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Thread: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

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    8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    This recap covers the events from noon Saturday to noon Sunday, in the land of the loonies that we know as the Big Brother House

    My shift begins with trivia, no doubt the POV competition is underway.

    The feeds return about 12:30. It takes a while to decipher who won because nobody is doing a happy dance, but once the clouds clear, we realize that in another swing of the Big Brother Pendulum, Ragan has won the Power of Veto. Along with POV, Ragan has also secured his $20,000 Sabateur reward. However, in spite of the extreme significance of this victory, Ragan isn’t outwardly excited. He knows this means there’s a good chance one of his two besties, Britney or Matt, will be going on the block in his place.

    What we learned about the POV comp:
    • There was a mystery guest host dressed as a robot that hurled "zingers" at the houseguests. They are referring to said robot as "Zingbot"
    • They had to complete a puzzle that spelled out the word VETO
    • Spinning was involved, as well as some sort of balance beam
    • Ragan's victory was as dominant as Brendon's was in the last HOH competition
    • Each houseguest got zinged twice and here are some of them:
      • Enzo – (1) You call yourself Meow Meow? What's your wife's name? Ruff Ruff? (2) You've been throwing grenades, but you've been bombing competitions
      • Ragan – (1) Are you an astronaut? Because all you're doing is taking up space (2) You’re skinnier than a floppy disk
      • Hayden – (1) something about Justin Bieber hair (2) Do you know what you call a guy who cares as much about his hair as you do? A girl!
      • Matt – both of his were about how short he is, and one was a Lord of the Rings reference about Middle Earth/Hobbits.
      • Lane - spotlighting is the brightest idea you've ever had
      • Brendon - making fun of his Wizard voice
      • Kathy- his friend has a police scanner and for her it reads OLD

    Matt escapes to the kitchen with Lane, and assures him that Lane will have his vote, no matter what, but they will have to figure out a way to cover the votes so the Brigade is not exposed.

    Everyone is still mainly gathered in a large group, so it's hard to know what people are really thinking. And we probably won't know until the POV ceremony what Brendon is thinking as far as a replacement. We don't know who he *really* trusts, and I'm thinking even he doesn't know. He has told different things to everyone he's had one-on-one chats with. Supposedly his allegiance is to Hayden and Enzo, but he's indicated more than a few times that he doesn't think Enzo is trying to win competitions, and in his mind, that's gameplay that he doesn't respect. Me? I'm thinking DR is going to be planting large trees in Brendon's head to get him to put up Matt. They want the Bling Veto to be put into play on Thursday's show.

    Enzo is in the shower and Hayden and Lane scurry in for a quick word - they know they have to convince Brendon to put up Britney. Lane exits and Enzo and Hayden (The Brigade Renegades) state it might be better for them if Matty goes.

    I’ll never quit you, man

    Hayden joins Lane in the Cabana Room and tells Lane that he’s not Brendon’s target. Hayden says he thinks Brendon is going to put up Matt. Note to everyone who's been saying this season would be boring if the Brigade kept cruising - you knew it had to happen - the inevitable paranoia among them has arrived. Hayden tells Lane his "worst case scenario" if Matt goes home this week, and he has worked everything out to where the Final 3 is Enzo, Lane, and Hayden. I feel like there's no point even listening to this because we all know Matt's not going anywhere this week. (*bling bling*!)

    Enzo comes in as Hayden is talking about this scenario in which Matt goes home, and Enzo says no no, we have to all get in Brendon's ear about Britney going home. Enzo goes on to say he has a bad feeling Matt is going up, and they start counting the votes for Lane. Enzo tells Lane again that he has to go to Brendon and convince him to put Britney up.

    ”Yo, we GOTTA win HOH next week!” - the rallying cry of the Brigade Renegades

    Much like I used to avoid Brendon and Rachel on the feeds, I might have to apply the same treatment to Enzo today. Otherwise I'm gonna end up with a severe case of whiplash trying to keep up with him changing his mind every 10 minutes!

    We have bubbles for almost an hour and when we come back... this is what I see…

    This is the Emergency Broadcast System with a severe weather alert. Hurricane Rachel is in the area. Take cover.

