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Thread: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

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    7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BBT.

    So Rachel is HoH again. Good news for the vets; bad news for those who would rather hear caterwauling drunks at karaoke, screeching nails down a chalkboard, or Justin Bieber ‘s “Baby” stuck on repeat on your iPod than Rachel’s laugh one more time. Feeds return after the live show and houseguests are discussing the HoH competition questions. Brendon is miffed because aside from being class president, he was also a swim coach. This makes him more qualified to give America mouth to mouth resuscitation. Dani tried to comfort him by telling him that America is just so afraid of Rachel coming after us for wanting to get it on with her man that we went with Jeff, the safe choice. Because the truth…no one wants his mouth on them when it’s been all over Rachel and oh yeah, Jeff is hella sexy…would have crushed his fragile feelings. They’re also trying to figure out where to sleep. If they’re smart, they’ll bleach the sheets and comforter on the bed that Brendon and Rachel used in the Candy Room. There was talk earlier of doing just that since Dani found some…um, questionable spots on the sheets. On second thought, forget the bleach and just burn them. Some things just don’t wash off.

    The mood around the house is light, but Dani and Rachel finally hook up in the purple room to whisper about nominations. They’re trying to decide whether or not Adam and Dominic should go up as nominees or replacements with the POV. Through all of their stealth whispering about who can be trusted, it sounds like Adam is the target. Jordan comes in and calls them schemers. She thinks it’s better to nominate Kalia and Lawon, and put up Adam and Dominic as replacements. Rachel points out the danger in this if Dominic wins POV again and pulls Kalia and Lawon off. The only duo remaining would be Jeff and Jordan to go up as replacements. When Jordan leaves, Dani reminds her that Jeff and Jordan wanted Dom out. Jeff and Jordan have Kalia and Adam on “their side” so they both agree they have to keep Dominic in the house for numbers. Dani then drops a big secret on Rachel…that Dominic told her when he went up last week to talk to HoH, Jeff asked him who he would be with if it came down to it…Jeff/Jordan or Brendon/Rachel. Dani advises Rachel to keep her cool, not to get emotional, and to keep her mouth shut. She says Jeff and Jordan are playing a better social game. The split is going to happen eventually so Rachel needs to get her you-know-what straight. Rachel whines that everyone likes Jordan more. Dani points out that Jordan is nicer to people. She tells Rachel to quit gloating when she wins and to knock off the smartassy comments. Too bad she didn’t tell her to knock off the damn annoying laugh too, but we’ll take what we can get.

    Brendon and Rachel are hanging out in the hammock discussing everything. Dani eventually joins them and is obviously laying the groundwork for when this alliance splits. Sounds like she’s planning to side with Dominic, Brendon, and Rachel to take out Jeff, Jordan, and the others. They discuss it to death, count the votes, and it still sounds like this week’s target is Adam. Next week, they think they can go after Lawon and take out Porsche the week after that. Dani 2.0 is stronger and smarter and has more game than the girl we saw last time around. And this one actually eats too. Jordan comes over and the pow wow continues. Round and round they go about who they can trust. Jordan doesn’t trust Adam or Lawon. Dani says to put up Dom/Adam and she’ll tell Dom to throw the POV. If they don’t throw it, then it’s obvious he isn’t with them. When Dani leaves, they all say that they don’t completely trust Dom.

    Dani : It’s Big Brother. There’s going to be a power shift soon and when it shifts, you want the power to be on your side.

    They realize that BB has given them 5 beers and a bottle of wine. Kalia wants a glass but Brendon wants to be sure that it’s fairly distributed so he tells her to wait until midnight for the Have Nots. Kalia tells Dani about it. She finds it as absurd as Kalia does that Brendon is suddenly policing how much they drink. She parades into the kitchen announcing, “I want wine!” Jeff pours it all into glasses for them but Dani then refuses it because she doesn’t want to cause any problems by drinking it. But Kalia? Kailia got her wine. So did Dani eventually…just not before indirectly letting Brendon know he’s a big ass clown.

    Random Stuff
    • Rachel came into the house with an unpaid ticket she got. The sign said no left turns between 5-7PM but she turned anyway. She just doesn’t understand why she got a ticket. After all, she came to a complete stop, used her signal, and then made her illegal turn. Oh, and she was also illegally talking on her cell phone at the time. Her court date was after the date they entered the house so someone was supposed to take care of it for her. With any luck, there’s a warrant for her arrest and LAPD will be waiting with cuffs when she’s evicted.
    • Shelly loves her Diet Coke. When she finally gets to have it, the little bit left in the bottle is flat. Don’t know how she kept her cool. I’d cut somebody over my Diet DrP.
    • Porsche doesn’t like what America thinks of her based on questions in the HoH competition. She asks Rachel if she can host the POV competition to change that. As if.
    • Dominic says he’s going to finally cut the cord *my words*and move out of his mother’s house when BB is over. We’ll see if his mommy lets him.
    • Shelly is worried about Cassie because she was having migraine symptoms just before she went out the door. Poor girl. Migraines are a bitch I wouldn’t wish on anyone…except maybe Rachel. Or Brendon.
    • Brendon suspects that there is another duo amongst the newbies and that maybe it was Cassie/Dom.
    • Rachel tells Porsche she needs to win the next HoH or she’ll be a target. Huh? I think she wants Porsche to get her hands dirty nominating Jeff and Jordan.
    • The wake up call was “Pour Some Sugar On Me.” Shelly wonders if it’s a clue to the Food Competition theme.

