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Thread: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

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    7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    (This recap covers Noon Friday-Noon Saturday, BB time)

    Feeds paid for, check. Computers loaded for bear with alternate viewers, screengrabbers, and extra RAM, check. Bookmarks updated, check. Adobe Flash reinstalled thirteen times, check. Palettes of snacks acquired from the warehouse store, check. Flowers and apologies sent to my favorite Friday night bar, check. Okay, my summer can now begin! And another epic odyssey into the Big Brother house begins with…trivia. Sigh.

    But, as lildago’s kickass premiere recap informed us yesterday, the POV competition was underway, so there will be real developments to dissect soon! And 90 minutes into this shift, the feeds return, and the first image we see is Brendon walking into the storage room…with the POV around his neck! The Skeevy Swim Coach has saved his soggy bacon. And the first person to follow him into the storage room to secretly congratulate him is everyone’s favorite quintuple agent, Annie. She is thrilled, and makes a point to say how happy SHE is that HE won. Brendon excitedly thanks her and leaves as Britney and Lane enter the SR. Annie promptly remarks to them, “Well, their goes OUR plan!” Keep sellin’ crazy, girl, you’re making the feeds worth the money and stress. Almost.

    The comp involved spelling, which makes Brendon’s “technotronics” jokes from yesterday all the more prophetic. His impressively extra-long word was “understanding.” Everyone goes to their corners to have their private reactions to Brendon’s temporary triumph. Enzo and Matt meet Hayden in the HoH; Enzo is “mad depressed” about the outcome, which is a good way to describe it, since he won’t let his anger and disappointment go for most of the day. In some ways, he is just as scary as we feared he may be.

    Matt and Enzo assume that Annie will flee them and crawl back to Brendon (she did, for a minute). The Brigade (oy vey) decides that Rachel needs to go home now, otherwise she and her cabana boy Brendon will attract the rest of the house to their side. (They have a side?) Strategy talk subsides as others wander in to hang out.

    Meanwhile downstairs, Andrew and Rachel are celebrating with the showering Brendon. Rachel then goes upstairs to spread some cheer to the HoH brooders. She lets them know that she wishes she had won, but she’s happy that Brendon won too. (None of them asked!) Apparently Rachel is a bad speller, so bad that she broke the button on her game device. Well, as long as she’s happy. Andrew came close to winning, but missed a word even though he had lots of good letters (something that Kathy and Ragan noticed and are discussing downstairs—is he the Mole Saboteur?).

    In the kitchen, Lane and Britney are arguing about the differences between salsa and hot sauce. If you line them up side by side and look into one’s ear, you can probably see the facing wall through the other side. The HoH party breaks up and the others come downstairs to pig out. Meanwhile, Britney, Annie and Kathy meet in the cabana room and decide that Rachel must go. Britney makes fun of Brendon, and thinks that she, Annie or Monet will go up in his place.

    This just in: Enzo is still really bummed about losing.

    As the kitchen crowd thins, Brendon has a quiet, giggly moment with Rachel, pledging that neither of them will leave this week. They compare notes from their moments in the HoH, and try to formulate deals to propose to Hayden that will keep them safe.

    Enzo and Matt are later found in the cabana room, talking more game and throwing around the idea of using Brigade Hand Signals™ in the house. This device worked well in early BB seasons, but hasn’t appeared recently other than BB10’s Jerry and his big “X” arms, which made Memphis bite his lip to prevent laughing in his face. Annie joins them and they attempt to see what she knows (and is willing to tell). Can you hear the ocean roar? The whole house is catching on to Annie’s act by now. Her days are numbered…

    Matt gives good face.

    Bring on the deals! Brendon, Annie and Matt (doing Brigade recon) talk about putting up Monet, while others want to stick to Rachel’s guns, I mean stick to their guns and evict Rachel. But the biggest plan that seems to be slowly steamrolling its way around the house: Get Little Morphin’ Annie.

    Andrew is swearing he is not the Mole Saboteur to anyone who will listen, this time to an increasingly worried Ragan in the Have-Not Room. Andrew thinks it’s Britney. Ragan’s strategy at this stage is to analyze everything and float for as long as possible.

