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Thread: Big Brother August 15 – The Love Warrior Takes Over

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    Big Brother August 15 – The Love Warrior Takes Over

    Welcome back, Houseguest watchers. When we last left our remaining houseguests on Thursday, Rachel had been evicted and shuttled off to be the first member of the jury. She did not get confirmation of the existence of the Brigade alliance (like previous evictee but non-jury member Kristen got last week). Nor did Julie Chen reveal to Rachel that Ragan was voted the replacement Saboteur. Then Julie mentioned that there is a chance that Rachel might get to come back into the house, which is why I guess they didn’t let her in on any of the secrets that the viewers know right now.

    Last Thursday during the live episode they started a long-duration HOH competition. The houseguests needed to unweave their colored rope from a web of other rope while walking through mud, water puddles, and straw while causing fake rain (real water) and a flurry of chicken feathers at them. I love the sadist streak that the challenge makers are employing this season. It looks like a rather strenuous challenge. Kathy immediately falls behind, and Enzo is struggling hard to stay ahead of her.

    While we’re watching clips of the houseguests (minus out-going HOH Matt) thread their way through the HOH competition, we’re also getting some previously un-aired footage from last Thursday. Three hours before the live show eviction of Rachel, Hayden and Enzo met with Brendon and Rachel to propose working together with whomever is left to try to knock out Brigade rivals Britney and Ragan. Hayden and Enzo are concerned that Matt has a side alliance with Ragan, and that Lane has a side deal with Britney, and want to make sure that they stay focused on the Brigade as their only alliance.

    Brendon has the lead for most of the HOH competition. He keeps yelling out for no apparent reason that he is doing it for Rachel, his true love. She’s in the Jury House and will only get small clips from each week. We’ll see how much the producers are in love with their love affair if we see if Rachel gets to see Brendon’s “this is dedicated to the one I love” clips while she’s still in the jury house.

    Brendon wins the HOH competition. His first privilege is to name the three Have-Nots for the week:
    Ragan, and
    Matt – no surprises here.

    Brendon gets to see his HOH room, and everyone comes up to suck up and be nice. Britney thinks that it is very two-faced of Kathy and Enzo to feign interest in Brendon’s pictures and stories. However, Lil LG pointed out that Britney did the same thing when Rachel won HOH two weeks ago. Ah yes, hypocrisy is running rampant in the house this season.

    In the Have Nots room, Ragan and Britney are crying and sharing a box of tissues, talking about how they’re going to be on the block. Matt is trying to not laugh, because he’s holding the Diamond Power of Veto and knows he won’t be leaving. However, he is stuck in the room with the jars of maggots and slop for every meal, so being a Have Not is certainly not a perk.

    Britney goes and cries to Lane, who promises that he will do everything to make sure she sticks around. She then proceeds to tease Lane’s pool playing skills. Do they have an outdoor pool table this year? I though Drew Carey was the only one with an outdoor billiards table.

    Ragan gets his next Saboteur challenge. He rejects a suggestion to make the houseguests think the house is haunted, but agrees to take a challenge to make the houseguests think that there is a secret alliance. Ragan wants to resurrect Annie’s Saboteur message that there are lifelong friends in the house.

    The Saboteur’s message is aired, and Ragan pretty much threw Kathy and Britney under the bus by claiming that the lifelong friends are one female and one male. Recall that with Rachel’s eviction, there are only two women left in the house, so this clue certainly targets the two remaining ladies.

    Both Kathy and Britney swear on a stack of Bibles that they didn’t know anyone outside the house, but Brendon thinks that just something that the Saboteur would say. Yes, this genius thinks that the Saboteur would voluntarily throw suspicion on herself. Um, ok. Ragan appears to have not aroused any suspicion that he’s the new Saboteur. If he survives this week, he’ll have earned his Saboteur reward of $20,000.

    The Have Nots get to find out what America voted for their food selection. The winning choice: Eggplant and Escargot. Oooooh, poor Have Nots, that was the worst option. I would be able to eat some eggplant, but dang, snails. That is nasty.

    Ragan talks to Matt and offers to try to advocate for both of them with HOH Brendon. Secret Diamond POV holder doesn’t let Ragan take a bullet for him and tells Ragan to protect himself, and that Matt will take care of himself. Ragan approaches Brendon, offering to support him in the future if he doesn’t get a nomination. Britney offers the same, but mentions in her confessional she has no intention of following through.

    Nomination time. Surprisingly, Britney is safe early on. Even Matt evades the block. Hayden is still not safe when there are three houseguests left, but he’s the last one in the nomination box. The nominees are Lane and Ragan.

    Lane is annoyed, but feels confident in his alliance and his POV chances. Ragan is freaking out and thinking he can kiss goodbye his $20,000 for being the Saboteur for two whole weeks. That is unless Matt decides to step in and use his Diamond POV, or if either of them win the week’s veto. Tune in Wednesday to find out.

    Also on tap for Wednesday, the next opportunity for Pandora’s Box to be opened. I’m guessing that Brendon will open Pandora’s Box, as he doesn’t have anyone else to protect in the house right now except himself. My prediction – Pandora’s Box, if opened, will unleash into the house some expelled houseguests at some point. Maybe not this week, but at some point Pandora’s Box will be a ticket back in for someone – hopefully not Rachel, but I could see the producers wanting to re-introduce that drama (and romance – blech) into the house this season.
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    Re: Big Brother August 15 – The Love Warrior Takes Over

    The Have Nots get to find out what America voted for their food selection. The winning choice: Eggplant and Escargot. Oooooh, poor Have Nots, that was the worst option. I would be able to eat some eggplant, but dang, snails. That is nasty.
    No kidding! I wasn't even that heartless to vote that choice.

    Excellent recap, LG!
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