    Rachel comes out for her HoH reveal and walks right into another houseguest prank. They’re all hiding in ambush to attack her with pillows. They don't hit her hard enough though. she's still walking. And talking. And laughing. Ugh. Finally, they head up to her room where she finds a letter from her sister, sushi, Lean Cuisines that she only recently requested, Monster Coffee, a cheetah-spotted horsie purse that looks like something my 4 year old would carry, a Tiesto CD, and lots of other goodies. Everyone does the obligatory oohing, aahing, and butt kissing before heading out. Porsche then tells her that Tiesto would be so happy that she got his CD. She knows him personally from Miami. *Read he’s one of the VIPs in her cocktail lounge.* Suddenly…whoosh…Brendon sucks all of the joy out of Rachel’s HoH high by whining about how unfair it is that he didn’t hear anything from his family. Rachel’s sister should have mentioned his family. He goes on pouting for a while before Dani comes in and asks him what's wrong. He tells her why he's bummed and she shuts him up by simply saying "win HoH." Zing!

    Jordan, Shelly, and Kalia have a chat about Rachel. Seems Shelly has also told her that she needs to watch the way she talks to people. Think Rachel would get a clue that there’s something to this since so many people are telling her. Shelly tells the girls that she told Rachel that everyone is sick of the PDA and they don’t have to be crawling all over each other. Shelly called her on arguing with Brendon in public too and advised her not to do it in front of everyone. Dollars to donuts, Rachel doesn’t take any of this advice.

    Kalia weighs in with Rachel and Dani on the nomination situation. Like Dani, she’s pulling for Dominic to stay but she wants Lawon out, not Adam. Rachel and Brendon later talk to Adam who naturally says what they want to hear. They do like him, but aren’t sure if they can trust him. Rachel wants to stay up late and figure out who her nominations will be but to Brendon, it’s a no-brainer. Putting up Lawon and Kaila is a risk because Dom and Adam could win POV, and take them down. Again, that forces them to put Jeff and Jordan on the block. Rachel insists that they won’t use the veto because they promised her they’d leave the nominations the same. Brendon once again urges her to use her head and not play the game with emotion. He thinks they need to sit down and talk to Jeff and Jordan about final 4. She’s leaning hard on the idea of putting Jeff and Jordan on the block. Dani’s seed planting has taken root. Brendon tells her it’s crazy to go after Jeff and Jordan until all of the newbies are gone. He thinks they need to assure Dani that she is with them and that they won’t get rid of her at final 4 over Jeff and Jordan. Rachel thinks Dani wants final 2 with Jordan because Jordan already has a win. Nobody would give her another. She suspects that as soon as Dani can compete, she’ll start winning competitions. Then she goes all crazy jealous and accuses Brendon of wanting final 2 with Dani instead of her. Brendon thinks it’s a ridiculous argument and tells her he’s going to sleep. He turns off the light; she yells at him not to turn it off while she’s changing clothes, but then storms into the bathroom to change. Anyone want to start the pool on how long these two last? Ten bucks says when they split Rachel ends up down in sunny Florida with Porsche serving up vodka tonics to old rich guys.

    Morning dawns and Brendon is in a condescending mood, as usual. He’s still all bent out of shape over a ticket she hasn’t paid. When they’re alone, Rachel tells him he hurt her feelings. He tries to interrupt but she tells him not to do it. She goes on blasting him for making her look like a child in front of everyone and she’s sick of hearing about the damn ticket. She got a lawyer to take care of it. He turns it into a discussion about money. For some reason, he thinks the cost of her ticket will double or triple while she’s in the house. Um…no, dummy…a warrant will simply be issued for her arrest. Of course, he doesn’t see that he’s belittling her; since for him, this argument really isn’t about money at all. It’s about control.

    Lawon comes up to talk to them and like Adam, he tells them what they want to hear. When he’s gone, they decide that Dominic will be loyal to Dani. If the two of them want to join up with Jeff and Jordan, so be it. Rachel says she still thinks Jeff and Jordan will come after them if one of them wins HoH. Brendon still insists the biggest mistake they can make in this stage of the game is going after Jeff and Jordan.
    At the end of this shift, feeds go to trivia for the food competition which will most likely coincide with a celebrity visit to the house. As things stand, Adam still appears to be the target this week. But even with nominations looming, this crazy game of Big Brother can turn on a dime. Rachel is paranoid and playing with her emotions. Dani has been planting seeds of doubt, preparing them for an inevitable split that’s coming for their alliance. Look for MFWalkoff’s upcoming recap to find out how it all goes down.
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    Re: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    Suddenly…whoosh…Brendon sucks all of the joy out of Rachel’s HoH high by whining about how unfair it is that he didn’t hear anything from his family. Rachel’s sister should have mentioned his family. He goes on pouting for a while before Dani comes in and asks him what's wrong. He tells her why he's bummed and she shuts him up by simply saying "win HoH." Zing!
    My favorite part of the whole, blasted day.

    Terrific Recap lildago!
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    Re: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    Thanks for the recap lil! Good to see you here! I've missed ya!
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    Re: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    Great job, lil! It's wonderful to have you back doing live feed recaps.
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    Re: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    Hilarious! And for the record, I would personally choose the caterwauling drunks at karaoke... it's highly possible that I've been one of those
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    Re: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    Love the caption with the picture of Brendon and his yucky knees. Honestly, how did these two get together. Love is truly blind! Excellent recap, as usual!

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    Re: 7/21 Live Feed Recap : Some Things Don't Wash Off

    Yay! I missed my lilcaps.

    And I can't believe those morons are still arguing over Rachel's ticket.
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