    My worst nightmare... RACHEL is in the house! (anyone else hearing that sound effect from the movie Psycho?) Everyone except Brendon is gathered in the kitchen/dining room, and Rachel and Ragan are screaming at each other. Rachel asks who is on the block and Ragan says he is, and Rachel says well I guess you'll be joining me in the jury house. Someone else says no, he won POV and Rachel sarcastically congratulates Ragan for winning ONE thing. Ragan responds with his own sarcasm and says thanks. Rachel loudly asks Ragan if he has to be the biggest b**** because he's gay and Ragan says no, he is a b**** because she is a monster. Rachel takes the high road, making fun of how Ragan can't even keep a boyfriend. This goes on for a while and finally Ragan goes off to the Have-Not room.

    From subsequent conversations, I learn that Rachel's entrance to the house was punctuated with "I'm back, b****es!" (Always after the sound bite, that one). She gets to spend 24 hours in the house asking questions and gathering information. I can't believe my horrible luck in having to recap this particular 24 hour period. *sigh*

    Matt and Enzo scurry into the bathroom to discuss what they said in their goodbye messages - they are worried about the Brigade being outed and decide they need to compare notes with Lane. Enzo says he didn't mention the Brigade - he just said she was on the wrong side. They think that's safe, he can say he was aligned with Hayden. Lane, however, says he named all the Brigade. Matt says we have to hope she didn't see all the goodbye messages, because that would compromise the game.

    No sign of Brendon yet and all I can do is guess that this is another Pandora's Box and he's stuck upstairs in the HOH room. The houseguests think he's going to be locked up the whole time Rachel is in the house. So now Matt can accuse him of winning $10,000! They say they bet he saw a picture of Rachel and thought by opening it, he would get to spend 24 hours with her.

    As things settle down, the others ask her questions about what it's like "on the outside" - in the jury house, talking with Julie, etc.

    The pleasantries only last about 10 minutes and Rachel asks why they voted her out 6-0 when Kathy said she was voting out Brendon. They tell her it's because they thought she was a better competitor. They all seem like they want to diffuse the situation. Kathy says she'd like to talk to her alone. She asks about the HOH competition, they tell her that the whole time, Brendon was saying "this is for you, Rachel" and also that he got to pick the three Have-Nots. Rachel asks Britney what she meant in her goodbye message about the only thing she'll miss are her hair extensions and tequila. Britney denies it and says she specifically made a nice message and that DR must have taken clips from her other DR sessions and put them together. (*snicker*)

    Personally, I’m still in shock mode. THIS IS GOING TO BE A LOOOOOONG NIGHT! And, I can't help but think I brought this on myself. After all, my recap last week, No One Mourns the Wicked, included a reference to the musical Wicked. And for those of you who have seen it, you know the irony here with Rachel returning to the house. *sigh*

    Matt decides to go up to the HOH room to see if it’s unlocked, which it is, and they can see the Pandora's Box question mark on the door. Rachel runs to the door yelling "Brendon, can you hear me?" Sue me, it makes me chuckle.

    Brendon? Brendon! Are you in there with a twisty tie and sushi?

    Worried about the Brigade being outed, Matt asks her if they told her any information about the game, like who the saboteur is, and she says no, they didn't tell me anything like secret alliances or anything like that. Heh.

    Rachel says part of this deal is that she has to have one-on-one conversations with each of them. Enzo is up first and she asks why Enzo never felt like he could be on her side. He tells her that right now he is together with Hayden and Brendon, and that he wants Britney up. Rachel warns Enzo that Matt is dangerous. I figure I've gotten the gist of this conversation so I move on.

    Hayden, Lane, and Matt gather in the Cabana Room and thank the BB gods that they dodged a bullet by the Brigade not being outed. They think Brendon is getting some kind of luxury outside of the house right now. They wonder if Rachel will get a limited time to spend with Brendon, that maybe they should plant seeds with Rachel that Brendon should put Britney up as the replacement.

    People wander in and out of the Cabana Room for a while. Everyone seems to think at this point that Rachel and Brendon will not see each other for these 24 hours - that basically they have switched places. More information comes out, that Rachel recorded a video to be played for whoever was the HOH to entice them to open Pandora's Box. It sounds like she said something about they get a 24 hour vacation. She couldn't give any details, but Matt asked her if what she recorded would have tempted anyone who was HOH to open it, and not just Brendon. She said probably. So they think that Brendon, hearing Rachel's voice, thought that his 24 hour vacation would be WITH Rachel. (insert evil cackling laugh here). Ragan comments that it was stupid for Rachel to come into the house fighting right off the bat, because for all she knew, Brendon had been working to rebuild bridges and she could be harming his game. (good point!) He thinks she'll change her tune once she realizes Brendon won't be coming in to back her up.

