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Thread: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

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    9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    **This recap covers from noon Monday to noon Tuesday, BB time**

    Did you ever have a dream that you took a whole bunch of your hard earned money and flushed it down the toilet? Well, wake up. That dream is reality and that reality is what we call the Big Brother Feeds. The past week has been torture to say the least. No more Jeffisms, no more cute Jeff/Jordan banter, nothing. Nobody does anything that I care about. Jordan sleeps and drinks. Michele is kind of just there. Natalie is rude and disgusting. And Kevin, well, he is kind of Natalie's bitch. I don't like Kevin most of the time on the feeds, but his DRs on the show are hilarious. I guess by lack of any better choice, I'm still on Team Kevin. Or Jordan. I haven't made up my mind yet.

    You'd think that since my shift begins on Labor Day, maybe the houseguests would do something fun like have a cookout or a picnic. Nope. What an enthusiastic bunch! I switch on my feeds to find Jordan doing Natalie's hair. I hope she is wearing gloves because there could easily be bugs in that nest. Natalie and Kevin move up to the HoH and proceed to talk about Natalie's upcoming nuptials. Run, Jason, run. There's still time! Apparently all the wedding talk is just exhausting, because they soon fall asleep. Elsewhere, Jordan and Michele are dancing around and singing like idiots. Just kidding. They are sleeping too, of course.

    A little while later, Natalie and Kevin barely wake up and they begin talking about the upcoming HoH competition. They know the first part is going to be endurance Tuesday night and then the last part will be on Thursday. Natalie doesn't want to tell Jordan and Michele about the sections of the HoH competition. Jordan and Michele wake up and all four feeds follow Jordan around while she gets ready for the day. Thanks for the excitement, Skippy.

    Hamster in awkward eating pose #1. Hotness.

    Michele gets clued in to the fact that the eviction is going to be live Tuesday and not Thursday. She tells Jordan who immediately runs and tells Natalie. Natalie acts surprised and then just happens to pull out the HoH camera she already had. Jordan doesn't even think it's strange that Natalie already has the camera. Jordan tells everyone that if she leaves, she will relay messages to people in the jury house. How sweet. Natalie tells Jordan and Kevin about her blog and how she wrote all these bad things about Michele because Michele is a liar and crossed the line. Hmmm. Okay. Natalie then practices her speech for when she has to put Michele on the block as a replacement nominee.

    Jordan and Michele decide that they are going to ask Kevin who he is voting out so they can plan their outfits accordingly. I was going to make fun of this, but it actually makes sense. The girls spend awhile packing their things, chit chatting along the way. Michele hopes there is a jury prize because she and Jordan have both outlasted mostly everyone in the house.

    Natalie whines about having a short HoH week and hopes that BB will just let her stay in the HoH room for the rest of the week. After all 4 houseguests sit down to a nice dinner, Michele begins searching for her gloves. She has no idea what happened to them and doesn't understand where they could have gone to. Oh oh!! Pick me! I know! Natalie tells Kevin he should sleep in the HoH with her tonight so the girls don't bother him. Obviously she doesn't want the girls putting thoughts in his head. Not that Jordan has any to spare. But still.

    Nothing much happens throughout the evening, except for some groveling on Michele's part. She approaches Kevin and confirms that if he votes to keep her, she will take him to the Final 2. He says he still wants to see where Jordan's head is and he will talk to them both later and let them know what's happening. Liaaaarrr. Me thinks his mind is made up already. Michele reminds him that if Jordan stays, she might take Natalie or vice versa. Kevin says he is going to make sure Jordan doesn't have a Final 2 deal with Natalie. Kevin is still playing like he isn't sure. Michele keeps giving him reason after reason why keeping her would be good. He would get more jury votes, etc.

    Hamster in awkward eating pose #2. Yum.

    Michele and Jordan reunite to lay around some more and Jordan tells Michele if Michele goes to the jury house, tell Jeff she said hi and that he's stupid. Awww. Kevin and Natalie are playing/cheating at games again in the HoH room and Kevin spills his entire conversation with Michele to Natalie. He tells her that she is being paranoid when she keeps asking if Michele is still going home. They attempt to hatch a plan where Jordan will throw the final HoH to Kevin if he promises he will take her to the Final 2. Jordan is an absolute idiot if she falls for that crap. Obviously Kevin and Natalie are a pair.

