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Thread: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: Missed Communication

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    8/10 Live Feed Recap: Missed Communication

    This recap covers Noon Tuesday-Noon Wednesday, BB time

    For those feed watchers who have the flashback feature and wish to see the back yard fight with its repercussions in all its glory, I suggest you rewind to 10 PM 8-10-10.

    Conversations have been truncated for space and silliness.

    My shift starts innocent enough…well, not all that innocent as Ragan has a fear of being alone with Brendon. Throughout the afternoon we learn from Ragan about his psychological makeup and why he can’t be around Brendon.

    12 PM to 1 PM

    We begin in the backyard where Britney, Ragan, Enzo and Hayden sit on the couches. Britney takes on the psychological dissection of Brendon and Rachel.

    Britney: Brendon and Rachel play such a dirty game. You have to constantly worry about what they are going to say, what they are going to do. You don’t know what they are thinking. Everything that they do is their agenda.
    Ragan: I would feel better not doing personal attacks on them.

    Hayden, who is still feeling bad about last week, finds release in calling them out.

    Ragan: Because I was so bullied in my youth, it is hard for me in my adult life to let it go.
    Britney: He needs to dominate to feel good about himself as a man. He has to feel self-important.
    Ragan: Because he is so socially awkward, I think he goes from relationship to relationship with women.
    Enzo: So, do we get rid of him this week, what do we do?
    Ragan: No
    Enzo: I just hope he doesn’t slip through the cracks.
    Ragan: Rachel is better in pressure situations than he is.
    Britney: Rachel is the brains of the operation. If they had never teamed up, he would have been one of the first to go.
    Ragan: She has more tricks up her sleeve, such as maybe a code in her letter from home.
    Enzo: That relationship is doomed.
    Hayden: You don’t get into a relationship in this house. This is not the time to find a girlfriend at all.

    In the Cabana Room, Rachel and Brendon snuggle and Brendon tells her about a strange dream he had last night where people were trying to get after him. She wasn’t one of them because she was on a stage. He draws back to pull out some of his eyelashes, then nestles his head against hers and they sleep. All four cams are on them sleeping for 25 minutes…giving feed watchers time to do laundry.

    1 PM to 2 PM

    So Go The Days of Our Lives

    Matt and Ragan are in the HOH Room discussing the saboteur.

    Ragan: If Brendon or Rachel is the saboteur, it gives one of them the opportunity to trip up on themselves. When you play into their theatrics, you give them what they want.
    Matt: Their plan to get on TV is working, but their plan to be saboteur is not working.
    I’m now saying I think the saboteur set up Pandora’s Box.

    Matt is spinning an interesting tale about how BB set up the Box. That because Rachel and Brendon looked up rules about searching luggage that makes them the saboteur.

    Ragan: It would be so awesome to get a message on Friday from Rachel…’I got you guys!’
    Matt: If it’s not Rachel, who would it be…I just can’t think of anyone else…unless it is maybe… America. The person who did it would have to be at a place of desperation.

    [Ragan shifts a bit in the chair.]

    Ragan: I definitely think it is Rachel.

    In the Storage Room, the majority of The Brigade is present and they discuss woes and strategy.

    Enzo: Brendon told me Lane was the saboteur to see if he can trust me.
    Matt: I think I’m in a terrible position. In dealing with this bulls**t... it’s just stupid.
    If I say, ‘Rachel- Shut Up’ it makes her even more defensive.

    They go over who they would put up and in what order depending on variables such as Brendon winning the next HOH.

    Enzo joins Kathy in the kitchen and prods her for information on Brendon’s current state of mind.

    Enzo: Do you think he will start something?
    Kathy shakes her head.
    Enzo: I don’t think they have the balls.

    Elsewhere, Matt is antsy in the early afternoon about a confrontation with Rachel and Brendon regarding the suitcase incident but they sleep from noon to three.

