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Thread: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Devil Day or The Tale of The Minnow and The Sharks

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    8/31 Live Feed Recap: Devil Day or The Tale of The Minnow and The Sharks

    This is a recap of events from noon 8/31/10 to noon 9/1/10

    My shift begins innocent enough. Ragan is in the Taj bedroom, lying in bed looking morose. Lane is in the kitchen making something to drink, uses the 409 spray to wipe down the counter and goes into the bathroom to stare at himself in the mirror. What could be more normal?

    Then a whisper in my ear directs me to an event that happened right before the noon hour. I use flashback to take me to around 11:20 in the morning and there it is. The reason Lane said day 60 is devil day. Ragan, a minnow at this point in the game, pulls Lane, a shark, into the back yard for game talk.


    Lane: Spill me some good beans, I want money.

    Ragan: The game changes now. Itís about ďwho am I up against in the endĒ. Are you here to give away half a million dollars, or are you here to win?

    Lane: Iím here to win.

    Ragan: Itís not in your words, itís in your actions. If you are up against any of those boys, you are going to lose. Enzo has played the best social game. Brendon and Rachel are going to vote for Hayden. Kathy is definitely voting for Hayden. Enzo is voting for Hayden.

    Hayden and Enzoís primary loyalties are to each other.

    If you go against Britney, you win.

    If you go against me, you have the votes to win.

    You can either put yourself in the Final Three with two people who can beat you or with two people you can annihilate.

    At this point in the game you leave friendships behind. You need a bold move. The bold move would be to keep me in the game. It wouldnít be expected.

    It becomes numbers. With Enzo and Hayden, you have a 50/50 shot at getting to Final Three, If you keep me, you have a 75% chance of getting to the Final Three because, after Hayden is gone, there will be three of us working to get Enzo out.

    I think this will be your biggest decision in the game. Itís an easy decision, but the hard part is in the follow through.


    A little later, Britney goes to the HOH and asks Lane if Ragan talked to him.

    Lane: Ragan did have some good points. He said to make a big move, but I think it is too early now.

    Britney: I think you have given up on me. Ragan told me I have no chance of winning.

    Lane: Thatís stupid to say that.

    Britney: Iím not naÔve. I know who is left and that I donít have a shot. Even if you donít think so, Hayden and Enzo are together. If I win HOH and Hayden gets POV, he wonít vote to keep you.

    Lane: What did Ragan tell you?

    Britney: He thinks that Hayden will have Brendonís vote.

    Lane: Hayden got both of the big prizes in the Zoo POV, but donít tell him I told you.

    Britney: I had a strong idea that he did. Part of the reason I put Matt up is that I thought he won part of the prizes.

    Lane: You say you see Enzo and Hayden. Hayden is desperate for money. He is playing for himself. Hayden is right in the middle of all the Final Three deals guaranteeing he gets the shot.

    Britney: Enzo and Hayden study.

    Lane: They donít study in front of me. They used to, but not anymore.

    Britney: Anyone who gets rid of me is stupid, because I wonít win. Iím not being mean, but I donít want Enzo winning the game. Ragan does have good points.

    They come together in that neither wants to face Ragan in the Final Three competitions. They would rather face Hayden.

    Britney: If you win, Iíll be happy for you.

    A peek into the backyard shows Hayden and Enzo studying.

    At the kitchen table, Ragan mutters to himself: Please consider it, Lane. Please have deep thought about this decision. Please.


    Lane, Hayden and Enzo are in the back yard by themselves.

    Lane: Ragan and I talked for about 35-40 minutes. We talked about advantages, disadvantages and that.

    Enzo and Hayden laugh.

    Lane: About it may come down to me and about who stays and goes.

    Enzo: Who do you want to take to the Final Three?

    Lane: Ragan said that you are going to take me out next week; that you told him that.

    Enzo: I did not.

    Lane: Ragan said that you both wanted Matt out and that Iím next. He said my only shot to win was to take either him or Britney. He said you two were already fighting for votes like youíre in the Final Two.

    Enzo (sarcastically): Look at Ragan playing.

    Lane: All the arguments are fine and dandy, but he is good at endurances and if he stays, he makes it to the Final Two.

    They all laugh at Ragan and his game play.

    Enzo (laughing): SoÖyou all coming after me, is that it? I know you two arenít taking me to the Final Two.

    The Brigade pledges solidarity and laughs off Raganís attempts to break them up.

    Enzo: The Brigade has to break up at some point, but who is going to make the play?

    Note Ė throughout this conversation Hayden looks worried and seems to grow more and more paranoid.


    Hayden to Enzo: Itís going to be me, you and Lane for the Final Three.

    Enzo: If Lane takes Britney over us to the Final Two, would you still vote for him?

    Hayden: Yes.
    Enzo counts down how many days are left. He asks if HOH will be a quiz on evicted houseguests.

    Enzo: I donít want a corny quiz.

    Lane: Thursday starts to define your fate.
    Enzo: Ragan made a good play.

    Britney: Ragan is making a lot of sense, thatís all.

