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Thread: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

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    7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    (This recap covers Noon Saturday-Noon Sunday, BB time)

    Well helloooooooooooo fellow Forters! It’s TheIrishEyes comin’ atcha from the great state of North Carolina with my very first recap. I’m honored to have been coerced asked to do this, and yet apprehensive to be among such esteemed company. Not sure if I can do it justice following lildago and MFWalkoff, but I’ll certainly give it my best ...

    After making sure I’m plenty stocked with caffeine and snacks, I settle in to begin my first shift. I wonder what excitement the day will bring, and eagerly anticipate the BB clock striking noon, hoping that I’ll be able to keep up with the action and not let down my readers.

    And it’s finally time! Off we go! Hooraaaayyy!! Let’s see what’s going on.. I click onto the feeds and there sit Ragan and Matt outside in the backyard. Oh goody, maybe they’re talking strategy! Or doing a comedy routine! At any rate, I’m sure it’s something great!!

    “You are not allowed to talk about production” are the first words I hear. Hmm, I think this is perhaps not a good sign of grand things to come in my recapping career. Turns out Ragan and Matt are talking about their time during sequester when they were eating in the cafeteria and thought they could see the back of the BB house. Talk turns to the post-show party in Vegas, always a popular topic among the hamsters. Okay, not the most exciting start to the day, but surely it’ll get better soon. Right? Right.

    Oh, here we go. Here come Hayden and Enzo. Hayden hops on the elliptical and Enzo digs into a tuna sandwich. Kathy soon joins them. … and it starts to sink in. Wait a minute, I actually have to sit here for the next 23 hours and 15 minutes and listen to all this?

    The feeds switch to the hammock, with Annie and Lane. I'm sure their conversation is interesting, but I'm having a hard time paying attention because, well, Annie annoys me and I’m not fond of Lane’s new beard. But I figure it’s time to suck it up and take notes because that's what I'm getting paid for I’m nice that way. Or something.

    Lane says the worst thing he's ever done to a girl is made her sleep on the floor because she was crying and it was shaking the bed. He hates people who cry. He also hates when people walk away during an argument. This leads into a discussion about his Standard Operating Procedure for approaching girls in bars. Don't worry, he's not "one of those douchers" that puts out uncomfortableness. Good to know, Lane, good to know. He's the type that likes to deny a woman the first night. He's into playing games.

    Oh good, another option appears on the feeds. The sunbathers. Let's see if I can identify everyone by skin only, cause that’s what Skippy’s giving us. Looks like Hayden, Kathy, Kristen, and.... oh, it's boobs, must be Rachel. Hayden and Kathy are talking about washing dishes. Now no talking at all, so I guess I'm obligated to switch back to the hammock conversation.

    Just in time for Lane to say to Annie "I think we would have good sex" Oh geez. I take a moment to curse Waywrd for dragging me into this recapping bit sip some Pepsi and take a deep breath.

    Yep. Lane thinks he could "have good sex" with this.

    Lane grew up in Oklahoma, nobody really had sex much in high school. When he moved to Texas, everyone was busy gettin' some. His first girlfriend, his sophomore year, was in the band. (soooo many jokes here, right?). They ended up dry humping the first time he went over to her house, he was nervous and didn't know what to do. She wasn't a virgin, but she told Lane she wanted to wait until she was married. They dated for a year and never had sex. Then a cheerleader started trying to get Lane, and it caused problems with his band girl. He was in his bedroom with the new cheerleader girl, he thought they were going to dry hump but then... wait for it... "she put it in." Wow. Just… Wow.

    Andrew announces to the backyard that another fish has died. Kathy comes to investigate and determines that it's the same one that died last night. Come on BB, can't you get the poor dead fishie out of the tank?

    In the dining room, Brendon is eating a sandwich with Rachel looks on with love. Brendon asks if she feels good about the situation with veto, she says she does, and that she's putting herself in his hands. He says that he hopes she'll put herself in his hands more often. *giggle*

    It doesn’t get much more exciting than this, folks! Orrrrr DOES it?!?!

    We get bubbles for quite a while, and when we come back, the hamsters are all gathered in the living room. From the initial chatter, it sounds like they got a saboteur message along the lines that there are "lifelong friends" in the house.

