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Thread: Big Brother 8/5 Recap: A Tie Dye Bye Bye

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    Big Brother 8/5 Recap: A Tie Dye Bye Bye

    Hello and welcome back, Big Brother fans! Wednesday night, Britney won the veto and decided to keep the nominations the same. That means either the “show” or the “mance” will be going home this week. I would like Hayden to stay, just because he's semi-nice to look at. Though the boy needs a haircut horribly. Kristen might stir up some drama if she stays, so I wouldn't mind that either. Another week of indifference. Such is this stellar season of Big Brother!

    Julie appears on the screen, looking as lovely as ever. This episode, she is wearing a fashionable green potato sack with side pockets. I hope you can read my sarcasm. I mean really. You are on this show once per week. Wear something nice! She's a gorgeous woman with a bad, bad wardrobe.

    Krazy Kristen And The Hippietard

    After the veto ceremony, Hayden is pretty pissed that Britney didn't go along with the plan to take Hayden off the block so that Rachel could put up Kathy. Britney didn't want to take the chance of Lane going up instead. Rachel claims she threw Lane's name out on purpose so that Britney wouldn't use the veto. I don't think she's that smart, but she thinks she is. She doesn't want to be in a super alliance, she wants Kristen gone.

    Kristen and Kathy immediately go lay down and have a pity party. Kristen cries in the DR. Hayden finds Brendon and Rachel in the backyard and tells them there are no hard feelings. Yeah right. As soon as Hayden gets the chance, he'll be badmouthing those two to his meathead alliance. Brenchel tells him not to worry because he is going to be safe this week.

    Britney finds Enzo in the backyard and fills him in on why she didn't use the veto. Enzo becomes enraged at the thought of his gun-totin' buddy Lane being put on the block if Britney would have used veto, and he claims he will get Brenchel. Britney then tells Krazy Kristen and Hayden why she didn't use the veto. Kristen is pissed at Rachel now too. This isn't anything new, really. Hayden tells Kristen not to stop fighting. She cries. She knows that she'll regret it if she doesn't fight to stay. More crying. Hayden gives her the OK to campaign to stay. I don't think she needs your permission.

    On a slightly lighter note, we check in on Britney, Matt, and Ragan hanging out in Rachel's HoH room. Britney and Matt take Rachel's hair extensions, puts them on their heads, and start imitating Rachel. Little do they know, Rachel is on her way up to the room. She walks in and Britney plays it off like she was practicing to come downstairs to show Rachel and now Rachel ruined the surprise. They all laugh. HEEEEEY NOBODY COMES BETWEEN ME AND MY HAIR EXTENSIONS!!

    Outside, the Meathead Brigade Boys are grunting and sweating and working out like the tough tools they are. Kristen is sitting on the backyard couches watching, and something starts to click. She thinks it's a bit weird that Hayden told her it was okay to campaign against him, and now he is working out with the big strong men of the house. Might they have an alliance? Hmmm. Hippie Kristen takes this theory and runs to whomever will listen. She tells Ragan it's strange that Hayden isn't campaigning and that she thinks Hayden has an alliance with Lane and Enzo. Ragan thinks it's possible that they are going to be picking off weaker players and that worries him. Besides being funny, Ragan hasn't exactly done much in the game.

    Krazy Kampaigning Kristen corners Britney next and tells Brit that her vote is really important. Kristen throws Hayden under the bus again, saying that he is going to be aligned with the strong boys and Britney will be screwed. Next stop on the Crush Hayden Express, the HoH room! Again, Kristen tells the same story to Brendon and asks him to think about what will happen if she's evicted. She thinks she has 3 votes to stay and tells Brendon she really needs his too. He obviously isn't going to make a decision without his master Rachel giving him the OK to speak or express an opinion.

