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Thread: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: To Benefit or Not To Benefit

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    8/3 Live Feed Recap: To Benefit or Not To Benefit

    This recap covers events in the house from noon Tuesday to noon Wednesday, BB time.

    This will not be a strictly sequential recap of events for the past 24 hours as I discovered two overlapping themes running throughout: benefits and alliances. Oh, and other stuff happened as well.

    Ear-bugs and a scheming Me-Me

    As the mid-day witching hour strikes, Kristen and Ragan have left the HOH and Rachel /Brendon try to figure out how to plant ear bugs on how they want the vote to go without being obvious.

    Kristen leaves the HOH with renewed confidence fueled by Ragan’s lecture on how the house is run by groups of two and three and seeks out Lane to begin her campaign. She thinks it is a good and bad thing that she is tough, and tells him that Rachel and Brendon can’t get it out of their heads that she is going after them. She tells him that Kathy is a definite vote for her and Ragan is a possibility. Matt will vote with Ragan, but she isn’t sure on that point. Lane prompts her into thinking she has a better chance with Enzo, but doesn’t know how Britney would vote. He suggests she speak to Britney last so it is fresh with her.

    Rachel tells Brendon how to approach Britney. She says to tell her to watch Kristen and who she hangs out with. She then talks about how to approach Hayden. But, Rachel spots Britney in the Kitchen fixing some lunch and high-tails it down there to speak to her, not giving Brendon a chance. She eagerly tells Britney that she’ll join her outside for lunch if she wants, but Britney ignores her offer.

    Outside, Brendon corners Enzo. Whoever is keeping Kristen might be keeping her for an alliance. You should keep an eye on her. Enzo shifts topics to Kathy and says that Kathy has got to go. Brendon agrees but tells him Kristen is doing her thing right now and Hayden needs to step it up. Enzo then tweaks it with, “Everyone thinks Matt is with you.” To which Brendon replies, “No.” Enzo slides in…”I don’t know…he could be making people think he is with you.”

    Brendon tells Rachel about his talk with Enzo and Rachel says she can’t get Britney alone because of her groupies. Rachel wonders if Enzo likes them and Brendon replies, “Yeah, I think he does.” Brendon trusts Lane on his handshake . He trusts both Enzo and Lane.

    The Brigade listens to Enzo talk about his conversation with Brendon. Enzo thinks they have Britney in their back pocket. After Brendon goes up, we’ve got Ragan and Britney with us in the final six. It turns out that Britney had also worked that out according to Matt. They are still trying to figure out Hayden’s relationship with Kristen.

    The Importance of Winning HOH

    Rachel tells Brendon he HAS to win HOH this next week so they can stay in the game together. They begin their house memory homework referring to themselves in the third person as needed.

    Brendon: If I hear how I have to WIN this next HOH one more time…

    Hayden in the Spa Room: “The only person who CAN’T WIN next week is Brendon.

    Next morning in the HOH bathroom, while Rachel prepares to color her hair to lighten it, She begins a house memory drill with Brendon. She tires of it in short time, but Brendon pushes for more questions.

    [Guess he knows the Importance of Winning HOH next week. ]

    Benefits and Alliances, Oh, My

    One subsection of Ragan’s BB Philosophy: there are those who are holding back until they feel the time is right.

    Kristen, between relaxing bouts of thought, gears up her campaign to show everyone why it would benefit them to keep her.

    Kristen: Everyone needs to vote what benefits them.

    In a conversation with Kathy – where Kathy loudly munched on an apple – Kristen says she explained to Rachel the benefit of keeping her; that when Hayden is gone, she will be on her own and would need a place to land. The non-benefit of keeping Hayden is that he will land with the boys and they will become an alliance of four, which is one too many to keep the house balance that Ragan now sees. She needs to talk to everyone, and wants to get Brendon on his own and try to sway him to her side. She plans to tell Brendon that she is more open-minded than Hayden, and will play the game differently. That she won’t go after Rachel and Brendon.

    After doing her head count: Kathy and Ragan, she says that Lane told her to speak to Britney, but to wait until Wednesday so it is fresh with her.

    Kristen rings the HOH bell and wakes Brendon up from a nap. She starts right away telling him of the benefit of keeping her over Hayden. He nods, says yeah, a few times and graciously sends her out the door. After she leaves, he cusses and lies back down, puts on his sleep mask and snoozes.

    Kristen then tells Ragan that she thinks Brendon is more afraid of the three guys than he is of her. Ragan doesn’t understand the confidence she has with him. She places her “sure thing” vote count at three: Kathy, Ragan and ?? and heads off to find the fourth needed for her victory.

    During the evening she holds court in the Taj room giving her benefit speech to those she has invited to hear it.

    Kristen pushes Lane for his choice and he says he is voting for her and tells her to use his name as much as she needs.

    Later that night, Brendon tells Hayden that he trusts him because he was put up to make sure Kristen goes.

    Two By Two or Three

    Ragan tells Kristen that numbers are a priority. He tells her to think about who is expendable in the group of three scenario. Kristen tells him that he is good about being vague, but conveying his point.

    Kristen sees a three-way split in the house – the strong men, Brendon and Rachel, and everyone else left over. If Hayden stays, the split is bigger, if I stay, the split is smaller.

    Later that evening, Ragan is told by DR that he is missing an alliance and relays that information to Rachel. They both decide to not let DR get into their heads and to think for themselves. For some reason this makes Rachel weepy. “We’ve got to be careful because we are hamsters, not lab control rats.” Ragan admits to getting caught up in it.

    Enzo to Lane: Look at this backyard, half of it is brigade. Lane says, “We gotta lock Hayden back up now.” Enzo: “He’s like Alfredo from the Godfather.”