    Lots of conflicting theories about the Saboteur circulate throughout the house, as well as confusion over who to trust, and who will vote who out. Brendon and Matt have an interesting conversation in the kitchen: Brendon admits that he has degrees, and is working on his PhD. He also shares Rachel’s chemistry background. Matt suddenly understands their showmance, referring to it as a "hot science love affair." Unfortunately, Matt does not feel as forthcoming as Brendon, and he continues to keep his MENSA (and Brigade) membership to himself. Brendon also says that the prize winnings really don’t mean that much to him. I find it interesting that he would offer up such information, as it would be a defining trait of, oh, say a Saboteur!? Insert dramatic music here.

    Oh, we also get some exposed Rachelboob during this exchange, as she walks by to get help with a knot in her bikini.

    Hayden, not quite on the Annie train yet, tells Matt that he wants to put up Kathy as a pawn. Matt sits on this, as Enzo takes him aside later and tell him that they should ”backdoor” Annie. (Memo to Enzo: to backdoor her, you have to have thought of it before the nominations). Matt decides he likes this idea better, as it is win-win no matter who goes. They resolve to talk to Hayden later.

    Enzo, who is still jumping out of his own skin over Brendon winning POV, can’t wait for that, and goes to talk to Britney and Monet about his brilliant Annie plan. They pledge to sign off on that. Finally he and Matt get Hayden up to the HoH (despite some unsuccessful hand gesturing). Hayden isn’t immediately sold on Enzo’s Brilliant Annie Plan, even though Enzo sweetens it by insisting that Annie is the Saboteur. Hayden suggests they make a deal with Brendon to secure more votes and safety, but to wait, so that Annie doesn’t have time to work people. Enzo is so keyed up about getting rid of her, he now thinks that Annie isn’t even her real name. Where is the off switch on this guy? He says it’s time to start playing and to stop being nice to each other (after all, it’s such an unnatural state for him). Hayden is more concerned about his own post-HoH safety. But, they agree that their Brigade alliance (Hayden-Matt-Enzo-Lane) is indestructible, and will last to the Final 4. Just don’t call them Horsemen…

    Britney comes up to tattle on everything she’s seen and heard on her way to the HoH, including a deal that Brendon tried to strike with her. Oh, and that Andrew guy is So! Weird! Matt leaves as Lane enters, followed by Monet, and the talk turns to lighter topics, that is, except for Enzo, who sits in his chair and repeatedly mutters, “Must. Get. Annie!” (OK, not really…)

    I will say this for the current crew: they are more adept at changing their faces depending on who enters or leaves a room. A lot of people seem like floaters at the moment, but in fact there are several quasi- and proto-alliances being test-driven all at once. It could be because of the Saboteuranoia, or it could be that BB actually found some sharp people for once…

    Hayden finds Kathy in the backyard for a chat. They discuss the pros and cons of an Annie HoH and a Rachel HoH. Kathy swears to him that she is not the Saboteur; Hayden tells her that he thinks it’s Annie (but does he?) He is sure it’s not Rachel or Matt. (Hmm…) Meanwhile up in the HoH, Enzo thinks it’s Renny. Ha, just kidding, he still thinks it’s Annie. Britney thinks it’s Andrew. Monet asks Britney not to give anything away to Annie. Lane, however, thinks Rachel is the safer bet, since Rachel would definitely align against them, while Annie can be bought.

    Hayden and Kathy continue to bond over the craziness of the game. Is Hayden trying to get closer to her, or preparing her for the blow when he nominates her as a pawn?

    After the boys leave the HoH, Britney and Monet are livid that Lane knows about the Annie plan, since he likes her. They talk to him again and he says chill, he won’t say anything to her. Then the talk turns more casual; Britney bashes Creepy Andrew and fears for the safety of her non-kosher hoohah, while Lane and Monet casually flirt. During all this circular intrigue, Annie and Brendon have been quietly cooking in the kitchen.