    Britney Doesn't Heart The Fart

    It's time for Julie to go live into the living room to talk with the houseguests. Rachel's hair extensions look absolutely horrible. Her real hair is a brownish/reddish and her extensions are a bright red. Wow. Everyone is dressed very casual, which makes me think another sort of physical/endurance competition might be in store for HoH. Julie tells Kristen she's looking groovy. Julie's first question goes to Hayden and she asks if he's sorry he didn't take the hippietard instead of solitary confinement. He laughs and says he's just sorry he didn't take 5 grand and that Kristen looks hot in the hippietard. Julie makes fun of the luxury competition players and shows a clip of Enzo, Brendon, and Hayden laying on each other at the end. Enzo says he was just excited and that he really enjoyed the movie. Julie asks Britney who the most difficult housemate to live with is and Britney says it's Ragan because he's really gassy and it smells really bad. Ahhh! That's so embarrassing for him yet so hilarious for me. Ragan turns red and says that every fart has come from Britney's legs. They all laugh. The Chenbot isn't programmed to respond to this sort of humor and ends the questioning there. Phew, I was afraid she'd short circuit.

    Out in the real world, both Hayden and Kristen have family and friends cheering them on. Hayden's mother is a sassy piece who looks just like him. She says he is always everyone's favorite and that he is a charmer. She is shocked that Hayden is having a showmance and she doesn't believe Kristen really likes him because she's crazy. She hopes Kristen goes home so Hayden can get back in the game. If she could talk to him, she'd tell him to think with the head on his shoulders. That made me chuckle. I wish she would have finished that quote with the other half that usually follows.

    In Kristen's camp, it appears she has a whole sorority at her house cheering her on. They aren't really a sorority, but they are a big group of 20 something, fuzzy boot wearing girls with fixed up hair and overly made up faces. Her friend Leighanne looks like she's ready for a runway show. She is shocked Kristen is making kissy faces with Hayden because... wait for it folks... KRISTEN HAS A BOYFRIEND! What? Okay, now she's officially a skank in my eyes. Kristen's boyfriend's name is Steve. He's a good looking, dark haired man. They were only together 2 months before she left for the show, but he asked her if she wanted to be single on the show and she said no. Basically she is giving up a 31 year old man for a 24 year old boy. A good looking 31 year old man! He feels lied to and betrayed, and he says it's over. Steve hopes Kristen brings a mop and bucket home with her, because she is going to have a huge mess to clean up. Oooo he's funny too! Kristen, you're an idiot.

    Bye Bye Tie Dye

    Julie talks privately with Rachel, who is in her HoH bedroom. Julie greets Rachel, to which of course Rachel giggles, plays with her hair, and screams “HEY GIRRRRL!” I'm sure Julie loves that. Julie asks if Brenchel have any plans to add someone into their alliance to which Rachel responds they'd like to bring Britney into their alliance. Good luck with that. Julie calls Rachel out on targeting girls in the house during her reigns as HoH. Rachel says it's only because they are the ones coming after her. She isn't sure if they feel threatened by her or not. Julie asks who is next on Rachel's hit list and she just giggles and stammers around. Julie presses her for an answer and she says she still has her eye on Matt. Finally, Julie asks the status of Rachel's relationship with Brendon since they seem to be butting heads lately. Rachel giggle a lot, shrugs her shoulders around, giggles some more, and says they argue like they are in a real relationship which just proves it's true love. Gag me. Am I supposed to have the warm fuzzies over these two? I don't, and I really want to take a shower after watching them together.

    We go back to the living room where it's time for Kristen and Hayden to make their final plea. I'm sure this is going to be nowhere as good as last week, but I'll watch anyway. Hayden says that he would never throw someone under the bus because he has class, but unfortunately for him and Kristen, someone else didn't have class and threw them under the bus. It's a game, hair boy. He has had an amazing experience, etc etc, and he wants everyone to vote to keep whoever will help their game the most. Kristen reminds everyone that Andrew called her the tin man and said she has no heart, but she has done nothing but play with heart. She says she's been loyal, honest, and strong-willed. She says other people play like cowards but she believes she's been a stand up person. She's nasty. I don't like her much.

    Let's check the votes!