    And ladies and gentlemen, we have Drama! Speculation abounds. Right away Britney states she thinks it's true. Others think there's no point in trying to change game strategy based on this. There's no way to flush them out and figure out if it's true. Enzo and Lane laugh and say they're just going to hide in their rooms for 3 weeks and when they come out they’ll have beards like Moses. Apparently Andrew’s immediate reaction to the announcement was ridiculously absurd, and the houseguests are poking fun at him, but in a good-natured way. It’s called laughing WITH him, not AT him. What I can gather is that as soon as the message ended, Andrew leapt to his feet proclaiming he’s not part of the friendship (ooo, I get an involuntary shudder at “the friendship”). He couldn’t be, because he has no friends, and nobody else in the house even knows about Judaism!! I don’t follow Captain Kosher’s logic, but it sounds like it was pretty funny and I really hope we’ll get to see it on the broadcast show.

    Hmmmm.... lifelong friends, you say? Hmmmm.

    So, Saboteuranoia (thanks, MFW!) is at an all time high because now there’s parranoying and nervousing (thanks, BB5!) about this potential lifelong friendship in the house. Personally, all I can think about is that ridiculous guinea pig “previous relationship twist” from BB9. There are way too many theories going off at once, and my head is on overload. The most prevalent theory seems to be that Britney and Kathy are mother-daughter. Whatever. I ain’t pickin up what the Saboteur is layin down.

    After days hours a while of this, we get back to some normal chit-chat. Annie tells Enzo she hasn’t heard the “Meow Meow” story, so he tells it. In case you have also missed it, the gist is that Enzo and his friends had this, umm, system, for getting, well, laid. The idea is that you go to a bar really late, right before last call, because that’s when you can find the sloppy drunk women that will go home with anyone. So this one night, he and his friend picked up 2 women. One of the women farted in the car, but she tried to blame Enzo for it. Everyone knew the girl did it, and they told her so. She turned to Enzo and said "whatever, meow meow meow meow". Now he and his friends say it all the time.

    Somewhere in Jersey, this woman is thrilled to learn that her drunken rambling has become the rallying cry of Enzo and his buddies.

    Come up with your own caption for this one. I ain't touchin it.

    Back to the game. Hayden and Lane have a Bro-Chat and think that Annie is still the best choice as a replacement nominee. Britney joins them to retell the story of how Annie came to Britney and said Hayden told her that he was thinking of putting Britney up. But that didn't stick - Britney tells Hayden she knows he wouldn't have told Annie that.

    Outside, Matt and Annie are talking on the loungers. Matt asks Annie what she would do if she gets put up in the POV ceremony. She says she would be shocked, then acknowledges that she shouldn't be shocked at anything. She says she would fight hard to stay, and Matt tells her that's good.

    We get bubbles again and when the feeds come back, Brendon and Rachel are entangled in the orange room making out and claiming it's not just a showmance. Okay, if you say so. Methinks Brendon is trying to be the Jeff of this season in case America votes for coo-dee-what again. I switch my focus over to upload some screencaps and hear a lot of smacking noises in the background. They pull the blanket up, I throw up in my mouth a little bit, then try to find another camera.

    Annie has joined Hayden, Lane, and Britney in the cabana room to discuss..... what else... the saboteur. Hayden doesn't think Andrew is the saboteur because it's too obvious and BB is smarter than that. I tend to agree based on the "too obvious" part but as for the "BB is smarter than that" weeeellllll.... Hayden, Ragan, and Britney head outside, leaving Lane and Annie alone. Afraid of a convo similar to the Hammock Sex Chat earlier today, I cop out decide nobody reading this wants a recap, and I quickly change feeds.

    We have another Bro-Chat out by the pool with Hayden and Matt. Guess what they're talking about! The new saboteur message. Shocking!! Matt's latest theory is that it could be true, but that the saboteur would have just been told there are 2 people in the house that are lifelong friends, but BB wouldn't have told the saboteur who they actually are. Matt feels like the 4 members of the Bro Brigade are the only ones he doesn't suspect as the saboteur, because he can account for all their activities. Lane joins the bros and says he thinks there's going to be an actual murder mystery in the house. This brings some laughter. The next message will be "there is a serial killer in the house." *giggle*

    On another camera, Annie to Ragan that she thinks Britney is turning the house against her. Sigh.

    There's no way I've been lifelong friends with this bucket. This bucket doesn't even know about Judaism!!

