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Thread: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

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    8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    This recap covers the events in the house from noon Saturday to noon Sunday

    Welcome to this week’s Broadway Edition of the Big Brother Live Feed Recap!

    Last week my shift began with laughter in the Jumanji room. This week, it's Rachel putting in her hair extensions. Seriously, BB? Ack. I'm telling you now, I cannot stomach 24 hours of these two. 10 minutes into my shift and I'm already thinking of gouging my eyes out with a fork and stabbing tweezers through my ears.

    Brendon's fixing lunch for his Witch Queen, and informs her she should eat a banana because it's about the best thing you can eat. Um, yeah, I know that bananas are great because of the potassium, but seriously, you think it's gonna help you with a bowling POV competition? Oh well. Maybe it'll help them like those slow burning carbohydrates helped Brendon hang onto the paint can Thursday. *snicker*

    I'm saved shortly afterwards because Kathy comes out of the Diary Room and we get 2 scenes on the feeds. The new one is an extreme close-up of a napping Enzo. Hey, I'll take it. One eye appears to be half open. It's fascinating. I'd rather watch this than Brendon and Rachel. Heck, I'd rather chew on tin foil while pulling out my toenails with pliers than watch the Barfie Twins ( © JavaJo.)

    At 12:30, we get trivia – the Veto Competition is underway!

    We return at 3:00 to learn that Britney has won her 3rd POV of the season! The houseguests in the kitchen are discussing how many POVs Janelle won in one season. Matt and Ragan are celebrating in the HOH room, and Ragan mentions how invigorating it also was to see Jeff and Jordan.

    Things we learn in bits and pieces about the Veto Competition:
    • It was a bowling-style competition called “Lovers Lane” - Brendon and Rachel thought that was an omen that they were supposed to win. Uhh, no. It would have been called Looney Lane.
    • Jeff and Jordan were the hosts
    • Prior to the competition, the house doorbell rang, and Jeff and Jordan came in and spent some time in the house before the competition started
    • The houseguests got the definite impression that Jeff and Jordan are NOT fans of Brendon and Rachel. Well, duh! I can’t help but remember Rachel claiming that they were “like Jeff and Jordan, only better.”
    • At one point, after a snide remark Rachel made about the other houseguests, Jeff said “Whoa, put your claws away”
    • It was a Pick 2/Knock-out style competition. In the first round, Rachel picked Kathy to go up against, and Kathy beat her. The others say this set the tone for the rest of the competition.
    • Brendon picked Britney, and bowled a 3, the lowest score of the entire competition. He displayed his usual outstanding sportsmanship afterwards, throwing one of the wooden balls across the yard and prompting Jeff to make a crack about insurance.
    • The players apparently had 45 seconds to knock down as many pins as they could.
    • Brendon and Rachel kept talking to each other instead of listening as Mike O (the BB Production guy in charge of competitions) gave instructions for the competition. Later they would ask him questions that he had already answered. Aggravated with them, Mike O told them he had already explained it and they shouldn’t have been talking at the time. (I love Mike O).
    • Brendon, true to form, complained that the competition wasn’t fair because a clock got stuck and Mike O didn’t reset it. Or something. Who knows. Who cares. Not me.
    • When Kathy knocked out Rachel, she cheered in excitement that she had finally won something. Remember this, it’ll be important in a couple hours
    • The final round was between Matt and Britney, and Britney scored a 10.

    A quick glance on the other feed shows Brendon and Rachel talking to Hayden in the Taj room but I don't want to listen to the whining. BB12 Veto Queen Britney has just entered HOH so I'm following her up there. Britney informs those gathered around that Brendon is planning to call a house meeting to throw Matt under the bus, with the issue being that Matt’s Pandora's Box story doesn't add up. Matt agrees and says that's right, it doesn't make sense, but I don't have any answers for him. Ragan says he will refuse to participate in a house meeting, and Britney says she doesn't even want to talk to Brendon and Rachel until after the POV ceremony.

    I click downstairs to see what’s going on, and the Gruesome Twosome are trying to beat each other to see who can fall on their sword the fastest for the other. You should stay. No, you! Nooooo, you!! (Me? I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a double eviction or a DOR).

