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Thread: Big Brother 9/2 Recap: Farewell To The Queen

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    Big Brother 9/2 Recap: Farewell To The Queen

    Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Meathead Bro-gade Show! Thus far, Lane, Enzo, and Hayden are sailing on a smooth course to the finale. I am completely over this season, and I might rank it as the 2nd worst ever. (Nothing can compare to the skankalicious Season 9. I need a shower just thinking about it).

    My apologies for the late recap, but the show wasn't aired at its regular time in my neck of the woods due to the Steelers preseason game being shown. This is going to be a short and sweet recap of Thursday evening's events, so let's get “toolin'” along!

    Ragan Speak Truth, But Meat No Understand

    After the POV ceremony, Lane replaced Enzo with Hayden instead of Britney. This of course pisses Hayden off because nobody wants to be the pawn. *insert pawn saying here*. Ragan uses this opportunity to convince Britney that it would be more beneficial for her to keep Ragan in the game. She already knows this and tells him it's the Meat Squad that needs convincing. He makes a few valid points to Lane about Lane not being able to beat Hayden or Enzo in the end, so taking this opportunity to get rid of Hayden would be beneficial. Ragan reveals that he knows the boys have been working together since the beginning, but he tells Lane that Hayden and Enzo are loyal to each other. This is Lane's week to make a big move and impress the jury. Lane gives a few “right”, “uh huh”, and head nods, but who knows if Ragan is getting through.

    Matt Faces An Angry Jury

    Julie heads to the living room to talk with the houseguests. She asks Hayden who he thinks the worst dancer in the house and he says himself. She then shows them some clips of all of them dancing. They look like such idiots. If the shoe fits, I suppose. Hayden says even if he is tan, he is still the whitest person on the dance floor. Hmm. That is probably more offensive than Matt saying “succubus” last week, but Julie laughs and says nothing to Golden Boy. She asks Ragan about this week's punishments, and he says he liked both the sock puppets and the dancing, but dancing is his favorite because it makes him feel good. Enzo talks about rocking the penguin suit and how he is going to have nicknames when he gets home. Forgettaboutit. Julie congratulates Enzo on breaking the curse of the costume. Britney says the worst thing about living with all of the guys is that the house is a disgusting and dirty mess. Ragan face contorts like a scary clown and he screams that she's the dirtiest in the house.

    Julie now tells us it's time for some Jury House footage!! Yay!! This is sometimes my favorite part of the season. Rachel and her boobs were the first three guests to arrive in paradise. She was really hoping for Matt to come through the door, but instead, in walks ol' tarantula eyes herself: Kathy. Kathy drops the bomb that Matt used the DPOV to take himself off the block and evict her. Matt comes through the door next, and they are happy to see him. Finally, Brendon enters. You'd swear he had some sort of skin disease because Rachel couldn't be any LESS happy to see him. She claims she's disappointed to see him because this means he didn't win, but I think she just generally isn't interested. I think I can see ice crystals forming in the room. Yikes.

    Matt decides to tell the jury members that his wife really isn't sick and is perfectly healthy. As a cancer survivor, Kathy is instantly pissed. I would be too. She gets upset and calls him sick. Brendon tells Matt he's going to Hell. Rachel's mouth drops to the floor. The girls lecture him about how evil and selfish he is. This should be a fun week in the jury house!

    Farewell To The Queen

    Julie talks with Lane privately in the HoH room and asks if he is worried about fallout from the Brigade because he put up Hayden instead of Britney. He says he isn't worried and he couldn't take the chance of putting up Britney. He knows that backstabbing at this point is going to be hard. He likes both the Brigade and Britney, but Britney is looking good right now. He also claims he is playing the “half a dodo part” and wants to bring brains back. Hmmm... I don't think there's any playing going on in that pea sized brain of his. Stupid is as stupid does. Julie asks him if he makes the Final 3 with Hayden and Enzo, who he would take with him to the end. He says definitely his boy Hayden because he thinks he can beat Hayden.