    Kristen tells Andrew that Annie is the only girl in the house she really likes, but she thinks she could be the saboteur, and if not, that she's one of the "lifelong friends." Andrew says he just saw Annie and Ragan whispering for about 20 minutes so he thinks the two of them are The Friends. I mean, of course. Anyone in the house who talks for 20 minutes must certainly have a lifelong friendship, right?

    Enzo and Matt lead the fun crew outside with the continued bantering about the rampant paranoia in the house. This has already become the recurring comedy routine of BB12 and it still makes me laugh. They continue to get a lot of mileage about Andrew's reaction to the saboteur message. Throughout the afternoon, the houseguests continue to joke about the saboteur. Good thing they’re not taking it seriously and none of them are concerned about it. (heh)

    More fun as Ragan, Matt, and Brendon make fun of Natalie and Lydia from BB11. I am super impressed that we actually do have some “super fans” in the house this year. These guys can recite scenes from last season verbatim. This time, the mimicking involves Natalie’s “Final 2 Role Reversal” and Lydia’s “schlurring” her words.

    Soon after the sun goes down, BB puts them on outside lockdown, and pool is the activity of choice for several of them. Annie, Monet, and Kathy are sprawled outside on the couches wrapped up in blankets.

    More Bro-Chat out by the pool as Brendon and Hayden talk some game. Pay attention folks cause it’s a little hard to follow. It shouldn’t be, but the incessant interjection of the word “dude” throws me off my recapping game. They make a deal that Hayden will guarantee Rachel's safety if Brendon agrees not to put Hayden up if he wins HOH next week. Hayden tells Brendon he knows there's someone he can put up to make sure Rachel stays. Brendon tells Hayden that Rachel is the only person he feels like he can completely trust. They keep talking about "the person that Hayden wants to put up" but both seem to know they know who they're talking about. (Annie). Or something. Brendon says he feels like this person is someone they can use to get further. Hayden insists Brendon can't trust this person. This person is all over the map. This person even asked Enzo for an alliance. Brendon seems a bit surprised at this news. Brendon warns Hayden to be careful of Enzo. Dude. Brendon is planting the seed for a Brendon-Rachel-Hayden alliance. He continues by saying Britney could easily flip. Hayden agrees, saying she's "all drama."

    Bro, you know? Yeah dude, I'm down with that.

    Time to switch feeds - Matt and Andrew in the hammock. Andrew is starting to tell Matt about a revelation he’s just had. Matt seems genuinely confused. And we have RAIN! What? Rain? I’m not sure if I recall ever seeing it rain in the BB yard! Jokes about the "talent" getting wet come from the porch. They stand outside under the overhang for a few minutes, then bubbles, and when we come back, the door is opening.

    Noah! Save us!

    Matt and Hayden immediately head for the HOH room, where Matt fills Hayden in on his strange hammock chat with Andrew. Matt is hoping that it will make sense to Hayden and he’ll be able to figure out what Andrew was getting at. Ha, good luck with that one, boys. Time to pay attention again, because this one is hard to follow too. I’ll go slow.

    It seems that early during their tenure in the House, they were all having a conversation about their time in sequester, which is in a hotel. There was some sort of gaming convention taking place at the hotel where they were being sequestered. During this conversation, it came up that some of the houseguests were at a different hotel, because they never saw this convention. Nobody really thought much of it at the time. WELL. After the “lifelong friends” message, someone made a comment that if it’s true, these two friends were probably sequestered together in the same hotel room, in order to better plan their game strategy. This generated the lightbulb to go off in Andrew’s head, that if two hamsters were sequestered together, they probably would have been in a different hotel. Ding Ding Ding! But when Andrew was trying to clue Matt in about this, Matt couldn’t remember who the two houseguests were that didn’t know about the gaming convention. (Everyone following along? Good). Matt asked Andrew who they were, but Andrew clammed up (are clams kosher?) and said he wasn’t sure he could trust Matt with this information.