    In the blink of an eye, things go from 0 to about 180. I offer the disclaimer right now – it was too fast and furious for me to keep up with all the action and I highly recommend, if you are a feed subscriber, catching this on Flashback. The action starts around 3:10 pm.

    Rachel and Brendon enter the kitchen area where most of the hamsters are hanging out fixing lunch. Rachel asks Kathy to talk, and they head to the Cabana Room. Rachel immediately launches into a tirade at Kathy about how ridiculous it was for Kathy to cheer when she beat Rachel. Hello, is the point not to win? Kathy tries to put the kibosh on this lunacy right away, saying she’s not going to listen to it, and she walks away. Rachel chases her into the kitchen to continue the fight in front of a stunned audience. Like a dog with a bone, Rachel’s key issue, at least this time, is that she let Kathy spend the week in her HOH room, sleeping in her bed, being her friend, and now Kathy hurt her feelings by cheering because she lost, and all she wants is an apology for Kathy hurting her feelings. I mean, sooo many levels on why this is asinine.

    Kathy, for her part, finally shows us a spark of that deputy sheriff and actually stands up for herself. "I'm not going to apologize because I was excited I won." Alright Kathy! You go with your bad self, girlfriend! Cameras on the other feeds show Britney standing in the open doorway of the HOH room listening, while Ragan is watching on the spy screen and cringing at the conflict. Kathy says she refuses to listen to any more and walks back to the Cabana Room, as Rachel accuses her of having no morals. Rachel, never one to let the attention off herself, follows her AGAIN, saying she just wants an apology for hurting her feelings. And repeats how wrong it was for Kathy to cheer. Kathy points out that the only reason Rachel picked Kathy to go against first was because she thought she could beat Kathy. “Of course I did” is Rachel’s response. this girl is clueless. Really, the entire situation is summed up with Kathy’s line: “I beat you! End of story!” Indeed!

    Rachel storms out, Britney comes in to check on Kathy, and Kathy escapes with her back up to the HOH room where Ragan states that Rachel must have some sort of mental condition.

    The other hamsters in the kitchen are still putting all their attention into their lunches. Rachel, still quite aware she has an audience, sniffs and sobs to Brendon about how it’s not fair, Kathy is being so mean to her after she’s done nothing but be her friend the whole time (huh??). Hayden, finally unable to keep quiet in the face of overwhelming idiocy, speaks up to point out that Rachel did the exact same thing to Kristen last week. Of course, this is way too logical for Mopey and Dopey to grasp. Because, you know, things are only personal when directed at them. I’m thinking Rachel might just be the biggest hypocrite ever to play Big Brother.

    Arguments begin to spread faster than I can keep up with. At the sink, the usually reserved Lane has started spouting off at Brendon about how Brendon has been accusing him of jumping off the surfboard. Brendon, of course, denies it, which is hilarious since he made that accusation to pretty much everyone else that’s in the kitchen.

    Rachel, no doubt dismayed that the attention has moved away from her, jumps back in to sob that everyone is being mean and it's not fair because she is on the block with the love of her life. And she's been fighting for her life since Day 1. Seriously? Boo freakin hoo. “You’re all making this very personal when we’re at our lowest point!” Oh come on, cry me a river.

    Lane and Brendon have smoothed over their issue, and Lane makes the point to Rachel to try to see it from Kathy’s perspective, that if you were Kathy and took out one of the biggest competitors in the house, how would you feel? Rachel says she understands that, it's just that it hurt her feelings, and she's really emotional and she's also on her period. Nice.

    Enzo and Lane continue to try to deescalate the situation with humor (jury votes, anyone??). Lane laughs about this new Kathy that’s emerging, that she’s spent the week alone in a room with a shark, who knows what’s going through her head!

    Rachel keeps going with her poor pitiful me routine, about Kathy celebrating, but Hayden is over it. He again points out the hypocrisy with Rachel’s logic – that when she won HOH she said "Floaters grab your life vests" - he tells Rachel it's the exact same thing and she can't expect Kathy to not be excited. It's a game, everyone is amped up to play, you know emotions are riding high. Rachel's not having any of it. All she cares about is that she wanted an apology because her feelings were hurt.

