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Thread: 7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

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    7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, BBT.

    As my shift begins, the hamsters mill about killing time before the POV competition. Most of them have spent the morning napping as they take turns getting called to the Diary Room. Brendon, Shelly, Adam, and Jeff, the only ones that are awake, are in the kitchen. Brendon's telling stories about something, and I click the mute button. When I tune back in, Rachel and Porsche have joined them, and Rachel is discussing how she and Brendon had to fight from Day 1 last year. The other guys disliked Brendon "for no reason." (*cough*)

    At 12:45 BBT we get trivia and I suddenly realize, for the first time in quite a while, I'm not really nervous about who's gonna win. Brenchel’s getting split up this week so whatever.

    We return at 3:15 to discover that Brendon won. Shelly is first up in HOH where she tells Daniele that Brendon told her this morning he wants to stay. Daniele believes that Brendon will "fer sher" take Rachel off. As soon as Shelly leaves, Daniele tells Kalia that she's sketchy. Daniele wants Brendon OUT but laughs to Kalia that there's no way she's telling Shelly that.

    It sounds like the competition was comprised of pieces from the previous competitions, and guessing times was a part of it. All I can figure out is that they had to pick the "activities" they wanted to do, and estimate how much time it would take them to do it. Jeff is beating himself up for not winning - apparently he was close to winning but did something stupid. He said he forgot Porsche was there (that's ok Jeff, most of us forget she's there too) and somehow that threw him off.

    Jordan and Jeff gather in the Purple Room. They think Brendon and Rachel are acting all happy because they think they'll both be able to stay. Jordan is convinced she'll be the replacement nominee. However, it looks like Daniele has something else in mind - Shelly. Daniele and Kalia can’t seem to figure out which couple Shelly is closer to. Daniele thinks putting Shelly up would be eliminating a vote for Brendon to stay, but on the other hand she'd be creating another enemy. She goes 'round and 'round and finally says she just needs to talk to Jeff and Jordan.

    the look of a woman on a mission

    Just when I'm thinking it could be an entertaining couple of days as Brendon and Rachel each offer to fall on their proverbial swords for the other, my hopes and dreams are squashed. Brendon tells Rachel that she can "do it on her own." "But who can I trust when you leave?" whines Rachel. "We'll figure it all out before I go" assures Brendon.

    Don’t worry folks, by this time next week we won’t have to look at this anymore

    With things looking bad for Brenchel, I have no doubt we have lots of golden comedic moments coming up. The first is when Rachel informs Jeff and Jordan that she thinks the four of them can convince Daniele to put up Kalia or Lawon as the replacement nominee. (Excuse me for a minute...... ..... ok I'm back).

    The next couple of hours is fairly uneventful. There's napping, snacking, cooking, chatting, and bible reading. Yes, for some reason, Skippy is fascinated with Lawon who is alone in the living room engrossed in the bible. Me? Not so fascinated. Reluctantly I turn up the volume in the Purple Room, where Jordan, Adam, Porsche, and Kalia are gathered. Unfortunately for me, Kalia is talking about bikini waxing. Aaaaaaand, I'm out!!

    Skippy must be as bored as the houseguests (and me, for that matter) because now he's zooming in and out on Porsche who is removing her nail polish. Yep, it's an exciting afternoon in BBLand.

    Kalia and Jordan take advantage of the solitude in the Candy Room to talk a little game. At least, I think that's what they're doing. I can't really hear much of what Kalia is saying. From the pieces I can decipher, she's telling Jordan not to worry, that Dani is trying to come up with other options for a replacement nominee. Jordan asks Kalia that if she does go up, would she have her vote, to which Kalia answers "of course, I would never vote against you." Jeff joins them, and Kalia continues to explain Daniele's thought process. She doesn't want to put Jeff or Jordan up because she doesn't want them to go home. But there are too many people in the house that she doesn't know what side they're on, so she doesn't know if "those people" would keep Rachel just to try to screw her (Daniele) over. When Kalia leaves the room, Jordan and Jeff agree they think Kalia was inferring that Shelly may be the replacement nominee. Jordan is annoyed that Rachel made a comment that if Jeff was the replacement, she'd be going home, which means Rachel thinks she could beat Jordan.

    Rachel comes out of DR to rejoin Brendon in the Have Not room, telling him they should make a secret deal with Daniele to keep both of them in the game.

    At 6 pm, Big Brother announces the lockdown is over and the hamsters spring to life. I'm also happy for a change of scenery. Rachel grabs Porsche in the Candy Room when everyone else goes outside to tell her the latest Master Plan. It consists of Brendon and her telling Daniele they promise not to come after her next week, but she has to make sure Kalia or Lawon goes home this week. Yep, that's the master plan. Genius, ain't it?