    More casual talk happens among a large group at the hot tub, with topics ranging from the weather to the POV to boobies to sex to boobies. Upstairs, Krazy Andrew grabs Hayden’s ear for a bit (even though it’s not kosher either). Andrew confesses that he can’t use electricity during the Sabbath, and trusts Hayden with this secret (he’s lucky the rest of the house is so ignorant). Andrew makes solemn vow #34 (this time on his daughter’s life, on the Sabbath) that he is not the Sabu, and they bond over how shifty Annie has become. Hayden advises Andrew to apologize to Annie for the “pap smear” gag, because it has unified the women against him. Andrew agrees, although he thinks if Ragan had done it, the women wouldn’t have cared. (To which I say, “And?”)

    They seem to agree that Matt can’t be the Sabu…and I am becoming more and more convinced that Matt is the Sabu, but that’s just my recapper’s intuition. Andrew thinks it’s Britney, now that Hayden has talked him out of thinking it’s Matt. They both think it’s not Kathy, and they try to piece together who was where when the lights went out during the first (lame) act of sabotage. Can you hear the ocean roar?

    Rachel enters and Andrew leaves. It’s deal time! Many nice words are shared, including a sadly predictable mutual admission of attraction. While Hayden won’t reveal to her that Annie is the target, he negotiates a deal that keeps him, Rachel and Brendon somehow safe for several weeks. They also agree that they like Andrew and think the women are overreacting to him. Suddenly Hayden is positioned at the center of a Brigade/Brendon seesaw, free to jump to whichever side he likes next week. Such a smart boy, if only he’d get that hair outta his face. Matt wants his turn at bat, so Rachel and Hayden finish quickly (not that way, you perv), and Rachel guarantees that Brandon will seek him out for a talk tomorrow.

    Matt and Hayden start swapping stories. Hayden spills all about the near-house-wide deal to target Annie, as well as his own deal with Rachel and Brendon. Matt shares some funny anecdotes about Ragan. They laugh and decide Ragan is so not a threat to anyone.

    Soon, Andrew can be found in the kitchen, apologizing to Annie as instructed. This turns to a larger discussion where Andrew explains some of his customs and traditions to everyone, and they seem genuinely interested The hoards eventually disperse to the backyard for casual talk about dating. Matt and Kathy chat in the cabana about tattoos and credit cards. Annie and Brendon share some quality time in the hammock. Enzo dozes off, then works out in the pool. The girls make fun of Annie – Britney compares her to BB11’s Brian (not a bad analogy).

    Annie...not so much.

    Hayden tells Lane about the house wanting Annie out. Lane isn’t sure about this plan, and thinks Annie can be reigned in and used effectively. Suddenly Kathy is a pawn again, and Andrew is replacing Brendon as someone they can work with next week. The problem: Enzo will flip, both figuratively and literally, if he doesn’t get his way and Annie stays. Is Enzo becoming the expendable man in the Brigade?

    Annie and Hayden grab a few minutes, and Hayden, his neurons ablaze, tells her that people are working against her and think that she’s playing too many angles in the house. He won’t say who is saying it. Annie decides she is going to slow down and not talk so much game from now on. They hug, and go off in search of alcohol, which BB has generously provided!

    Hayden takes Lane aside in the storage room and tells him that Annie will side with them if they save her. They need to convince Enzo that it would be okay to keep Annie and vote someone else out. Good luck, boys – I feel like something just went off the rails somewhere…

    Wine is poured, and most people end up in or near the hot tub, bantering. Ragan and Kathy are the first to say goodnight, and head for their Have-Not haven. Britney follows, thinking there is dirt to mine. Kathy is feeling paranoid, and Ragan is just plain exhausted. Kathy now thinks that there is no Sabu and BB is pulling the pranks. Britney wonders why Hayden told Annie so much, even though Britney herself kind of told Annie most of it earlier. Oops! (Enzo is wondering this too while he cleans the kitchen; surprisingly he hasn’t blown yet).

    Monet goes to the bathroom and finds Annie crying. She claims it’s over not talking to her loved ones before leaving for the show. Lane comes in and asks if he should shower later. They tease him, since this would be his fourth shower today.

    Kathy shares with Britney from her bedside that she’s not going to resort to dirty tricks, and be a brave little soldier no matter what happens. Lights out.