    In the backyard, Britney takes the pool trophy from Jumanji, sets it up on a vase in the yard and leans pool sticks against it. The name of the first winner has been painted in nail polish and it now needs time to dry in the sun.

    The couch-crew discovers a red dragonfly. It is lazy, drowsy times on the couches for all the boys, except Brendon. Britney lathers up with sunscreen and lies down to sunbathe by the pool. Hayden thinks out loud about doing a cannonball in the pool and splashing Britney; but then he finds squeezing the puss out of a sore on his toe more compelling.

    2 PM to 3 PM

    The gang is outside lounging on the couches where the ever present elephant in the room, The Saboteur, is under discussion.

    Enzo: I think we murdered the saboteur and now we’re being played. It is making us paranoid. The season is built around the saboteur.
    Matt: Would they let America vote on something they may not get right?
    Enzo: I think the saboteur is Kathy’s son.

    Lane explains his morning battery lineup conspiracy where Rachel and Britney were grouped together therefore they are co-saboteurs.

    They tease Britney that she could be Kathy’s daughter.

    Britney: Now I really do need to win HOH because I need redemption. So that you can all see pictures of my mom.

    After talk of hair dye, Lane goes into the bathroom and checks his hair in the mirror. Britney discloses that her mom made it to the finals of the first season of Survivor. After their heavy cogitation over the saboteur, Britney’s mom and hair dye, Hayden, Lane and Britney play in the pool. Hayden tries to get Britney to dive through the plastic ring, but BB put the kibosh on that notion. Hayden puts on goggles and swims underwater. Sneezes.

    Back in the kitchen Brendon creates his first disturbance (minor) of the day when he gets a drink and doesn’t interact with banter about the wall with those at the table. Matt gives him a quizzical look that follows him back into the bedroom area.

    The slop Matt is making for Kathy begins to burn and he rushes to the stove to take it off.

    Brendon returns, puts together some lunch then goes outside without saying a word.

    Matt: I’m just waiting. The burning water is just a metaphor.

    Ragan bemoans the awkwardness that has gotten worse with Brendon and Rachel today.

    Rachel joins Brendon and a lazy Enzo on the couches. Brendon and Rachel make cutesy talk…puppies… as in she is like one with him. She can’t sleep without him next to her. Rachel wonders whether America would like her. She thinks she’s fun and brings the drama.

    Rachel: They either hate me or like me. “What is this Vegas girl doing now?”

    Both Brendon and Rachel imagine their clips playing out on YouTube. Rachel turns to the window/mirror and flips her hair.

    Rachel: Oh, Big Brother, you are so fun – what a fun game.

    3 PM to 4 PM

    In the kitchen, Lane locks Britney in a headlock when she tries to eat a cookie.

    Lane: No arguing and I’ll loosen up.
    Britney: (after he lets her go)...mean
    Lane: Production I’m about to sing.
    Ragan: At least you gave them notice. Is it just me, or is Brendon being especially creepy today. When he came into the kitchen he didn’t say a word to me or Matt. What am I supposed to do?
    Lane: Go to bed and not talk to anyone.

    Ragan leaves and looks as though his feelings were hurt, but he returns with his shades on ready to go outdoors. “C’mon!”


    Brendon Tries to Seal His Deal

    Brendon takes out the garbage and beckons Hayden to join him in the Storage Room.

    Brendon: Can I trust you 100%?
    Hayden: Yah.
    Brendon: I want her to stay. That’s why I said what I did at the POV.
    Hayden: I think it is split right now.
    Brendon: Where’s it at?
    Hayden: I think Britney, Ragan…but be careful, because if you do that…they’re smart. Me and Enzo are going to have to vote the way the house votes, because otherwise we’ll be looked at as the saboteur.
    Brendon: Are they talking about that…about me wanting her to stay?
    Hayden: No…but it was thrown around. Rachel was sincere and you were not. Just know Enzo and I have to stay neutral.

