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Thread: 8/26 Live Feed Recap : From A to Zzzzzz

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    8/26 Live Feed Recap : From A to Zzzzzz

    This recap covers events(or lack thereof) from noon Thursday to noon Friday, BB time.

    An eviction, an HoH competition, quickie nominations, a POV competition, a POV ceremony, another eviction, and another HoH competition…it all spells one thing…double eviction night! What a wild ride it always is for hardcore BB fans! Except for this time around. Maybe because everyone in this final five gets along. Or maybe because none of them are magnetic enough to charm us. Maybe it’s because there isn’t really a villain for us to love to hate. Or maybe it’s just me that finds this group uninspiring. My three year old’s daily dose of Sesame Street was more inspiring; and for this reason, Thursday’s recap is brought to you by the alphabet. Big Bird not included.

    After Dark reveals that Lane won the second competition and is the final five HoH. Feeds were still down because Skippy didn’t care how anxious we were to learn the new HoH’s identity. Lane wants his HoH room and is waiting by the stairs with his suitcase for a while. Cute.

    Beans were spilled by Ragan. He told Lane that Matt was supposed to be on BB 11 but had to miss out because of his wedding. He also spills the lie about Matt’s age. This convinces them all that he’s definitely the saboteur.

    Crazy.” That’s Enzo’s word of the night. Everything is “crazy” to Enzo. If I had a dime for every time he’s said it, I’d be writing this recap from a beach in Tahiti while sipping a fruity rum concoction.

    Dummy bashing is still their favorite past time. Old habits die hard. They’re still bashing him so much, his ears must be burning. Well…if Rachel isn’t nibbling on them by now.

    Enzo is mad that he lost the HoH competition. He’s also bitching incessantly that he’s still in the penguin suit. Apparently, he thought he’d get out of it but was told he has to keep it on the entire 7 days. Might as well let him take it off, Allison Grodner. You’ve already let him slide on the food violations.

    Finally, someone calls Britney out(although playfully) on how much crap she talks. Enzo tells her. “Britney, for a girl who doesn't like confrontation, you talk a LOT of sh*t!” This was during a discussion on who might rough them up on finale night for the way they’ve bashed contestants from past seasons.

    Goodies in a basket and a letter from home is all Hayden gets for his HoH. The room belongs to Lane this week. In the letter from his mom, she tells him not to let Rachel cut his hair.

    HoH reveal finally happens and they all go up to see Lane’s room. He gets pictures of his family, Just For Men, dominoes, an Eminem cd, Fruit Rollups, Muscle Milk(finally!), shirts, stress ball, a do-rag, his mining helmet, a letter from his mom, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Gatorade, beer, Lunchables, Butoni pasta, burritos, steak fajitas, and Dr. Pepper. They all make a toast to final 5 and plan to spend the night drinking while playing dominoes.

    In the hammock alone, Ragan gives another monologue. In a nutshell, he recognizes the boys are in an alliance but that there are also to pairs…Lane/Britney and Hayden/Enzo. He feels Lane will have to decide where his true allegiance lies(We already know this) and his nominations could rock either the alliance or the pair. He feels Britney is his friend but will slit his throat to get herself further in the game. Most importantly, he realizes that he is the target this week and winning the POV means saving his life in the game. Without it, he’s gone next Thursday.

    Just for kicks, Hayden and Lane toss around nomination scenarios. Since they aren’t sure where Britney’s loyalty lies, the worry is that Britney could win POV and pull Ragan off. If Enzo is nominated straight up, they know he’ll be pissed. Lane says he won’t put Hayden up because he’s his ticket to the F2. No surprise that Ragan is the target. The question for them is who to use as a pawn…Britney or Enzo? And if Ragan wins POV, who will go home…Britney or Enzo? They lean towards keeping Enzo only because he’d be easier to beat in the final HoH but don’t really care which one of them goes.

    Kicking scenarios with Britney, Lane lets her believe that Ragan and Enzo are going up. They discuss how pissed Enzo will be. She wants him to put up two pawns and backdoor Ragan, arguing that those nominated will play harder and beat Ragan. Lane isn’t buying it. Britney seems to think she’s safe this week though. She’d better be praying to OTEV that Ragan doesn’t win the POV. If he does, her pencil skirt wearing, skinny ass will be in the nomination chair.

    Luxury competitions are on everyone’s mind. They’re sure one is coming this weekend. So am I. It’s that time in the season and besides that, Meow Meow will need some new threads. Guess if it isn’t the clothes competition, he’ll be bumming clothes from his boys until he leaves.

    Much flirting takes place between Britney and Lane before they turn in for the night. He wants her to sleep with him in the HoH and of course, she refuses. She plans to sleep in his old bed in Jumanji. He tells her when she gets out of the house, she’s going to wish she hadn’t passed on the opportunity to hook up with him. It’s all light hearted and fun.

    No Have Nots this week…It was announced this morning so if there is a competition coming up besides the POV, it will most likely be a luxury.

    Often this morning, feeds cut to bubbles when production/DR was mentioned. Lane was asked to leave the HoH room so something was definitely going on. Sure enough…

    Pandora’s Box makes another appearance. Lane opened it, of course. There were 3 envelopes to choose from and there will be 3 punishments or rewards for the house. Lane claims he got $91.17.

    Qquestions abound over what will be unleashed on the house. They think maybe they’ve had too many luxuries already so it will be something bad. Enzo guesses that it could be a celebrity visit which leads to wild theories like having 3 Kathys or 3 Rachel look-a-likes.

    Ragan has been studying the picture wall in case the POV is the Morph-o-matic competition. He’s done some serious Jedi training and even knows moles and wrinkles.

    Since Kathy and Brendon are gone, not much housecleaning has taken place. The ants are back and have invaded everything in and on the kitchen counters.

    The princess of the house surprisingly cleans out the cupboards and the fridge with an occasional “that’s disgusting.” I would be gagging.

    UUnless something changes, Ragan and Enzo will be going on the block. While Britney is the obvious choice for pawn, it sounds like Enzo is more likely going up.

    Veto competition could be played overnight tonight if it’s the Morph-o-matic. Be on the lookout.

    When it all goes down this weekend, MFWalkoff and TheIrishEyes

    X is too hard…can you think of one?

    Yes, I’m done. I’ve got nothing. They haven’t given me much to work with here.

    Zzzzzzz…this lame-o final five has put me to sleep! The day has finally arrived when beer pong with Evel Dick and Eric, America’s Douche, sounds fun.

    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Re: 8/26 Live Feed Recap : From A to Zzzzzz

    Ah, lildago...take a nothing day and turn it into...something. I love your alphabet format - it rocks! But, now you've got me worried that Tuesday/Wednesday will also be about absolutely nothing. There will be crying, but it will be me.
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    Re: 8/26 Live Feed Recap : From A to Zzzzzz

    Or maybe it’s just me that finds this group uninspiring.
    It's not just you.

    Loved the format, lil! Fun recap.
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 8/26 Live Feed Recap : From A to Zzzzzz

    great job as usual!
    "the amount of non-drinking that goes on in this place should be illegal" - Brandi

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    Re: 8/26 Live Feed Recap : From A to Zzzzzz

    X - X them all off the polls.....Their 15 minutes of fame ended before it even started.

    Loved it!
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