    Annie resumes her crying jag, and takes it outside where everyone can appreciate it. While everyone comes to her side, she explains that now she’s crying because she doesn’t want to be known as the one on the show who cried. Okayyyy. Brendon takes her inside and they have a skeevy-heart-to-crazy-heart talk in the cabana. She’s upset because everyone thinks she’s playing too hard and wants her out. Brendon doesn’t want her to go, and thinks they should talk to Hayden tomorrow. He says he thinks Andrew is still the prime target. (BZZZZ!)

    Meanwhile, The Brigade (minus Enzo) is up in the HoH complaining about how Annie is stirring things up again. Suddenly it may be better to get her out now. Also, Britney is not to be trusted. They also wonder if Enzo is going to snap soon. Lane and Hayden think that “girl drama” is what always brings down the best laid plans in BB. They toy with the idea of getting rid of all the girls first. Matt says goodnight, and Lane and Hayden continue talking. They think Kristen can be trusted, and wonder about bringing her in, the implication being that it’s a separate non-Brigade alliance that may not include Enzo. My head starts spinning at the thought of all these blurring alliances and sub-alliances forming in the first week…everyone just go to bed already! Maybe BB feels the same way, as he announces that Lane needs to move up his microphone. Lane and Hayden begin bitching at BB for ruining their clandestine meeting by broadcasting that. Did they forget that Allison Grodner is a girl? Hayden jokes that he’s going to wear sweatshirts from now on if BB keeps this up.

    Lane leaves and joins the ultraviolet-light group downstairs. Much whispering about Annie takes place before people settle down to sleep. Meanwhile, Enzo comes up to the HoH (it’s 2AM BBT by now) for his own talk. Hayden says that Annie said her family wouldn’t sign the releases to be interviewed for any pieces about Annie, and that they didn’t want her to go on the show. Enzo just thinks she’s an actress and everything that comes out of her mouth is BS. Hayden brings Enzo up to speed on various topics: Britney bad, Kristen good; Annie is still the target. (But is she? Who knows at this point? Sometimes I think Hayden’s hair is preventing him from seeing who he is talking to at times) They run down the order of evictions, as if they will be in charge the entire time: First Annie, then Britney, then Andrew, then Kathy, and ba-da-bing, they reach the jury house. Done deal.

    They break, and Enzo joins the not-yet-asleepers to bash Annie some more. Hayden goes down to take Kristen to the cabana to feel her out about sort-of joining forces. He sort-of flirts with her, and embellishes on the goings-on with Annie, and gets Kristen to pinky-swear (how cute!) to secrecy. They agree that Annie can go, and that Britney is a handful that will need to be dealt with soon as well. They say their goodnights, and finally, finally, the house settles down to sleep.

    Why no, Brendon, I wouldn't mind at all if you check yourself for fungus in front of me...

    But not for long! Brendon is up and showering at 7AM BBT, and Ragan soon joins him in the backyard. They bond over liking Andrew and thinking he’s been getting a raw deal so far by the others. Brendon doesn’t understand why he is such an early target; he’s tried to be nice to everyone, and is happy to cook for everyone even though nobody thanks him for doing it. He talks about being picked on as a kid, and then goes into a grisly story involving one of the neighborhood bullies that triggers the FOTH screen for a minute. Annie is up and starting her day as well.

    We interrupt all this intrigue to let you know some random tidbits that were learned during this shift:
    • Don’t count Enzo among the Superfans: he wasn’t even aware that the feeds ran 24/7 until someone told him today.
    • Not as bad as Enzo (but still bad), Monet wondered if the HoH was covered in the feeds. Hi Monet!
    • Watch Sunday’s show: Matt claims to have made fun of the Saboteur in a Diary Room session.
    • Several of the houseguests bemoaned the rising cost of good underwear, and compared shopping tips.
    • Even more of the houseguests agreed that they love having Enzo in the house, because he’s so funny and eases the tension. Wait till they discover he’s not trying to be funny…
    • Kristen and Rachel almost met before the show: they were both booked on the same modeling job once, but Rachel had to back out.
    • Britney misunderstood that Lane was dating a porn star. Apparently, she was out of the business for 7 years when they started dating, and she has a son. So there.
    • No less than 4 fish have died since they moved into the house. One was named Princess.
    • Annie claims not to be clingy in relationships, but can’t explain why she is constantly being cheated on.
    • Kristen’s contribution to this recap: she popped a pimple off the back of Lane’s neck. You go girl!
    Andrew wakes up next, and goes up to the chess area outside the HoH to recite his morning prayers. Kathy gets up and dutifully feeds the fish before grabbing some tea. Lane seems to be lumbering about as well. Brendon and Ragan head to the kitchen, and Ragan (on slop this week) complains of swollen lymph nodes, and not being able to raise his arms. Brendon advises him to go to the DR with this info to get some help. They accidentally bump into each other, and joke about Brendon trying to kiss Ragan. (Guess what Ragan’s morning prayers were about!) They are both very happy to be in the BB house, and talk about how much they admire Kathy. Monet walks through on her way to the bathroom at some point, barely awake enough to say good morning.

