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Thread: 7/28 Live Feed Recap : No More Couples Celebrity Rehab

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    7/28 Live Feed Recap : No More Couples Celebrity Rehab

    Hey there, BB fans, fellow Brenchel haters, Jeff and Jordan lovers, and everyone else in between. This past week has been a rollercoaster with Rachel as HoH. By now, everyone knows that Dani has been busted and is on the outs with the vets alliance. As punishment for not bowing to the king and queen, Dominic is being sent home. Gotta give the newbie some credit though…he hasn’t gone down without a fight. Until the end, he was working hard for the votes. Before the live show, there was campaigning, crying, and even a brief perv cam shot of Brendon’s wee wee in the shower. If he would have known Skippy was going to give the internets a free show, he could have spared himself that whole Skype scandal. But anyway, no one is here to read about Brendon’s tallywhacker. On to the really big stuff(pun intended)…

    The anticipated endurance competition has been the talk of all the BB blogs/websites and it does not disappoint. In the competition, Big Brother Slalom, houseguests must hang on to ski pole and stay on their “skis.” The setup is similar to the surfboard endurance comp from last year. AS a houseguest falls, he/she will pick a snowball that contains an envelope. Prizes inside could be something good(one contains $10,000) or a punishment of sorts. And of course this is BB, so the weather turns ugly. They’re hit with a blizzard of wind and snow. When feeds go live, Adam and Lawon are already out of the Big Brother Slalom. Rachel is cheerleading for Brendon.*gag* It doesn’t do much good, however. About a half hour end, the big dope falls off. We lose feeds briefly, probably so Brendon and Rachel can open their envelope. When they come back, Dani says that someone is going to win $10,000. Shelly says she’s getting her letter and pictures. Lots of “go Boo” shouts come from the sidelines. Houseguests hang on as the snow continues to fall. Talk turns to Dominic and how his good-bye message went too far. Jordan even takes a dig at Dani, hinting that it’s because he hung around with her. Porsche is in a zone. Her eyes have been closed pretty much the entire time. Jordan and Dani are looking comfortable too. Jordan even tells Jeff he can go ahead and jump because she’s got it. Soon after, Jeff drops. Jordan isn’t far behind him. The four girls remaining hang tough. There are lots of cheers for Shelly and Porsche from the vets on the sidelines. Kalia comments that a big booty is not an advantage in this competition. Shelly says having no booty is an advantage for her. Porsche asks Shelly how she’s feeling and she promises she’s going to win this one. The vets continue to cheer Shelly on while Kalia and Dani encourage each other. Shelly soon falls meaning the vets are going to be toast this week when nominations come down. It doesn’t take long for Rachel to start pouting. Dani says she’s going to hang on all night because she promised Dom she would win. Kalia says she’ll hang up there until they make a deal and Dani shushes her. She tries to cover by telling her she’s just going to hang with her for a little while. Dani tells her not to give up. She answers that she won’t…they’ll battle it. A short while later, Kalia and Dani joke a bit again about making a deal. Then, she drops. Dani snarks, “And she’s back in the game, folks.” Zing!

    Snowball Prizes/Punishments
    • Adam – wears an elf costume for a week
    • Brendon – Have Not
    • Jordan – Have Not
    • Lawon – Have Not
    • Jeff- $10,000

    Dani gives Jordan a hug in the ROYGBIV room(houseguests name for the Candy room) and tells her that she is safe. She promises that she will not be coming after Jeff or Jordan. Through her tears, Jordan says okay. Rachel and Kalia mix it up right away because Rachel whines that Kalia made her cry earlier. Kalia doesn’t know what she’s talking about but let’s her know that she does not respect her game play. Kalia mutters something about bringing out the worst in people and Jeff quips that it’s because she never shuts up. True that. Brendon pulls Rachel to the purple room, calls Kalia and Dani “nobodies” and tries to tell Rachel to let it go. Rachel just doesn’t understand why they’re being mean to her for “no reason.” Is memory loss a side effect of too much silicone? Apparently, she’s forgotten everything that transpired over the past week. Meanwhile, Dani and Kalia do a happy dance in the storage room. They should have celebrated Rachel-style and danced in front of everyone just to push her a little closer to the edge.

    In ROYGBIV with Kalia, Dani tells her that she promised safety for Jeff and Jordan. They aren’t her target, but she wants to make a one week deal with them. Might as well get something out of it. She explains her plan to put up Brendon and Rachel, saying, “Bye Brenchel.” She’s so giddy that she can’t stop dancing around. Part of her nomination speech is “Brenchel, you share plates; you share food; but unfortunately, you don't share a key so I have to nominate both of you.” Her speech is long but she’s been practicing it all week. Dom loved it. Dani is definitely planning a big game move and not afraid to go after the power couples.

    Dani : “I didn’t sign up to spend my summer at Couples Celebrity Rehab.”