    We return to the living room to get the final pleas from Ragan and Hayden. Ragan, with a shaky voice, thanks his family. He tells everyone that he loves him and he thanks them for all the good times. He says he will be at the jury house holding a batch of “ooey gooey yummy cookies”. Hayden tells Ragan he's a great guy. He tells everyone else that they know he's a great guy and he hopes they keep him. He says hi to everyone at home. Same old speeches. We haven't had a great speech since Matty's DPOV and Andrew's eviction. *yawn*. Let's check the votes.

    Enzo votes to evict Ragan
    Britney votes to evict Ragan

    Ragan has been evicted. He hugs everyone and says he's excited to see Julie Chen. She asks him why his last minute pitches to stay didn't work on anyone. He says that the group of four was a lot closer than he had anticipated. He respects their loyalty to each other. He says that they all knew if they would have gone to the Final 2 with him, he would have won. Excuses, excuses. Julie asks Ragan why he didn't act on his “boy alliance” suspicions earlier. He says he really wanted to keep Kristen in the house, but he ran into a problem because his bromance Matt was fooled into thinking he was part of the boy alliance. Ragan doesn't regret trying to keep Matt in the house and he thinks Matt is an excellent human being and feels like a brother to Ragan. Uh oh. There are going to be tears when Ragan finds out about Matt's wife. Once again, I love jury footage! Ragan isn't leaving the house empty handed, he has his $20,000 [s]for doing nothing[/b] for being the saboteur. He says he should pay off some student loans, but he might buy a hybrid car or a BMW.

    Ragan has nice goodbye messages basically kissing his ass for a jury vote. Lane says Ragan is a great guy, but he couldn't break his loyalty to Hayden and Enzo. Enzo says Ragan is too emotional and asks for Ragan's vote. Hayden says Ragan is a great representative for the gay community. Britney couldn't give Ragan her vote because it wouldn't have changed anything. She feels bad he has to go hang out with Rachel and listen to her loud, disgusting cackle. I knew Brit's message would be good for a laugh. I don't care if she and Ragan were Mean Girls, they made me chuckle.

    Christmas in September

    It's time for the HoH competition! It's Enzo vs. Hayden vs. Britney. The competition is called “Big Brother Christmas”. Each houseguest is in a cage on the snow covered ground with the outline of a Christmas tree on the front of their cage. The object is to put ornaments on the tree by sticking their fingers through the tiny holes of the cage and working the ornaments up into their proper positions. I think there was an egg competition like this last season. When all of the ornaments are in place, the player must put a star at the top of their tree and then buzz in. The first person to buzz in, wins. As the competition begins, Britney is dropping ornaments left and right. Get with it, girl! She drops 3 ornaments before you can even say “forgettaboutit”.

    It appears we once again aren't going to find out during this episode who the new HoH is going to be. Sunday night will be the conclusion of the competition along with nominations. Next Wednesday, Julie will be back for a special eviction episode. There will be the veto competition, veto meeting, eviction, and beginning of the HoH competition. Next Thursday, the battle for the final and most powerful HoH continues.

    As the show ends, snow starts pouring down. Hayden is in the lead with 5 ornaments, Enzo has 3, and Britney has 1. Some cheery Christmas music plays. Ahh, I'm getting the warm and fuzzies. Now I'm going to be singing Christmas songs all day. Thanks, CBS.

    PS- Julie looked like a dominatrix in this episode. Tight leather skirt, black shirt, dark lipstick. What was up with that?
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    Re: Big Brother 9/2 Recap: Farewell To The Queen

    Hayden says even if he is tan, he is still the whitest person on the dance floor. Hmm. That is probably more offensive than Matt saying “succubus” last week, but Julie laughs and says nothing to Golden Boy.

    Ragan doesn't regret trying to keep Matt in the house and he thinks Matt is an excellent human being and feels like a brother to Ragan. Uh oh.

    Julie looked like a dominatrix in this episode. Tight leather skirt, black shirt, dark lipstick. What was up with that?

    Great job, Ashley
    "That's Numberwang!"

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