    Enzo enters and gets caught up on the discussion

    Enzo: What is it, you want to be out - is that what it is?
    Brendon: Yeah, I want Rachel to stay. I need for this to happen now. Try and find the votes for Rachel. If you go together, she knows the quiz portion. I just need to make sure it is going to happen. Lane is absolutely lying to Britney. He is the saboteur.
    Hayden: I trust him a little bit…but…
    Brendon: it will be Matt, Britney Ragan and Lane voting to keep Rachel.
    Hayden: Matt watched you go into the kitchen for the BB bible last night.
    Brendon lights up: that’s f***g awesome.


    Brendon high tails it to the Taj Room to report to Rachel.

    Brendon: I’m not letting them control everything. I want control of who goes, not them.
    Rachel: I’m okay if they throw me out.
    Brendon: STOP! I need you to help me.
    Rachel: What do you want me to do?
    Brendon: Be more sociable. I’ll back away from the group. Make them want you to be here. Hayden and Enzo know that I want you to be here. I told Hayden not to trust Lane. I suspect Lane is the saboteur because he is acting like Annie did.

    4 PM to 5 PM

    And So It Begins

    A crowd of everyone except Brendon and Rachel filter into the Cabana Room, one of whom is Ragan who has a tale to tell.

    Ragan: Okay…I’m behind him and Brendon is walking slower and slower toward the sliding door to the outside just so I’ll bump into him…my toe touches the back of his flip flop and he turns around and says in a nasty tone, “Excuse you.” Rachel was on the elliptical and smiling at the whole thing.
    Britney: I was with Kathy in the hot tub and Brendon came over. He’s turning the flip flop incident into something dramatic. I didn’t tell anyone, but this morning when I was getting my coffee, he walked toward me and bumped me.
    Ragan: Everything I said this morning about not making fun of them, I take back.
    Enzo: So, he’s going to start some s**t the next few days,
    Britney: It happens when he gets us alone.
    Matt: Safety in numbers from now on.
    Ragan: If he wants us to be mean girls, we can be mean girls!
    Kathy: He is out there mouthing about Britney and Ragan. Britney is a brat and Ragan is being dramatic about stepping on his flip flop. Britney’s snide comments are getting to him, too.

    In a wonderful aside to break the tension, Enzo talks to the fish lined up against the glass looking at him.

    Enzo: I’m not Kathy, I don’t feed you. You are kind of cute. I’m liking this…I’m getting a little tension out of this. Wow, I’m so up and close and personal with them right now. “Hi, guys, how you doin’?” They make me soft.

    Enzo and Lane retreat to the HOH and discuss what they’ve heard during the afternoon.

    Enzo: Brendon told Hayden and me that he really wants out. He wants my vote. He wants us to tell him by Wednesday. I told him, I don’t know what the deal is. I told him I’m not voting, I won’t do it. I’m staying close just in case he’s HOH
    Lane: You’re getting too deep
    Enzo: I have to get out of this…he might think I was a spy for the whole house. I just want to see him crack on Britney and Ragan, that’s all I’m saying.
    Lane: Yah, I want to see some more of that drama.
    Enzo: We got no TV in this house, I want to see this.
    Lane: We should have good seats.

    5 PM to 6 PM

    The Brigade gathers in the HOH enjoying the controversy and claiming this is a piece of cake. If Brendon wins HOH, he’ll put up Ragan and Britney, but they realize they must keep Kathy for the Final 5. Ragan and Britney join them and express their fears to go outside where Brendon and Rachel are because stuff happens when they go alone. Hayden volunteers to go play pool with Britney. Ragan and Matt go with them.

    Resting on the backyard couches, Rachel frowns when the others enter the yard and Brendon leans over to talk to her. He tells her about his weird dream again. The people chasing him pulled him out of his baseball pants.

    Brendon: Don’t worry about who goes home. I’m going to do what I have to do. I’m over trying to be nice to Ragan and Britney because they haven’t been nice to us.
    Rachel: It sucks. I’m not ready to go, I don’t want you to go either, but I think I have to go. It sucks that people don’t like me because I compete.
    Brendon: It’s personal. They don’t like us together. Britney doesn’t like us because she is unhappy. The ones who like us…Enzo is happy.