    Everyone spends the early part of the evening outside, except for Daniele who is still asleep up in HOH. Jordan does her usual Have Not shaving of her legs by the hot tub while the others discuss competitions from previous seasons. Comedy relief is provided by Shelly - as Kalia is lying in the hammock, Shelly sneaks up by crawling up and lying on the ground underneath her, then reaching up to poke, causing Kalia to freak out. Everyone, including me, gets a good laugh.

    The back porch conversation turns to how former houseguests sell stuff on ebay. Rachel says she and Brendon didn't sell anything. "Brendon and I fight so hard to be here" that it's not worth selling. Me and Wilson (yep, I bought Ragan's sock puppet from last year) tell Rachel and Brendon to F off. Rachel goes on to say how they had special Brenchel shirts made up to send to their fans along with personalized letters to every single fan that sent them letters. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

    Kalia and Lawon slip inside to talk about how their goals have changed in the game. They want to get certain people out, then they're content going to the jury house. Kalia wants the house to go back to where people can just have fun being together. Hey Kalia, it's not summer camp, ya know?

    Daniele finally wakes up and joins the land of the living. Kalia debriefs Daniele on her earlier talk with Jeff and Jordan. Kalia thinks that with Brenchel split up, they might be able to get Jeff and Jordan to work with them. Daniele agrees and says that's kinda what she's been thinking, that she hopes that she's said and done enough, and dropped enough hints to Jeff recently, that he'll be able to see her true intentions. They run through all the options again, trying to figure out who could be the replacement nominee and still guarantee four votes against Brendon or Rachel. They just can't figure out Shelly and where her true allegiance is, and they're also nervous about Lawon. Seeing Lawon downstairs on the spyscreen, they decide to summon. Dani wanted clarification on an issue between Lawon and Porsche where there was confusion about the plan to keep Dominic. Lawon seems to give a satisfactory explanation and the three of them stress how important it is that they stick together. All that's missing is a huddle and a big loud "Go Team!"

    As if on cue, Shelly pops in to say she just needs 5 minutes alone with Daniele. Come on Shelly, you've been doing so well this whole time, you need to lay low for a little while cause you're on the radar now! Her purpose is to vent about Kalia, who was telling Shelly how angry she was when nobody was cheering her and Daniele on in the HOH. Furthermore, today during the veto, there was a point when Brendon was the only one cheering for Rachel, Shelly joined and started cheering because nobody else was. And now Shelly thinks Kalia believes Shelly is aligned with Brendon and Rachel. Daniele promises Shelly that Kalia hasn't said anything to her about that, and that she herself told Kalia today she was being too paranoid. Shelly asserts that she has no problems voting Brenchel out at any time because she knows they have to go. She continues to say that no matter what else she's been hearing, Brendon is definitely saving himself, not Rachel. *sigh* Shelly's digging her hole deeper. As they wrap it up, Daniele promises Shelly that she has no intention of using her as a pawn.

    After Shelly leaves, Lawon and Kalia head back upstairs. Lawon's name for Shelly is "Mary Poppins." Dani tells them about what Shelly said, and Dani seems cool with it. Kalia whines that Shelly came to explain herself to Daniele, rather than apologizing to Kalia. Daniele tells Kalia it's not a big deal, that Shelly just wanted to make sure Daniele didn't put her up because she thinks she's aligned with Brenchel.

    Downstairs in the Purple Room, Jeff, Jordan, and Adam are strategizing. Jordan insists that Brendon is going to use the veto on himself, that he told her that earlier today. Jeff and Jordan are trying to figure out where the votes would go if either of them is the replacement nominee. Adam thinks Jordan would stay regardless of which one she's up against, but he thinks if Jeff is up against Rachel, Jeff might get voted out. Adam assures Jeff and Jordan that he's staying with them because when Jordan was HOH, he was shown more love than Brenchel did during their reigns.

    While Daniele spends the next two hours in the Diary Room, Kalia and Lawon stay holed up in the HOH room. I put that feed on mute but I can see that Kalia's mouth doesn't stop moving the entire time. Daniele comes out of the DR to find alcohol in the storage room so it looks like it's going to be a fun evening. She comes up to tell her underlings to come down and join the party, which sends Kalia into a fit of tears about how nobody likes her. Dani gives her a pep talk and eventually she makes her way downstairs.

    All the little hamsters spend some time together in the kitchen/dining room until Rachel eventually mopes her way into the Have Not room. Daniele goes to find her and try to clear the air, telling Rachel she does not hate her and that she hopes they'll be friends outside of the house. They hug it out and continue to talk, with Rachel informing Daniele that Brendon plans to use the veto on himself. So apparently that's their other plan - they want to make the others think that's what they're doing. I'm not sure I really see the point of that - it's not like it's going to throw anyone off, but whatever. Brenchel Strategy.... why even bother to question and argue with it. Anyways, Daniele continues to talk to Rachel with what certainly seems to be sincerity, about friendship in and out of the house, game moves that aren't personal, etc. Rachel just keeps sniffling and accusing Daniele of exacting her revenge by tearing Rachel's heart out. oy vey, this one. Rachel is full steam ahead on the Sulk Train and I've had enough.

