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Thread: 9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

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    9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

    This recap covers events in the house immediately following the Tuesday live show.

    Endurance competitions are lagniappe for feed watchers. It’s the crème de la crème of the feed watching experience. This final HoH endurance competition is even bigger than the others. It’s that feeling like when you have the prize pig or when your team is playing in the World Series, when you twist the top off the Coke bottle and have an instant winner or when you reach the big O…and I don’t mean Oprah. Okay, maybe there isn’t that much excitement for all of us, but you get the gist here. Endurance competitions are a big deal. A huge deal if your favorite houseguest is still in the running. This season that isn’t the case for the majority but as a feed watcher, you’re still pumped up on adrenaline going into the competition. Popcorn is popped, beer is on ice, and the port-a-potty is nearby so you won’t miss a second. Or maybe that’s just me…so let’s get to it before I give away too many secrets.

    Feeds return 26 minutes after the live show ends and surprisingly, all three houseguests are still rocking and rolling on the log.

    Occasionally, they’re slammed with rain complete with thunder and lightening. Then they’re blasted with wind and falling leaves. Jordan suggests they sing 1,000 bottles of beer on the wall but BB quickly nixes that idea. So houseguests will have to pass the time some other way.

    Thirty minutes later, they’re still there. All three of them.

    Natalie starts trying to get into Jordan’s head by making cracks about Michele alone in the jury house with Jeff. Jordan calls her an instigator and Natalie says it’s true…that Michele was jealous of Jordan. Now she says…but I doubt it’s true in this context…that Michele was always saying that Jeff likes Jordan and Jordan doesn’t have to do anything while she was working hard and he didn’t like her at all.

    Thirty minutes later…yep, still there. It’s starting to get tedious.

    BB suddenly stops the turning log and they all freak. Natalie says they almost got her. I say in that case, do it again. But no such luck just yet. They’re at a stand still for a while before BB finally starts it again…in the opposite direction. And down comes the rain again, Jordan doesn’t like walking backwards and asks if they can turn around. Natalie tells her she must face forward. Natalie’s rule or BB’s rule? Good question since minutes later, Natalie’s own feet are turned sideways on the log.

    After five minutes, BB stops the log again and reverses it so that they’re walking forward again. Cue the wind and leaves to give them a good dose of fall-like weather. They’re all drenched and sniffling and sneezing and Kevin wants to know when it will be summer.

    After a while, winter arrives. That’s right…with wind and snow, a blizzard blows in the BB backyard. BB starts getting tricky with them by stopping and starting the direction of the log every few minutes.

    The old switcheroo continues as BB stops and starts, reverses, speeds up, and slows down the log.

    Finally, they get a break and Kevin reminds them that this is what they signed up for…this is the dream. Natalie breaks out the Mentos she had stashed in her pocket and shares with them. Suddenly, Kevin pulls out a Power Bar. They pass that down the line and Natalie talks a little trash about them dropping. Kevin says he’s going to be up there all night. The Power Bar was his dinner. He stashes the rest of it in his pocket telling her that part is breakfast. He’s in it to win it…or have it handed to him. Whichever happens first.

    Thirty minutes later, they’re all still hanging on. Jordan is yawning with the rest of America who thinks that this competition is a little ho hum.

    BB starts them up again…rolling, quick stops and starts, wind, rain, snow, ice. After blasting them for a long while, BB stops them for another break. When it resumes, Jordan is caught off guard and falls.

    Yep, that’s what she said. Feed watchers everywhere said it with her. Props to Jordan for hanging on 3 and a half hours and giving us a glimmer of hope.

    As soon as Jordan goes inside, Natalie and Kevin work out the details of their deal. They bicker back and forth over their loyalties to each other. Natalie says he better not screw her if she gives it to him because she can hang on for a while longer. Doubtful considering the way she’s shivering but whatever. It makes her feel better to think she would have outlasted Kevin. They agree to hang on 10 minutes more but go past the 10 minute mark. Either their perception of time is off or they don’t trust each other.

    Jordan comes out to check on them and as soon as she heads back inside, Natalie jumps off. Kevin lets go of his key but walks the length of the log to jump off the end while Natalie calls him a pansy. The pansy has just won the first leg of the final HoH competition.

    Once inside, they can’t believe they lasted for four hours. Neither can I. I should have been sleeping hours ago. They all get dry and warm and tucked into bed by midnight. Tune in to the live show on Thursday for part 2 of the final HoH competition and let’s all pray that Jordan can pull a win out of her ass….for no other reason than to knock the smug look off Natalie’s face. The final part of the competition will take place on the live finale next Tuesday, September 15th.

    lildago signing out on this season….it’s been real. It’s been fun. Can’t say it’s been real fun. See ya in the threads….
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    Re: 9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

    thanks lil for taking one for the team. I was yawning along with Jordan as well, glad its over.

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    Re: 9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

    It was miserable enough to just watch it. I can't imagine jotting notes and writing the recap. You are a trooper!

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    Re: 9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

    let’s all pray that Jordan can pull a win out of her ass….for no other reason than to knock the smug look off Natalie’s face.
    That is my only hope to salvage this season.

    Thanks for all the recaps this year, lil - great stuff!
    It was me. I let the dogs out.

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    Re: 9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

    My hat's off to you! I know what my recap for this 12 hour stretch would have looked like... "I was bored to tears. I hate Natalie. Kevin won. Off to bed."
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    Re: 9/8 Big Brother Live Feed Recap : Could Have Been Sleeping Like A Log

    Apreesh lildago! I would have been bored to death to take your shift, but nice job nonetheless.
    I'm only here for the entertainment.

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