    Hayden bursts this bubble by saying Kristen and he were the two that didn't see the gaming convention. Oh well. So Matt warns Hayden that Andrew might start spreading this rumor around, that Kristen and Hayden are The Friends. Hayden says no big deal, and by the way he thinks the reason he was in a different hotel was because he was the last person picked to be on the show. The reason he thinks he was the last one picked is because *and we have BUBBLES!* So much for that. (Wouldn’t you just love it if one day they put together a documentary about all the behind-the-scenes stuff with sequester? It just fascinates me…)

    I notice that Rachel and Brendon are in bed in the orange room on another feed but sorry... I can't take any more of that during this shift

    Staying in the HOH room with my Matty (*giggle*) Hayden fills Matt in on the Bro-Chat he had with Brendon. Matt thinks Hayden is being smart to keep Rachel safe and therefore keep Brendon on their good side. Whew. The Brogade Brigade are on the same page.

    Hayden calls Kristen up to inform her that since the two of them were sequestered separately from everyone else, there is now a theory in the house that they are The Friends. Hayden wonders if they should just get it out in the open and tell everyone, Kristen says no. But they decide they should talk to Andrew. Hayden seems very nervous about this. Kristen says she thinks Matt and Annie could be The Friends. Hayden dismisses that idea, saying he's pretty positive that Matt is on board with getting Annie out. Hayden is filling Kristen in on a lot, it seems that the two of them have an alliance with Andrew.

    Hayden goes downstairs to summon Captain Kosher up to the HOH room. Hayden tells Andrew that Matt came to tell him about the Gaming Convention Separate Hotel Sequester Theory. Sorry dude, but it was me and Kristen that were in the different hotel. Andrew is surprised and says Brendon was the other person he was thinking of that was sequestered in a different hotel. Andrew seems amazed that Matt already came running to Hayden with the info. Soooo, if Hayden is really wanting the Brigade to be his true alliance, he just threw Matt under the bus. Oops. And here come the bubbles. My head hurts. (Where is that Heath bar? I know I put it in the cabinet yesterday!)

    When the bubbles come back, Andrew is gone. Who knows what we missed. Kristen and Hayden are saying they feel they can trust Lane. Both agree they can't trust any of the girls. Kristen agrees they should get Annie out. Hayden is nervous about it because he thinks that could still leave him with two enemies in the house (Brendon and Rachel). Kristen says Annie is still the best move, but that if she goes up, she HAS to go out. Hayden wants to find someone close to Brendon who can pick his brain to see if Brendon might go back on his word and nominate Hayden next week if he wins HOH. He's really nervousing over having Brendon as an enemy. He then says he really does think getting Annie out is his best move, then tells Kristen she has to win HOH next week.

    OK, time to switch feeds. Blue room with Britney, Andrew, Enzo, Brendon, and Annie. Oh. Annie. Hmm. Maybe I should journey back to the HOH room..... oh, okay. I'll stick it out, just for you guys!! They are asking Andrew questions about his religion. Mostly genuine ones, but then comes Lane, naďve country boy Lane, asking if it's true they're all real conservative with money. It's all in good fun though, everyone is laughing, including Andrew.

    The camera switches to Kathy and Annie in the cabana room but I can't take it, so back to the HOH I go. Hayden and Kristen are saying it will be good to have Andrew on board with them, but they can't tell him everything because he's too much of a loose cannon. They rehash the recurring joke of the day about how Andrew went over the top denying that he had a friendship in the house.

    Matt comes up, and Hayden tells him that he told Andrew about the gaming convention mystery. Matt seems less than thrilled about this, and is concerned that now Andrew will be coming after him. The three of them continue to joke. Apparently when we had bubbles for a long time, they were getting a strict message about these discussions about sequester, diary room, production-talk, etc. Lane comes up, and they tease him about his question to Andrew about the money thing. He says he can just see it blowing up on the internet. They tell him not to worry, it was an innocent question, he didn't mean anything bad. Matt comments that being in the house is all about the meshing of cultures. (Insightful he is, this young Padawan Monkey). Oh yes, did you know that Matt has pajama pants with monkeys and I like them?

    Enzo and Ragan come up to HOH, continuing with the Paranoia Stand Up Routine. Britney soon follows. Red vines are being opened, and I fear I'll have to take a break. Visions and audio memories of Nastalie chomping her red vines still haunt me. The doorbell rings, Annie enters, and yep, there's my cue. Time to go clean the litterbox. Or something. When I come back, Kristen is popping a zit on Ragan's back while Britney and Matt lean over closely to watch. Yummy.

    Secret's out. The lifelong friends are Ragan and his abnormaly large blackhead

    Brendon and Annie have prepared a taco meal for the house. Well, the "haves" of the house anyway. Ragan and Matt stand over the skillet smelling it and having a minor breakdown. Matt wonders if he eats his slop over the scent of the taco meat if it will make it taste better. You go with your Mensa self, Matt.

