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Thread: 7/7 Live Feed Recap: Opening Night Jitters

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    7/7 Live Feed Recap: Opening Night Jitters

    The Feeds open with this shot of all four screens.

    Evil Dick Donato has gone missing. Ah, a mystery to start off our live feeds. The opening shot with working sound happens in the cabana room where Dani joins the crowd and tells them that everyone is too paranoid when they worry about where Dick is and that she is just enjoying herself. The remainder of the house crowds into the room and Adam says he picked up the pillow on the nomination seat and saw a note with Dick’s name on the chair. He wonders if that is a clue. Brendon doesn’t believe he saw the note and makes Adam swear on no bacon or cigs for the week that he is telling the truth. Sworn.

    Dick’s disappearance is the main focus of the late evening into the early morning. A few of the guys leave the cabana and wander into the kitchen where the camera surprises a techie adjusting the kitchen cam. They ask him, “Where is Dick?” No response, of course, and the kitchen is blacked out. But, that doesn’t deter Adam who leads Keith and Jeff on the hunt for Dick. All of his clothes, etc. are still there; and then there is the name on the chair. Jeff finally fesses up to playing a prank on Adam with the name on the chair.

    Apparently Dick wanted to go outside for a smoke as they were lowering the screen for the lockdown and was denied. He went to DR and hasn’t been seen since, which at the time the feeds started was three hours. After a few more paranoid outbursts, and Brendon taking a run at the fortune teller maybe being Dick in disguise, they all start freaking out about how they are going to entertain BBAD.

    Rachel decides they should play a game. Brendon wants Charades but Rachel decides they should play a two team game of mix it up. One team stays in the HOH while the other team goes into a room of the house that the HOH cameras can pick up and switches things around; then the HOH team zooms in and tries to see what is out of place. This activity distracts them for one round until someone gets called to the storage room; and they all stream downstairs hoping for alcohol. No such luck.

    Jeff welcomes feeders and BBAD to the house. Brendon says “hi” to his family and friends and wishes they had alcohol so they would be more entertaining. Porsche brushes her teeth and tells us that is a good thing we’re paying to watch her spit.

    Without potent drink, everyone goes back to the HOH room and tries to think up another entertaining idea. Someone mentions “Tip of the Day” that was done last season and Rachel wonders if they liked it. No response. Jeff wants to play hide and go get it, though he’s not sure of the rules. Children’s games such Duck, Duck, Goose and Mother, May I are tossed around as possibilities, then Jeff suggests they all jump in the shower. That breaks up the crowd who wanders out of HOH for downstairs or the chess table.

    Rachel sits with those at the chess table and Brendon comes by to offer her some pretzels from his bag, she declines. (This made me laugh - sorry; this is a private joke from last season – Rachel and pretzels.)

    Everyone, still freaked out about being entertaining, migrates downstairs. Dom sets up bowling pins with plastic bottles and other kitchen items then uses one of the decorative moss balls to bowl. That doesn’t become popular as everyone goes back into conversation mode.

    At the counter, Jordan tells Shelly that she got the winning check fedexed in a couple of days and about how they sit you down and talk to you about the taxes. Jordan says she set that portion aside from the check as they don’t deduct it. Under Shelly’s interested questions, she also tells her that she and Jeff had to go through the full application process for TAR. She thought it would be cool because she would be able to leave the country. But, while the other runners were regular folks, she got scared and shy around the other countries’ natives and let Jeff do most of the talking. Asked if she wants to move out to the west coast, she says that she really doesn’t want to move, she likes it where she is.

    At 11 P.M. BBTime, there is still no sign of Dick.

    Adam – who likes to talk – stands near Rachel, Porsche and Shelly doing their nails at the dining table and tells them that Dick was pissed when he wanted to go out for a smoke at lockdown.

    Adam: God forbid it’s something not personal.

    Adam continues to worry about Dick. Porsche thinks he has already changed the game because he is out of the house. Between the two of them they start building scenarios for his absence.

    A group lies around in the Cabana where Dom tells about his snoring and Jordan trying to wake him up nicely, but she scared him and in turn, he scared her.

    Dom: Who’s there?
    Jeff: Who’s dat?

    No one wants to sleep in the same room as Dom because of his snoring.

    At midnight, after another go around about wondering what happened to Dick, they decide to tell jokes and Dom tells the famous “the mom was the surgeon” story. No one gets it. (This cracks me up as that is an oldie, but goodie.)

    Adam: They won’t let Dani in the DR. They told me that we couldn’t play charades until after 1 A.M. when BBAD ends.

    This brings the talk back to Dick’s absence. Shelly tells them that Dani is pounding on the DR door and freaking out. They think maybe they should calm her down.

    People start leaving to get ready for bed, but Dom remains worried and thinks that there may be clues hidden around as to where Dick is, but the morning will be brighter.

    Dani is pissed off that nobody will tell her what is going on. She heads upstairs to HOH. Rachel thinks Dick’s disappearance is part of the blessing and curse game play for this season.