    Brendon and Rachel go inside so Rachel can make a salad for dinner.

    Matt, Lane and Hayden set up a Dodge Ball game using the small yellow balls. Britney thinks their game is hilarious, but doesn’t want to play because someone could get hurt. Enzo joins in and they make up two teams and a few rules. Hayden and Enzo win the very physical match.

    Rachel and Brendon bring their meal outside and sit on a cabana chair. Brendon now thinks everyone else is miserable but them and continues to trash talk.

    6 PM to 7 PM

    Rachel tells Brendon her philosophy of life – live life to the fullest. Rachel regales Brendon with more stories of her life lived to the fullest. They talk about what she would do if she moved to CA. She doesn’t want to be a professional cocktail waitress. Brendon tries to convince her that she could get in before a full year passes. Brendon and Rachel move over to the hammock and continue their talk.

    In the kitchen, Hayden and Lane fix dinner. Ragan sits at the counter and Britney tells him he looks terrified. Ragan really doesn’t want to be around Brendon and Rachel. Hayden pats out hamburger patties while Lane gives Ragan a pep talk. Matt is encouraging, and pulls Ragan outside to exercise.

    Ragan Begins Therapy

    Ragan and Matt have spread towels on the lawn carpet as far from Rachel and Brendon as they can.

    Ragan: I’m very perturbed right now.
    Matt: Don’t be…I’m here. We make them far more uncomfortable than they make us.
    Ragan: It’s not what he said to me, but when you are bigger than me and get in my face…it takes me back to earlier years. To have someone get in my face…it gets to me in a way it may not to anyone else.
    Matt: Maybe you could use it as a learning experience.
    Ragan: Seriously, I’m turning into the crying gay guy because I wanted to say what I wanted to say, but I couldn’t. Sorry…I’m bitching.
    Matt: That’s okay.

    [Rachel and Brendon retreat to the Taj bedroom and under the covers.]

    Matt: See they run from us, even if it is only two of us, we are the house. But, I understand if you are alone, it might get…

    Ragan opens up about how he has begun to connect the threads of his psyche and thinks he would need a therapist to give him the tools to help him with his intimacy issues.

    They do their abs exercises and feeling better for the talk, Ragan expands on what his work out tape would be named.

    Ragan: Not only sexy bitch abs, but sexy/sensitive bitch abs. We not only work our abdominals, but also our heart muscle.

    7 PM to 8 PM

    Kathy and Ragan are outside and Ragan tells her about his high school terrors. He opens up to her about his current emotional state brought on by his past terrors.

    Ragan: I did not over react to him, but he is saying I’m over dramatic.

    Kathy relates her high school experience of being the only pregnant girl in her school and the kids said mean stuff so that she didn’t want to be around them. She didn’t even go to her reunion. It is still tough as an adult to see someone being picked on. She’s taught her son, Shane to stick up for people and he’s been expelled three times for doing so.

    Ragan: Brendon picks on women and men who are smaller than him.

    Britney and Ragan decide to use the hammock and Ragan goes up the stairs to the HOH to retrieve a blanket.

    Britney: It is going to be so much more enjoyable when they are gone. They’ve really secluded themselves all day. Brendon and Rachel were cast specifically to be foils to me.
    Ragan: (chanting) I want him gone, I want him gone…

    Matt chides Britney and Ragan out of the hammock to play their game in the evening’s tournament. Britney racks the balls, Ragan breaks.

    Britney: And thus the tournament commences.

    Ragan is off his game tonight; as is Britney.

    Ragan: I love that Brendon will be the star of this episode for all the right reasons.
    Kathy: I asked them how many names do you have for each other? They answered – numerous.
    Ragan: Well, we have numerous, too.

    8 PM to 9 PM

    Lights, which had been off in the Taj Room, are turned on (with a stern request from H.A.L.)