    Looking in the background, I can’t help but laugh as Matt has a front row seat at the kitchen counter, chin in his hands, not saying a word. (Later, during the rehashing, he tells the others that he was dying to say something but knew that as soon as he did it would all get turned around onto him so he just kept his mouth shut).

    Upstairs, Britney is standing behind the HOH door which is barely cracked open, trying to listen. It’s just too funny.

    Finally, Sippy and Dippy scurry off to Taj to wallow together in their misery, while the Brigade remains in the kitchen laughing about all the hypocrisy that was flying around. I check in on the Taj but they're just spewing vile and I'm over it. I'd rather listen to people making fun of them. Cause, you know, that's how I roll. The general consensus is just how absolutely absurd Brendon and Rachel are acting, and how hypocritical they are because they are 10x as guilty of the accusations they're hurling upon the others.

    Back up in the HOH room, Britney, Kathy, Matt, and Ragan are talking about how the competition couldn't have gone any better. Matt laughs that when Brendon and Rachel argue, they don't even make sense. They laugh about their outlandish behavior during the POV competition, pointing out that even Mike O seemed disgusted with them (see list above).

    I switch down to Hayden, Enzo and Lane in the Cabana Room, and they are saying the same thing about Mike O getting annoyed with Brendon and Rachel. Matt joins them, and tells them that the group upstairs thinks they'll get a message from the saboteur later in the week announcing it's a double eviction. They talk more about how badly Brendon wants to call out Matt about Pandora's Box. More talk, and the Brigade seems to be shifting away from their earlier plan to throw the next HOH. Enzo says hey, if we can win it let's try to win it.

    Ragan joins the Cabana Crew, and then Brendon awkwardly joins to hang with the guys. Brendon comments that Jordan was pretty cute. RUH-ROH! Jordan better not try to come between Rachel and her MAN!!! They continue to talk about Jeff and Jordan. Now that Funsucker Toolbag Brendon is in the room, I think it's time for me to switch feeds.

    Enzo, Britney, and Kathy are also talking about Jeff and Jordan when I tune in, and how cute they are, especially compared to Brendon and Rachel. "Yeah, our couple blows" says Britney. Heh. Enzo makes fun of Rachel how she's gone from "floaters, grab your life vests" to "everyone is being so mean to me."

    The houseguests are playing musical rooms, and now it's Matt, Britney, Enzo, and Kathy upstairs. They're saying it will be a unanimous vote against Rachel this week. They think it would be funny to make it 3-3 so Matt can get the last word, but with the saboteur in the house they don't want to risk it. Enzo says their speeches are going to be out of control and they say they should just all look at the floor while they're speaking. Britney is dreading having to talk to them this week since she has the POV. They know Rachel is going to offer the $5000 bribe to her, along with throwing everyone under the bus.

    After a marathon Diary Room session, Rachel rejoins Brendon in the Taj room. I dutifully switch over so I can report what's going on. They're blathering on about Matt. Rachel whines that nobody wants her here, which is the most accurate statement she’s made today!

    Brendon goes out to Lane to throw Matt under the bus. Lane does a great job keeping a straight face. Lane asks Brendon what he wants, and Brendon says he wants Rachel to stay.

    Meanwhile in Taj, Rachel asks Britney to use the POV on her. Oh, Rachel. Britney says if she uses POV, then she'll be going home the following week. Britney tells her she understands if Rachel is upset if she doesn't use it, but that with being on the block, Rachel isn't seeing things clearly. With the saboteur in the house, Britney points out that she would look highly suspicious if she used it. Britney's giving a good sell for a potential jury vote, she keeps saying "I didn't put you here." Rachel sadly whispers "okay" with downcast eyes and Britney continues on to tell her that she is welcome to come to her any time she needs to talk. Rachel moans on about how nobody likes her, Britney says that's not true, people don't hate her, it's a game. Then Rachel claims she and Brendon are not a threat. Mmmmmkay.