    The Brigade works their way into the bathroom (minus Enzo, who's still up in HOH with Rachel) to compare notes and get their stories straight about what they need to say to Rachel. Hayden is nervousing about what video from the house Rachel has seen. Matt assures him that all she would have been able to see are goodbye messages and competition highlights. Hayden is really worried that she will have seen footage that would let her know that Hayden knew the plan all along was to vote her out.

    ”I’m gonna wash that man right outta my hair”
    No, I’m not letting go of my Broadway theme from last week. Deal with it

    Enzo and Rachel finish up, and Rachel struts out in the yard to ask who's next. Matt volunteers and Rachel says oh good, I have lots of questions for you! Rachel laughs about how after that last saboteur message she was mostly happy because Matt, Britney, and Ragan were freaking out. Matt laughs and says yeah, he was convinced that Rachel had a power. Rachel says everyone was so mean to her that last week. Matt laughs and says come on, you were acting badly too, I'm not taking your s*** and Rachel laughs. As the conversation continues, Matt tells Rachel that anyone who won HOH last week would have put her and Brendon up. Rachel acts surprised "Really? Anyone?" She points out that she's not in the game anymore so there's no point in making stuff up and he says yeah, it's true. And he goes on to say as long as we're clearing the air, and it doesn't matter anymore, I swear I didn't get any money from opening Pandora's Box! (ha ha, also true!) Rachel tells Matt how shocked she was when she was evicted. Matt says he knew it would be a unanimous vote but that she heard both of their names up until the last minute. She asks why, and Matt tells her they knew both of them were good competitors, but that everyone assumed it was going to be a quiz and that's why they decided on Rachel. Then she goes into her spiel about how everyone hates her, and Matt says no, I don't think so.

    Hey Vegas, wait till you see my Bling Bling Veto. It’s brighter than your eyeshadow!

    Rachel gleefully points out that this season has made history because it's the first time someone has come back into the house for 24 hours. (underlying context.... "I'VE" made history by being the first to come back in). Rachel asks Matt why he wanted to get her out so badly, and why weren't they on the same side. She says she wanted to work with him. (huh?) Matt again says he is not in an alliance with Ragan, or Britney, or Lane. He tells her that by the time the final 2 happens, she'll understand.

    Meanwhile, downstairs, Enzo tells Hayden he doesn't trust Matt now. They are stealth-whispering and I can't understand.

    Back up in HOH, Rachel tells Matt that she respects him as a game player, and that she thinks the two of them are the only ones who haven't been scared to get blood on their hands. She tells him she's been saying this in her interviews (this is actually true, I've seen some of these interviews). Matt tells her that if he does go to Final 2, he will not take Kathy with him because he thinks that someone wouldn't deserve to win if they did that. (the way he's talking, it's making me think he's going to use his DPOV to get Kathy out this week).

    Looking back at Enzo and Hayden, they are using candy and other things to try to figure out scenarios. They once again say it might be best for them if Matt goes home this week. Hey guys, maybe you should think about winning some competitions before you start thinking you can take over the world. They want to get rid of the only person in their alliance that has actually won anything. Good idea! Shortly after, Enzo and Lane are in the Cabana Room. It seems that what has angered Enzo is that Brendon has told some people he thinks Lane is the saboteur, but he's told other people he thinks Enzo is the saboteur. Enzo is all fun and happy when he thinks he's under the radar, but the second his name comes up for anything he goes ballistic.

    The chat in HOH is pretty amicable. Both of them are laughing and having a good time, and have shown they can separate game talk from personal talk. They wrap it up and Kathy is up next. I can see the bus headed down the road and I'm not sure I even want to bother listening to it, so I head outside to see what's going on.

    Oh Rachel ah miss yew sooooo much, they’ve all been sooooo mean to me. Yer mah only trew friyend that was in this house!

    Matt's filling the others in on what Rachel told them about jury and "life outside" and of course we keep getting the bubbly. They ask what she said about the goodbye messages, and Matt tells them she didn't really remember his, because it was first and she was still stunned, but that she said it was weird because he wasn't looking at the camera. Matt laughs and says he's always confused in the Diary Room with all the lights and cameras and he never knows where to look. They ask Britney about her goodbye message because Rachel commented that it was really mean. Britney swears that she left a nice one.