    Over in the Have Nots room, the vets are discussing the certainty of Brendon and Jeff going on the block. Porsche tells them they need to play it cool and be social with everyone. Brendon is too haughty for that and says he won’t be begging for anything. Finally, they decide it’s best to take Porsche’s advice. In the bathroom a bit later, Porsche brings up a good point with Rachel and Shelly. She thinks Dani should have given the HoH to Kalia. She could have still pulled all the strings and ran the HoH, but she would have been eligible to play next week. Porsche has been silent and MIA until now. Heh…maybe she does have a brain and some game. Doubtful, but maybe.

    Rachel surprisingly sucks it up and goes to eat a whopping plate of crow by approaching Dani to talk. She gives her props on the win and she wants to know if she’s going up. Dani tells her that she has some options. She says she doesn’t know what Rachel wants her to say to her and Rachel pulls the victim card whining about how Dani called her an idiot. Dani apologized, saying she doesn’t want to play like that by taking personal digs. It’s a game. They go on to discuss where everything started to unravel. Dani remarks that when she played the game the first time, she was attacked on a personal level. You have to play the game on a non-emotional level and she thinks Rachel is led by her emotions in the game. Dani again goes over all of her reasons for wanting to backdoor Jeff and get him out. She even brings up Jordan mentioning a question that Julie Chen asked her during her HoH interview. The question had something to do with why Jordan didn’t backdoor Brendon/Rachel and Dani points out that there is a reason they ask those questions in private. Rachel sounds like she’s seeing Dani’s point…that Jeff/Jordan would have eventually turned on them too and that they had probably already considered it. Rachel asks Dani if she would be willing to deal and get rid of others but Dani doesn’t commit. She says the past week left her in a bad place and she wants to think about things. Rachel takes a second helping of crow and congratulates her again on her way out.

    Dani gets her HoH room and dances up the stairs. Everyone joins her and surprisingly it isn’t quite as tense as one would as imagine. It’s tense, just not terrible. She gets a Third Eye Blind CD, pictures of her grandma, her cats, her brother, and her dad, a small unicorn Pillow Pet, Blue Moon beer, coconut water, Jell-o, Nesquik(but she doesn’t like the strawberry), pita chips, fruit and veggies, Cinnamon Life cereal, ice cream, Cool Whip, tanning oil, almonds, bubbles, and school awards/childhood crafts that her grandma has pulled out of the closet. Lawon is given the HoH robe and Dani tells him he is the first. Adam tells him to “rock that mother****er.” Lawon wears the robe and “boxes” around the room. The letter is from her grandma but she opts to read it alone. She’s afraid if she reads it out loud, she’ll get sentimental and cry. Finally, everyone leaves at once and Dani is left alone to read her letter. When they all leave, Dani sings, “awwwkward.” Ya think?

    Rachel and Jeff decide that if Dani will make a deal to keep them safe this week, they’ll do the same for her next week. They think she’d take this deal since there are four of them competing for HoH next week and she can’t compete herself. Porsche comes in and overhears this kind of talk and reminds Rachel that she isn’t allowed to make deals with Dani or talk game without Brendon who is in the DR, I think. Where did this Porsche, a voice of reason, come from??? She hasn’t been a blip on the BB radar and again, she’s suddenly making complete sense. Too bad she’s aligned herself with Brenchel. Rachel heads up to HoH and clears out Kalia and Lawon so she can talk to Dani. Brendon won’t be happy. Rachel pitches the deal to keep Dani safe next week since she can’t compete but Dani doesn’t jump right on it. She tells Rachel that she has some trust issues because of what happened last week. Rachel understand but says it’s just a game. Dani calls her on the fact that if one of them had one the HoH, nobody would be talking to her and she would definitely be on the block this week. If she wasn’t on the block, she would be backdoored…no question in her mind. Rachel shouldn’t bother denying it because baby Jesus, Mother Mary, and all of the angels know it’s true but she does. She claims she would have convinced the others to make a deal with Dani and gone after Kalia. Rachel thinks Dani is in a position to make deals and she should do so. She should go after Lawon since he’s such a floater. Dani tells her that she isn’t playing the same game that Rachel is playing. She isn’t simply playing for jury. She’s playing to win! Dani wanted to go to F2 with Rachel and said that was the only F2 deal she had even though Rachel clearly doesn’t trust her. Rachel then pulls Brendon and Jeff’s bully card by telling Dani that if she takes out Brendon or Jeff this week, that will be three votes in the jury she won’t have. She’s sure they can “force” two other people vote their way too so Dani will never win. Dani might be willing to take that risk. She says Rachel and the others play based on emotion and at the end, she’ll vote based on how someone has played the game and not whether or not she likes that person. After all, this is a game. She calls Rachel on her threats and Rachel says it’s because Dani threatened her last week. Dani finally admits she made a bad game move with the Jeff thing. Rachel lets her know that the deal is there if she wants it and she’ll be safe for a week. Dani will think about it because for once she’s going to do what she wants to do. She’s not going to do what the “dictatorship” wants and calls bs on the so-called group decisions the alliance was making. The decisions were ultimately made by whoever was in power. Rachel promises anything and again, Dani says she’ll think about it. She wants to talk to everyone first.