    Rachel’s next attempt is to play her portion of the "throw Matt under the bus" game talking about how she did everything she could to keep Monet in the game and get Matt out. Britney has to be dying at this, seeing as how I'm pretty sure it was Rachel that put Britney and Monet on the block to begin with. Rachel laments that Britney was going to use the POV for Hayden, so why won't she use it now? Ugh, I can't take any more of this. I thought I'd be able to avoid Brendon and Rachel on the feeds but when they split up like this and tag team the other houseguests, it's difficult. Britney is being straightforward and tells Rachel there is no way she can use the veto. She points out that she and Rachel know the game very well, and Rachel should know that there's no way Britney can use the veto without hurting her own game. "Even for $5000?" whimpers Rachel. How on earth Britney can maintain a straight face through all this is beyond me. All I can picture is what her next Diary Room session will be like. Hee hee.

    Rachel continues to spout absurdities and I have to wonder if she actually believes this nonsense. Brendon and she are the only people in the house who have been attacked on a personal level. Really? She also doesn't believe that if Kathy were to go up as a replacement nominee, that she or Brendon wouldn't win that vote. Just goes to show how clueless Rachel and Brendon are that they don't realize that all their "friends" in the house want them out.

    Having clearly had enough of this foolishness, Britney points out to Rachel that Brendon has, in fact, attacked her on a personal level. Rachel says no way, Brendon's never said anything bad. Britney mentions all the horrible things that Brendon has said about Nick, Britney’s fiancé. Rachel asks who has said that, Britney says several people, that he's said these things in groups of people. Ha! Take that, Rachel!

    On that note, I decide to check in with Ragan and Hayden in the Cabana Room. Talk is about the saboteur. Neither of them think it's Matt. The chat turns to Jeff and Jordan and how great it was to be able to interact with them. Both are huge fans of Jeff, and they say how you can tell that Jeff and Jordan were the same genuine people they were on the show last year. It's a nice chat, but then we get brief bubbles and the feeds come back to Brendon telling Lane about how he fell in love with Rachel. He thinks he and Rachel have a decent shot at making it work. HA! I mean, it almost makes you feel sorry for the guy. Almost. But, actually, no, nevermind. He made his proverbial bed.

    Back to the Cabana, where they're rehashing the earlier fight. Hayden says he was having such a hard time not exploding, but that he stayed calm and made his points to her. Matt joins them, and they talk about how it's so obvious what Brendon's and Rachel's strategies will be this week. Brendon will try to buddy up with the guys, and that both Brendon and Rachel will be trying to stir up the house this week to create new targets and deflect attention from whichever one stays this week.

    A quick jaunt into the Taj where Brendon tells Rachel he thinks she has a chance to stay. Rachel says Matt is scared of her (mmmmkay). Rachel also tells Brendon that Lane told Britney he was talking bad about Nick. Okay, I've fulfilled my 30 second obligation for this hour of listening to these two clowns.

    Outdoor lockdown ends and Britney tells Hayden, Matt, and Ragan about her conversation with Rachel. Hayden is astounded that Rachel actually thought Britney would use the veto. Matt jokes that the saboteur could be sitting next to Rachel on the block, in full saboteur regalia, and the house would still vote out Rachel. Enzo comes out of the Diary Room to join them and says he came up with a new alliance name for Brendon and Rachel: The Waaah Waaah. (Personally, I like our very own JavaJo’s term, Barfie Twins). This leads to discussion of how Brendon complains about how unfair the challenges are. "If I have to hear him talk about small ledges one more time, I'm gonna jump off a small ledge" announces Britney.

    Looking at the clock, I see it's time for my hourly check-in with everyone's favorite couple. Brendon is working himself into a tizzy with his hatred of Matt. His latest theory is that Matt is the one that told Britney he was saying bad things about Nick (it actually was Lane). Rachel says she is going to spend every minute she has left in the house telling Brendon everything she knows about Big Brother to help him win. And my 30 seconds of listening to them are up again. Oh, and in case you were wondering, this house "hates love" because they're just trying to break them up. It’s all personal, remember?