    Before dinner, Hayden and Enzo take a few moments to catch up outside with a mini Bro-Chat of their own. Hayden tells Enzo that Brendon is trying to get him to put Monet up instead of Annie, and that Brendon keeps pushing for an alliance with Hayden. Then he tells Enzo that Kristen needs to stay around for a long time because "she's with us."

    Matt, Ragan and Kathy escape to a Have-Nottie party in the cabana room while the others dive into the tacos. Chef Brendon fixes some fried slop pickles to bring them. Matt eats one and his verdict is "good in theory." Rachel joins them, and the Have-Notties spend some time brainstorming slop recipe ideas. Matt notes that red wine vinegar is on the approved condiment list, and asks Rachel the chemist if there's a way it can be distilled to make red wine. This brings a scolding from BB.

    Matt: "I want to take this fork and shove it in my eye"

    After dinner, Monet, Lane, Britney, and Enzo are in the hot tub wondering when the POV ceremony will be. They are hoping it'll be early afternoon Sunday so they can get it over with. Enzo predicts that the person who goes up will go crazy. Talk turns catty as Britney and Monet ask Lane and Enzo if they think Rachel is hot. Enzo says she has a nice body. Britney and Monet disagree. Meow-Meow.

    Switching over to the cabana room with Andrew, Hayden, Kristen, and Kathy. They're wondering if they'll get alcohol tonight. The more things change, the more they remain the same. The perpetual houseguest night-time question.

    Ooo ooo! Matt just left the cabana room to go outside. I think I'll go back out there. So far he's one of my favorites. (have you noticed? See, there’s these monkeys…) And where I go, you go, sooooo....... the catty talk is over and laughter flourishes. Yay! Fun hamsters! I'm getting tired so it's time for some comedy. Enzo - that's your cue! And here he goes with his Brendon = Top Chef routine. But quickly we're back to Saboteur Chat, and then a brief reaffirmation that Andrew is weird and has no social skills. Matt points out that Andrew is trying to make more of an effort to fit in, and he respects that. And I respect Matt for his respect of Andrew.

    Later, Brendon, Kathy, and Ragan have a heart to heart to heart chat in the cabana room. They talk about trust issues in the house, but that pretty much they trust each other. Brendon again brings up how it makes him angry the way people treat Andrew. I agree.

    I see action going on in the backyard and I switch over to find Cheer Camp led by Rachel and Britney. Yahooo! We have jumps, high kicks, backbends, and headstands. The fun continues as they try to put Matt into those ball thingies in the yard. But then the Funsucker called Production comes over the speakers with the inevitable "Stop That!" Booooo Funsucker! They should have all thrown their microphones into the hot tub! That’ll teach ‘em!

    "Bring it !"

    "Oh, it's been broughten!"

    Over the next hour or so, we have a bunch of different conversations that I have a hard time following because I'm having to use scotch tape to hold my eyelids open at this point. Annie tells Kristen about her bisexuality, so now Ragan and Kristen are the ones that know. Britney is getting wound up about Annie, she's looking for a fight but Hayden dials her back down and says just wait until after Annie goes up. Britney doesn't like Annie making her look like a liar.

    Ragan and Annie have some quality time in the have-not room, discussing how they hate the rampant fakeness in the house. Annie says she's impressed with how well the have-nots have been dealing with the slop. Ragan says they're probably the least dramatic people out of the whole house to be on slop the first week.

    Brendon and Rachel make out. Again.

    In the have not room, Matt tells Ragan he wants to keep Rachel. Ragan says you can learn a lot about somebody's character by how they react to things. He is impressed with Rachel. They have a good conversation about this game and the effect it has on people. How the game takes everything that is your natural inclination, and flips it around. "You have to eat the sh**. And not only do you have to eat it, but you have to cook it too." Both are insightful and I enjoy listening to them. The discussion is peppered with humorous comments too. I like these guys, and I hope they aren't on slop next week. If they're entertaining while they're have-nots, I have high expectations for them when fully fueled.