    On the pool deck, Hayden says that the showmance was Brendon and Rachel’s downfall from the beginning.

    Rachel has gone outside to sit on a couch and Brendon takes the opportunity to talk to Enzo in the Taj Room.

    Brendon: Once we’re gone, Ragan will put up you and Hayden. It’s just too fake for me.
    Enzo: How much can you do when you’re out-numbered? Same thing for me…
    Brendon: Next week they are still going to be gunning for me or Rachel. I don’t know if I should ask for Hayden’s vote to keep her. If I can get Lane…Ragan and Britney are still pissed off at me.

    Enzo tries to say that they would put Kathy up against him. Brendon isn’t buying it.

    Enzo: If I was you, I would make it a nightmare for Britney and Ragan so they will be sure to vote you out this week.

    Hayden enters the room and joins the conversation.

    Hayden: Are you sure you want to leave, 100%?
    Brendon: Yeah.

    In the HOH, Ragan and Matt have a private chat. Ragan knows he, Britney and Matt are Brendon’s target if he wins HOH. Matt gives a pep talk to Ragan about playing HOH. He says Brendon is the one who should be nervous since he will be blindsided and not ready to play.

    9 PM to 10 PM

    On the backyard couches, Rachel tells Kathy that she only wants to go to jury and not win. You’ve got to show them and win HOH…and you could win POV. You have a good shot to win and you’ve got to start doing it. Later in the hour Rachel tells Brendon: Leave your anger to win HOH

    Brendon: You haven’t seen me get angry. Non of them have seen me get angry.

    In the Cabana Room, Brendon tells Kathy that he wants her to vote him out in front of Enzo. Kathy and Enzo crack up laughing.

    Brendon: I don’t know the sentiment of the house…but…
    Enzo: I don’t care either way, but my vote doesn’t really count.
    Brendon: I told Lane and I would hope you would respect my wishes. If they vote her out it will be a new level of disrespect. If I stay I will make lives a living hell. Please do us a favor. If Ragan and Britney vote to keep me they are bringing a whole new load of viciousness.

    At the pool table there is a moment of amazement as Lane throws one of the small yellow balls and accidentally put it in a pool table pocket.

    The BIG Hammock Scene Begins

    Britney and Ragan are in the hammock with Rachel seated cross-legged on the ground facing them; all are wrapped in silence. They make some small talk about the show and Rachel brings the talk around to the saboteur.

    10 PM to 11 PM

    Rachel: I’m tired.
    Ragan: It’s been an emotionally exhausting week.
    Rachel: I want to say I don’t know what happened.
    Ragan: I’m going to stop you and I’m going to say…my intent when I said I didn’t want to have a conversation was that I needed to back off so it didn’t turn into an argument. When you get emotional my inclination is to shut down.

    Ragan relates one of her incidents he feels was directed at him. She walked through the dining room looking directly at him and laughing. She pushed in a chair, continued to look at him and laugh as she went out the sliding door.

    Rachel has no idea why Ragan thought she was laughing at him. She tells him it had something to do with her DR. Ragan shuts her down…”I’m done. I know what I saw.”

    Rachel keeps saying it had nothing to do with Ragan. Ragan gives room for misinterpretation, but thinks that is what happened.

    Rachel: I’m sorry, Ragan. It didn’t have anything to do with you.
    Ragan: You’re behavior of the last few weeks makes no sense to me…all the theatrics, all the drama. One common denominator to every single argument is you. The house meeting you called was the right thing to do, but the way it was handled I have a problem with. No one else has cross words.

    Rachel becomes defensive and Britney, who keeps offering to leave the hammock, tells them that re-hashes are not productive.

    Ragan: Me shutting down has nothing to do with you…I understand you’ve had a hard ride in this house, but some of the stuff is beyond the pale to me. It’s not my job to make you see what is going on in this house. I would like us to all be cool with each other and that it never gets overtly personal. It’s how you play the game. It has to do with an overall mood that has to do with house harmony. I’m saying that you are not a good sport.