    It's pretty quiet around the house at this point. Britney is napping outside, Kathy is smoking, Enzo and Hayden are working out. Lane is asleep in Jumanji, Brendon and Rachel are snuggled in the hammock, Ragan’s in the Diary Room, and Matt is napping in the HOH room.

    Britney and Lane talk a little game. Lane half jokingly asks Britney if she'll be mad at him if they get to Final 6 and then he votes her out.
    Britney informs Lane that in her opinion, the people that are most likely to win the game are Enzo, because everyone likes him, and Matt, because he's playing the game hard. You can just see the wheels spinning around in Lane's head. Job well done by Britney, who is driving the point home that Lane's best chance in the finals would be against her.

    The evening passes uneventfully. Lots of napping and lots of looooong Diary Room sessions, indubitably due to the POV comp and the aftermath of Hurricane Rachel. Dinner preparations begin in the kitchen, minus Brendon and Rachel, and the two main topics of conversation are Jeff/Jordan and the absurd behavior of Nippy and Dippy in the veto competition. Ragan says it was perfect that Kathy knocked out Rachel in the first round because that set the tone of the entire competition, and totally threw off Brendon's mental state, causing him to bowl a 3 and get knocked out by Britney in the next round. Rachel comes inside (ugh) as the others are talking about Jeff and Jordan being on the Amazing Race, and you know she's already thinking that she and Brendon will have lots of television opportunities following Big Brother. She's probably right. I can totally see her on a "Rock of Love" type show. *snicker* Now that she's in the kitchen I don't even want to watch anymore. Thursday can't come fast enough for me.

    After dinner Ragan comes out to the hammock and starts talking to the live feeders, he begins by saying he had a meltdown in the Diary Room today, then we get bubbles. Bah! Stupid BB.

    Lane and Hayden go out to play pool, and Lane tells Hayden what Britney said about Matt being a threat to win the game. Hayden agrees and says Enzo is too. They both agree they'd like to be sitting next to each other in the final 2.

    Matt calls Brendon up to the HOH room. Rachel had just made a comment to Matt about how she guesses he's happy cause he got what he wanted. Matt wants to squash this theory, and tells Brendon that he understands Rachel is emotional and that after she calms down, maybe Brendon could let her know that it wasn't personal. They shake hands and go back outside, where Rachel asks Brendon what happened. Brendon says Matt just wanted to clear it up that it wasn't personal. Rachel's response? "Yes, it is. I hate him!" (But hey, remember, it’s only personal when directed at her. Anything she says is clearly NOT personal. What-ev). She tells Brendon that Matt told her she was going home. Brendon quizzes her on that and the truth comes out, no, he didn't actually say that. Brendon tells Rachel to calm down and help keep things less awkward in the house. Another meltdown starts and I'm out.

    A little later, Rachel approaches Ragan in the kitchen and asks him if he wants to talk. He says sure, but let's do it tomorrow. She immediately flips into b**** mode and says now is a better time for her. Ragan informs her that he can't just always talk whenever she's ready. Rachel stomps outside and announces to Brendon and Enzo that Matt, Ragan, and Britney are the new Nerd Herd. Hayden comes up to her a few minutes later and asks her if she's okay. She said she would be a lot better if she didn't have to practically beg people to talk, then she goes stomping off to the Diary Room. Seriously? You've spent the last 2 days flying off the handle at people, and now you expect them to drop everything and talk to you just because you want to?

    While Rachel is no doubt grousing in the Diary Room, Brendon sits outside with Enzo and trashes the latest targets: Matt, Ragan, and Britney. Enzo just laughs and says "yeah, yeah" and I can't wait to hear him repeat all this to the rest of the house. Then Brendon pounces on Hayden to ask if they were talking trash to him. Hayden says not at all, and asks Brendon what happened. I'm tired of watching this toolbag. I hate him. But don’t worry, it’s not personal.