    Enzo and Kathy discuss Annie's alliances in the backyard. Kathy says she almost went off on Annie but went to the DR instead. Enzo says if Annie "goes in the box" (*giggle*) as the replacement nom, then she'll be evicted. He says again that he thinks she will cause a lot of drama for the rest of the week if she goes up. (Really Enzo? How much trouble can she cause from inside a box??). But he thinks she'll cause even more trouble if she stays. The subject turns to Brendon and Rachel, and Kathy wonders if they are faking their showmance, she's never actually seen them be physical. Um, hey Kathy - go check out the orange room right now. Enzo thinks Hayden is a player and he'll put Annie up because he's not afraid of making the big moves.

    Finally Rachel heads to the have not room. Matt tells her he feels confident she will stay, and tells her to stay cool because the rest of the girls are falling apart.

    Kristen tells Hayden that Andrew thinks Matt is the saboteur, because he thinks the Diary Room is giving him information, but Hayden quickly dismisses that idea. They again state they feel they can't trust Britney, Enzo scares them because so many people seem to like him, and Hayden can't really figure Ragan out. Hayden has come to the decision he's going to tell Brendon he doesn't want to make an alliance, but that he will agree not to put Brendon up if he gets HOH again.

    And with that, the day comes to a close in Hamster Land as they all drift to sleep. Hallelujah, so can I!

    After a few hours’ sleep, I slide out of bed, wade through the empty cans and candy wrappers littering my floor, and fire up the feeds again.

    8:00 am and Andrew is, once again, first up for his morning prayer routine.

    BB wakes the houseguests up at 9. The usual morning bathroom rituals, with a new twist - Lane is braiding Annie's hair. Mmmmmkay. MonkeyPants Matt heads up to the HOH room but Hayden is in the bathroom and doesn't hear his knock, so he comes back down to fix the morning slop meal. Andrew states that it's Sunday, July 10. Umm, not so much Captain Kosher. Kathy makes Andrew promise that if she leaves the house, he'll take care of "her" fish. It’s touching, really. Can I go back to bed now?

    We have bubbles for a long time, and we come back to Hayden and Annie in the HOH room. Annie is busy trying to throw Britney under the bus, and for good measure tosses Monet and her $10K under there too. Hayden tells Annie he has other options besides her to put up. Hayden seems to be genuine with Annie, telling her to be herself, and that everyone likes her but they see her as a threat. Hayden asks Annie for her opinions on the lifelong friends thing. And off we go again with the same ol' same ol' yawn. At this moment they both think it's true.

    Annie leaves and it's Rachel's turn. Hayden asks Rachel to help keep him safe from Brendon in return for keeping Rachel in the house. Hayden asks Rachel who she and Brendon are closest to. She starts rattling off the hamsters that she likes: Matt, Ragan, Kristen. They both say they think Kristen is a genuine person, although sometimes hard to read. The deal is solidified with Haydon, Brendon, and Rachel. Hayden says he wants to get to know people more before making actual alliances, but that for now, let's just phrase it that they're on the same side and won't put each other up. Rachel takes it a step further and says she would use the POV to save Hayden if he was up. Hayden tells Rachel there is "one person" he knows he can put up that will guarantee Rachel's safety, and that "this person" has said that the house needs to break up Brendon and Rachel.

    Brendon joins them. And finally Annie's name comes out. Whew. I'm tired of the "this person" and "that person" nonsense. Hayden asks Brendon for his reassurance that he won't be coming after Hayden. Brendon says sure bro, like, we're cool, dude, and all that. Then he also mentions that Monet and Britney are stirring stuff up. Hayden is looking like he can come out of his HOH a hero. Not an easy task, especially for the first week. Brendon says he's worried that if Monet wins HOH she'll put Brendon up. They all agree Andrew is not the saboteur because he sticks out like a sore thumb and BB is not that dumb. (where have I heard this before?).

    Up next is Monet. She says that Annie came up to her today and said she thinks Britney is trying to stab her in the back. Hayden reassures her that he has not heard Britney say anything bad about her (Monet). Monet also infers the Diary Room is planting thoughts in her head. Hmm. Sounds like BB doesn't want Annie gone. Hayden asks Monet if Annie goes up, would she vote her out. Monet says "yes, 100%" that she likes Annie but her gut told her from the beginning she can't trust her. Saboteuranoia talk ensues, and we get bubbles.