    Upstairs in HOH, Kathy is telling Rachel that nobody in the house tells her anything so she didn't know the plan to vote out Brendon changed to Rachel until the last minute. The tears start flowing and she says she's confused about what's going on in the house. She tells Rachel that Brendon's plan was to get out Ragan but now that Ragan has won POV, he said he has two other people he can put up. Kathy tells Rachel about how she overheard Ragan, Britney, and Matt making fun of her the other night. Rachel comments that she has 24 hours in the house to f*** up their game.

    The gang outside is talking about some anti-gay insults that Rachel slung at Ragan when she entered the house. Then Lane turns it funny as they start to talk about speeches for the POV ceremony. Britney asks Ragan what Lane needs to say in order to get him to use the veto. Lane says he'll show his pecs.

    Rachel finishes up with Kathy and comes out to the backyard to taunt Ragan with cookies (he's a Have-Not). She and Ragan pick up their fight where they left off. It gets way ugly and way personal. If you're interested, flashback to 6:15 pm on Cameras 1 & 2. It's like a 7th grade mean girl fight. Matt, Lane, and Britney are inside and crack open the sliding door to listen.

    View from the Peanut Gallery

    Ragan finally goes into the Have-Not room and Rachel comes into the kitchen where she tells the Brigade guys in there that she's been personally attacked. Enzo speaks up and says Ragan wasn't speaking for him, that she's never done anything to him so he doesn’t have anything bad to say. (cue the tape of the last few weeks!). It just gets more comical as Rachel storms off to the Diary Room. Diary Room? Really? You're not even a houseguest anymore!

    When in doubt, always employ Jazz Hands …

    … or shadow puppets

    Lane points out to the others in the kitchen that he knows who started it. Enzo, who's trying to suck up to Rachel, says he doesn't know who started it. Lane says come on man, you were out there, you saw, she went and offered him cookies when she knew he was a Have-Not.

    Hayden goes to the Have-Not room to talk to Ragan, followed by Lane, Matt, and Britney. Lane tells him not to worry, that he wasn't in the wrong. They think maybe Rachel is in the Diary Room asking if she can leave early. Ragan tells them he's had someone point a gun in his face and say "Die, Fa*****" so he can handle Rachel and the cookie taunting. Eventually Enzo and Kathy come in also, each one toting both of their faces. Ragan says he just wants peace in the house. Umm, you do realize you are on Big Brother, right?

    Everyone eventually works their way back into the kitchen to prepare dinner. Rachel is still in the Diary Room, and the cookies she was baking to taunt Ragan have burned. Aww, that’s a shame.

    Matt goes to the Have-Not room for a nap. Ragan is in there, and Rachel, fresh from the Diary Room, comes in to apologize, and she and Ragan hug it out. Rachel apologizes for her anti-gay remarks. Ragan accepts her apology, tells her he doesn't hate her, and explains that the way she came at him just set him off. He tells her that everyone else had said she was really cool upstairs, and he doesn't understand why she had to come outside and attack him instead of trying to have a real conversation. They decide to move into Taj because Matt is trying to nap. Finally, they seem to have a break-through. Rachel seems to actually be hearing what Ragan is saying about where he's coming from, and Ragan comes to the understanding that Rachel felt betrayed because she felt like he chose Kristen over her. The conversation continues and brings some healing.

    Britney's up next. They start off by talking about how each of them had their feelings hurt by each other. I'm not sure if anything relevant is going to come to this, so I decide to check in on the Brigade.

    Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are outside playing pool. Hayden and Enzo, already thinking Matt is going to be gone next week, tell Lane that he needs to make sure to get in Britney's ear so in case she wins HOH she won't put them up. Enzo is claiming to be ticked off at Brendon because Brendon thinks he's the saboteur. I don't get it -- earlier today Enzo said he didn't trust Matt because Matt told him Brendon thinks Enzo is the saboteur. (I need a flow chart to keep up with this). But when Lane tells Enzo that Brendon said it, Enzo believes it. It seems that now Enzo is back to wanting Brendon out next week. This guy.... this guy.....

    Enzo: “Yo, man, I gotta win HOH!” Matt: “Dude. STFU.”

    Kathy comes out with laundry and the Brigade talk breaks up. Now they think Rachel is the saboteur because the last message said "you didn't get me out of the house" -- and now she's back in the house making stuff up just to mess with everyone. Kathy agrees that they can't believe anything Rachel says.