    Inside the house, Britney, Ragan and Matt make fun of Brendon and all the trash talking he did before the POV competition, saying things like "you might as well put that third veto medal around my neck now." Britney, of course, has the last laugh and says she had fun in the Diary Room talking about how she was the one with 3 veto medals. Meanwhile outside, Enzo, Lane, and Brendon confess how they've, umm, taken care of themselves in the house. Brendon did it in the HOH shower, Lane did it in the house shower, and Enzo said he just did it in bed early this morning. Hayden is flabbergasted because for one, he hasn't done it yet, and secondly, because Enzo took care of his business while Hayden was lying in the next bed over.

    Hurricane Rachel blows out of the Diary Room, as Ragan and Enzo are sitting at the dining room table. As she walks by, she laughs that crazy evil laugh at Ragan and goes outside, where she continues to laugh with Brendon over nothing, as far as I can tell. Back inside, Enzo, Britney and Ragan are laughing at her behavior. "Stop trying to get on The Soup" chuckles Enzo.

    Out in the hammock, Rachel warns Brendon that Matt and Ragan are going to try to pull Hayden on their side, and Brendon can't let that happen. Furthermore, he should get Lane for a little while but that he can't trust Lane completely because he likes Britney. Brendon affirms that he's “100% positive that he has Hayden." It's just too funny, these morons are so delusional. Rachel continues on and on about how Brendon, Enzo and Hayden just need to listen to Rachel and absorb all her knowledge, and trust each other, and he'll win! I feel nauseous and all I can think is I hope whatever power Matt got in Pandora's Box is something that will send Brendon packing on Thursday right after Rachel.

    Inside lockdown is announced and Rachel moves her pity party into the Taj where she informs Brendon she needs him to win at least 2nd place and the $50,000 so he can help her move to LA. They do some Jedi training and congratulate themselves for having Enzo and Hayden on "their" side as well as the good possibility they'll have Lane too since Lane likes Hayden. Pretty soon the covers go over their heads. After all, there are only a few more days for the opportunity to create the first Big Brother baby, which will certainly secure her spot in the BB record books!

    In the kitchen, the others make fun of the happy couple, about their poor sportsmanship and delusions of out-showmancing Jeff and Jordan. Britney and Ragan head to bed and leave the Br-Br-Brigade alone. Enzo laughingly tells them everything Rachel told him tonight about teaching him everything she knows. "She wants to give us her powers, yo!" All four Brigade members discuss the saboteur and their concerns that Big Brother will help the saboteur out their alliance somehow. They all swear they are not the saboteur and spend more time debating who could be, or if there is even a real one in the house as opposed to Big Brother just messing with them. Pretty much the same discussions from the first couple of weeks. They also do some strategizing about whether they should try for HOH this week or not. They realize that if Brendon wins, he'll likely put up Matt and Ragan, and the Brigade will have enough votes to save Matt. Then the following week, Brendon couldn't play for HOH and they could send him packing. On the other hand, with the saboteur in play, it might be too risky to throw HOH. They pretty much decide they'll go ahead and try to win it, and then debate whether they would need to put Brendon up right away or try to backdoor him. Either way, they feel like they are in a pretty good position, and I have to agree. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, these guys have put their plan into action and are sitting in a pretty good spot.

    Lane and Hayden toddle off to bed, leaving Matt and Enzo to continue their discussion. Matt tells Enzo he overheard Britney telling Lane that there's no way a secret alliance could ever last in the house. They do a little patting on the back for keeping it under wraps. I can't help but think they do deserve a little credit for pulling it off this long. After all, BB history has taught us that alpha males in the house can rarely conceal their smugness at having the power, particularly when you have the Diary Room practically hitting the other houseguests over the head to convince them that there is an alliance of guys.

    They decide it's bedtime. Since Matt took a 3 hour nap earlier this evening he takes the first shift of "Catch the Saboteur" and stays up a bit in his room putting away clothes and doing abs while watching the spy screen, before finally turning in around 4 am.

    Brendon is the first one up around 10 am. For a while you can hear him puttering around in the kitchen, but all 4 feeds remain on sleeping houseguests. That's right fans, even Skippy would rather watch people sleeping than Brendon up and about. Ugh, I spoke too soon. Well, just because the feeds are on Brendon doesn't mean I have to watch him!