    Rachel heads down to the purple room where Brendon promptly jumps on her asking, “What have I told you not to do?” It’s just not considerate to the big baby’s feelings. She says that Jeff and Jordan told her to do it. Porsche wants to know if Dani said anything good and Rachel fills them in. Brendon says she’s just being a bitch but Rachel defends her. She says Dani just feels that the two of them f***ed her. Brendon says that Dani lied to them and tried to get them to take out someone just to further herself in the game. Um…hello, dumbass…this is Big Brother you’re playing. Brendon gets more belligerent(if possible) saying that if she wants to make deals with everyone and put them up anyway, he’ll call her out in front of everyone. He says that this is why Rachel isn’t allowed to talk game without him because had he been up there, things would have gone down differently. So maybe it’s best he didn’t go. Rachel tells him that Dani doesn’t want to deal with them talking down to her that way so yeah, it would have made things worse. Big Bad Brendon isn’t scared though. If Dani wants to put him and Jeff up and send one of them home, they’ll all keep going after her until they get her out. Brendon still thinks it was a mistake to try to deal with Dani but Rachel doesn’t want to just roll over. Almighty Brendon isn’t going to sell his soul or his integrity though…anybody want to tell him the integrity’s been gone since he put his wanker on the net? Hate to keep beating a dead horse but just sayin.’ Brendon and Rachel continue to fight. Brendon won’t let it go that she went against his wishes and discussed game without him present. Dude has some serious control issues. Rachel tells him to leave her alone and he finally does.

    Dani and Kalia were eavesdropping outside the purple room and heard the whole thing between Rachel, Brendon, and Porsche. They run back up to HoH to talk about it. Dani spills everything about her talk with Rachel to Kalia. She plans to ask Shelly if the stuff Rachel said…that she was planning to put Dani up if she won HoH…is true. In the storage room, Jordan checks in with Shelly to see if they’re good. She’s worried that Rachel is only trying to make deals for herself and Brendon(not true). Shelly assures her that if it comes down to Brendon and Jeff, her loyalty and her vote goes to Jeff. No question.

    Dani holds court in HoH with Kalian and Lawon. No big surprise to anyone that they’re up there. Dani calls Shelly a mole. Kalia plans to target Jeff and Jordan if she ever wins herself a HoH. They spend the rest of the night talking about the others. Brendon and Rachel finally kiss and make up after he runs it in the ground that his feeling are SO hurt that she talked game without him. Seriously, he makes Rachel look like the prize in this relationship. They spend the rest of the night talking about Dani and running all the scenarios. However it goes down, they say Dani doesn’t have the votes. Shelly says to let her sit up there and puff up her feathers. Don’t go to her anymore tonight…just let her feel like a queen and then they can secure a deal. Shelly thinks she can convince her. She’ll tell Dani that she’ll never have her vote if she takes out one of the vets. They’re certain that Dani will nominate Brendon and Jeff to get one of the big boys out. If one of them comes off with the POV, she’ll simply put up one of the significant others. So Brendon/Jeff as they suspect or Brendon/Rachel as dani hinted to kalia…who knows? One thing is for sure. The power has shifted and the game has finally started. And how sweet it is to see Rachel squirm.

    • Adam is honored to join the ranks of BB greats who have worn costumes. He’s just happy it’s not a hippietard. So are we. The mental image alone is nauseating.
    • Lawon had "Survivor" by Destiny's Child as in his mind during the competition. Didn’t work for him. He needs a new soundtrack.
    • Dani had so many stuffed unicorns in her car that her friends made her take them out because it was embarrassing.
    • Rachel isn’t a Have Not but chooses to sleep in the room with Brendon. Truth be told, he probably wouldn’t want her out of his sight that long.

    Morning comes and Shelly is first up as usual. She’s jonesing for a smoke and can’t wait for the lockdown to end. As soon as it does, she and Adam beat it outside for a cigarette. Brendon quizzes Lawon about his pajama jam in HoH but he doesn’t tell him a thing. In the BY, Jeff and Brendon join the smokers to discuss upcoming twists and game. Jeff says that they knew Dani had endurance but next week will be a different story. They’ll keep putting her and Kalia up against each other until they get them out. Meanwhile, floaters like Lawon and Porsche just might slide all the way to the end of the game. Nominations are later today and the Have Nots will find out which foods are added to their slop. Look for for a kickass recap by The IrishEyes later this weekend to catch you up on all the drama to follow.
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    Re: 7/28 Live Feed Recap : No More Couples Celebrity Rehab

    great job! Kalia's picture/caption is hysterical!!
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    Re: 7/28 Live Feed Recap : No More Couples Celebrity Rehab

    Hilarious! Thanks for the recap; I knew Dani would win the endurance comp. Let the games begin...I love it!

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    Re: 7/28 Live Feed Recap : No More Couples Celebrity Rehab

    "…anybody want to tell him the integrity’s been gone since he put his wanker on the net? Hate to keep beating a dead horse but just sayin.’ "

    Is Dead Horse Brendon's pet name for it?

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    Re: 7/28 Live Feed Recap : No More Couples Celebrity Rehab

    But anyway, no one is here to read about Brendon’s tallywhacker. On to the really big stuff(pun intended)…

    Excellent recap, lil. That picture of Kalia, yikes.
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