    Rachel looks at the ground and says that she doesn’t see what he is saying and she doesn’t know what to say to him and she is getting upset. She apologizes that she has ruined his game…and that he can’t enjoy being here with people.

    Rachel leaves and Kathy joins them.

    Britney: She does not live on this planet. Her denial is preposterous.

    Kathy says Rachel is bawling.

    Brendon stalks over to the hammock in a rage.

    Brendon: Ragan!! Are you trying to f**k her up more? F**K YOU!! You stabbed us in the back!

    Britney starts to laugh when Ragan and Brendon trade insults. Brendon storms off shouting even more insults and when Ragan calls him a Neanderthal, Brendon corrects his pronunciation.

    You say Neander-thal and I say Neander-tole

    Britney runs after Brendon and he turns his tirade on her, insulting her height and her relationship with her fiancé.

    Brendon stomps into the house and Kathy hugs Britney who gets emotional after yelling at Brendon.

    Heard over the loudspeaker: THE DR IS TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE.

    Ragan remains in the hammock while Britney stays at the pool table area where a pool game has been interrupted by the drama.

    Enzo: If he wants to leave – hit the exit button and leave!

    Ragan joins everyone gathered on the pool table deck and Matt asks him if he is all fired up. Ragan says he is 100% fine.

    Brendon sits on the back of the couch near the DR door. Britney sips her coffee and watches him. She shoots off, “You humiliate them.” (talking about his family) He shoots back, “Oh, that’s a good one, Nick is a lucky guy after he gets done hooking up with all those chicks.”

    The discussion at the pool deck moves to Brendon doing a voluntary exit just because he loves Rachel enough to keep her here.

    Matt: If he voluntary exits I can put up a replacement nominee which would be great.
    Britney: Rachel is in the DR and he is waiting.

    Ragan feels he was cool calm and collected with her – like he should have been earlier in the week.

    Ragan: It’s right around the mid-point when people go whack-a-do.

    Kathy returns from the Storage Room with LIBATIONS!

    Britney brings out two wine bottles, Kathy brings out the beer. Brendon comes out and grabs the white wine bottle and the opener.

    Kathy: Once alcohol is in this crazy mix I don’t want to be around.

    Brendon pours two large glasses of wine in the Taj Room while he waits for Rachel to exit the DR. When she arrives, he tells her that he called out Ragan.

    Brendon: No one is going to make you cry! I pointed to Britney, Ragan and Matt and called them all cockroaches.

    Rachel laughs at his presentation. She can’t believe he went off on them. She thanks him for coming to her defense.

    At the pool deck, Kathy says that usually when Rachel comes out of the DR she is calm. They calm her down.

    Britney: Kathy, you are officially feisty now.

    11 PM to Midnight

    In the Taj Room, Rachel relates her conversation with Ragan to Brendon and laughs.

    Brendon: Ragan is going to find an excuse for everything.
    Rachel: The best revenge we can get is to screw with him. Am I not at my lowest point in this game?
    Brendon: Do they not know we will be on the jury? I wanted to throw him around.

    At the pool deck, the others continue to embellish their own version of history about what happened and to find humor with it.

    [For those Feed Watchers who wish to view Just The Tip in all its snarky glory, please flashback to 11 PM on 8-10-10. The following is a very brief cap of the silliness.]

    JUST THE TIP – a panel talk show hosted in the HOH room by Hayden with panelists: Britney, Ragan and Kathy. The HOH, Matt will play the Gelman – the off screen force. The panel arranges their chairs to face a camera and begin.