    At 10:30 we get the wake-up call. The hamsters should learn a lesson from this - the more drama they provide, the greater the chance BB will let them sleep in the following day! Apparently today’s wake-up music featured Footloose and Justin Bieber.

    When the feeds return, Rachel and Brendon are already camping out in the hammock. Rachel's opening mood of the day is seemingly to have accepted her fate. They decide to use her $5000 to go on a vacation together after the show. Rachel also announces that they've decided they can be double evicted. Well, sugar, I hope you get your wish. Having decided I don't want to start my day with these two tools, I switch to the comedy stylings of the Jumanji crew, where Lane, Britney, and Ragan are playing a prediction game - what to expect from Hurricane Rachel today. Britney predicts 3 times crying, and Ragan says plus one maniacal laugh. Talk quickly turns to the saboteur - Lane thinks that they're going to get another video message that will indicate a double eviction that will be different than in previous years.

    Since there's nothing really going on in the house at the moment, I decide to play a little game. Switch over to the Brendon & Rachel feed and try to guess which houseguest they're bashing. Within a 60 second window, each time I click they hit Britney, Matt, and Ragan. Impressive! I would really like to see a clip on the show of a flashback to when Rachel and Monet were arguing and Rachel announced from her high horse that she never uses the word b****, then a highlight reel of all the times Rachel has subsequently said it. Now that would be good TV.

    Around the dining table, talk turns to families and home. Enzo talks about his little girl, they wonder how much she's grown and if she's crawling yet. Britney asks what Lane's girlfriend is doing today, which leads to jokes about how she's just getting out of bed with another guy and starting her walk of shame for the day. It's a lighthearted humorous conversation and I decide to stick with this for the rest of my shift rather than listen to the nastiness coming from Brendon and Rachel. I know it's probably hard for you all to tell, but I'm just over those two skanks.

    Right before my shift ends I get some good comedy as Kathy and Rachel sit in stony silence at the dining room table. Skippy is having a good time panning the camera back and forth between them. To add to the awkwardness, Matt comes out of Diary Room and joins them. Matt said most of the paint came out of his laundry but his jeans are ruined and it's the only pair he brought. Kathy and Matt begin an easy conversation and try to include Rachel but all she contributes is a snide comment about how she didn't get to compete in the HOH competition, she wasn't able to fight for her life. Ha! She continues to sit there beating the spoon against her cereal bowl and sulking. Kathy escapes outside to leave Rachel sitting there with her stink eye. Matt tries to be nice and asks Rachel if she's feeling any better, she says no, he says sorry kiddo, and she gets snide again. She starts into her rant about it's personal against her, and with that, my shift is over and out!

    Tune in tomorrow when Waywyrd will let us know how this “discussion” turns out!
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    apologies for the delay in getting this done - like a moron, I saved the file on my work computer and forgot to email it to myself at home.
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    Love the nod to all of the musicals! And thanks for catching me up...I'm so behind!
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    These are a few of my favorite things -- BB snark, showtunes, and Brenchel bashing!

    Another awesome epic! You really put your all into this. Great job!
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    Quote Originally Posted by TheIrishEyes;4031907;
    apologies for the delay in getting this done - like a moron, I saved the file on my work computer and forgot to email it to myself at home.
    You do not EVER apologize for a recap that great!!!! The laughs you provide are relevant always!!! Awesome job and much thanks! (And to all recapers too, you are all such talented writers. I look more forward to these recaps than the shows!!!)
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    It was a bowling-style competition called “Lovers Lane” - Brendon and Rachel thought that was an omen that they were supposed to win. Uhh, no. It would have been called Looney Lane.
    So true.

    Superb and funny recap, Irish! I'm beginning to wonder how Rachel made it past the psychological screening.
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    Are you kidding? They obviously use that screening to screen people IN!

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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    I nominate this recap for an Emmy, maybe even a Tony
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    One of my favorite recaps ever! Beyond excellent
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    Re: 8/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: No One Mourns the Wicked

    Awesome recap! And long! Girl, you are a warrior!
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