    Back in the Taj, Britney tells Rachel that there hasn't been any drama with Brendon, that he apologized for everything. She goes on to say that Brendon told her he didn't put her on the block because he knew Rachel wouldn't want him to put up competitors. Rachel tells Britney how after Julie made the comment that she might not have seen the last of the house, she had all these different scenarios running through her head. Talk turns to the saboteur, and Britney tells Rachel that Brendon now thinks Enzo is the saboteur, based on his comments about people throwing competitions.

    Outside, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo continue their "Smear Matt" campaign, saying he always hangs out with Ragan and not him. (Um, isn't this part of the plan? For them not to hang out all together all the time?) As if on cue, Matt wakes up from his nap and comes outside to join them. Hayden fills Matt in on their latest theory about Rachel being the saboteur.

    Kathy drives her bus into the Taj. No doubt she wants to make sure Britney doesn't have enough time with Rachel to potentially say something bad about Kathy. They wrap it up and now Rachel and Hayden head up to the HOH room. Hayden's first question for Rachel is what she meant when she said he looked different on TV. He's really concerned with how he appears, apparently. We don't get to find out her answer because the bubbly comes. When we come back, Rachel is telling Hayden that he needs to stick together with Enzo and Brendon. She believes that Britney and Matt are manipulative and are only being nice to her because they think she'll get a chance to see Brendon and help him decide who to put up as a replacement. Hayden assures her that he and Enzo are tight with Brendon and they already have a plan for next week. Rachel says Kathy will flip flop with whoever is in power. Hayden agrees and says everyone can see that. Rachel goes on to say she's convinced Matt is lying about Pandora's Box.

    Disclaimer - I apologize for this disjointed recap. The bubble baths are frequent tonight with all the talk of Rachel and her experiences outside the house, so the conversations are hard to follow.

    Kathy and Enzo end up alone on the outside deck and Kathy talks to Enzo about when she overheard Britney, Ragan, and Matt making fun of her. Enzo keeps telling her how messed up that is (ha). Makes me wish that Kathy will soon overhear Enzo trashing her too.

    Kathy goes inside and Lane comes over with Enzo. Enzo says he doesn't get why Brendon thinks he's the saboteur. Enzo thinks he's just trying to stir everything up. Lane says he doesn't trust Brendon at all.

    Rachel wraps up her conversation with Hayden by telling him that Ragan and Matt were pushing to get Hayden out when he was on the block with Kristen. *sigh*

    ”Wait a minute. What do you mean I looked weird on TV? Inconceivable!

    When Rachel and Hayden finish talking, they join everyone else outside. The pool tournament is underway. Yes indeed, the fruit bowl pool trophy is once again up for grabs. I'm reminded, once again, of why I always avoided Rachel on the feeds. I'm trying to watch the feeds where they're playing pool, and I can hear Rachel's voice carrying across the yard. Nails on a chalkboard, that voice. And laugh.

    The evening carries on peacefully with the pool tournament and various random conversations. Bits and pieces of game talk come in and out, mainly amongst the Brigade members. Hayden fills them in on his conversation with Rachel, that Rachel claims Britney is the one telling everyone Enzo is the saboteur. What they can't figure out is if Brendon decided on his own that Enzo is the saboteur and then put the idea in Britney's head, or if Britney came up with it on her own. Enzo is ready to snap but says he isn't sure if he should snap on Britney now, or wait and snap on Brendon later. Hayden advises Enzo to go ask Rachel if Britney was trying to convince her that Enzo is the saboteur, and see what she says. Depending on her answer, he can then confront Britney. Just when I thought today's drama was dying down...

    Enzo goes into the HOH room to talk to Rachel. He says he's ready to go confront Britney in front of everyone, but Rachel cautions him not to do that. Rachel says that Britney told her she and Brendon think Enzo is the saboteur. Rachel tells Enzo she knows that's not true because she knows Brendon thinks Lane is the saboteur. (because, you know, I’m sure it’s impossible that Brendon has changed his mind in the last 2 days. What-ev). Somehow this has gotten twisted around that Britney was the one that started the "Enzo is the saboteur" thing, but the irony is that Brendon really was the one that brought it up to Britney. Enzo is just about past his boiling point and ready to go call out Britney. Rachel says she'll call a house meeting to get it out in the open, adding that Britney and Matt take things people say and twist them around. Enzo sticks up for Matt and says he doesn't really want to say anything bad about Matt because Matt hasn't done anything bad to him. He's really doing a hard sell on Britney being the replacement nominee.