    Kevin immediately scurries to Jordan to get the plan into action. She says that she knows Natalie and Kevin are going to take each other to the finals no matter what Kevin says to her. Jordan says she does feel like she and Kevin would be an even match going into the finals. Jordan says she wouldn't take Natalie to the finals because she would lose. He tells Jordan that he doesn't want to keep Michele, she is too strong. He doesn't trust Michele to actually take him to the Final 2, but he knows he can't win against Natalie because all of her friends are in the jury house. Kevin tells Jordan that Natalie stabbed him in the back when she gave up Veto to open Pandora's Box. When Kevin is done with Jordan, he heads back up to the HoH with Natalie. Natalie gets called to the DR, so Michele decides to make another move on Kevin.

    Let the groveling continue! Michele reminds Kevin that nobody is going to win again Natalie, blah blah. Yes, we've heard all of this a million times. She says she will fight her hardest in the Final HoH and will indeed take him with her to the finals. Yes, we know. Natalie gets out of the DR and finds Michele and Kevin talking in the HoH. Michele leaves and Natalie gets paranoid again. Kevin makes fun of her. Like it's hard. Natalie then runs to Jordan and tells her what Michele was saying to Kevin. Talk about Gossip Girls. I can't keep all of this straight and there are only four of them!

    Hamster in awkward eating pose #3. Sorry guys, she's taken.

    Michele and Jordan settle in downstairs for the night and Jordan tells Michele that Kevin is going to tell them for sure Tuesday afternoon. Jordan also tells Michele that if Jordan goes and Michele makes Final 2, she has Jordan's vote. Michele says the same goes with her and then comments that the Gucci girls have to stick together. That catchphrase isn't going to happen. Get over it. They both say they feel hopeful after talking to Kevin and they are glad they can openly share the things they've said without having to throw each other under the bus. They laugh and chat a bit more, and finally drift off to dreamland.

    Up in the HoH, Kevin and Natalie talk about Kevin's chat with Jordan. He says Jordan didn't believe him when he said if she throws the HoH, he'll take her to the Finals if he wins. Kevin and Natalie are complaining that people in the DR keep trying to sway their thoughts. He thinks the DR wants him to keep Michele. They talk about how they want to throw the HoH competition. Apparently they are just assuming (as is most of America) that Jordan is going to fall first in endurance, leaving Natalie and Kevin. I think Kevin is going to throw it to Natalie, leaving Kevin to face Jordan in the 2nd round. I hope Jordan beats both of your cocky asses!! Not long after this talk, Kevin and Natalie fall asleep.

    Sorry, just remembering the good ol' days. *siiiigh*

    The hamsters have their usual morning lazy routine of tossing and turning and moaning and not getting out of bed. An HoH lockdown is called, so Michele and Jordan drag themselves into Natalie and Kevin's lair. As my shift ends, Jordan is sitting in the round chair staring into space and the others are sleeping. Aren't these last few days exciting?
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    Re: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    Great recap Ashley, I feel for you having to watch these boring losers. And yes I miss BB10, the eye candy was much nicer too.

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    Re: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    Awww, Memphis!!!
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    Re: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    I guess I will have to stick with you on the Team Kevin or Jordan (for the lack of a better choice)
    Thanks for filling in the blanks since I can't bring myself to watch the feeds much.
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    Re: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    ah yes, the good ol' days indeed. Back when there was actually personality in the house...
    "the amount of non-drinking that goes on in this place should be illegal" - Brandi

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    Re: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    This would be a perfect recap, if only all the pictures were of Memphis.

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    Re: 9/7 Big Brother Live Feed Recap: The Gloves Are Off... And Still Missing!

    Michele begins searching for her gloves. She has no idea what happened to them and doesn't understand where they could have gone to. Oh oh!! Pick me! I know!
    Still can't believe she got away with that.

    Great recap, Ashley. Nice flashback at the end, too!
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