    Hayden: What’s Up America, Welcome to the third edition of Just The Tip. First up is How it Happened.
    Ragan: Rachel is playing the good cop and I’ve been blowing her off the last three days and she comes up to Britney and me…Oh look there she is LIVE – she is the Blair witch standing in the corner. (He points to the HOH cam on the Kitchen) Basically she ear-raped us.
    Britney: A Fresh Just What Happened: 15 min ago. Rachel says we have mis-interpreted everything she has ever done. She stomps off crying…and here comes Brendon…starts to unload on Ragan.
    Matt: He does have the power of coup de toe
    Britney: In other news, Peter Parker the house spider has been found – three windows down. Stay tuned to the Live Feeds for an exciting night.

    Show is completed with Matt (Gelman) shaking a can of pretzels as a laugh track.

    Midnight to 1 AM

    The pool tourney has concluded with Enzo the winner over Hayden.

    In the Taj Room, Kathy sits with Brendon and Rachel

    Brendon: They are going to start cannibalizing each other.
    Rachel to Kathy: If you can be safe…if they start turning on each other you have a chance. It’s almost worth it for you to continue to be Kathy and under the radar. There’s a good chance that you will keep being used.

    Kathy returns to the HOH room and joins in the Brendon and Rachel bash session.

    The Wee Late Hours

    In the kitchen, everyone, except Brendon/Rachel in bed and Kathy, discuss the saboteur Enzo holds the Pool Trophy Bowl.

    At different times, both Ragan and Matt talk to the cameras in the HOH room planning out possible moves.

    All in bed by 3:45

    Aw…the morning after…

    9 AM to 10 AM

    Good morning whiner…Brendon complains to Rachel that he was cold during the night because she pulled the covers down. She apologizes.

    Enzo makes an early run at the pool table with Hayden while Kathy lounges on a couch soaking up sun and Brendon runs the yard. Cams 3 and 4 focus on Matt and Ragan asleep in the HOH bed.
    Matt and Ragan wake and rest, and talk about game possibilities. They watch the HOH kitchen cam and Ragan makes comments.

    Ragan: I really want to spit some venom on them today. Their reign of terror is about to end. Do you think he is going to completely change his tune when she leaves?
    Matt: Yah.
    Ragan: I wouldn’t be surprised if he started apologizing. The fact that they went out of their way yesterday…Rachel by asking me if she could use the HOH bathroom was trying to say that we are in an alliance.
    Matt: She just wanted to get in the room and search my stuff. I don’t care if she does that.


    This announcement interrupts Rachel and Brendon’s workout.

    10 AM to 11 AM

    Britney joins Matt and Ragan in a continuation of reactions Brendon and Rachel’s actions.

    Enzo walks away from the kitchen leaving Brendon and Rachel on their own.

    Rachel talks have not food with Kathy in the Cabana room.

    In the kitchen Brendon and Rachel complain that the dishes from last evening’s dinner were not cleaned. Rachel wipes down the sink area, but Brendon pulls her away telling her that is not her job.

    11 AM to 12 PM

    Kathy has taken Ragan’s place in the HOH bed and lounges with Matt.

    In the Jumanji room, Enzo talks about listening to music with Ragan and argues possession of the trophy with Lane. Enzo makes up a fantastical story about Kathy and what she knows.

    Enzo: I don’t want to talk to anyone today…I just want to sleep…then cut my hair…but, no game talk today. He’s going home. Next week.
    Ragan: But, he’s going home.

    Kathy enters and tells them that Brendon told her if she didn’t vote him off, he would make her life a living hell.

    And, thus ends my shift.
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    [Ragan sh*ts a bit in the chair.].... I seriously hope this was a typo!!!
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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: Missed Communication

    Whoops. That was most definitely a typo.

    Thank you for recapping all the crazy, Ariel! What a bunch of nuts this season...
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: Missed Communication

    Yes, it was a typo...since corrected. Sorry about that.
    The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity. Dorothy Parker, (attributed)

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: Missed Communication

    As typos go, that was a good one! Great recap, Ariel!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Re: 8/10 Live Feed Recap: Missed Communication

    That sounded like a difficult shift to get through.
    Thanks for the recap, Ariel. So much craziness this season
    "That's Numberwang!"

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