    ”misty water-colored MEMORIES…. Of the way we were.. scattered pictures, of the smiles we left behiiiiiiiind….”

    I'm really kinda over the drama for the day so I check back in with the pool tournament. The boys are laughing about how Enzo is getting so fired up. Matt and Lane are playing (pool) and having a good time. Accusations of cheating are flying around. They are having a good time and making fun of Matt because he's blowing the game.

    It’s nice to know some of them can still have fun

    The game ends and Matt and Enzo meet in the bathroom. Enzo tells Matt that Rachel's going to bring everything out in the open tonight.

    Back out at the pool table, Hayden claims the championship. He holds up his trophy and gives an acceptance speech, thanking his mom. It's the calm before the storm. Everyone gathers in the kitchen, Rachel is going to fix a snack and Hayden is going to add his name to the bowl.

    I’d like to thank the Academy…

    Enzo goes into the Cabana Room with Ragan and Lane and asks Ragan what he knows about Brendon's thoughts on the saboteur. Ragan says he did not hear directly from Brendon that Brendon thinks Enzo is the saboteur. Enzo starts to say Rachel told him... and Ragan cuts him off and warns Enzo to consider the source. Lane interjects and says that Rachel said he (Lane) was the saboteur also, and Ragan says there's my point. Ragan says they can't take this bait. Enzo keeps saying how Britney is a 22 year old girl and he doesn't want to make her cry, and now he says he owes it to her to just pull her to the side and talk to her. Ummm. What? 20 minutes ago he was calling her a c*** and a b**** and now he wants to have a heart to heart with her?

    Enzo takes Britney outside and tells her Rachel told him Britney thought he was the saboteur. Britney says no, I told her that I had thought SHE was the saboteur. Then she says that Brendon didn't tell her who he thought was the saboteur, but that Rachel told Britney who she thought was the saboteur (Lane). Enzo asks who, and Britney wisely tells him she doesn't want to say until Rachel leaves, because she didn't want it to get spread around. Lane and Matt join them outside. Enzo speculates that Rachel just came back to start drama. (Ya think?)

    On cue, Rachel comes out to the yard to confront Britney and here we go. 11:56 pm, all cameras. It goes around and around and Britney tries to clarify things, saying that Brendon never named Enzo specifically, he just hinted. Rachel jumps in and says Brendon never said anything bad about Enzo. I love it - Rachel is speaking for Brendon and he's not even in the house and she's out of the game. *sigh* Rachel has a condescending, confrontational tone, and Britney is trying to stay calm and rational defending herself. Brendon seems to have played a decent game the last 2 days and Rachel is in the house less than 12 hours and she's stirring it back up. (All this is driving home the point that Brendon is much better off without Rachel.) Comic relief during all this drama comes on Camera 3 as Skippy zooms in on Matt, who is on the elliptical in his skull pajama onesies.

    Lane and Matt head to the workout bench. Rachel storms into the house to the Diary Room (again!) and Britney starts crying to Enzo. Lane tells Matt he thinks this is just further proof that Rachel is the saboteur. With all the houseguests gathered in the yard, Enzo says he's convinced Rachel is just trying to stir things up. What? Has Enzo changed his mind again? Inconceivable! Kathy chimes in that everyone just needs to go to sleep. Okay Kathy. Hop on your bus and drive over everyone on your way to bed.

    The Brigade plus Britney gather around the weight bench. Lane points out that it's good everything got out in the open, and Enzo says well yeah, that's why I wanted to do all that, to prove Rachel is the saboteur. (this guy... this guy... seriously? Half an hour ago he said he wanted to do this to call Britney out). Ragan comes out of hiding and they fill him in on the latest round. As Enzo, Britney, and Ragan continue to talk about the saboteur, Hayden and Lane are laughing about their names in the pool "trophy."

    Fallout from Fight #3 of the day descends around the yard and the house is of the general consensus that Rachel is just trying to stir stuff up. Rachel finally comes out of the Diary Room and tells Kathy she's not lying. "Yeah yeah I believe you" says Kathy. *sigh*

    Matt goes into the Have-Not room with Ragan and lets him know that if it's Britney vs Lane, he is probably going to have to vote with the house to keep Lane.

