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Thread: 8/12 Live Feed Recap : Turds In A Punchbowl

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    8/12 Live Feed Recap : Turds In A Punchbowl

    This recap covers events from Thursday noon to Friday noon, BB time.

    Thursday…my favorite night of the Big Brother live feeds! One unlucky hamster leaves and one lucky hamster becomes the new HoH. The power in the house shifts, floaters realign, and hamsters start begging for their lives in the game. But that’s not exactly the case this week, is it, feed watchers? The tone of the house will most definitely change but the HoH doesn’t really hold the power. It lies with Matt and his Blingy POV and his alliance. The Brigade has the numbers this week to control the next eviction regardless of the HoH. Earlier in the afternoon before the live show, Enzo and Hayden decided they would rather keep Brendon this week since neither of them have a side alliance the way Lane and Matt do. So they’ll keep Brendon as an insurance policy of sorts. It would benefit them to get Britney or Ragan out instead since they’re both stronger players than Brendon. Enzo even gave Brendon a heads up that Rachel would be evicted so the whole catch ‘em by surprise thing flopped. Too bad. I was ready for another jaw-dropping Dustin-like eviction. Most of the day leading up to the live show was spent on HoH lockdown. Brendon and Rachel holed up in the bathroom so she could cut his hair. She broke down a couple times and of course, her knight consoled her.

    The live show ended with houseguests competing in the HoH competition and Rachel on her way to the jury house with a teaser from Julie that she’s maybe not seen the last of the BB house. Ooooh, now that would be a good one. Don’t tease unless you plan to follow through, Allison Grodner. The competition is a giant web of ropes. When feeds return, houseguests are weaving themselves through the web lugging pounds of rope as they go. If the past competitions favored guys with small feet, this one surely favors the guys with the big guns. All the while, BB is blowing feathers and raining water down on them. It’s like Chicken Run meets Hard Rain. Brendon is in the lead with Lane hot on his heels. This competition must be physically demanding since there is very little smack talk, just lots of huffing and puffing. Enzo is playing cheerleader and encouraging them, especially Kathy, to keep fighting. Our deputy sheriff has never done any heavy lifting…the 8lbs of mascara on each eye doesn’t count. It seems to be a race between Brendon and Lane but eventually, Brendon moves way ahead of him and buzzes in to win. The real question is did he win it straight up or did the Brigade pull back and let him have it since it benefits them. If that’s the case, it’s a good strategic move. Just as it seems Brendon will take the high road and avoid making himself look like an ass with snarky comments, he says, “That's what happens when you evict somebody…” We miss the rest of it because BB chooses to block the feeds at that precise moment, but just a guess here…he definitely came across as an ass. So it’s not okay for Kathy to celebrate a win but he can. Pot meet kettle. You’re both black.

    Production finally sees fit to let us get some of our money’s worth and gets the feeds running again. It’s no surprise to learn that Brendon has chosen Ragan, Britney, and Matt to be Have Nots this week. Enzo, Hayden, and Lane get together to whisper and it seems Brendon won this HoH all by himself. It’s a day late and dollar short for the love of his life, however. The guys are okay with his win since Ragan or Britney was their target. Lane isn’t on board with dumping Britney but he may have no choice. Unless, of course, Matt reveals his Blingy POV and loses the trust of the Brigade. Matt just wants Enzo’s word that Brendon goes next week. He gives that word but we all know what one’s word means in the BB house. Loyalties can and will turn on a dime.

    Over in the Have Nots room with Britney and Ragan, it’s one big pity party. As predicted, the tone has changed. No silly anecdotes or impersonations tonight. Ragan is bawling like a baby and Britney is whining that he embarrassed her by saying her boyfriend was banging other girls. This has been the season of the crybabies. Boo freaking hoo! Suck it up and play the game, people! Ragan admits that he probably needed to be taken down a peg. He feels bad for the way he acted after the competition and also for calling Rachel a witch. They comfort each other and thankfully, Lane comes in to lighten the mood. He’s looking for something(Matt’s HoH key?) and almost checks Matt’s luggage(where the Blingy POV necklace) is hiding, but Britney tells him it’s somewhere else. Close call! Had he found it, it would have been worth sitting through Ragan’s boohooing. Meanwhile, Brendon is hanging out in the cabana with Enzo and Hayden talking about movies and sports. Brendon is called to the DR and Enzo confesses his competition confidence has taken a hit. Hayden lists them all and cheers Enzo up by telling him what a good job he did. Back in the Have Nots room, Lane teaches Britney some wrestling moves that are good for a laugh or two. For some reason, that leads to disgusting sex stories good for a vomit or two.