    Jeff: It’s gotta be the game.
    Shelly: They are taking the hamsters in the cage and shaking them up.

    Finally, game talk: Dom, Keith and Lawon settle in the padded room and talk about going to war with the vets. Apparently Porsche was complaining to Lawon that no one was talking game. Cassi joins the boys and they try to cement their troops. They worry about Kalia and have a problem with Porsche.

    Dom: The whole house doesn’t like Porsche. (Porsche and Keith are on the block.) The group tries to strategize how the POV should be played.

    Dom tries to build consensus, but the question is Kalia. Cassi says that Brendon told her they chose Porsche and Keith because no one likes Porsche. Keith worries that Kalia was flipped by Brendon, and that Porsche was also flipped. If he is sent home, the vets will have eight on their side.

    In the kitchen, Brendon lets a stink bomb that has everyone holding their noses and Rachel saying, “You are sleeping on the downstairs couch tonight.” Not deterred, Brendon brings out a rubber turtle mascot named Franklin and tries to shrink him in the oven.

    A mixed bag of weirdness leads up to 1 A.M. when the hamsters begin to droop, but keep pushing themselves in case there is Dick news.

    Dani is called to the DR.

    Feeds black out for two hours – from 1 A.M. to 3 A.M.

    This was also my bedtime and flashback isn't available, but I surmise from the chatter, that Keith had a blow-up, the vets are salivating at the thought of the newbies turning on each other, and Brenchel had second thoughts about staying in the house as this season is so messed up already and not like their season at all. Oh, and production came in and packed up Dick's stuff.

    It looks like the stragglers finally hit the sack around 7 A.M.

    The first to stir at 9 A.M. is Shelly. After a cup of coffee she keeps busy cleaning the kitchen for the next two hours. A couple of pass-through visitors give feed watchers a start…first Adam…who, of course has to talk.

    Adam: What happened last night? I need to take it all in and absorb it.
    Shelly: I’m sure Keith feels a little bit crazy for all that now.
    Adam: I don’t know if I trust Keith or Dom.
    Shelly: You just gotta keep your eyes open and mouth shut in this game.
    Adam: I know they’ve (the vets) got their claws in a couple of people.

    The next is Lawon on his way back to bed from the bathroom with a hail and farewell.

    When Shelly takes the garbage into the storage room, I see slop buckets stacked up one of the counters.

    Shelly makes a protein drink (with ice) and moves to the cabana room to sit and sip. She can’t help herself and starts rearranging the pillows. Jeff peeks in on his way from the bathroom.

    At 11:15 A.M. Big Brother wakes them up and blares music as the feeds switch to palm trees in the golden sun and a promise to be right back.

    We come back to the bathroom shuffle and Shelly resting in the cabana room. Chatty Adam joins her to chill. Cassi comes in and they talk about what happened over night; the vets retreated to the HOH to regroup and the newbies need to regroup. It sounds like Keith wigged out and caused all sorts of trouble. Adam says he told him to chill. Shelly expresses her upset that production won’t tell them anything by saying that she is an adult, for god’s sake. At that point she brings back the glorious sun before our eyes.

    Adam: You can’t be rational with irrational people.

    Shelly says Keith displayed a classic case of paranoia.

    Shelly: Let’s be real – this is a business. They would not take out a popular player (Dick) as part of the game. What happened last night was almost like a mob mentality in that it started with one (Keith) and degenerated.

    Adam: There was no way Dick would leave as a twist.

    Dani called to the DR.

    Adam: Brendon and Rachel were talking about leaving because their numbers went down.
    Cassi: Everyone was so emotional last night.
    Shelly: Someone (Keith) wanted to puff up their feathers a little bit.

    When Lawon joins them, Shelly tells him that he is a ray of light every single day. Adam is still talking about Jeff and Brendon punking him with the note on the chair. Small talk and coffee takes us to more Palm Trees and the end of my shift.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    To summarize a stressful night for the hamsters:

    Inside lockdown because of a build for the POV comp that started at 5:30 PM and continues into the next day.

    Paranoia – Dick is missing, missing, gone. Dani says she was told it didn’t have to do with family and that is all she knows. The newbie alliance may be splitting apart much to the delight of the vets.

    Gossip – Where is Dick?

    General get to know you chat.

    An attempt at entertaining the viewers – rates a huh and a duh.

    Keith stirred a pot and lost his temper on a question of loyalty.

    It sounds like more pots will bubble today along with a competition. Dani may have received a Golden Key and that may also play into the house dynamic during the day and evening. Till next week…
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    Re: 7/7 Live Feed Recap: Opening Night Jitters

    An attempt at entertaining the viewers – rates a huh and a duh.
    :lmao Ain't that the truth! Great recap Ariel!
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    Re: 7/7 Live Feed Recap: Opening Night Jitters

    Apparently Porsche was complaining to Lawon that no one was talking game.
    Well I don't think THAT will be a problem this season!

    Super recap, Ariel!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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