    Enzo: Kristen
    Kathy: Hayden
    Matt: Kristen
    Lane: Kristen
    Ragan: Kristen
    Brendon: Kristen
    Britney: Kristen

    By a vote of 6-1, Kristen has been evicted... in her hippietard. That sucks. She hugs mostly everyone and makes a gracious exit.

    Julie asks how hard it was to play the game knowing that if she stayed, Hayden would be going home. She says it was really hard, blah blah. Julie reminds her that it didn't appear she had much trouble campaigning against Hayden and at one point she thought she had the votes to stay. Kristen thinks that one or two people were afraid to vote to keep her in case Hayden ended up staying because he might seek revenge on them. She thinks the house continues to do what the majority wants rather than what is best for each person.

    The goodbye messages are pretty much what you'd expect. Rachel screaming at Kristen to never come between her and her man, Rachel also calling her a bitch and a ho, Ragan being gracious, Kathy crying, and Hayden outing his alliance. He does claim if he had to choose between the Brigade and Kristen, he would have picked Kristen. Easy to say now. She knows this is a game and doesn't have hard feelings toward Hayden for not telling her about his alliance. Kristen doesn't know if she wants to try to fix her relationship with her boyfriend at home or if she wants to pursue something with Hayden. She says she needs time alone to figure it out. Take all the time you need because I don't think either of them are going to want you.

    Open Up A Can Of Whoop Ass Paint

    It's time for the HoH competition, and this HoH is the most important yet. Whoever wins will be tempted by Pandora's Box. Inside the Box will be a special power. But if the HoH chooses to accept the special power, the Saboteur will also be released. Who did America choose to be the saboteur? Ragan! Really? He is flying under the radar like crazy. I can't imagine Ragan wanting that power. Enzo came in a close second.

    The HoH competition is called “True Colors”. There is a giant can of Big Brother Paint with a handrail and a platform around it. The houseguests must stand on the ledge as long as they can. The last person standing will win. This looks like another competition geared toward the girls and Ragan/Matt. The paint can and ledge begin to spin. Each player is wearing goggles so I'm guessing something will be squirted at them. Julie also tells them that the first person to fall will be the one and only Have Not for the week.

    Sunday, we find out if the new HoH will open Pandora's Box and if the new saboteur will be released. Next Wednesday, Jeff and Jordan are back to visit the houseguests. Yay! Now there's a showmance worth watching! As the show ends, everyone is still hanging on to the spinning paint can. There is now a paint brush shooting out paint and smacking them in their faces. This really doesn't seem like that hard of a competition, but I guess I can say that from the comfort of my own living room!

    Come back next time when LG will have all of the details of a very important Sunday episode. We will find out who won HoH, who is nominated, and whether or not Pandora's Box was opened. We will also find out how poor wittle Hayden is doing after the eviction of his showmance. My guess is just fine with the help of the Brigade. Bros before hoes!
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    Re: Big Brother 8/5 Recap: A Tie Dye Bye Bye

    I must give Kristen credit for figuring out the alliance of alpha males. It would make things interesting if more houseguests could figure it out.

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    Re: Big Brother 8/5 Recap: A Tie Dye Bye Bye

    Thanks for the recap Ashley..

    Quote Originally Posted by AshleyPSU;4028671;
    Out in the real world, both Hayden and Kristen have family and friends cheering them on. Hayden's mother is a sassy piece who looks just like him. She says he is always everyone's favorite and that he is a charmer. She is shocked that Hayden is having a showmance and she doesn't believe Kristen really likes him because she's crazy. She hopes Kristen goes home so Hayden can get back in the game. If she could talk to him, she'd tell him to think with the head on his shoulders. That made me chuckle. I wish she would have finished that quote with the other half that usually follows.
    I was in and out of the room while the show was on but I caught that Hayden's Mother said "He was the love of her life" did anyone else find this strange.. I mean she sitting there with what looked like 2 other sons and I would guess her husband. I kinda feel bad for Hayden's brothers...
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