Greeting, Hamster Watchers. Itís Sunday night, so time for the least consequential Big Brother episode of the week. Rachel runs around gloating that they fooled two Newbies into voting Keith out, and then rubbed it into the Newbies faces by following them into the Have Not room and claiming that she wasnít aware that there were ďsidesĒ and that they simply love Porscheís company.

Even though Adam had not betrayed the Newbies, he seems overcome with guilt over having only spoken with Evil Dick and makes it seem like he was one of the two side-shifting Newbie voters, when really it was Shelly and Kalia. He confesses to the Newbies that he had been approached to vote out Keith with them, and then confesses to the Careers that he hadnít actually kept up his end of the bargain. Incredibly poor strategy Ė Adam is truly a disappointment.

Next itís time to see Jordanís HOH room. More pictures and sucking up. Domís campaign to suck up to the Careers includes joining Jeff and Brendanís back yard theatre production of superhero and turtle sidekick. It is a plastic turtle that Brendan has named (though I canít recall the name, was it Franklin or am I only thinking that because of the childrenís books with Franklin the Turtle). They are prancing around in tights. They are wrestling each other to the ground. I can only hope that there was alcohol. Otherwise, it sure didnít take very long for them to get so bored they just lost their skulls.

For the Have / Have Not competition, the competing pairs dress like ants (strapped together with their legs bound together, one in front of the other) where they have to stay strapped together and navigate an obstacle course while trying to move objects from one end to the other. Dom is soaking up quarts of Adamís back sweat. It is unpleasant all around. The teams roll over crushing each other, with Adam and Dom almost as fast as Brenchel, but not quite.

Only the first place team to finish will automatically join HOH Jordan, her partner Jeff, and Golden Key holders Dani and Porsche in the Have group. Seems quite unfair that the first two teams didnít win Have status, with the last two teams being the Have Nots (like last week). This screams of more manipulation to assure that Dom and Adam have a rough week, as they were much better equipped for this challenge than the other two teams of Newbies.

Once it is apparent that she isnít going to win, Kalia goes into full drama mode, calling out the showís medic to assure her that sheís a big whiner after Lawon is surgically removed from their shared Ant costume. For once I actually agree with Rachel that Kalia is going full drama mode for no reason. Blissfully, in this episode we actually donít see much of Rachel. Quite nice, really. Brendan and Rachel get to pick one other duo to join the Haves, and they pick Lawon and Kahlia. That leaves Dom and Adam and Shelly and Cassi as the Have Nots this week. Guess that is a pretty good indication of who they do not want performing well at the Veto Competition.

Americaís Vote has awarded the Have Nots a week long supply of jerky and jelly beans. I think that is awesome, and think that I could make it a week on just that. Adam agrees, but Dom is disappointed. Doesnít he realize that selection was an act of kindness, as the alternatives were much worse? Must not have been watching the votes for prior seasons.

Time for a little strategy talk. Dominic has been charming Dani, who visits Jordan and Jeff in the HOH room to advocate that Cassi and Shelly be nominated to target Cassi and award Shelly the third Golden Key. Dani would like to keep Dom around, and having seen the rest of the houseguests, I donít blame her. Jeff agrees that would be a wise nomination, but Jordan still feels more threatened by Dom and Adam (because of Adamís idiotic move in running to tell the Careers that he actually voted to keep Keith, rather than just letting them wonder). Will Brenchal and Dani sway Jordanís nominations, or will she go with her gut?

Next up, the Nomination Ceremony. With the nominations occurring in pairs, these donít take any time at all. Cassi and Shelly are safe first, making it perfectly clear that Dom and Adam are on the block. Hopefully they both arenít as dumb as Keith and theyíll actually try to win the Power of Veto. Tune in Wednesday to see how that turns out for them.