    Kristen tells Britney during her appearance in the Taj room that she thinks the alliances in the house will stay in groups of two and three. Anything bigger just won’t work. She sends out feelers to Britney to be part of her “new” two.

    Midsummer Day Dreams

    Ragan: I’m tired of dreaming about BB while in the house because this is supposed to be my vacation.

    Poolside, the crew dreams about having a party with a grill, which would stay, and margaritas – a Fiesta!

    Showmance, Fauxmance, Romance

    At the pool, Kristen tells Hayden he smells good. I just want to say to Rachel that Brendon isn’t good for her. They talk about how Brendon is in it for the showmances and won’t be around for Rachel after the show. But how it wouldn’t be like that for them.

    Hayden: Could I be your pool boy?
    Kristen: You’re better than a pool boy.
    Hayden: I’ll take what I can get.

    Four cameras, two locations…in the HOH Brendon and Rachel talk game until they begin to giggle and tease. while in the Cabana Room Kristen and Hayden thumb wrestle and hold hands.

    In the wee late hours, Kristen and Hayden kiss, cuddle, talk sweet nothings and a little game.

    Nothing Much Ado

    All the hamsters except for Kathy, Rachel and Brendon, gather poolside and chit chat about Lady GaGa, you tube and their nicknames. We find out the history of Ragan being called “Third Best” (involves an ex boyfriend) Lane wants to ditch the E-Lane and Enzo dubs Britney, “Brat”.

    Camera 4 slowly drifts to the roof area and back down.

    Britney raps and brings on the bubbles, which come with their own annoying music.

    Between flirting, Kristen and Hayden decide that it is quick and easy to eat sandwiches, also napping.

    At poolside, a deep sigh from Enzo then he rouses enough to mumble about the rest of his day…pool…shower. Hayden says he might shower. Enzo paces, gives the hook’em horns sign to someone off camera, paces some more and starts talking sports with Hayden. Camera stays on the sports talk for about 20 minutes during which I take a short cat nap. Yawns are contagious.

    In the spa room, a group of guys, lead by Lane, discuss the intensity of dudes playing video games.

    Come evening, Ragan leads Matt and Rachel in exercises. After some catching of breath, Ragan says he will call his program 40 minute abs. He then plays out his infomercial: “My name is Ragan Fox and my program is called Foxercise! To which Rachel quips, it should be Sexy B**ch Abs.

    Rachel notes that it is Tuesday and that means libations. Matt notes that it is their one month anniversary in the house. Rachel notes that means even more libations.

    Kathy holds court on the couches. Britney sits with her and Lane joins them while Enzo watches from the hammock. After sipping on his tea with just the right amount of sugar, Lane tells childhood stories.

    Rachel: Tuesday night at 8PM. Ragan: No meetings, no drama.

    Matt and Lane study an ant trail.

    Ragan finds the Spa Room hot after his shower.

    It’s 9 P.M: LIBATIONS! Eight beers and two bottles of wine appear.

    Britney says to Hayden in the Spa Room after Rachel pops in and out…”Did you see her boobs? They were totally out. IT’S SHOWTIME!”

    Ragan and Rachel join in the Spa Room fun where they talk about how the internet perceives them. They make up a casting role for each of the current resident hamsters.
    Rachel thinks her and Kristen’s fight will be highlighted on Wednesday’s show. They are an internet sensation. Kristen thinks the fight is all over you tube.

    In the kitchen a while later, Rachel, Matt, Enzo and Brendon drink beer and eat – I mean count – nuts, separating out the peanuts.

    Enzo and Lane teach Kathy to play pool. She wins when Lane scratches with the 8 ball.

    Enzo tries to duck a session of game talk with Kristen by hiding in the hot tub.

    Those who are not Rachel, Brendon and Kristen, make fun of them. They come up with a new house nick name for Brendon – Encyclopedia Brendactica.

    An Inside Lockdown is in effect from 6 A.M.

    At breakfast Britney and Rachel bond over their love of the George Forman cooker and southern cooking.

    Britney demonstrates her morning dance and Rachel thinks they would have fun clubbing together.

    Britney is suddenly bored when Rachel sits at the table next to Brendon. She wishes they would call her DR. Wish granted.

    Ragan tries to stare down Lane. Lane teases him with Ragan’s ongoing joke of …FRUIT.

    In the Spa Room Hayden and Lane talk about Brendon wanting an alliance with him and pushing for him to not put them up next week. They laugh about Rachel saying that Lane and Britney are a pair. Lane is glad they are pairing them up, because then they would target the pairs and would put him up with Britney. Lane: “If we’re up, Britney would go…that’s the Brigade!”

    When Brendon, Britney and Hayden find a locked HOH door, they sit with the chess board. It reminds them of Andrew…Andrew, checkmate. Rather than chess, Britney and Hayden set up a rousing game of checkers.

    As the sun reaches its mid-day pinnacle, Enzo calls up from the kitchen wondering about breakfast.

    In the Spa Room, Lane lets out a sigh…”Oh, boy.”

    Thank you, THEIRISHEYES for the shot I needed of Kristen's soulful stare.
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    Re: 8/4 Live Feed Recap: To Benefit or Not To Benefit

    Rachel wonders if Enzo likes them and Brendon replies, “Yeah, I think he does.”
    Delusional hamsters.

    Thanks for the recap, Ariel!
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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: To Benefit or Not To Benefit

    Thanks for catching me up, Arielflies! Great job!
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    Re: 8/3 Live Feed Recap: To Benefit or Not To Benefit

    Great Job Ariel - Love the quote from Ragan about this is supposed to be his vacation.
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