    Kalia and Jordan are in the Purple Room, and although Kalia's nonstop mouth vomit is as bad as Rachel's whining, I figure there might be some game talk worth listening to so I tune in. Jordan wants to make sure Kalia didn't tell Daniele everything they talked about earlier (come on, Jordan, really? Did you learn nothing this past week?). Kalia says no, they were just running through scenarios, and assures Jordan that if she does go up, she would definitely have votes from Kalia, Lawon, Shelly, and Jeff, and that's all she'd need to stay. Jordan worries about what would happen if Jeff goes up and Kalia asserts she's positive that's not gonna happen because Daniele does not want Jeff to go home this week. So far Kalia is being straight up with Jordan.

    Back in the Have Not room, Porsche is taking her "console Rachel" turn. They think that Porsche might be the replacement nominee against Rachel if Brendon saves himself. Rachel pouts that Daniele is mean enough to do just that, and says Daniele was being insincere when she was trying to apologize and tell Rachel she hoped they'd be friends. Enough with the boo hooing already.

    A little later Kalia and Daniele reconvene in the HOH room. Daniele is a little thrown for a loop by Rachel saying Brendon was going to use the POV on himself. Kalia isn't sure their plan of trying to work with Jeff and Jordan will be feasible if Brendon is the one that stays. Daniele says bottom line she just needs to have her talk with Jeff and Jordan. They go on and on for a while then Daniele suggests that tomorrow, she and Kalia not talk any game, that they just hang out, socialize, get some sun, and take a break.

    Meanwhile, the crew outside is talking about how they should have a mock wedding for Brendon and Rachel in the house. Ohhhh Emmm Geeeeee. My initial thought is NOOOOOO but then I stop and think about the comedic value of such an event.

    It's a drama free night and everyone heads to bed.

    The next morning, Shelly is the first to stir, as per usual. She putters around while everyone else still sleeps. I take the opportunity to catch up on Twitter, and tweets from Ragan, Britney, and Matt remind me that it was this day last year that they were in the HOH room playing with Rachel's extensions. For a fun flashback moment, go to 7/30 at 12:20 am on Cameras 1 and 2. Why can't we have funny hamsters this year? *sigh*

    The wake-up call comes at 10:00. Shelly, Adam, Brendon, and Rachel are in the backyard. They discuss Kalia and how she says everyone hates her. Shelly thinks that Kalia should spend more time with everyone so they can get to know her. Rachel, in an early morning twist of irony, indignantly says "oh please, that's just her way to get pity." Oh Rachel, Rachel, you know that saying about the pot and the kettle? Umm, yeah. They discuss Spa-Gate (Kalia saying that she peed in the hot tub, then retracting it), and Shelly takes that opportunity to inform them that Kalia lied about her age - she's 30, not 27.

    We get some excitement around 11 am when it rains. Adam goes back to bed, leaving Brendon and Rachel to continue to whine about Daniele to Shelly. "Now I understand why Dick says his daughter's a little b****. His words, not mine," states Rachel. That leads into ad nauseum rehashing of how Daniele backstabbed them. Brendon can't wait to win HOH next week and put Daniele and Kalia up next to each other. I'm seriously wondering if I've missed a talk between Brendon and Rachel because the way Brendon is talking, he really does seem like he intends to stay.

    The rain comes down harder and Brendumb puts a trash bag over his shirt and commences to run around the yard doing silly dances. Rachel joins him and they play some basketball in the rain. Shelly finds her morning joy in the bug spray that Big Brother has given her. She goes around the kitchen happily spraying the ants. They've all three moved inside and resume their Government Chat from last night, and I decide it's time to end my shift 20 minutes early.

    Happy Sunday! Tune in for waywyrd's summary of the next 24 hours. Will the rain hamper what is usually the weekly Sun-day Fun Day for our beloved houseguests?

    thanks to JustJuls for contributing some of the Kalia caps!
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    Re: 7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

    "Rachel goes on to say how they had special Brenchel shirts made up to send to their fans along with personalized letters to every single fan that sent them letters. I just threw up in my mouth a little bit."

    There were only 5 fans so it didn't cost them much. $5.00 for Dollar store Tshirts, $1.00 for the dollar store stationary, and $2.80 for the stamps!

    Awesome recap! I think Kalia would still be talking with duck tape on her mouth. Does she talk in her sleep too?

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    Re: 7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

    Five shirts? You're being generous, bearwme1, I was going to say 3.

    Fun recap, Irish! I hope Rachel got all the boo-hooing out of her system so I won't have to endure it on my shift. And I love the Kalia pic at the end!
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    Re: 7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

    My favorite Kalia pic is the last in the middle row where all her pent up meaness is shown. Super Recap, Irish!
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    Re: 7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

    The Kalia trend pic is classic!

    Great recap!
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    Re: 7/30 Live Feed Recap: "I forgot Porsche was in the game"

    That Kalia montage is too funny! Great job!
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