Welcome back, houseguest watchers. When we last left the houseguests, Brendon was the HOH and Ragan and Lane were on the block. Matt is secretly holding the Diamond Power of Veto, which would allow him to remove someone from the block and name the replacement nominee. We haven’t had clarification as to whether he can name only the usual “replacement nominee” eligible houseguests, or if the Head of House and prior Veto winner of the week and/or Veto beneficiary could be fair game. We’ll see if and when that comes into play.

Ragan goes to the Have Not room to cry and bemoan his fate. Brendon assures Lane that he isn’t his target, and that he’ll name Matt or Britney as replacement nominees if the veto is used. That doesn’t surprise anyone, but it doesn’t make Lane feel too great either. Lane vows to try his hardest as this Veto Competition.

A Random Robot Arrives to Host the Veto Competition

Time to pick the Veto Competition players:

HOH Brendon
Nominees Ragan and Lane
And Lane’s choice – Hayden

Brendon is stoked that neither Matt nor Britney is able to win the competition, so he’s feeling secure in his ability to name a replacement nominee of his choosing. A mysterious robot named the Zingbot 3000 shows up in the house, hurls around some insults to the houseguests, and introduces the challenge.

They need to walk across a balance beam, then balance on a spinning wheel while assembling four puzzles which spell out V-E-T-O. Kathy announces that she’s taking her time with this competition, which frustrates Britney. Britney is hoping Kathy will win and keep the nominations intact. Good luck with that plan, as Kathy has been less than stellar in all of the other competitions to date.

Kathy falls off her balance beam and is out of the competition. Shocking. Ragan and Brendon are both doing well in the competition. I don’t think that Brendon really cares if he wins or not, as he would be fine naming a replacement, but would rather that Ragan not win. Ragan wins the Veto Competition, and plans to take himself off the block.

Back in the Have Nots room, Ragan commiserates with Britney and Matt, saying they are the bestest friends ever and he’s so sorry that one of them will likely have to leave, but he has no choice but to use his Veto to save himself. Of course he does. No-one wants to be the next Marcellus.

Pandora’s Box Really Pulls A Funny On Brendon

Brendon gets the opportunity to open Pandora’s Box, and is tempted with video clips of Rachel. He opens the Pandora Door and is informed that he will be awarded a trip outside the house for 24 hours. He is whisked away to the jury house. Meanwhile, tricky Big Brother releases Rachel back into the house for 24 hours. Yes, the star-crossed lovers are both on 24 hour “vacations” but they are apart, and both looking for each other.

Rachel enters the house like a tornado, informing her former roommates “I’m back, bitches” and launching into a tirade against Ragan before she even bothers to look for Brendon. The houseguests realize that Brendon is gone, and figure that his part of Pandora’s Box is getting a trip out of the house for 24 hours, and their “punishment” is having the red harpy return for a day. She follows Ragan around the house, trying to rip on him, and Ragan schools her in the art of insults over and over again.

Rachel goes into Brendon’s abandoned HOH room and spells out a message to Brendon in pretzels indicating that she wants him to put up Matt as the replacement nominee. For some reason, Rachel makes sure that Kathy knows she did it. Kathy shares with everyone she sees after Rachel is gone, so Matt knows what is likely coming and can barely contain his glee about being able to drop a huge bomb with the Diamond POV.

Stay Up All Night With The Saboteur

Next we get a message from the Saboteur, indicating that the houseguests need to get some sleep because there is a competition the next day. Then there are annoying messages every hour for the rest of the night, just disrupting their sleep. The next morning, the Saboteur reveals that there is no competition, and he was just messing with them. Ragan thanks the twitter member who suggested this fun act of Sabotage.

At the Veto Ceremony, Ragan spared Lane from needlessly pleading his case and announces right off the bat that he’s using the Veto on himself. Brendon follows Rachel’s wishes and names Matt the replacement nominee. In the process, Brendon rejects Ragan’s rather sage advice that he should try to distance himself from Rachel as part of his strategy moving forward. Instead, he boneheadedly announces that nominating Matt is what is best for “Rachel and myself.” Way to go, reminding everyone that you’ve picked one of the most annoying people they’ve ever met as your life partner. That will go over well next week when you’re not eligible to be HOH, Brendon.

Join us tomorrow to see if Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto (I certainly hope so), who he names as a replacement nominee, and who gets evicted. If we’re lucky, we’ll get the HOH contest tomorrow too. Join us to read Ashley’s recap and get caught up.