    Enzo: Heís scaring me.
    In the evening at the pool table, Hayden, Enzo and Lane talk about the Brigade. When they ask BB for T-Shirts, Enzo wants them spelled out Bra-Gade. Lane is concerned about the Bra part.
    Even later in the evening, Hayden joins Lane in the back yard for a workout.

    Lane: I donít want Enzo to win it.

    Hayden: If itís me and you in the end, itís a 50/50 shot.

    Lane: Yah, I think so.

    Hayden: You have a better chance of beating Enzo than Britney. As long as Enzo and Britney donít split the HOH and POV, weíre in the Final Two. I just hope that the comp is not geared toward Britney winning.

    Lane: She is definitely going to vote for Ragan to stay.

    Hayden: Sheís been screwing with you, too. Iíll be so pissed if we donít make it to the Final Three.

    Enzo joins them and puts in his two cents.

    Enzo: Iíll go crazy in the Jury House to make sure they donít vote for Britney.
    Ragan: Iím shunned, but if Iím by myself they think I donít try.

    Ragan studies as if heíll be playing in the next round of competitions.


    The majority of their fun and games time during daylight hours come in the form of naps. After freaking out over helicopters that fly low and loud for quite some time, the outside lockdown of early afternoon becomes one where eyes drift closed.

    The wait for the doors to open goes like thisÖHayden and Lane close their eyes, Britney picks at her hair, Enzo lounges in an awkward position, Ragan swings himself in the hammock, Britney wakes everyone with questions about helicopter stats, they settle back down, a helicopter flies over head, Lane takes a peek and closes his eyes. Ragan moves to the pool to cool off his feet, a light breeze ruffles his hair.

    Once the lock down is over, they all scurry back inside.
    Lunch was a bit of a fuss as they had problems getting the propane to light. But, problem fixed and the turkey and beef hotdogs went on the grill.
    Enzoís breakdown begins around lunch time mid afternoon when he screams that he wants to sit in a tree for five hours during the next HOH. From that point on he complains in a loud voice about everything. Later in the evening Enzo is all about trash talking rants.

    Enzo (yelling): Youíre going home, Ragan, youíre going home! Keep that chin up! Swallow it!

    Enzo making like a Neanderthal, goes crazy with the yelling.

    Enzo to Hayden: You talking to Britney? Whoís running this game now?

    Enzo: What is this? They tell Ragan to fix his mic. He must be talking a lot of game, he must be talking to Britney. Now he gets called to DR!
    Ragan and Lane are in the kitchen.

    Ragan: Iím going to have a beer.

    Lane: You know what beer leads toÖchips and bean dip.
    In the early evening, Hayden decides they can play a form of Bocce Ball with the billiard balls and sets out the course. Enzo thinks itís stupid because he didnít win. He thinks they should play Hot or Cold with the cue ball. He lies down and covers his dark glasses with a hand while Hayden looks for a place to hide the ball. He decides on the camera stand for which he gets into trouble with BB and, of course, Enzo immediately finds it. They take a couple of turns until the game grows really cold.
    At one point in the early evening, the HOH room was locked by BB and then H.A.L. comes on with a creepy intonation to his announcement and says, ďYour HOH room is ready for you. Enjoy.Ē Lane tells them that the batteries in the CD player have been changed.
    At their evening meal of Hamburger Helper prepared by Britney, Enzo offers around the left over bottle of wine from the night before. They all decline except for Ragan. Enzo likes a drunk Ragan.
    Without Ragan in the room, Britney and Enzo razz Hayden about not making it to Final Four. Hayden gets more nervous as they tease Ė especially because Ragan is a good talker.
    Everyone sits around the table to eat, except Lane who sits at the counter. Topics revolve around the usual suspects Ė Brendon, Rachel and Kathy.
    Much later in the evening, while Britney naps in the HOH room, all of the guys gather in the back yard and laugh it up about the songs played as wake up calls in the morning. Ragan does a spot on impression of Enzo requesting a particular song and has Enzo laughing.
    At an hour when most good people are in bed, Enzo finds play stuff in the Storage Room. Everyone comes inside to find the dining table littered with craft items. Britney explains that it is called Moon Sand and it is better for making figures than PlayDoh because it doesnít dry out. They begin to build things with it then Ragan and the boys find nerf paddles and begin to bat a ball around then living area.
    Ragan had finished the bottle of wine while having a chat with feeders in the swamp and now grabs a second beer. This brings out his telling of disgusting stories. (At least they were to me.)
    Lane makes an early night of it, as does Ragan, while the others chat about family and other personal stuff with the lights out in Jumanji.
    Finally all fall asleep by 2:45A.M. A typical bedtime for hamsters.

    In the morning, there is a brief bit of music to accompany the fish swimming in the tank, then a return to four cams on sleeping hamsters. Sometime during the night, Lane moved downstairs from the HOH to sleep in a Jumanji bed. Ragan continues to be the sole occupant in Taj.

    At around 11:30 A.M. Britney rises and begins her morning routine. All the others remain in sand land.

    My shift ends with music and swimming fish.

    Be sure to watch the Live Show on Thursday to see whether the minnow prevailed or the sharks ate him as an appetizer.
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    Re: 8/31 Live Feed Recap: Devil Day or The Tale of The Minnow and The Sharks

    Thank you for the recap, Arielflies!

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