    Enzo and Hayden hope that they win some prizes in the POV competition. They pat themselves on the back for getting everyone else to do their dirty work. Brendon winning was meant to be, they think. Now Britney or Ragan will be booted and no blood is on their hands. Hayden wonders what Rachel thinks now that she knows about the Brigade. Of course, that part of the goodbye messages to her wasn’t shown so Rachel still has no idea. They don’t realize this. Hayden joins the others in the Have Nots room and Enzo is called out by BB for trying to sleep in the cabana while After Dark is on. Dance little hamster, dance! He heads to the Taj room so he can sleep without being bothered and Brendon follows him. Brendon notices that everyone is in the Have Nots room having a pity party. Enzo says it’s because one of them is going home. Brendon explains to him why he went off on Britney and Ragan, because they were mean to Rachel. He says she’s a nice person and all of her theatrics were just for TV. Enzo is agreeable, playing an outstanding social game here. He points out that people are forgetting that most of them will be on the jury. Not one of them congratulated Brendon on his win and Enzo thinks it’s disrespectful to the game. He’s blowing so much up Brendon’s ass that he’s going to have emphysema from the secondhand smoke.

    Ragan moves his pity party to the bathroom where he is joined by Hayden. He tries to console Ragan, telling him it will all be okay and he could still win POV. Ragan isn’t in a place to suck it up just yet and keeps whining. He’s remorseful for his catty behavior. He also tells Hayden that he won’t be throwing Britney or Matt under the bus because they’re his new BFFS. Brendon and Rachel’s so-called true love won’t last, he predicts. However, he, Britney, and Matt will be friends for life. Brendon walks through and Ragan gives him a sincere congratulations. Britney and Lane come in and they all have fun talking about how hard the competition was…Hayden and Lane even joke about which of them beat the other. They take a couple jabs at production, wondering if interns tested the comp beforehand. Lane even says the “bastards” were watching knowing what his next move should be. Both times, BB warns them not to talk about production. Suddenly, lights flicker in the house. They suspect the saboteur and head to the living room but there are only bubbles on the screen. More jokes follow and Matt says that’s why they don’t have libations. The crew drank it all and now they’re hitting the wrong buttons. Feeds go to bubbles while houseguests get yet another reprimand for talking about production. Gotta love rebellious hamsters.

    The butt kissing begins when Brendon’s HoH room is revealed. All of the houseguests head up to see his goodies, even Ragan and Britney. Considering everything that has happened between these two and Brendon, they’re about as out of place as turds in a punchbowl. He got a picture of Rachel in the Taj room, pictures of his nieces, Weezer’s blue album, Coke Zero(love the stuff!), Cinnamon Life, honey wheat pretzels, Reese’s Pieces, protein bars, ice cream that he offers to everyone since he won’t eat it, a stuffed pink elephant sporting a pair of goggles, and a letter from his sister. Everyone sucks up and gushes over all of his stuff, he talks about his sister and nieces for a while, and they all finally head out.

    When Hayden and Enzo are alone they decide that even though Matt is hell bent on getting Brendon out of there next, it’s better for them if he sticks around another week. They see him as protection for them and admit they even like him. It will be interesting to see if this is what crumbles the almighty Brigade. Brendon obviously views the three of them as a new alliance now that Rachel is gone. He thinks Lane is the saboteur but won’t nominate him since having him there screws with the house. And Kathy is viewed as a waste of HoH so she’s safe for another week…many a floater has drifted to the end of the game because of this attitude. Matt, Ragan, and Britney are clearly Brendon’s targets as he talks with Hayden and Enzo. He’s leaning towards nominating Matt and Ragan and using Britney as a renom should one of them win POV. He’s worried that if he nominates Britney and Ragan, Matt could win POV and save Ragan. The both of them would then be safe. It’s clear that Britney isn’t his primary target of the three so with Matt holding some Bling-Bling power, Ragan could be history this week.

    Hayden and Enzo fill Lane in on Brendon’s plan. In turn, he spills it all to Matt…that Ragan is the target this week with Britney as a renom, if necessary. Lane will let Britney go if he has to but says that he will definitely use the POV on her if he wins it. Matt says the same about Ragan. They try to figure out a way to get Kathy out this week. Pushing her eviction date up a couple weeks will strengthen their jury votes from their side alliances. Again…crumble of the Brigade?

    Things We Learned
    • Brendon likes The Rolling Stones, Bob Marley, and The Beatles. Too bad his taste in women isn’t that good.
    • Britney is depressed and missing her brother. He’s a senior in high school and his birthday is soon.
    • Lane says that after the HoH competition, he had three bales of hay and a log cabin up his crack. Ragan says that’s just another Friday night for him. File that under TMI.
    • Enzo thought the Grand Canyon was in Vegas, not Arizona.

    Back in the Have Nots room, Britney and Ragan are still whining and feeling out of place. Matt snows them by saying he thinks he is the intended target so they’ll be safe. They start making fun of Kathy who hears them from the other room and crashes their party. She lets them know that she heard them(oops!) and they all apologize awkwardly. She’s going to let it slide considering their predicament. Of course, the catty bunch claims they only tease her because they love her.

