgment. Jeff uses the veto and Kalia nominates her ally and former partner Lawon. I canít stand this call.

Itís official. I canít stand any of these people. They are either too dumb to root for, or too self-centered that they believe their own hype or just plain repulsive. I have tried many times to like Shelly, as she has more admirable qualities than most of her cast-mates, but taking on Brendonís role of pacifying Princess Rachel and then her continuing campaign to be Jeff and Jordanís favorite pet is too nauseating to take.

Iím with Lawon. Get me out of here. Join us tomorrow to see if Lawon gets his wish, and which former houseguest will get to rejoin this madhouse.