    Kathy returns from outside, and Andrew is done with his prayers. They chat with Brendon in the kitchen, and Andrew shows them his prayer book. Kathy misses her Bible, which got lost or taken away before she entered the house. They talk about morals, and wanting to win the game without backstabbing. Enzo crawls through, grabs a cup of coffee and crawls away. At 9:30, BB wakes up whoever is still in their beds.

    Matt and Ragan grab some hammock time, and bond over their distaste for Annie-style drama, and their laid-back approaches to the house. Matt chants about sunshine and rainbows, and Ragan gets cut off singing that song from The Brady Bunch.

    Brendon and Rachel share a moment, talking about plans to keep her safe, and seal it with a lusty kiss. Later, Lane runs a workout class for Rachel, Britney and Monet. Andrew and Kathy talk a little game; Kathy won’t go to Hayden before the POV ceremony – if he wants to talk to her he can find her. Andrew remarks that everyone still thinks he’s the Sabu; Kathy tells him not to take it personally. (Well, a good saboteur wouldn’t, now would he?)

    It’s all sunning, running and small talk for the rest of the shift. And let me tell you, I’m more exhausted than Ragan! But not so tired that I can’t make an attempt at the season’s first Alliance Wheel:

    No, that’s not a joke. It’s the most confusing first-week wheel I’ve ever put together. These folks are going to keep me on my toes…find out how much more these crazies can confuse us tomorrow, when TheIrishEyes guides us through the rest of the weekend.

    Thanks to CalSteph and TheIrishEyes for the grabbing of the screens!
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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    I soooo appreciate these recaps more than ever this year. I can't see hardly anything (am legally blind now) and am not working anymore, so I can't afford the feeds and I can't read much of anything online, but I need my BB fix so I knew these recaps would keep me up on what's REALLY going on in the house (as opposed to the tv edit). THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    Thaks for the great recap MFWalkoff! You recappers never cease to amaze me with your writing abilities! And the alliance wheel is making my head spin!

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    MFWalkoff, thank you for the awesome recap! I immediately scrolled down to see if the wheel was there and Yes! it was! You are a talented writer!
    Even with the feeds, you can't fully stay connected to the game with work and life, but at the FORT you make it easy to do. Thanks again!

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    great job! I have a tough act to follow
    "the amount of non-drinking that goes on in this place should be illegal" - Brandi

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    If you line them up side by side and look into one’s ear, you can probably see the facing wall through the other side.
    So true!

    Love the terms! And as always, I love the alliance wheel( and the icons for the saboteur)! Awesome recap!
    Getting lost will help you find yourself.

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    In the kitchen, Lane and Britney are arguing about the differences between salsa and hot sauce. If you line them up side by side and look into one’s ear, you can probably see the facing wall through the other side.
    Thank you, I now have Ghirardelli coffee all over my keyboard.

    Oh, that poor Alliance Wheel. And Annie's picture! Thanks for the fun (and informative) recap, MFW!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    Love the wheel. You should Trademark it!

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    Saboteuranoia . . . love it. Also the use of the TM symbol and "Little Morphin' Annie."

    As a former writing teacher and current editor, I have to say A-plus, MFW!

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    Re: 7/9 Live Feed Recap: Brigadeer in the Headlights

    Yay!! The Alliance Wheel is back!!!
    Wake up and be awesome

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