    Brendon is with his new found buddies and questions them about which houseguests wanted Rachel out instead of him. Apparently, he plans to make good on his promise to avenge his true love. Enzo treads softly but eventually points the finger at Ragan and Britney. Brendon then heads to HoH to listen to his CD and Enzo goes to check in on the pity party crew in the Have Nots room. They make fun of Brendon’s letter and throw in some Rachel bashing for old time’s sake. Hayden and Enzo then hook up in the bathroom to discuss things. They both trust Brendon more than they trust Matt. It doesn’t sit well with them that Matt has said he would use the POV to save Ragan or Britney. If he does this, they agree to cut him loose and part ways with him. In their great scheme of things, Britney goes this week(they believe Lane will be on board with this) and Ragan next week. Then they’ll maybe evict Brendon, saving Kathy for last…unless they dump Matt first because they imply that they might need to put him up next to Ragan next week(if Ragan is still there) to teach him a lesson. Oh boys, don’t you know that the best laid plans of mice and men go oft awry? If Steinbeck was a BB fan, you have to believe that line would read, “ The best laid plans of hamsters and men go oft awry.”

    Up in HoH, Brendon is still in bed listening to his music. He whispers an “I miss you” to Rachel and I know it’s time to call it a night. Morning brings an inside lockdown and houseguests suspect a luxury competition. Wishful thinking? Maybe. A nominations ceremony is a sure thing, however. If Brendon goes with the way he was thinking last night, Ragan and Britney should be on the block with Ragan as the target. Enzo meets up with Lane and Matt in the storage room and fills them in on the probable nominations. Enzo’s fear is that one of them will get off with the POV and a Brigade member will go up. Matt wants Brendon out of the house while Enzo wants everyone else out except the Brigade. He is pissed off that Britney and Ragan have been acting like big crybabies.

    Ragan is the first to hit the HoH room to talk to Brendon. Ragan goes through the reasons that his friendship with Brendon and Rachel fell apart. It started with Brendon pushing for Andrew to stay and Rachel coming unglued after her second HoH. Brendon explains it all away. Ragan then tells him how hurt he was that Brendon bullied him. In short, they apologize and hug it out. But you have to wonder, would Ragan even care to set it all right if his life in the house wasn’t in jeopardy? He had last week to clear the air and chose to ride the catty train on the low road with Britney instead.

    Back in the storage room, Enzo and Hayden hook up again. Enzo should just make it his new office. The boys can’t understand why Matt wants to get rid of Brendon because having him there takes the target off the Brigade. They decide they need to take Brendon the final 6 along with Kathy and then let Brendon take out Matt. Throwing out upcoming scenarios(none of which really matter unless they win HoH, they conclude that it might be best for the two of them to be final 4 with Brendon and Kathy.

    Up in Hoh, Matt is now chatting with Brendon. Brendon says he doesn’t have a target per se but wants to know if Matt will keep him safe next week if he keeps Matt off the block. Matt asks what happens if one of the two people on the block win POV. Brendon admits that changes things and Matt will go on the block but he still won’t be a target. Matt never really agrees to anything. He just laughs and throws his own questions back at Brendon. Matt says that whatever happens this week, good or bad, will be duly noted. He also emphasizes that regardless of who was HoH last week, he and Rachel would have been nominated and the outcome would have been the same. Brendon asks if Matt is good for his word if they make a deal. Matt replies that he has been. Note the past tense…he doesn’t promise anything. They wrap it up and Brendon quickly meets with Kathy to reconfirm what he’s already told her. She’s safe and will not go on the block, even as a renom.

    My shift ends with an external lockdown as BB sets up for the Have Nots reveal. If it was me, I could live on the bologna and bran muffins. Since it’s not me, I’m hoping for turnips and tofu. Catch MFWalkoff’s fantastic Friday recap to see what they can have with their slop. He’ll also have Brendon’s nominations. At this point, it’s looking like Britney and Ragan. Will they completely meltdown or cry the night away? Or will they suck it up like competitors and turn their game on? Time will tell. If you can, fire up those feeds!
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    Re: 8/12 Live Feed Recap : Turds In A Punchbowl

    All the while, BB is blowing feathers and raining water down on them. It’s like Chicken Run meets Hard Rain.

    Our deputy sheriff has never done any heavy lifting…the 8lbs of mascara on each eye doesn’t count.

    He had last week to clear the air and chose to ride the catty train on the low road with Britney instead.

    If it was me, I could live on the bologna and bran muffins. Since it’s not me, I’m hoping for turnips and tofu.
    Great recap, lil

    Could be an interesting week with Brendon as the HoH and the DPOV still in play.

    Thanks for getting me up to speed with the goings on post hoh comp.
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    Re: 8/12 Live Feed Recap : Turds In A Punchbowl

    He’s blowing so much up Brendon’s ass that he’s going to have emphysema from the secondhand smoke.
    A most excellent recap, lil. I'm still laughing over that first caption...
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    Re: 8/12 Live Feed Recap : Turds In A Punchbowl

    Loved the recap!

    That first caption has me on the floor.. absolutely perfect
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    Re: 8/12 Live Feed Recap : Turds In A Punchbowl

    Wonderful recap! I'm now caught up as I wait for the noms to be made known.
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