    When we come back, Brendon is powerwhispering to Annie in the orange room. Ugh. 23 hours and 23 minutes into my shift, my give-a-d**n's busted and I am soooo over Annie. But alas, all 4 feeds are on this room. They're whining about... you guessed it... Britney! Annie says she knows she's going home because Brendon wants Rachel to stay. Ragan comes into the room. Thanks Ragan, save me!! Brendon seems to be doing a good job pretending he doesn't know what Hayden's plans are. Ragan says he's scared, and then leaves. Booooo. Brendon says he needs to talk to Hayden alone but it's so hard. Annie leaves so as not to arouse suspicion.

    Feeds switch outside, Annie has migrated out there where Enzo is eating some lunch. Rather loudly, I might add. Annie complains some more about Britney. Ragan joins them and asks what they think the situation is. Annie says she's sure that whoever goes up is going out because Hayden wants to keep Rachel safe for Brendon. Annie continues to go on about Britney. "someone that will never win HOH, someone that will never shut up" etc.

    Oooooo doggies. Methinks it could get ugly up in this piece tonight with Annie and Britney. Annie asks Enzo if he's heard anything about her, and he says he's heard she is making a lot of alliances. Annie says Britney's the one that's doing all that. Blahdy blahdy blah.

    Hallelujah, after listening to Enzo eating and Annie whining, BB calls for an indoor lockdown. Then does a "my bad" and announces an outdoor lockdown. Andrew comes to HOH quickly to check in with Hayden. Hayden assures him that Annie is gone. Brendon is called to the Diary Room, we get bubbles, and with that, I'm outtie!

    Some random things we learned that are game-related (or kinda game-related):

    - Annie and Brendon don't trust Enzo. Annie doesn't trust Kristen
    - Hayden is back to thinking Andrew is the saboteur.
    - Hayden doesn't think Andrew is the saboteur.
    - The houseguests call the orange room the “Taj Room” and the blue room the “Jumanji Room”
    - Enzo wants to win HOH so he can wear nothing but his robe and shades all week and have everyone kiss his ring
    - BB asked Andrew to change his batteries. He said no. Annie says "okay Chima" *giggle*
    - Britney and Monet tried to convince Hayden to let them straighten his hair for the live show. "Absolutely not" was his response
    - Annie had her first inadvertent bikini accident flash of the season – she was talking to Brendon in the kitchen when her microphone cord got caught on her bikini top and yanked it off. Thankfully, the feed cameras were not positioned to see.

    More random things, not game-related:
    - People in Texas are more promiscuous than people in Oklahoma
    - Hayden really likes Chicken Express
    - Enzo threatened to choke and eat a dragonfly if if flew near him
    - Enzo is hoping he can get a cat food commercial with his "meow meow" schtick
    - Matt has diagnosed insomnia
    - Enzo and Monet both used to watch Murder She Wrote
    - Kathy didn't go to her prom because she was pregnant

    Matty MonkeyPants

    Well, peeps, thanks for bearing with me through my first recap. The seasoned veteran Waywrd will be here tomorrow to guide you through the next 24 hours.
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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Super job Irish on your first recap!! Way to go girl!
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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    awesome recap!! I know the feeling of that first recap. Sca-reeeee. But you did great. WTG!

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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Irish! AWESOME recap!! You did an awesome job and you had me laughing quite a bit! Oh and I like Matt too (and his monkey pj's...they are snowboarding monkeys...even cuter!)

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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Awesome recap, Irish! Love the title! And I'm not touching that carrot screencap either.
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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Thank you so much for taking one for the team, Irish! We appreciate it.

    Just in time for Lane to say to Annie "I think we would have good sex" Oh geez. I take a moment to curse Waywrd for dragging me into this recapping bit sip some Pepsi and take a deep breath.
    She can be pretty persuasive!

    After a few hours’ sleep, I slide out of bed, wade through the empty cans and candy wrappers littering my floor, and fire up the feeds again.

    Great job!!
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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Great job Irish!! Loved it

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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    YOU ROCK!!! Great recap, and I thank you, thank you, thank you for putting up with all the slobbery kissy face. I look forward to your next recap (prolly more than you are! LOL)
    Is probably over in the transcribing thread for Big Brother til death do us part.

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    Whhhhaaaaat? LMAO

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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Three Cheers for Irish

    Awesome Job on your first re-cap.
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    Re: 7/10 Live Feed Recap: The Charge of the Tight Bro-gade

    Thanks for such an epic and thorough recap Irish!
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