    In the Cabana Room, Enzo tells Hayden that Britney is twisting everything around. They reaffirm they have to get Britney on the block. That dumb f'in ditzy blonde, says Enzo. Enzo says he still worries that Brendon is going to put Matt up, so he's really hoping that Brendon gets to spend some time with Rachel so she can make sure he knows to put Britney up. It isn't long before Enzo and Hayden start talking about Matt again. They've been saying all night that they can't trust Rachel, but now they're believing her story to Hayden that Matt was trying to get Hayden out when he was on the block against Kristen. (oy, my head). Lane enters the room, and Hayden and Lane pass their suspicions along to him. The meatheads come to the conclusion that Matt has flipped and they need to get him out this week.

    A little while later, Matt comes in and tells the guys that he told Ragan if Britney was up he was going to have to vote her out. When he leaves, Hayden and Enzo say that it just doesn't feel "right" with Matt anymore.

    Enzo moves on to Kathy, who is determined that Britney needs to go this week. Enzo agrees, and when they all head off to bed, I have no idea who the alliance formerly known as the Brigade's primary target actually is - I guess they figure it doesn't matter - whoever they can get up and out between Matt and Britney will be fine with them.

    BB gives an 8:30 wake up call, and Rachel heads to the kitchen to start preparing breakfast where she's soon joined by Kathy. Rachel indicates that the DR told her she needed to leave a message for Brendon, and she’s trying to figure out how to do it. Kathy, of course, says she can pass a message along. Rachel said he needs to nominate Matt because he's at the bottom of everything in the house.

    Rachel, realizing that Lane is the only houseguest she hasn't had her requisite one-on-one yet, summons him up to the HOH room. Lane proceeds to throw Britney and Matt under the bus. Lane refers to Matt as the head of the snake (Matt/Britney/Ragan) and thinks if they can get rid of Matt, the other two will be lost.

    After he's done with Rachel, Lane and Britney meet in the Cabana Room. Lane tells Britney that Rachel really wants Matt out, and Britney encourages Lane to pass that information along to Brendon. Lane warns Britney not to tell the other Have-Nots about any of this. They talk about how everyone is starting to see that Matt is sneaking around the house spreading false information. Britney tells Lane that Matt is convinced he would have the votes to stay over Lane.

    Lane heads back to the Jumanji room where Ragan asks him how his chat with Rachel went. Lane doesn't say much, other than that Rachel warned him to watch out for Britney, Matt, and Ragan.

    Thankfully BB decides to give us a reprieve and whisks Rachel out of the house a few hours early. Kathy heads into the Taj to tell Enzo and Hayden that Rachel is gone, and that she left a message for Brendon - using pretzels - about who to take out. Me? I think it’s time to abandon my shift half an hour early and go have lunch with my good friend Captain Morgan

    Tune in tomorrow for Waywyrd's account of the fallout from Rachel's time in the house

    Thanks to my girl Juls for the caps from Ragan vs Rachel Part 2. I was in the kitchen hiding with the Peanut Gallery
    "the amount of non-drinking that goes on in this place should be illegal" - Brandi

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    at the title... I didnt even get to the recap yet!! This one's gonna be good!!

    Sorry you're the one who had to suffer through her, Irish!

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    Awesome title!! This shift kept you busy, for sure! Outstanding job, Irish! Thanks for taking one for the team!
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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    Quote Originally Posted by TheIrishEyes;4039762;
    Thanks to my girl Juls for the caps from Ragan vs Rachel Part 2. I was in the kitchen hiding with the Peanut Gallery
    Anytime girl. I'm down for the drama!

    Your recaps are getting better and better! Great job!
    When the Power of Love overcomes the Love of Power, the World will know Peace

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    Great job Irish!

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    thanks so much for all the work you put in to that....that was a huge amount of info to keep track of, it must have taken forever.
    big big thanks!

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    Thanks for the recap Irish, hilarious AND informative.

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    Awesome as usual Irish and thanks for the fabulous screen caps! I finally realized who it was that Hayden reminds me of - Peter Brady LMAO

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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    You are a saint! A saint, I tell ya!

    Awesome recap! Let's hope she's really dead this time, eh?
    I hate when the cops throw me in the back of the squad car ....like they didn’t hear me call shotgun.
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    Re: 8/14 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: Rachel Redux- Ding Dong the Witch Isn't Dead

    Irish, I nearly choked on my food trying to eat dinner and read this! I love the music references especially "The Way We Were!" You made Rachel's visit funny and bearable! Thanks!

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