Welcome back, hamster watchers. When we last left off on Sunday’s episode, Matt had nominated Rachel and Brendon. The houseguests found out that “someone” had taken the role as replacement saboteur, but no-one has a clue it is really Ragan.

Continuing a theme, Rachel throws a pity party for herself, crying about how everyone is always picking on poor little her. To try to cheer her up, Brandon offers to go out and make everyone else uncomfortable. To kick it off, they call HOH Matt “a midget” and ask if he needs a stool. Stay classy, Brenchel.

Then they chop vegetables for a salad in a threatening manner, and then go off and eat their salad in solitude. No-one else was in a big hurry to eat whatever they were touching anyway. Britney is the only one who dares talk to them, but she confesses in the Diary Room that her sympathy is only to keep from them off her case.

Bowling The Night Away

The houseguests are allowed to practice for the Veto Competition in advance. There is some type of bowling lane set up. At first other houseguests practice while Rachel cries and whines while Brendon tries to cheer her up. Much later (like after mid-night, when everyone should start practicing bowling outside in a residential neighborhood) Rachel and Brendon practice until 4 in the morning. Rachel proclaims that “This is My House” and thinks she is set to win the competition.

Veto Competition Players
HOH Matt
Nominees Rachel and Brandon
Ragan – Veto Ticket winner from last week
Enzo – Brendon’s pick for the “player’s pick” chip. Brendon thinks that Enzo has been pretty pathetic in challenges so far.

Guests From The Past

The doorbell rings for the first time this season, and its last season’s sweethearts Jeff and Jordan, here to host the bowling Veto Challenge, and to promote Jeff’s new online series for cbs.com or something like that. Jeff and Jordan are wearing matching pink bowling shirts and still seem as perky and cute as ever. Just seeing them is a harsh reminder of how nasty Rachel and Brendon are in comparison to their sweetness. The houseguests welcome them in, and it’s time for the Veto Competition.

The bowling pins are set up, and players get 45 seconds to knock over as many pins as possible, going head to head with the loser eliminated each round. Rachel goes first and knocks over 6 pins in 45 seconds. She gets to pick her competitor and picks Kathy, everyone’s perpetual pick to suck at challenges. Kathy starts out slowly, but then picks up speed and knocks over 7 pins. Kathy has the audacity to celebrate her own victory, the only time she’s ever beat anyone at anything all summer. Rachel immediately thinks that Kathy owes her an apology for daring to do well at the challenge.

Brendon goes next, and only knocks down 3 pins. On his last shot, he pitches a tantrum and throws it instead of rolling it, nearly knocking out guest hosts Jeff and Jordan. Britney points out his poor sportsmanship, saying it was the worst she’d seen, and she’d played 5th grade basketball. He has a meltdown, and Rachel actually tries to calm him down, telling him to take it like a man.

After the “gruesome twosome” (as Ragan named them) were out of the competition, it turns into a party. Matt opines that it is like a trip to Chuck E. Cheese, replete with wack-a-mole. Enzo gets an 8, but Britney knocks him out with a 9. Britney then takes out Kathy, and eventually Matt after Britney had a perfect round, taking out all 10 pins in the last round. You’d think that Britney was the one practicing until 4 am.

Brendon and Rachel think it is incredibly insensitive of anyone to have a good time or enjoy themselves when obviously everyone should be in mourning. Somehow they didn’t have concern for the feelings of the nominated last week when Rachel taunted Hayden and Kristen to “bring it on” or when she won HOH and advised the floaters to “grab a life jacket.” Yes, Rachel has been the model of restraint and decorum at all times, let’s not forget that.

It’s Only Personal When It Happens to Rachel

After the competition is over, Rachel stalks down Kathy and demands an apology for Kathy having the nerve to celebrate her own victory. Rachel admits that she’d picked Kathy because Rachel thought Kathy would lose for sure. But she fails to see the irony in that being an insult to Kathy any more than Kathy daring to be happy with her own less-than-awful performance.

It’s ridiculous how Rachel follows Kathy from room to room, demanding an apology that Kathy is not about to grant. The house is clearly with Kathy on this one, with Britney telling Kathy that she’ll slap her if she apologizes, as Rachel isn’t owed one by anyone, let alone Kathy who did nothing but cheer for her own success.

Saboteur Ragan gets his next assignment. He gets to pick from three missions:
1. hide Rachel’s hair extensions
2. hide stinky cheese in a bedroom, or
3. try to turn Rachel and Brendon against each other

Ragan likes number 3 the best, and films a clip claiming that Brendon is throwing competitions on purpose to try to advance him farther in the game than Rachel. This causes some to speculate that Rachel is the Saboteur, tossing suspicion on Brendon. Others think it is Brendon, throwing Rachel under the bus to further his Saboteur mission. Ragan loves the result.

Please Join Us Out On This Limb. Er, No Thanks.

Rachel then turns her charms towards Britney, trying to get her to use her Veto to save Brenchel. She tries logic, and then even attempts to bribe Britney with her $5,000 prize to use it. Britney explains that whichever of them (Rachel or Brendon) is left on the block would still leave, as there is no way the house will vote out anyone but them. Delusional Rachel thinks that Kathy would leave if nominated, but Britney assures her that she is 1000% that one of them is leaving this week no matter what happens. She speculates the house would allow Annie to come back in and leave her on the block just to break up this annoying couple. I think she is right.

At the Veto Ceremony, Rachel cries and begs for Britney to use the Veto. Brendon attempts to throw himself on his sword and keep Rachel in the house by being a bigger jerk than Rachel. He calls Britney a spoiled brat who clings to whomever is in power each week who doesn’t deserve to be there. Yes, Brachel’s hatred of all floaters continues.

Which annoying houseguest will exit tomorrow, and how much grief will the rest of them need to endure from the remaining half of this year’s super-couple? Tune in tomorrow to find out, and be sure to check out Ashley’s fab recap. See you on Sunday.